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Eurovision 2017 Review: The 10 Best Things About The 62nd Song Contest In Kiev, Ukraine

Last night saw the crowning of a brand new Eurovision champion, and it was a humble Portuguese teenager who was put on the throne, with his sweet ballad offering ‘Amar Pelos Dois’ that wowed both the judges and the audiences across Europe. 

Salvador Sobral won with 758 points, calling ...

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Mandatory Sex And Relationships Education Is A Victory For Campaigners And Young Women Everywhere

This week something revolutionary happened. After years of effort from young people, students, parents, teachers and campaigners the Government announced its intentions to make sex and relationships education (SRE) statutory in an amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill while also ...

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People With A Learning Disability Like My Niece Should Never Have Had To Call An Institution Their Home

My niece, Fauzia, is now 19 years old. She has a learning disability and autism and spent two and a half years in an assessment and treatment unit called St. Andrew's hospital. You may have seen her in Channel 4's Dispatches programme saying she is "never going back, never going back" to that ...

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Americanisms In The UK: No Way Or No Biggie?

I recently listened to a great talk on BBC Radio 4 about the Americanisation of English (in the UK). British writer Matthew Engel and American-in-the-UK linguist, Dr. Lynne Murphy, discussed the impact and importance of the American influence on British English. (Dr. Murphy expanded on the ...

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How To Teach A Six-Year-Old Girl About Money

My eldest was six years old the other day and she had a pretty good day: gifts, games, cards, candles, chocolate caterpillar cake. The usual. By the end of the day, she was pretty tired, but insisted playing "one more game".

How could I refuse?

She darted off and two seconds later ...

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There's Growing Anger Among Parents At School Cuts

It terrifies me to say this, but in 10 year's time, my son will be leaving school.

Over this period, the UK will set sail for the economic unknown and leave its European Union membership behind; technology too will bring further, seismic changes to the world of work.

In this ...

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When Does Instagram Become More Than #Inspo And Start To Affect Our Self-Esteem?

My name is Bella Younger and I have a lot of followers on Instagram. 143,000 to be precise, but it's not what you think I promise. My account isn't peppered with flatlays and perfectly groomed selfies, its full of pictures of me, looking like, well me. The reaction so far has been largely ...

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The NHS Needs A Rescue Package In Next Week's Budget

Despite having only been an MP for less than two years it seems that the build up to every Budget and Autumn Statement so far has been dominated by calls for more funding for the NHS and social care. On each occasion campaigners have come away disappointed, but surely, after the worst winter on ...

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'Into It' Podcast: We Discuss 'The Nightly Show', Disney's 'Beauty And The Beast' Remake And Share Our Favourite Awards Season Moments

This year's awards season has brought us moving acceptance speeches, shocking red carpet moments, memorable stunts on stage and, indeed, one huge blunder at the end of the Oscars.

We're reflecting on all of it in the latest episode of the HuffPost UK Entertainment podcast, 'Into ...

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A Message To Labour MPs: Find Your Backbone

So we've come to this. The only people with the courage to stand up to the Brexiteer ultras are the unelected, unaccountable, undemocratic House of Lords.

Labour MPs should be hanging their heads in shame. Jeremy Corbyn should be looking in a mirror and recoiling in horror at his ...

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I Cycled To Iran And Found A Warm, Hospitable Country - But Women's Rights Has A Long Way To Go

'Iran is a prison,' the woman told me as she showed me around her small, sparsely decorated flat. 'Women have no value here. I desperately want to leave, but I can't.'

The woman, 37, was a PhD student at the local university. She was married, but lived alone because her husband remarried ...

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Moana Did Not Win An Oscar, But It Won Our Hearts

Blaring through our kitchen speakers, from the CD played in my car and on the screen of my phone are the scenes and songs from Disney's new film Moana. My little sister at the moment is living and breathing Moana. From the constant pleas to play 'No One Knows' on the computer and the requests to ...

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Vagina Talk

Half the population has one, and yet vaginas and gynaecological issues are rarely spoken about at home. A recent survey conducted by The Eve Appeal (2016) found that 65% of the women surveyed were uncomfortable using the words "vagina" and "vulva", while a shocking 50% of women aged 26-35 ...

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Mind The Gender Pay Gap - Time For A Royal Commission

When will the Government take women seriously? All the latest research says that we are, as usual, falling behind men in terms of pay.

But at least as troubling as the general, depressing discrimination we all face is the fact that it seems to be skilled and trained women losing out ...

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I'm Raising Money To Help Cancer Patients Love Food Again - In Memory Of My Mum

Three years ago my life changed forever when my mother, Krista, lost a two-year battle with cancer.

During chemotherapy, she lost her hair, of course - her eyebrows went first, then the rest. But losing her sense of taste was the final straw. Everything she ate after that point resembled ...

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Eating Disorder Recovery Is Possible. I'm Running The Marathon To Prove It.

There are currently around 725,000 people in the UK affected by eating disorders, and these illnesses are responsible for the highest mortality rates of any mental illness.

Eating Disorders Awareness Week runs from 27th Feb - 5th March and in aid of this I wanted to share something that ...

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The Secret Reason Why Your Toddler Misbehaves

Have you ever wondered why your toddler does something, even when you've told them not to and explained why they shouldn't do it? Perhaps your two or three year old insisted on touching the oven door, even though you told him not to because it was very hot. Being told something and doing it ...

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Reactions To My Son's Wheelchair

As Brody gets older, his disabilities become more visible to those around us - wearing nappies, sometimes dribbling, noises instead of words, his cognitive ability and movements.

And of course there is his wheelchair.

Last year Brody outgrew his buggy and we found ourselves ...

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Happy Women's Pay Day - The Day The Average Woman Starts Getting Paid Compared To The Average Man

Next week sees International Women's Day being celebrated around the world. As women we've come so far in achieving equality in the workplace and in wider society. But sadly we've still got a lot of work to do when it comes to tackling the gender pay gap. New research published by the TUC ...

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I Will March For NHS Staff, I Owe Them My Life

On Saturday I will be speaking at a protest rally. It feels good to be able to say that again, as it's something I've really missed over the last few months and this one is particularly special - you might say it's close to my heart.

I'm talking, of course, about the NHS demo in London. I ...

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When I Was Homeless I Would Use Dating Apps Just To Find A Bed To Sleep In

Aged 20, I was a typical young adult. I was living in a house share with flatmates, I had my first proper job and I was really enjoying it. Things were going pretty well.

I'd had to work hard to get there. Growing up, insecure housing was the norm. I didn't get along with my mum's partner ...

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