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The quiet rebirth of the European centre left

Many commentators hailed the 2008 financial crisis as a social democratic moment, one that revealed the inherent defects of capitalism and paved the way for progressives to tame the free market. 

Yet in the years that followed, as the right advanced, the centre left retreated. ...

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Are Boris Johnson's VoterID proposals an attempt to disenfranchise Labour voters?

There are three inevitabilities in life: death, taxes, and the Conservatives announcing plans to force people to provide ID in order to vote. The nominal cause is concerns about electoral fraud, though the party’s opponents fear that the plans are a thin pretext to make it more difficult for ...

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SNP leadership crush conference rebellion on “plan B” for independence

The SNP’s annual conference in Aberdeen has kicked off not with a rebellion but the resounding defeat of one, after a call for delegates to vote on a “plan B” for securing independence was overwhelmingly rejected in a floor vote. 

Chris McEleny, a member of the party’s ruling ...

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Ian Blackford kicks off SNP conference by calling for an election

Ian Blackford, the SNP’s leader at Westminster, has kicked their annual conference off with a major speech that reiterated the dividing lines the party wants to draw in a looming general election – and underlined the party’s opposition to another In-Out referendum before an election. ...

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Banking faces a spiral of decline

Once highly prized jobs on Wall Street or in the City have lost their allure.

The pay was fantastic. There were palatial offices in the smartest locations. Every Christmas there was a bonus with five, or sometimes even six, zeros on the end of it. The lunches were spectacular, and the ...

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Nuclear fusion – what it is, how it works and when it could be powering our lives

Nuclear fusion could secure unlimited clean, safe and carbon-free energy for the rest of time would be revolutionary for the world economy. Is this now within sight?

The UK government announced last week that it is to invest £220m to enable the UK Atomic Energy Authority (UKAEA) to design ...

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The charts that matter: hopes for a trade deal and a Brexit breakthrough

Welcome back. Brexit is nearing what might be its final crunch moment, as I write. As a result, you really need to book your ticket now for our Wealth Summit on 22 November.

By then, we’ll have a better idea of what deal we’re getting (if we’re getting a deal at all, for that ...

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Ecuadorean protesters release 10 captured police officers as uproar continues

PROTESTERS in Ecuador have released 10 captured police officers after making them bear the coffin of an indigenous rights campaigner killed during the protests.

The country is still in uproar over the neoliberal “package” imposed by President Lenin Moreno, at the behest of the ...

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What the DUP's response to Boris Johnson's Brexit plan does and doesn't say

After Boris Johnson’s meeting with Leo Varadkar broke up - not with another round of acrimonious briefing - but with a joint statement revealing that an agreed pathway to a deal on the Irish border existed, it was immediately clear that something had given on the UK side - most likely on the ...

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Turkey’s attack on the Kurds in Northern Syria already has a mounting civilian cost

Over 75,000 people have been forced to flee their homes since Turkey launched its incursion into northeast Syria on Wednesday. As thousands tried to flee the Syrian-Turkish border towns, videos started to emerge online of eight-year-old Sara Yousif and her brother, Mohammed. 

Sara ...

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What John McDonnell's GQ interview really tells us

What is John McDonnell up to? The shadow chancellor has raised eyebrows in Westminster and generated headlines everywhere after telling a GQ interviewer – one Alastair Campbell – that he and Jeremy Corbyn would have to resign in the event that Labour lost the next general election.  ...

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Why is the first Corbyn council siding with developers against local market traders?

This week, traders from a migrant hub in north London have been fighting the demolition of their market in court.

The Seven Sisters Indoor Market, known as the Latin Village for its number of Latin American stalls and businesses, is about to be demolished to make way for flats. ...

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Job opportunity at the New Statesman: Special Projects Writer (part time or job share)

The New Statesman is looking for a versatile, talented and efficient writer to work on the Spotlight policy supplement, writing news, features and producing advertorials, and in producing other supplements on a variety of subjects.

This role will will be a part-time or job share ...

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An encounter with Tony Blair was a reminder the UK needs profound change

Until this week, I hadn’t seen Tony Blair in the flesh for 22 years. He was weeks from becoming prime minister then; I was a cub reporter who had somehow sneaked an interview for the furiously anti-Blair, pro-Major Daily Mail, for which I had recently started working in Scotland. I looked ...

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The split between Rugby League and Rugby Union is the story of national class division

Success for the England football or cricket teams can bring moments of national unity. Success for the England rugby union team in their World Cup campaign, currently nearing the end of the group stage, would bring a timely reminder of national division.

Resentment of rugby union ...

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Ethiopians are jubilant at the Nobel Peace Prize for Abiy Ahmed. Eritreans are not so sure

The decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed has been met with a mixture of jubilation and incredulity in the Horn of Africa. “I am so humbled and thrilled, thank you very much,” the prime minister said on hearing the news. “It is a prize given to ...

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Vietnam: winning Trump’s trade war

There’s been one clear winner in the US-China trade war so far, says Chris Matthews on MarketWatch – Vietnam. The Southeast Asian country has become “a popular destination for new manufacturing investments as multinational firms seek to reorganise their supply chains to avoid US tariffs on ...

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Brexit negotiations enter "the tunnel" – but will they produce a deal?

After a fractious week produced an unlikely agreement between Boris Johnson and Leo Varadkar, Brexit talks are entering “the tunnel”: the period of intensive, private negotiations from which a deal, if it is really in the offing, will emerge.

That yesterday’s crisis summit ...

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We forget to reckon with Boris Johnson's lack of political principles

Yesterday was a little embarrassing for political journalists, not least myself. Columns and weekly publications of all stripes went to press in the certainty that no deal was forthcoming from Boris Johnson’s unworkable Brexit proposals; I (in the good company, at least, of most ...

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Currency Corner: the Romanian leu – a currency that has fallen even harder than the pound

I’m heading to Romania this weekend for the Transylvanian Crypto Conference – surely the number one cryptocurrency conference in the whole of Transylvania – so I thought it might be fun, and indeed interesting, to look at Romania’s currency, the leu, in this week’s Currency ...

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The US Federal Reserve is quietly paving the way for further stimulus

This article is taken from our FREE daily investment email Money Morning. Every day, MoneyWeek's executive editor John Stepek and guest contributors explain how current economic and political developments are affecting the markets and your wealth, and give you pointers on how you can ...

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