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World's oldest person discovered as man claims he is 145-years-old
A 145-YEAR-OLD man from Indonesia is believed to be the oldest person in the world, meaning that he would beat the current record holder who died at 122.
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DNA of man accused of Mateusz Szleper murder found on knife allegedly used in west Hull attack

The DNA of a man accused of murder was found on the handle of a knife allegedly used in the attack, a court heard.

The victim's blood was also found on a pair of jeans recovered from the accused's room at the hostel where he was staying.

Mateusz Szleper, 21, died after being

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Woman held captive for 18 years CAN'T sue government for failing to supervise kidnapper on parole
Jaycee Dugard was just 11 when she was snatched by convicted sex offender Phillip Garrido and held captive in a tent in his backyard
today 05:25
Sex on a walking stick: Cougars reveal their steamy toyboy secrets
OLDER ladies have made it clear: Toyboys are a godsend for their sex lives.
today 04:11
Sick snap shows pulse check of 'dead drunk' in Ayia Napa
CALLOUS bar crawl bosses are using a shocking snap of a lifeless reveller to promote their business.
today 00:29
Police chase drunk driver at 120mph down motorway and have to smash window to get him out
Kieran Philbin has been jailed for the shocking pursuit that only came to an end when cops used a 'stinger' device to slash his tyres
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New move for instant EU exit: Tory MPs pile on pressure to ditch Brussels for good

A plan put forward by a group of Tory MPs for Parliament to just repeal the 1972 European Communities Act and leave the EU immediately is “on the table” according to a Whitehall source.

The revelation comes as former Tory leader Iain Duncan Smith yesterday piled on the pressure

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'It was an emergency' Homeless man caught 'giving oral sex to his missus next to beach'
A MAN spotted performing oral sex on a woman lying down on a beach told police that he "had to assist the female as it was his duty".
today 23:13
Celebrity Big Brother GUN fear as police arrest armed man metres away from studio hours before live final
A man has been arrested yards away as the six remaining housemates were getting ready
today 23:09
Fears over Brexit Britain quashed as country booms
FEARS that Brexit would cripple the economy have been quashed.
yesterday 21:59
Brave British mum is risking her life to rescue Islamic State sex slaves from Syria
Rachel Miller sells jewellery and takes out loans to raise the up to £7,500 she needs to free the girls from ISIS
yesterday 21:55
Woman using contraption to fly 4,700 miles with swans

We all like swans (apart from when they’re aggressively honking at us for no reason), but this woman has taken this to the next level.

Sacha Dench, 41, is risking her life to travel the perilous 4,700 mile migration route of the Bewick Swan.

That’s right – she

yesterday 21:35
Three finally charged over horsemeat scandal that rocked the nation

More than three and a half years later, three men have been charged over the horsemeat scandal.

Ulkrik Nielsen, Alex Ostler-Beech, and Andronicos Sideras are accused of conspiring together and with others to sell a mixture of horsemeat and beef, and pass it off as beef.

Meat eaters

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Mia Ayliffe Chung's alleged killer muzzled amid rumours sexy snaps 'tipped him over edge'
MUZZLED in a metal cage wearing a full-face hemlet, the French kickboxer accused of fatally stabbing a British tourist in Australia has been shipped to a maximum security prison.
yesterday 20:45
Poignant pictures show the faces of the first Barnardo's children from 150 years ago
The fostering charity was launched 150 years ago and these are some of the first youngsters to have had their lives transformed
yesterday 20:41
Surrey child abduction: Mystery deepens as police say witness is 'credible' despite no reports of missing youngster
The child has been described as being white, approximately 4ft tall and around six or seven years old and was reportedly snatched in Redhill, Surrey
yesterday 20:41
'British child' shown executing man in shocking new ISIS video from Raqqa
WARNING GRAPHIC FOOTAGE During the gruesome clip you can see a row of men with young 'soldiers' stood behind them with firearms before the killings are carried out
yesterday 19:27
Eastern bloc wants fewer EU powers, more security

Central and eastern European leaders have reiterated the need for more national power in EU policy-making during talks with German chancellor Angela Merkel in Warsaw on Friday (26 August).

