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Have UK house prices turned the corner?

UK house prices are showing signs of life. Nationwide data shows that the average price of a home rose 0.8% on the year in November, the fastest pace since April. With inflation running at 1.5% and wage growth at 3.5%, that means that prices are slowly falling in real terms and becoming more ...

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Boris Johnson believes Britain’s wars fuel terrorism

THAT’S right. The Prime Minister believes that the Iraq war increased the risk of terrorism in Britain. 

He is one of several leading Conservatives who have expressed that view — based on the judgement of British intelligence, the police force and the Civil Service. 

In July ...

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Evening Call: Anti-Semitism in the Spotlight

The big story in British politics today: lawyers representing the Jewish Labour Movement have gathered sworn statements from several dozen current and former Labour officials, as part of the Equality & Human Rights Commission’s investigation into anti-Semitism in the party.

The ...

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The rise and fall of Swansea's tidal lagoon

In a year of mass, global climate change activism, a recent Opinium poll found that 54 per cent of Britons say environmental issues will affect the way they vote in the coming election. And with a legally binding target for the UK to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050, the major parties have ...

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Trump’s trade war tantrum returns with new tariffs

“Mount Tariff erupts again”, says The Wall Street Journal. Just when you think that US president Trump’s trade war antics have gone dormant, “there he goes again”.

This week the US president unleashed surprise tariffs on Brazilian and Argentine steel imports. He also proposed up ...

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Yet another clanger at Ted Baker as it overstates its inventory by £25m

The struggling fashion retailer Ted Baker has found “another banana to slip on”, says Camilla Canocchi on This Is Money. The stock fell to a ten-year low this week after it admitted that it had overstated the value of its inventory by around £25m.

The group has called in lawyers and ...

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Could changes in council control swing votes at this election?

Something happened in 2019 that has not happened before. In town after town across England, the voters not only voted against the two major parties, but also positively voted for independent candidates. Not only that, but many of the most successful independent campaigns did the smart thing ...

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How Argentina embarked on the road to ruin

A century ago, Argentina was economically on a par with France and Germany. Left-wing populism may now have irretrievably ruined it, says Max King.

There is no mystery about the route to national prosperity: a high level of domestically

financed investment supported by respect for ...

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Secret sauce: the key to serial innovation and profit growth

Why do some companies fizzle out and fade away while others build on a strong start? Dr Mike Tubbs looks at the key factors behind sustainable success and highlights his favourite consistent performers.

What makes a company successful? Consistent profitability. And what is the key ...

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“It was very, very controversial”: how a Camden Town Sainsbury's became Grade II listed

On a recent drizzly Tuesday, the Sainsbury’s Superstore in Camden Town was doing a bustling trade. A man in a tweed flat cap bought a copy of the Daily Mail and considered, before rejecting, a £1.75 punnet of British strawberries. A young man in Nike trainers queued for cigarettes, greeting ...

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As the polls narrow, the Tories are haunted by lost majorities from elections they believed they’d win

The Conservatives are haunted by the ghosts of parliamentary majorities they failed to win. In the summer of 2017, they started the campaign 20 points ahead of the Labour Party and on course for a thumping majority. In the end, they just held on to power. In 2010, under David Cameron, they ...

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It's 2019, and the BBC is still using all male panels on Question Time

Here's the panel for tonight's edition of the BBC's  Question Time programme. See if you can spot what's missing: Here is a look at tomorrow’s panel for our show in Hull. Joining Fiona we have @JamesCleverly, @JonAshworth, @IBlackfordSNP, @EdwardJDavey and @TiceRichard #bbcqt ...

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Dan Gretton’s I You We Them: the mass murderers who killed from behind a desk

As the rather elaborate title might indicate, I You We Them is a complex and exceptional book. It also strikes me as telling that on page 430 of its very long, very well written and extraordinarily powerful story, the author quotes from another vast source, Rebecca West’s account of ...

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Why on earth does anyone own open-ended property funds?

Every day, MoneyWeek's executive editor John Stepek and guest contributors explain how current economic and political developments are affecting the markets and your wealth, and give you pointers on how you can profit.

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Ah, liquidity.

It sounds kind of ...

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Money Minute Thursday 5 December: UK company results, German manufacturing and US jobs

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In the UK, popular investment platform provider AJ Bell issues its first set of full-year figures since it went public around about this time last year. Profits are expected to rise by about a fifth to just under ...

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Labour's Youth Manifesto offers hope to a generation betrayed

Last week, Labour launched its Youth Manifesto in Loughborough.

The event featured Jeremy Corbyn, shadow youth minister Cat Smith, Loughborough Labour candidate Stuart Brady and young CWU activist Luke Elgar, who passionately communicated the scale of the demand for a Labour government ...

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I never liked exercise – so how did I end up religiously lifting my body weight every Thursday?

It’s 7:30pm on a Thursday and 15 women are shouting at me to push. I’m in a borderline grimy rugby-club gym in east London. Above me, a barbell is stacked with 40kg, before me is my third rep. This, give or take a few kilos, is how I’ve spent every Thursday night (OK, I’ve skived a ...

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Evening Call: Brave Sir Donald Runs Away

The best laid plans, eh? I was planning to use this space to report and/or mock whatever President Trump said in the press conference with which he was expected to end this week’s NATO summit. Slight problem: there has been no press conference. Donald Trump is returning to Washington, and we ...

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Does Labour's deputy leadership have a future?

Jon Lansman may have failed in his eve of conference bid to abolish Labour’s deputy leadership, but the Momentum chief has not resiled from his view that the party would be better of without Tom Watson’s old job. 

He tells my colleague George Eaton: “I think an elected general ...

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Emily Thornberry: “It always comes back to your childhood”

Emily Thornberry was seven years old when she was made homeless. In 1967 her father deserted the family without warning and, with her mother unable to pay the mortgage on their home in Guildford, the bailiffs arrived.

With the help of a local Labour councillor, Thornberry, along with ...

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Why Nato is still essential for peace

There is nothing like the threat of nuclear Armageddon for focusing minds. That, at least, was true for Nato over the decades from its foundation in 1949. During the Cold War the alliance had a common purpose (collective defence), a common space (the North Atlantic) and a common adversary (the ...

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