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PICTURE THIS Gordon Parks, Alison Jacques Gallery London

IN THE wake of the protests that have erupted across the US after the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police and the global response to it by the Black Lives Matter movement, many activists have shared images taken by the photographer Gordon Parks (1912-2006).

In ...

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Pandemics and the politics of space

Responses to Covid-19 have unleashed a new politics of space. We have been ordered to stay at home, national borders have been sealed, flights have been grounded and governments have reclaimed territorial sovereignty. Although these policies aim to prevent the virus from spreading, we have ...

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Hisham al-Hashimi: the killing that's thrown down a challenge to Iraq's government

Iraq has gone through successive periods of politically motivated violence since Saddam Hussein fell in 2003. The first, an insurgency against American occupation, quickly mutated into a bloody civil war. The second saw the remnants of al-Qaeda in Iraq reconstitute as the Islamic State (IS) ...

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Why Jewish Americans are shifting position on Israel

“I’ve had people tell me, ‘Things have shifted more in the past two weeks than I've seen them shift in the past ten years,’” Emily Mayer said.

Mayer is the co-founder and political director of IfNotNow, a movement led by young American Jews and dedicated to ending “our ...

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Why a ban on Huawei carries its own security risks

In January, Boris Johnson finally unveiled the government's long-awaited policy position on Huawei. The decision essentially mirrored the approach Theresa May had intended to propose last year before it was leaked. Under the proposals, the Chinese tech giant was set to be given a ...

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Rishi Sunak doesn’t have an economic strategy – he has a PR strategy

With the launch of Rishi Sunak’s Nando’s voucher scheme, the shape of the political argument over Covid-19 just became a lot clearer. The government was prepared to spend £330bn propping up businesses during the lockdown, and to pay the salaries of nine million workers as the economy ...

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A crisis of the social contract: why we must transform our democracy

People are born free, and everywhere they are in chains. This sounds like a description of the world in the age of Covid-19. But at a time of permanent emergency, the opening lines to Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s Social Contract (1762) remind us of the fragile balance that exists between ...

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“It doesn’t make any sense”: fossil fuel companies and the capture of EU energy plans

Climate campaigners have long had a bone to pick with Entsog, the European Union body that advises where money should be spent to upgrade and expand Europe’s gas infrastructure. But this month, the conflict broke out into the open.

The European Network of Transmission System ...

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Why a Lib Dem recovery is essential to defeating Boris Johnson’s destructive government

Don’t tell them, but over the past three years I have been – for a while simultaneously – a member of the Conservative, Labour and Liberal Democrat parties.

I joined the Tories simply to vote against Boris Johnson in any leadership election. That plan did not work out too ...

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A close reading: When Boris Johnson blames care homes over Covid-19, he’s really blaming himself

Boris Johnson has been accused of “cowardice” and “a huge slap in the face” by the care sector for claiming care homes didn’t “follow procedures” as coronavirus spread.

Although No 10 has attempted to water his comments down, the damage has been done – the Prime ...

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Why support for Scottish independence has surged during the Covid-19 crisis

Nicola Sturgeon turns 50 this month. It’s one of life’s staging posts, a moment for taking stock, for weighing oneself in the balance – a time, as Martin Amis unromantically puts it, “to stop saying hi and to start saying bye”. 

Scotland’s First Minister is anyway among ...

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Why decades-old internet arguments are today's viral entertainment

At the end of April, the US journalist John Paul Brammer created a Twitter thread that quickly received thousands of likes. “I’m watching an hour-long video about drama in the Harry Potter fanfic community and I am GRIPPED,” he wrote. “I am begging you to watch this with me.” ...

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Michael Eavis Q&A: “I first heard ‘Movin’ On Up’ in the milking parlour”

Michael Eavis was born in Somerset in 1935. In 1970 he held the Pilton Pop, Blues and Folk Festival on his family’s dairy farm. The following year it returned as Glastonbury Fayre, the festival Eavis still runs, now with his daughter, Emily. What’s your earliest memory?

Playing ...

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Europe’s train lines are brilliant but broken: five ways to fix them

Everyone loves the idea of a high-speed train. In fact I imagine you have a picturesque image of a TGV whisking you to Marseille, a ICE pulling into Frankfurt or a Shinkansen bullet train passing Mount Fuji in your mind’s eye even while reading this paragraph.

Something similar was ...

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Haim’s new album is their most intimate

Este, Danielle and Alana Haim played their first gig 20 years ago, at ­Canter’s Jewish deli in their hometown of Los Angeles. The sisters were 13, ten and eight respectively. Este wore sparkly jeans, Danielle had butterfly clips in her hair, and all three were paid in matzo ball soup. ...

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How Portugal’s revolutionary spirit has shaped its Covid-19 response

After months of being shut as part of government measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19, the doors of Primark flung open on Monday 15 June to interminable queues of starved shoppers. Critics were quick to deride the gathering as a likely hotbed of new infections – a travesty when the ...

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There are many Bob Dylans – and they’re all present on his new record, Rough and Rowdy Ways

I’ll bring someone to life, is what I wanna do,” Bob Dylan sings on the quirkily macabre folk song “My Own Version of You”, the third track of his new album Rough and Rowdy Ways. “I’m gonna create my own version of you.”

Almost every Dylan fan has their own version of ...

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How the Covid-19 crisis has left seafarers in a desperate plight

When Stephen Gudgeon stepped in to captain a ship for three weeks in March, to cover for a colleague who had to go home to Croatia to resolve some personal issues, he did not expect to be there three months later. Borders closed and countries went into lockdown as the Covid-19 pandemic spread ...

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In a dismal year for queer rights, campaigners in central and eastern Europe are fighting back

This year may well be been the worst year for LGBTQ+ rights in Europe in a decade. Even the countries that would once have led the way are now falling behind on the commitments.

First, the Covid-19 lockdowns have been disastrous for queer people. Marginalised groups suffer ...

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Government funds for arts sector branded ‘too little, too late’

THE government support package for Britain’s arts sector was branded “too little, too late” by opposition politicians and industry experts today with many venues facing financial collapse. 

The lifeline for the arts sector, which looks set to be disrupted for some time by the ...

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Why climate change is too important to leave to “green” politics

Tony Blair described New Labour’s priorities as an incoming government in 1997 as “education, education, education”. For climate change to become an issue that matters across the political spectrum, a similarly single-minded mantra may be necessary: “Jobs, jobs, jobs”.


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