Merkel met with the heads of the Visegrad group of four countries (V4) - the Czech Republic,

yesterday 19:07
Woman plays heavy metal in a niqab and totally rocks it

This is 43-year-old Gisele Marie Rocha.

Gisele, from Sao Paulo, Brazil, is a heavy metal guitarist who performs wearing a niqab on stage.

Originally from a German Catholic family, she converted to Islam back in 2009 six years after her father died.

Rocha, who practices guitar

yesterday 19:07
Guy asks Virgin to use CCTV to find him a seat

Remember when Virgin Trains released some CCTV of Jeremy Corbyn on a train and the country imploded?

While #Traingate was pretty hilarious for most of us, Virgin Trains could now be in a bit of trouble with the Information Commissioner for releasing CCTV unnecessarily.

Still, some

yesterday 19:07
People are boarding up their homes because of Notting Hill Carnival

Notting Hill Carnival is a lot of fun – but people living in the area are preparing by boarding up their homes.

Last year’s Carnival led to more than 400 arrests, so police are expecting some criminal and antisocial behaviour to take place this year too.

Officers have

yesterday 19:07
Beware – hidden cameras could be filming your PIN at cash machines

People are being warned that iPods could be filming you entering your PIN when you get cash out of an ATM.

One such hidden device was found at an ATM in Heaton Moor, Manchester, on Wednesday night.

The owner of the card had been out with friends for a meal when he decided to stop at

yesterday 19:07
Leeds festival is a wash-out as revellers are welcomed by heavy downpours and SO MUCH mud
It is a very wet start to the bank holiday weekend for festival goers
yesterday 18:13
'As they say, LOL': Judge gets his own back as he jails 'idiot' thug who'd boasted on Facebook when he had been spared a prison sentence for attacking a vulnerable man 

A judge got the last laugh as he finally jailed a thug who boasted that he had avoided prison when he was given a second chance after a vicious street attack.

David Newlands, 24, was given 150 hours community service for attacking the vulnerable man in Glasgow but refused to perform it and

yesterday 17:59
People are going crazy for this handsome police officer

The Police Service of Northern Ireland had honest intentions.

Ahead of the greatly anticipated Tennent’s Vital music festival and rock gods Red Hot Chilli Peppers coming to Belfast, they decided to share some safety advice on Facebook.

They posted some very important words of

yesterday 17:53
Frankie & Benny’s restaurants are going to start closing down

It could be the beginning of the end for Frankie & Benny’s.

If you live in any town in the UK, chances are you’ve gone to the Italian-American-themed chain at least once.

But times are hard for F&B’s, and the chain’s owners Restaurant Group have now

yesterday 17:53
Father and daughter leave man brain damaged over toilet door prank

A father and daughter have been jailed after battering a man for a prank he didn’t do – leaving him with life-changing injuries.

Hayley Friel, from Cheshire, was travelling from Liverpool on a train with her father, Michael, when a passenger pressed the button to open the

yesterday 17:53
Hilarious photo shows council worker earning pay by diving headfirst into muddy bog to fix broken pipe
The employee says it's all in a day's work but most will be glad it's not theirs
yesterday 16:57
Italy earthquake: Tales of survival
As the effort continues to find people buried in the Italian earthquake, extraordinary tales of survival have emerged. The Italian fire service said on Thursday said that so far about 215 people had been pulled from the rubble.
yesterday 16:41
Be warned – your Ben & Jerry’s ice cream could contain metal

Those digging around their Ben and Jerry’s for some cookie dough may want to put the spoon down…

Unless you’re digging for metal, then carry on.

Yes, that’s right. Buyers of four specific batches of the frozen treat are being urged to bin it due to fears that

yesterday 16:35
Daily News
'We're as ready as we'll ever be to bring Challenge Cup home' says Hull FC coach Lee Radford

Hull FC coach Lee Radford has declared his side ready to make history as west Hull holds its breath and prays for what could be the club's greatest day.

