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This precious metal is rapidly losing status – which is a good time to buy

Got any platinum jewellery? You might need to trade up to something fancier.

Gold has been more valuable than platinum for a while now.

But now it’s not just gold. It’s a somewhat more obscure metal, and almost certainly not one you’ve ever considered wearing on your finger, ...

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Ricky Martin: How Brexit has affected the star Apprentice

I recently had the privilege of attending an event at the Royal Society of Chemistry to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the founding of Hyper Recruitment Solutions (HRS) by winner of The Apprentice TV show, Ricky Martin.

Martin received a £250,000 investment and mentoring from ...

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We really need to sort out the housing market before it destroys our economy

Every big financial bust there’s ever been has been preceded by one common factor – a big boom.

Economics in general seems to struggle with this. The boom times are seen as “normal” and the busts are seen as aberrations. This is partly because economists are terrible at ...

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Scenes from Life on Earth

I loved the trees, I didn’t learn their names but muddled them into one gorgeous lanky family;

I loved their cool, slim hips their sudden splits their tender dark their never ending want for sky; ...

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It's British working families who would pay for a “no deal” Brexit

Big change means big uncertainty. Especially when that big change is happening to a major developed country in the 21st century. To complicate the task further, in the case of Brexit Britain while we know big change is coming, we don’t know what form that big change will actually take. ...

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Will Brexiteers finally admit the EU referendum caused hate crime?

In the aftermath of the EU referendum, after Nigel Farage's "Breaking Point" poster had been rolled up and Vote Leave's red bus quietly parked out of sight, and the country was divided on the merits of Brexit, EU nationals, Muslims, and people of colour began to report one common thing - an ...

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What would boundary changes really mean for the Conservatives?

Will boundary changes do what Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper, Liz Kendall, Owen Smith and Theresa May couldn't do and get shot of Jeremy Corbyn?

The Boundary Commission has released its revised proposals for the new 600-seater House of Commons, and Corbyn's Islington North seat is among ...

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If I’m no longer scared of the dark, surely that means I don’t fear death

The leaves are turning, the wind is moaning outside my window. “Will ye no come back again?” is what I fancy it is saying. I will, I will.

The room may be on the third floor, in the eaves practically, but there is a big fire burning in the grate, lumps of coal as big as ...

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The Harvey Weinstein allegations are monstrous. But it’s not just monsters who harass women

It was initially very hard to say anything bad about Harvey Weinstein. He was protected by battalions of lawyers and his formidable status as a Hollywood power-broker. In those circumstances, a kind of collective delusion took over. That’s just what Harvey does. You don’t have to do what ...

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Outcry over the NHS asking about sexuality shows why it’s necessary

NHS England has announced plans to record the sexual orientation of all patients over the age of 16. The new rules, which come as a response to research collated by the LGBT Foundation, will aim to ensure that people who do not identify as heterosexual are treated fairly. The data from ...

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Six days in Raqqa: inside the battle for Islamic State’s last major stronghold

The first time I crossed into an Islamic State wasteland was in February 2015. Kobane was a northern Syrian city only half in ruins and not completely abandoned, but still the monochrome landscape felt like it belonged to older, greater wars.

Islamic State (IS) had made its last stand ...

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“It’s quite a relief from Twitter”: the strangely gentle world of MP Instagram accounts

In 2015, months before the general election, the Twitter mentions of Ed Miliband were a cesspit. From rows of “fuck off beaker” to less imaginative insults, every tweet posted from the account of the Labour leader attracted dozens of abusive replies.

His Instagram account, on the ...

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Austria’s Sebastian Kurz has a choice – it is huge and it affects us all

Sebastian Kurz has a choice. Having won the largest share of the vote in Austria’s general election on Sunday, Kurz’s party – the conservative-leaning People’s Party (ÖVP) – must now begin to negotiate a coalition. His choice is stark: the only parties that can provide a majority ...

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Dear Brexiteers, free trade does not mean what you think it does

There’s a concept in linguistics called an “auto-antonym” – a word that can, quite ridiculously, mean its own exact opposite. “Fast”, for example, can mean moving at speed, or unable to move at all. Or consider the sentence: “He tried to cleave them apart, but they cleaved tight ...

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Go, Went, Gone: a profound, beautiful and deeply affecting novel of migration

Since journalism’s takeover of fiction in our time, so many novels have been about that dreaded and dead-on-arrival issue, “topicality”, that it is a shock to read a novel that is at once urgent and contemporary but does not feel like an extended riff, with characters, on a Guardian ...

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Forgetfulness: the dangers of a modern culture that wages war on its own past

In a pervasive modern view, which seems to most people so obviously true that they can think in no other way, the past is a burden that must be shed in order that a new kind of life can come into being. Modern human beings are always in transit to another place, which seems only more distant ...

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Apocalypse now – why orange skies have become the new abnormal

In Shakespeare’s Britain, rare natural events were fearful affairs – foretelling mishap to soul and state. Look out for “disasters in the sun", Horatio warns the Prince in Hamlet (who was himself a disastrous son).

Fast forward to 2017, and the UK is still hooked omens of ...

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What animal would your His Dark Materials daemon be?

Rejoice! This Thursday sees the release of La Belle Sauvage, the first work in Philip Pullman’s The Book of Dust triology, the follow-up novels to his His Dark Materials triology. Featuring heroine Lyra as a baby, as well as many other familiar characters, the new triology will be set both ...

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Islamic State is not beaten and will return

Raqqa has crumbled far more quickly than anyone imagined. In just over four months, the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), with Western air support, have liberated most of the city from Islamic State (IS). The de facto capital of the so-called caliphate, Raqqa was tightly controlled by its ...

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SRSLY #115: St Vincent / Louis Theroux / Big Little Lies

This is SRSLY, the pop culture podcast from the New Statesman. Here, you can find links to all the things we talk about in the show as well as a bit more detail about who we are and where else you can find us online.

Listen using the player below. . . ...

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“I have nothing against privileged people”: Josie Long on class, Brexit and Jeremy Corbyn

Are you a champagne socialist? Josie Long is tickled, if unsurprised, by the question. “Ha! Well I’m a socialist, and I love champagne so…” Clearly, it’s not the first time she’s been asked. 

Long is known for her invariably left-wing stand-up routines, but went to ...

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