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Not since the Thatcher years have so many Tory MPs been so motivated by self-interest

One hears despair from Labour not just about probable defeat, but from MPs who felt they had three years to improve the party’s fortunes, or to prepare for personal oblivion. In the Conservative Party, matters seem quite the opposite. Veterans of the 1983 election recall something similar: a ...

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Donald Trump’s con artistry gives him a chance to win a second term

“Life doesn’t imitate art,” Woody Allen once remarked, “it imitates bad television.” Back in May 1958, an episode of the CBS drama Trackdown, set in the Wild West, featured a conman named Walter Trump, who pledged to build a wall to protect a small town from the end of the world. ...

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"I pictured a dude this whole time": why the internet assumes you're a man

Verity Burns often sells her old tech online. When she is done with her phones, headphones, or laptops, she will place them on eBay in the hopes of making some extra cash. As a 32-year-old technology journalist, Burns can knowledgeably answer any questions that potential buyers might have. Yet ...

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Sadiq Khan's decision to scrap the Garden Bridge is a victory for ordinary Londoners

The obvious question about the Garden Bridge is: where did it all go wrong?

The bridge, after all, should have been a lovely addition to the fabric of the city. An oasis of greenery in an area devoid of it, a new way of crossing the river and a new tourist attraction, akin to New ...

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Theresa May knows she's talking nonsense - here's why she's doing it

Good morning.  Angela Merkel and Theresa May are more similar politicians than people think, and that holds true for Brexit too. The German Chancellor gave a speech yesterday, and the message: Brexit means Brexit.

Of course, the emphasis is slightly different. When May says it, it's ...

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In Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, every other line reeks of a self-help manual

The 2014 romp Guardians of the Galaxy boasted the budget of a blockbuster and the soul of a B-movie. What that meant in practice was that audiences had to endure the same biff-pow battle scenes and retina-blistering effects as any space adventure, but they were rewarded with eccentric ...

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“All four of us vomited in the library”: Bobby Seagull on life as a University Challenge icon

“BOBBY SEAGULL HAS REPLIED TO LOTS OF MY TWEETS!!!!!” cried a lovestruck fan on Twitter earlier this month, punctuated with three red hearts. It was the semi-final of University Challenge at the end of March, and two team captains who had become cult figures were going ...

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The economic slowdown is another reason Theresa May called an early election

The recession that the Treasury and others forecast would follow the EU referendum never came. But we now have the clearest evidence yet of an economic slowdown. In the first quarter of 2017, GDP grew by just 0.3 per cent, down from 0.7 per cent in the previous three months and the slowest ...

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Theresa May's warning that the EU is "ganging up" on Britain is politically potent

Good morning.  Angela Merkel and Theresa May are more similar politicians than people think, and that holds true for Brexit too. The German Chancellor gave a speech yesterday, and the message: Brexit means Brexit.

Of course, the emphasis is slightly different. When May says it, it's ...

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Should the UK get militarily involved in Syria?

The foreign secretary Boris Johnson remarked on Thursday that the "UK would find it very difficult to refuse a US request to strike Syrian regime targets in response to another use of WMD". Hopefully, is an indication, at last, in a change in British policy towards Syria. 

After six ...

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This week in MoneyWeek: the stocks that can grow for decades

In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine: Richard Beddard picks five FTSE “aristocrats” to buy now; where money grows on trees; and the algorithms undermining democracy.

Plus, why you should switch out of buy-to-let; fix your mortgage until after Brexit; and why we should give the ...

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Is Canada’s house-price bubble finally about to pop?

Picture the scene: house prices are out of control.

An aggressive lender struggles to raise money to keep writing new mortgages, as worried depositors start pulling their funds. It is forced to take drastic measures, battering its share price.

You might think we’ve travelled back ...

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How worried are Labour MPs about losing their seats?

Labour enters the general election with subterranean expectations. A "good result", MPs say, would be to retain 180-200 of their 229 MPs. Some fear a worse result than 1935, when the party won just 154 seats. Rather than falling, the Conservatives' poll lead has risen as the prospect of ...

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Doff your cap to the stockmarket aristocrats

Investors get excited by IPOs on the stock exchange. But new flotations tend to disappoint over time. You should back the old-timers, says Richard Beddard.

So far, 2017 has been disappointing [...]

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How The Silence of the Lambs director Jonathan Demme brought humanity to horror

Professional distance is important as a journalist. I’ll always be grateful to the editor who told me, as I set off to interview a musical hero, “He’s not your friend; he doesn’t want to be your friend; he’s never going to be your friend.” The funny thing about the films of ...

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The NS Podcast #209: 1997 Anniversary Special

20 years on from Labour's general election landslide, Helen and Stephen host a special edition looking back at the party's journey. Lord Spencer Livermore describes what it was like to be part of the 1997 campaign team. Kate Mossman reminds us what critics say Cool Britannia was ...

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Tim Farron is being unfairly maligned for inviting us to smell his spaniel

Out on the campaign trail in Cambridge, the Lib Dem leader Tim Farron was caught inexplicably inviting voters to “smell my spaniel”.

Here is the shock footage:

Here's Tim Farron saying "smell my spaniel".

— Ellie Price (@EllieJPrice) ...

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Join the New Statesman as our Head of Production

The New Statesman is going from strength to strength, and so we are creating a new role - head of production. See below for the job specifications, and apply by 12 noon on 12 May 2017 to helen @ newstatesman co uk. Please include a CV and tell us what you could bring to the New Statesman, and ...

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Tony Blair won't endorse the Labour leader - Jeremy Corbyn's fans are celebrating

Labour heavyweights usually support each other - at least in public. But the former Prime Minister Tony Blair couldn't bring himself to do so when asked on Sky News.

He dodged the question of whether the current Labour leader was the best person to lead the country, instead urging ...

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Want to beat Theresa May? First, accept that she's popular

An election campaign that has been short on laughs has been livened up by a modest proposal by an immodest man: the barrister Jolyon Maugham, who used to write about tax for the New Statesman as well as advising Eds Miliband and Balls, has set out his (now mothballed) plans for a new party ...

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Why is the Handmaid's Tale claimed as feminist, when it's deeply ambivalent about the movement?

In a recent piece for the New York Times, Margaret Atwood tackled the question of whether or not her 1985 work The Handmaid’s Tale ought to be considered a feminist novel:

"If you mean an ideological tract in which all women are angels and/or so victimized they are incapable of moral ...

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