At stake for the Hull players in today's Challenge Cup final isn't just a chance to hold aloft the famous trophy for only the fourth

today 05:25
Sammy Lloyd: I can't die a happy man until Hull FC win at Wembley

Sammy Lloyd admits he won't be able to die a happy man until Hull FC win the Challenge Cup at Wembley.

For decades, he and everyone associated with FC are constantly reminded by their neighbours Rovers in their version of 'Old Faithful' that they have never won the national stadium

today 05:25
Man found hiding in woman's cupboard: Hull court listings (August 27 2016)

An update of people convicted and sentenced in the courts in Hull and the East Riding

Christopher Cowles, 27, of The Greenway, Gipsyville, west Hull, was fined £50 for breaching a domestic violence protection order. He was found hiding in a cupboard at the complainant's flat, breaching

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Panic as woman lets crickets and worms loose on NYC subway but is it all it seems?
Hysterical riders in the packed carriage were trapped with the bugs for half an hour during Wednesday evening rush hour
today 05:25
Man posing as masseur groped female holidaymakers at Center Parcs resort
Zoheir Maleki, 33, admitted two counts of sexual assault after conning two women at the Longleat park
today 05:25
Rhyl Sun Centre: no more waves in the lagoon pool
The home of Europe's first indoor surfing pool, which also boasted a monorail and hosted an entire series of the Rod and Emu Show, is facing the wrecking ball. The plan to demolish Rhyl's Sun Centre has evoked vivid memories amongst those there in its heyday.
today 05:09
'British' boy in Islamic State group execution video
The Islamic State group has released footage showing five boys, including one it identifies as British, carrying out the killing of prisoners in Syria.
today 05:09
Women lead prayers at female run mosque in Copenhagen 

H istory was made as women led prayers at Denmark’s first female run mosque, one of only a handful outside China.

The call to prayer at the mosque in Copenhagen was also made by a woman.

The Guardian reported that more than 60 women attended the service at the mosque which was led

today 04:51
Boy, 13, dies after football collapse
A 13-year-old boy has died after collapsing during a football training session.
today 03:51
I Am Team GB: Sports clubs open doors for free
Thousands of sports clubs across the UK are opening their doors for free on Saturday following Team GB's success at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games.
today 03:51
‘World’s oldest man discovered’ Documents claim pensioner is 145 years old

The record-breaking Indonesian would easily be the world’s oldest person ever - breezing paste previous holder Jeanne Calment, who died at the age of 122.

Mr Gotho is said to have been born on 31 December 1870 - 31 years before the death of Queen Victoria.

And the incredible

today 03:45
Europe faces ‘spectacular’ threat as evil ISIS dishes out passports to would-be attackers

Rob Wainwright, director of intelligence-sharing organisation Europol, has warned that Europe faces a threat of "spectacular attacks" from radicalised migrants.

As abhorrent ISIS jihadis are undermined by US-led airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, the militants are said to be cranking up their

today 03:45
Celebrity Big Brother fans slam Emma Willis for 'unfair, negative' interview with winner Bear
The cocksure housemate visibly irked Emma as he bragged how he knew he would win the competition, because "I'm a nice guy, why wouldn't you pick me?"
today 02:53
'It's not like toddlers and tiaras' Mum of 12-year-old who beat hundreds to become pageant winner defends contests
Robyn Morrison decided to speak out in defence of beauty pageants after daughter Halle-Blu Morrison became the first ever girl from the UK to win the title
today 02:53
Obese size 22 teen underwent incredible body transformation after coming to terms with food obsession
Ruth Curran laughed her way through her teenage years but she was holding a secret she kept for another decade
today 02:53
Private schools A-level dip reflects national trends
Private schools saw a dip in top A-level results this year, largely reflecting national trends, figures released by the sector suggest.
today 02:37
Labour leadership: Jeremy Corbyn urges probe into excluded voters
Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn fears some of his supporters may have been "unfairly" barred from voting in the party's leadership election.
today 02:37
Double gold Olympian Whitlock met by crowds at Essex gym
Double Olympic gold medallist Max Whitlock has been welcomed home by the gym which trains him.
today 02:37
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Celluloid Dreams: are film scores the next area of serious musical scholarship?
John Wilson has little time for people who don't see the genius at work in so-called "light music".
yesterday 18:27
Chart of the week: America’s cheese glut

