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Billions from boffins: how to profit from university spin-out companies

British universities are teaming up with venture capitalists to create world-beating firms. Back the winners before they leave the lab to make big gains, says Matthew Partridge.

When it comes to research, Britain has some of the best universities in the world. The latest World ...

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Britain's diversity crisis starts with its writers. Here's why

I’m a playwright and screenwriter, which – pertinent to the issues we’ll be discussing in this enquiry – still feels weird to say. I get embarrassed, still, saying that, in a taxi or hairdressers. I don’t know why I still carry that insecurity about saying I’m a writer, but I do, ...

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Andy Burnham and Sadiq Khan are both slippery self-mythologisers – so why do we rate one more than the other?

Andy Burnham is a man whose policies and opinions seem to owe more to political expediency than they do to belief. He bangs on to the point of tedium about his own class, background and interests. As a result he’s widely seen as an unprincipled flip-flopper.

Sadiq Khan is a man ...

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Europe's elections show why liberals should avoid fatalism

Humans are unavoidably pattern-seeking creatures. We give meaning to disparate events where little or none may exist. So it is with Brexit and Donald Trump. The proximity of these results led to declarations of liberalism's demise. After decades of progress, the tide was said to have ...

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This week in MoneyWeek: brainy world-beaters

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: profit from university research; buy into cutting edge healthcare, and how trackers beat hedge funds almost every time.

Plus: should you use profit forecasts, the trouble with internet advertising, the perils of buying insurance, and making the most ...

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All 27 things wrong with today’s Daily Mail front cover

Hello. Have you seen today’s Daily Mail cover? It is wrong. Very wrong. So wrong that if you have seen today’s Daily Mail cover, you no doubt immediately turned to the person nearest to you to ask: “Have you seen today’s Daily Mail cover? It is wrong.”

DAILY MAIL: Google, ...

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Pulse of Europe: "Europe is the solution"


Navy blue flags, the Ode to Joy and a lot of enthousiasm. Every Sunday, people in dozens of cities hold demonstrations of support for the European project. In times of populism and euroscepticism, who still believes in the EU? Meet Pulse of Europe.

It all started in Frankfurt. In ...

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Is this the end of the line for the Trump trade?

Is this the end for the “Trump trade”? Or just the start?

The US president has just stuck his party with a “take it or leave it” ultimatum.

Either they vote through his new healthcare plan later today, or they’ll be stuck with “Obamacare” for good.

Which way will ...

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Only Drake could wow the O2 by pointing out random audience members' clothing

On the last London night of his Boy Meets World tour (20 March), Drake doesn’t come on stage until 10pm, which is enough to kill off most gigs at the O2 Arena (hello, Bieber), as people are worried about getting the Tube home. The amount of rum and Coke in the room – a steaming, ...

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Donald Trump's healthcare failure could be to his advantage

Good morning. Is it all over for Donald Trump? His approval ratings have cratered to below 40%. Now his attempt to dismantle Barack Obama's healthcare reforms have hit serious resistance from within the Republican Party, adding to the failures and retreats of his early days in office.


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Upon Remembering Westminster Bridge

Earth has not anything to show more fair: Dull would he be of soul who could pass by,  A sight so touching in its majesty: This city now doth, like a garment, wear The beauty of the morning: silent, bare ...

When I think of Westminster Bridge, I always think of these ...

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The real question about George Osborne and the Evening Standard? Why he'd even want the job

The big puzzle about George Osborne’s appointment as the editor of the London Evening Standard is why he wanted the job. The Standard is now just a local freesheet, a pale shadow of its old self. In Tube carriages, discarded copies far exceed those being read. Its columnists are lightweight ...

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"There's nowhere to turn": What it's like to be gay and homeless

Ascania is a 41 mother with a 24 year-old son, who came to the UK from Jamaica in 2002. “I was raped at gunpoint in the area I lived in Jamaica," she says. "They’d found out in the community that I’m a lesbian. They hit the back of my head with a gun- sometimes it is still painful. I ...

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Limehouse raises the question of when party loyalty becomes political irresponsibility

A star of the Labour Party right wing, exiled from the shadow cabinet for deviating from the dominant orthodoxy, rants about how a decent but weak Labour leader, with an election-losing anti-European, anti-nuclear manifesto, risks letting the prime minister get away with whatever she ...

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Man alive! Why the flaws of Inside No 9 only emphasise its brilliance

At the risk of sounding like some awful, jargon-bound media studies lecturer – precisely the kind of person those I’m writing about might devote themselves to sending up – it seems to me that even the dissatisfactions of Inside No 9 (Tuesdays, 10pm) are, well, deeply satisfying. What I ...

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After the Westminster attacks - another day in London

London police have named Khalid Masood as the man who killed four people and injured 40 in an attack outside the British Parliament yesterday. 24 hours later and the city is trying continuing with life as normal - a sign of typical British defiance, or fatigue at a growing number of similar ...

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Three scenarios for Britain’s post-Brexit future

“Winning was easy, young man. Governing’s harder”

Hamilton, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda

When he decided to hold the EU referendum, David Cameron hoped for a comfortable victory. Even if it turned out to be close, the June date meant that that the long summer holidays, ...

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The NS Podcast #203: Editors and Islamic State

In a podcast recorded before the terrible events of Wednesday afternoon, Helen and Stephen discuss George Osborne's new editorship at the London Evening Standard. The BBC's Mike Thomson joins to tell the story of The Raqqa Diaries - and their author's escape from the D'aesh occupied city in ...

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Islamist terror, security and the Hobbesian question of order

Among the consequences of the atrocities in Paris – many of them impossible to foresee so soon after the terrible events – one seems reasonably clear. The state is returning to its primary function, which is the provision of security. If the SAS has been on the streets of London and ...

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There's something missing from our counter-terrorism debate

“Once the rockets are up, who cares where they come down? That's not my department, says Wernher von Braun.” That satirical lyric about Nazi rocket scientists has come to mind more than few times watching various tech giants give testimony in front of the Home Affairs Select Committee, one ...

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The film for The Lost City of Z was flown back from the jungle – and it was worth it

Two ravishing new films with a Brazilian flavour are generous not only in length (two and a half hours apiece) but in wisdom and wonder. The Lost City of Z is based on David Grann’s book about the British explorer Percy Fawcett, who embarked in 1906 on a Royal Geographical Society ...

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