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Boris Johnson taken into intensive care

Boris Johnson has been admitted to intensive care after his condition worsened over the course of the day.

The Prime Minister, who tested positive for coronavirus on 27 March, was admitted to St Thomas, an NHS hospital, last night (5 April). He is understood to be conscious, and has ...

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Keir Starmer brings Ed Miliband – and Milibandism – back

Keir Starmer has brought Ed Miliband back to front-line politics and purged the frontbench of all but a handful of its Corbynites as he completed the finishing touches to his first shadow cabinet.

If this new-look front bench gets any headlines – the Covid-19 crisis means it may ...

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What the casualties of Keir Starmer's first reshuffle have in common

What do the highest profile casualties of Keir Starmer’s first reshuffle have in common? The answer isn’t that they are Corbynites, as has been widely written. Ian Lavery, Richard Burgon and Jon Trickett really have only one thing in common with Barry Gardiner: all four were loyal to ...

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In full: Keir Starmer’s shadow cabinet

Keir Starmer has appointed his first shadow cabinet as Labour leader - and has opted to cast his frontbench in his own image. 

Figures from the soft left and middle of the party – most of them from the 2015 and 2017 intakes – have been rewarded, as has Ed Miliband, the Labour ...

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Keir Starmer brings Ed Miliband - and Milibandism - back

Keir Starmer has brought Ed Miliband back to frontline politics and purged the frontbench of all but a handful of its Corbynites as he completed the finishing touches to his first Shadow Cabinet.

If this new-look frontbench gets any headlines – the covid-19 crisis means it may well ...

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Why the coronavirus crisis will force the UK to adopt a transformed economic model

Covid-19 will force a deep realignment of the economy. The global scope of the health crisis, the profound economic shock it necessitates, and its legacy of debt and heightened risk aversion are enough to bar a straightforward return to the pre-Covid world. The appalling demonstration of our ...

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How is local government responding to coronavirus?

For many people local government enters their life in brief, but important moments: bin collections, schools, street cleaning. Most of what it does is hidden away, behind contracted-out amenities such as sports centres, or supporting the most vulnerable through social services, housing, and ...

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Boris Johnson is still in charge even in hospital – but Dominic Raab stands ready

Boris Johnson has been admitted to hospital as a “precautionary step” on the advice of his doctors, Downing Street announced on 5 April.

One of the sensible pre-crisis steps that the government took when Johnson formed his government was to explicitly name Dominic Raab, the ...

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What does Matt Hancock’s pledge to write off NHS debt really mean?

The Health Secretary Matt Hancock announced that he would write off £13.4bn of historic NHS debt. As hospitals grapple with the coronavirus pandemic, he said the measure would “help NHS trusts to deliver what’s needed without worrying about past finances”.

In reality, this ...

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Why we need “informational distancing” during the coronavirus crisis

The World Health Organisation recently launched a WhatsApp chatbot to inform the world about coronavirus. It links users to reports on the latest case count, explains proper hygiene techniques, and debunks the mounting myths about the pandemic. “Hand dryers are NOT effective in killing the ...

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Keir Starmer keeps his friends close and his enemies closer in astute first reshuffle

Keir Starmer has rewarded some of his earliest backers and brought some of his highest profile rivals in an astute first set of appointments since becoming leader.

Oxford East MP Annelise Dodds, an early supporter of Starmer’s, and shadow chief secretary to the Treasury under ...

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OK, boomer? Can coronavirus memes help a new generation?

I’m weathering the pandemic at my parents’ house. From where I spend my days, on an armchair in the sitting room, I can hear my dad working in his office. It’s not as silent as you might expect. The peace is punctuated, increasingly these days, by very loud videos – which he has ...

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Where the Labour right go next

The Corbynite left think they know why they lost not only the leadership of the Labour Party yesterday, but three positions on its ruling National Executive Committee too.

Thoughtful activists knew the two seats for constituency parties and one for black and ethnic minority members ...

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Boris Johnson's invitation to Keir Starmer is old news and clever spin

Political leaders write to one another for two reasons: to communicate and to wound. A good way of telling the difference between the two is whether or not the leader in question receives the letter before, after or at the same time as the media.

Boris Johnson’s invitation to ...

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Keir Starmer wins Labour leadership in landslide – but his toughest battle is yet to come

Keir Starmer has been elected leader of the Labour Party in a landslide, with 56 per cent of the vote in the first round, finishing comfortably ahead of Rebecca Long-Bailey, who got 28 per cent, and Lisa Nandy, who polled 16 per cent.

Starmer’s big victory – in addition to his ...

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From fry-ups to one-touch virtuosos: all the ways football has changed for the better

The lack of football makes me think nostalgically of the good times, the nice times, not horrid things such as the rise of the agent, boo, making millions for doing eff all. So for my last appearance of the season I would like to consider the best things that have happened in football. Oh, the ...

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The Kubrick Test offers a first-hand account of the director’s working methods

“Full Metal Jacket. A Stanley Kubrick film, coming to a theatre near you.” How many times in 1987 did the actor Kerry Shale repeat this line? Take after take, recording the movie’s trailer, personally overseen by world-historical perfectionist Kubrick himself. 1,000 times? 10,000? Shale ...

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Why the coronavirus crisis should not be compared to the Second World War

Could we please stop talking about the Second World War? Please? The Covid-19 pandemic is not like the Second World War, ventilators are not Spitfires, we don’t need a wartime coalition. And, no, the Second World War doesn’t show that a hard Brexit is possible either; fantasy war stories ...

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Why the government's measures to help business need to go further

There are those who say we should choose between addressing the health crisis of coronavirus and avoiding an economic crisis. But this is a false choice. If we don’t put health first, the economic crisis will worsen. That’s why the government announcements for self-employed people, which ...

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What is the point of the government's daily press conferences?

There have been 18 of the government's daily coronavirus press conferences so far. 

Not a moment too soon, Matt Hancock came out of self-isolation yesterday to promise to carry out 100,000 tests a day by the end of the month. But several of the latest offerings have had to rely on ...

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It's time to virtually recall parliament with a Covid-19 committee

One year ago, MPs of all parties were locked in what felt like mortal combat over Brexit, with the Commons split down the middle. One year on, we are in a real mortal fight against a virus that pays no heed to political persuasion.

In the face of this threat, it has been remarkable ...

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