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Britain’s blocked fracking pipeline

Protesters claim that fracking for gas and oil is not worth the risks. Producers argue the rules are too restrictive. Who’s right? And does the industry have a future? Simon Wilson reports.

Fracking in Britain is once again on hold after the first exploratory testing for seven years, at ...

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How the Spanish left is caught in no-man’s land

In her lucid essay on France’s 1936-38 Popular Front, the philosopher Simone Weil reflected: “The state of imaginations sets the limit within which power can be effectively exercised.” She added: “To sense these things, to keep a perpetual look-out for them, is to know how to ...

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The charts that matter: the tug of war continues

This article is taken from our FREE daily investment email Money Morning. Every day, MoneyWeek's executive editor John Stepek and guest contributors explain how current economic and political developments are affecting the markets and your wealth, and give you pointers on how you can ...

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The Cabinet wants Theresa May out in three months. But it won’t be that simple

Could May be out by May? That’s the wish of a sizeable chunk of the cabinet, who have let it be known via the Guardian and Spectator that they will demand the prime minister’s resignation after the local elections in three months’ time.

The logic behind the move, ministers say, ...

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Commons Confidential: Jeremy Corbyn’s missed meeting

The leader’s office advice to go easy on the seven Labour splitters and respond more in sorrow than anger, to avoid propelling a second wave of rebels to join Chuka and Co, never reached Chris Williamson. The Corbynite vegan bricklayer from Derby, whose enthusiastic commitment occasionally ...

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Tory grassroots bid to thwart Brexit delay

At Westminster, Conservative MPs and ministers are warning Theresa May that she must delay Brexit if she cannot secure a deal capable of passing the Commons. But at the Tory grassroots, moves are underway to force the opposite outcome. 

The Conservative National Convention – the ...

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Why the Independent Group is the antithesis of democracy

Modern democracy, political scientists often say, would be inconceivable if it were not for party government. If this is true, then a new political party might offer solutions when democracy is in crisis. The Independent Group sees itself as a fresh political force disrupting the way old ...

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The surprise cult of Modern Monetary Theory

What makes money worth anything? The question sounds like a riddle. In 2009 the Zimbabwean newspaper pasted useless currency across billboards in South Africa. “Thanks to Mugabe this money is wallpaper,” one poster read. These striking images of worthless Zimbabwean notes, their value ...

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Why does this disability minister keep getting away with misleading MPs?

You may have missed it during the Brexit fray, but the minister for disabled people Sarah Newton was forced to apologise after misleading MPs earlier this month.

In December, during a Westminster Hall debate on the cumulative impact of changes to disability support, Newton told MPs ...

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Tom Bower’s Diary: My Marxist past, abuse from Tariq Ali, a warning for Meghan and the demise of Today

None of my many new Corbynista critics could imagine that I was once known as “Tommy the Red”, the Marxist involved in the student occupation of the London School of Economics 50 years ago – a headline story at the time. Back then, protesting about the Vietnam War, apartheid and the ...

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Why we protested the British Museum to demand justice for Iraq

The British Museum announced it would be holding a BP-sponsored exhibition on ancient Assyrian artefacts in the summer of 2018. The same summer saw around 100,000 people being hospitalised in Basra due to the dire state of the water supply. It also saw Iraqis protest against poor living ...

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“Childcare is a men’s issue too: why I’m proud to be the first new dad to vote in parliament by proxy”

Being a Member of Parliament is not ideal job if you want a normal family life. It often involves late nights, being away from home and living in London during the week. And on weekends there are the fun but endless list of fetes, openings, knocking on doors and visits. However, lest I whinge ...

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Why the Labour right thinks it has cause for optimism

Has Ian Austin lit the fuse on a second Labour split? That’s the inevitable question posed by this morning’s resignation of the MP for Dudley North – a long-time ally of Gordon Brown and stalwart of the party’s right.

Unlike the eight Labour MPs who quit the party and defected ...

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If you don’t already know Phoebe Bridgers’s music, get to know it

Phoebe Bridgers was relatively unknown when she released her debut album in 2017. But her diaristic songwriting, effortless falsetto and atmospheric arrangements quickly earned her strong reviews and a devoted audience. Her profile has steadily risen.

Now, she finds herself at the ...

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Patrice Lawrence Q&A:“I get to write a black girl into Enid Blyton’s Malory Towers”

Patrice Lawrence was born in Brighton to an Italian father and a Trinidadian mother. She is best known for her young adult novels “Orangeboy” and “Indigo Donut”. What’s your earliest memory?

Falling into Aunty Phyllis’s toilet. Aunty was my wonderful foster mum while my ...

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I used to be so convinced I was straight. I still don’t know if I can call myself queer
What does being queer really mean? I’ve asked people who have studied queer theory, who know all the right definitions. But I still can’t describe what it is to be a queer person: how you know when you are one. ...
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Netflix’s Dating Around is a genuinely revolutionary take on the dating show

“Frog with no legs is deaf,” says Leonard. He says it to four different women: Leonard, who looks strikingly like another Jewish Leonard, Cohen, tells the same joke about a Swedish biologist and a frog to four out of his five dates on Netflix’s new New York-based reality show Dating ...

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The anti-hygge art of Harald Sohlberg

When Harald Sohlberg visited Norway’s Rondane mountains in 1899 on a skiing trip he suddenly felt something quite unexpected. “I was almost overcome by a rush of emotion greater than I had ever experienced before,” he recalled. “The longer I stood gazing at the scene the more I seemed ...

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Ian Austin has proved that Labour’s problems run deeper than Brexit

And then there were nine. Ian Austin, the MP for Dudley North, has become the latest MP to quit the Labour Party over its handling of anti-Semitism and Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership.

He tells his local paper, the Express and Star, that he has become “ashamed” of what he described ...

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What the end of quantitative tightening means for markets

This article is taken from our FREE daily investment email Money Morning. Every day, MoneyWeek's executive editor John Stepek and guest contributors explain how current economic and political developments are affecting the markets and your wealth, and give you pointers on how you can ...

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Ian Austin becomes ninth MP to quit Labour

Ian Austin has quit the Labour Party over anti-Semitism and its shift to “the hard left.” In an interview with his local paper the Express & Star this morning, Austin said the Labour Party was “broken” and that he was ashamed to be part of it under Jeremy Corbyn’s leadership. ...

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