The US cheese mountain has hit a 30-year high, with a billion pounds of excess cheese locked away in cold storage. Two years ago, when milk prices were high, America’s dairy farmers began increasing the size of their herds, meaning that milk production has increased. But thanks to

yesterday 18:09
How virtual reality pigs could change the justice system forever
Lawyers in Canda are aiming to defend their client by asking the judge to don a virtual reality headset and experience the life of a pig.
yesterday 17:09
Closer to home: the discovery of a new exoplanet could help us find life beyond the solar system
There are promising signs in the search for life on Earth-like planets, as new research has found an exoplanet orbiting Proxima Centauri, the sun’s closest neighbouring star. 
yesterday 17:09
This Yamaha is a mind-boggling off-roader

As we don’t live near deserts or endless prairies, unlike say fun-seekers in Dubai and North America, we Brits don’t tend to go in for racing off-roaders, says Stuff magazine. “But were we to inherit a field, the Yamaha YXZ1000R SS is what we would buy.”

It is the first

yesterday 16:53
A spectacular Turkish red

2014 Kayra, Kalecik Karasi Red, Turkey (£12.39, Strictly Wine, 01235-364536,; £12.42, Great Wines Direct, 01293-734664,

My wife and I travelled over to Istanbul for a long weekend and immersed ourselves in the food and wine scene. After

yesterday 16:53
The big problem for the NHS? Local government cuts
Even a U-Turn on planned cuts to the service itself will still leave the NHS under heavy pressure. 
yesterday 15:55
A fair-value $2m dinner

Are the very wealthy ridiculous? Perhaps, says The Hedgehog column in Spear’s magazine, but not quite as ridiculous as the people trying to make money out of second-guessing and then “indulging their whims”. Take the latest offering from the World of Diamonds Group. It is a dinner. A

yesterday 15:39
The Albrecht family feud tearing Aldi apart

The Albrecht family behind the German supermarket chain Aldi was once described by Forbes as “more reclusive than the Yeti”. But an increasingly vitriolic row between the heirs to co-founder Theo Albrecht’s $15bn fortune has put paid to that. The battle for control of the northern branch

yesterday 15:39
The Great Turkish Trek

Every culture starts its stories in a different way. In Iran, they start with “Yeki bood, yeki nabood” ("There once was, there once was not...”). The Scots say “In the days of auld lang syne.” In this story, I begin with the Greek “Μια φορά κι έναν καιρό” - "Once,

yesterday 15:27
Why The Burkini Saga Is A Feminist Issue

Last year I came across a video on my news feed of a lady wearing a red head scarf. She walked along a dusty path and there were men with guns, one instructed her to kneel before a man with gun, head down and bang. Shot dead through the back of the head.

I struggled with multiple thoughts

yesterday 21:25
Killing The Creative - In Creative Writing Courses

These days, creative writing courses are offered by so many universities, publishing houses, newspapers or literary agencies, you can't order a cappuccino without tripping over one or open a newspaper without being invited to go for publishing stardom.

So ubiquitous is their presence and

yesterday 17:43
The Post-University Hangover Year

Exactly a year ago, I graduated in a blaze of triumph and glory, with much light and life, and hopeful visions for my bright and brilliant future.

An hour ago I finished my 6am-start-shift at a convenience store, my current place of employment.

Instead of working on the must

yesterday 17:43
How Home-Schooling Can Help Families To Thrive!

Over eight years ago, my family started a new journey: Home Education. It was a journey ahead that felt extremely frightening, as I knew I would be wholly responsibility for my children's learning, and super exciting as I knew that there would be many adventures ahead! Since that first day, we

yesterday 17:43
Why I Won't Be Attacking Lynsey Sharp

There has been on-going controversy surrounding South African athlete Caster Semenya's right to compete, but this week the row has been reunited when Lynsey Sharp, our British athlete admitted tearfully after placing 6th in the Olympic 800m final that it was 'difficult' to race against her.

yesterday 17:43