Here’s why you should keep a close eye on tomorrow’s US inflation data

What’s really eating at markets?

Last week’s little panic is already retreating into the distance. Markets are bouncing back and the “buy the dip” mentality is reaffirming itself as the only game in town.

But while I don’t think we’ve seen the top, I do think that something important shifted last week.

Let’s dig a bit deeper.

A lot of financial bloggers – particularly those who are financial advisers on the side – like to adopt a tone of worldly...
source: Money Week

2018-02-13 12:38
Latest news from Great Britain
today 09:53 Brexit crack team gathers for Chequers crunch talks
today 09:53 Emre Sarioglu? Hammond? Blizzard drops MAJOR Overwatch hero 27 hint
today 09:53 The Muppets at London O2 in July: THREE shows – First EVER UK dates, tickets, booking info
today 09:53 Melania Trump posts late Valentine’s Instagram video with THIS very personal dedication
today 09:53 EU’s divisive next members: Albania and Macedonia set to start accession talks THIS SUMMER
today 09:53 'That's Corbyn's position!' Andrew Neil leaves Labour MP floundering on THIS Brexit point
today 09:53 Motorway crash that killed eight was 'entirely avoidable' hears court
today 09:53 Game of Thrones season 8 news: Shock development at Winterfell following THAT blaze twist 
today 09:53 EU summit live updates: Brussels hosts 27 EU states to discuss future of Britain
today 09:53 ITALIAN ELECTION: EU bombshell as Brussels chief demands tough migrant rules to help Italy
today 09:53 World War 3 IS COMING: Battle to spark reign of Jesus hinted at in THIS bible passage
today 09:53 ‘Good Friday Agreement has FAILED’ Eurosceptics attack deal which stalls Brexit
today 09:35 Blood, blades and bitter: how ice hockey bloomed in 1980s Britain
today 09:35 Jeremy Corbyn may be a Eurosceptic – but he also wants to defeat the government
today 09:35 RBS to close one in four branches and shed 680 jobs
today 09:35 RBS boss admits restructuring 'mistake'
today 09:32 NHS Medication Errors Raise Fears Thousands Could Be Dying Because Of 237m Mistakes Every Year
today 09:32 New Tory Rebellion Threat As Marathon Brexit War Cabinet Meeting Ends
today 09:32 Labour Battle For Newham Mayoralty Begins As Rokhsana Fiaz Vows To End Sir Robin Wales’ ‘One Party State’
today 09:32 Britannia House Job Centre in Hull closed today as 'urgent repairs' carried out
today 09:32 Police are being asked to help tackle parking problems on Beverley Westwood
today 09:32 Police are being asked to help tackle parking problems on Beverley Westwood
today 09:32 Couple's horror as teen gangs target house and 'flash genitals' at them
today 09:32 Coastguard calls off huge search and rescue operation for 'vulnerable person' by Humber Bridge
today 09:32 Real-life Notebook couple die side-by-side after 80 year romance
today 09:32 Theresa May faces threat of Commons rebellion on staying in customs union
today 09:32 First pictures of brothers Casper and Corey Platt-May, 2 and 6, killed in ‘hit and run’ crash
today 09:17 Ban on plastic straws being considered, Environment Secretary says
today 09:05 Dalbeattie Star set to welcome playmaker Lewis Sloan back from injury
today 09:05 Castle Douglas sailor Anna Miller nominated for Class Academy Sailor of the Year award
today 09:05 Kirkgunzeon curler Grant Hardie wins Scottish championship in Perth
today 09:05 Chelsea loanee Michy Batshuayi reveals he was racially abused by Atalanta fans in Borussia Dortmund game
today 09:05 Bikers rally to lead funeral cortege and pay tribute to teenage motorbike fan
today 09:05 Wishaw man who knifed close friend twice avoids spell behind bars
today 09:05 Newlywed dies 12 days after Grand Canyon helicopter crash as wife fights for her life
today 09:05 Kylie Jenner inspires 'creepy' baby fingers manicure and people are terrified
today 09:05 Kylie Jenner inspires 'creepy' baby fingers manicure and people are terrified
today 09:05 Brexit has been reduced Britain to a new form of political tribalism
today 09:05 Sunburn agony for schoolkid as Scots council feels the heat over 36-hour bus journey hell
today 09:05 Race-hate killer Baldy is 'alone in the world' behind bars without penis pump and Xbox
today 09:05 Stalker ordered to stay away from church minister for 10 years or face jail
today 09:05 'Body piercing' playground craze nearly kills three children who almost choked to death
today 09:05 Tory Universal Credit benefit reform causes rent crisis for guinea-pig Scottish council
today 09:05 Oysters and mussels infected with hepatitis found in Scottish supermarkets
today 09:05 'Drunk' teacher suspended from Scottish school after 'swigging booze from hot water bottle'
today 08:59 Tennis babe Eugenie Bouchard to receive ‘multi-MILLION’ payout after horror burn incident
today 08:59 Huge quake STRIKES Alaska with tremors felt hundreds of miles away
today 08:59 ‘Spring POSTPONED?’ Coldest end to winter in 5 YEARS to BURY Britain under snow
today 08:59 Aliens INCOMING: Top scientist predicts encounter with 'extraterrestrial civilisation'
today 08:59 Atlantis found? Flooded river turns jungle path into AMAZING clear underwater world
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