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Books to look out for this autumn

Autumn is always a busy time for publishing, with new titles hitting the shelves in the run-up to Christmas. From football legend Arsene Wenger's autobiography to a timely new novel by Don DeLillo, and studies on Africans in Europe and Boris Johnson in between, here are the New Statesman's ...

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What would victory for Joe Biden in the US presidential election mean for Brexit?

In the late 1990s, the US participated in a rare foreign policy achievement that actually held up well in the post-Cold War era: the Good Friday Agreement. The US is not a signatory on the 1998 accord that helped end sectarian violence in Northern Ireland, but many observers and analysts ...

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Podcast: Presidential Debate Special

On today's special episode of World Review, Emily Tamkin in Washington, DC and Jeremy Cliffe in Berlin recap last night's opening salvo of the presidential debate series, as Donald Trump and Joe Biden went head to head.

For more coverage of the US election, visit our US election ...

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Donald Trump has shown how he plans to use far-right violence to try to retain power

Much of what Donald Trump does is drawn from Mussolini’s playbook, and his call for the fascist Proud Boys movement to “stand back and stand by”, in the first US presidential debate, is no exception. It was no random outburst: it was a clear signal that the Republican right intends to ...

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Donald Trump refuses to condemn the far right – what happened in last night’s US debate

The first US presidential debate, which took place on the evening of Tuesday 29 September, did not live up to its title. It instead contained over 90 minutes of President Donald Trump yelling, interrupting, insulting, and lying. Fox News moderator Chris Wallace had little to no control, at ...

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Three takeaways from the first US presidential debate

The first US presidential debate took place tonight. It was over 90 minutes of President Donald Trump yelling, interrupting, insulting, and lying. Fox News moderator Chris Wallace had little to no control, at points giggling and at points reminding Trump that each man had two minutes to speak ...

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Turkey accused of deploying jihadists from Syria to Azerbaijan as World Peace Council calls for immediate ceasefire

THE World Peace Council has called for an immediate ceasefire following a second day of fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan.

And Iranian peace campaigners said that Turkey had reportedly transferred jihadists from Syria to fight for Azerbaijan in the conflict, echoing its intervention ...

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US 2020 election update: Both a Trump win and Biden landslide are within the margin of error

With less than six weeks to go until the US presidential election, the New Statesman is launching a weekly series of data-based insights, rounding up what you need to know about the race for the White House. How close is this election?

The campaign has so far seen Democratic ...

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Why the West may never recover from its current crises

In the 1990s I toured a facility storing six million cubic feet of nuclear waste in tunnels dug from a self-sealing salt bed half a mile beneath the barren New Mexico desert. The US Department of Energy was also developing elaborate plans to alert future generations that something immensely ...

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Why Armenia and Azerbaijan are clashing over Nagorno-Karabakh

Fighting has broken out between Azerbaijani and Armenian forces in the mountainous region of Nagorno-Karabakh, a contentious flashpoint between the two South Caucasian countries, in what is now likely the most serious escalation in recent years. By Tuesday 29 September, 95 people had ...

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Donald Trump’s taxes: will the $750 revelation matter?

On Sunday, the  New York Times  published  a story that had been kept from the American people for years: that of Donald Trump’s tax returns. When he ran for office in 2016, t he president broke recent tradition by not releasing the returns -  to a mixed response from the American ...

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The political consequences of China’s net-zero climate aim

Last Tuesday, 22 September Xi Jinping used his (virtual) appearance at the UN General Assembly to make a promising commitment to a goal of carbon neutrality. Not only does China aim to get emissions falling before 2030, a sharpening of its pre-existing goal of "by around 2030", it now ...

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Polling: Public wants Keir Starmer to focus on policy ideas over government scrutiny

A majority of people want the Labour Party to prioritise its own pandemic policies over scrutinising the government’s response, new polling for the New Statesman has found.

When presented with the choice between “the Labour Party should suggest its own policies aimed at tackling ...

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Why Boris Johnson's voters will learn to despise him

It has always seemed to me that Boris Johnson has a very Roman approach to politics. In the last centuries of the Republic, one of the main measures of political success was the speed at which a man (yes, they were always men) progressed through the cursus honorum, the course of offices. The ...

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Would Biden or Trump end America's forever wars?

Americans like to imagine that their political disputes stop at the proverbial water’s edge. The opposite has been nearer to the truth ever since the nation’s founders split over whether to support France in its revolutionary wars in the 1790s.

For the past three decades, however, ...

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Breonna Taylor, Donald Trump and determining justice in the US

Breonna Taylor was killed on 13 March 2020. Police officers broke down her door, entered her home and shot her to death. On Wednesday, 23 September, six months after Breonna’s death, a grand jury decided that none of the officers involved would be indicted for murder. One officer was ...

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FILM OF THE WEEK Elementary, dear brother

THE MALE-DOMINATED and misogynistic world of Sherlock Holmes is given a feminist kick in the proverbials in this fun-loving and action-packed adventure.

It centres on his younger sister Enola, another budding super sleuth, who's the central character of Nancy Springer’s series of ...

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Dumplings unwrapped: what Georgia’s national dish reveals about the country

A platter of khinkali, doughy and steaming, can baffle the uninitiated. Georgians revel in watching puzzled foreigners warily eyeing up their first portion. How to approach the pleated mounds? Cut into them with a knife? Pick them up and bite? What of the plump stem in the centre?


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How the dawning era of declining fossil fuel consumption will reshape geopolitics

It was 1912, European tensions were rising and Winston Churchill, then the First Lord of the Admiralty, was concerned about power. The proposed shift from coal-fuelled ships to more efficient oil-fuelled ones would redraw Britain’s geopolitical map. Oil was not widely available in the ...

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Why Scottish Home Rule is no longer a viable alternative to independence

The phrase Home Rule is freighted with historical connotations. One instantly thinks of Ireland and Gladstone, of Charles Stewart Parnell and Kitty O’Shea, of unionist intransigence and the Easter Rising and all that followed, even up to the Good Friday Agreement and today’s wretched ...

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The disturbing world of gun rights activism

For British audiences, it can be hard to comprehend the fanaticism of the gun lobby in the US: the devotion to the Second Amendment right to bear arms can approach the pitch of a religious cult. No more so than in No Compromise, a podcast from NPR that investigates “gun rights” movements ...

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