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Islamic State 'Beatles' duo: UK stance 'a rare decision'

The UK's opposition to the death penalty has not changed, the security minister has said, amid questions about the fate of two Islamic State suspects.

Ben Wallace said a "rare decision" had been taken "not to require assurances" over the death penalty in the case of Alexanda Kotey and El ...

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Iran’s military threat – the weapons Rouhani can bring to bear down on the USA
WITH Donald Trump’s latest tweet increasing fears he could be poised to invade Iran, analysts have warned that the Middle Eastern country boasts a well-equipped military quite capable of putting up stubborn resistance. ...
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China prepares ROBOT SUBMARINES for 'suicide missions' on enemy targets: 'It has NO SOUL'

The hi-tech submarines, which are in development, will be powered by artificial intelligence (AI) to replace human crew members.

This will allow the vessels to navigate independently and work alongside China's existing fleets of submarines.

Beijing hopes to launch the new submarines ...

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Ozil's resignation highlights Europe's identity debate

The resignation of star player of Turkish origin, Mesut Ozil from the German national team on Sunday evening and the following intense debate in Germany reflects the deep uncertainty around Europe over identity, migration and integration.

The Arsenal player Ozil, born in Germany to ...

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Blood moon eclipse to take place at SAME TIME as stargazers can see MARS

The rare juxtaposition will have astronomers and stargazers gawking into the night, with the astrological event unlikely to be matched for many years.

The astronomical sight will see the lunar eclipse take place for one hour and 43 minutes, while Mars will be brighter than usual, as a ...

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EU will be blamed for no-deal Brexit, UK minister tells Berlin

Britain's new foreign secretary Jeremy Hunt warned on Monday in Berlin that there is a clear risk of the UK leaving the EU next March without a deal and that the bloc will be blamed for it by stalling the talks - as the blame-game starts for a possible 'no-deal' scenario.

Speaking on his ...

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It is against the law for your partner to do these 11 things to you

Abusive relationships are incredibly damaging to a victim's health - both psychically and mentally .

Steps were taken to criminalise the affects of psychological abuse in the Domestic Abuse (Scotland) Act 2018 which was passed in February this year.

Legislation regarding so-called ...

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No laughing matter: Fury as four million households signed to Virgin TV lose Dave and Gold
VIRGIN Media customers have been left outraged after UKTV channels including Dave and Gold were wiped from “around four million” boxes due to a business dispute. Some viewers declared they were cancelling their subscriptions, while others threatened to abandon the digital cable TV provider if the popular channels were not restored. ...
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Italy plot to RIP UP EU budget rules as it vows to TAKE BACK CONTROL from Brussels

Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini sent a stark warning to Brussels in a set of remarks that could set a hostile tone between the two powers for months to come.

Mr Salvini and 5-Star’s Luigi Di Maio have previously blasted that a budget deficit ceiling of three percent of economic output ...

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Mortified passenger films man ‘masturbating’ on UK flight – then crew LAUGHS at her

Mortified Genevieve Bascolla claimed the cabin crew even blamed her “perfume” when she complained about the apparent indecent act.

In a letter, United Airlines apologised for her “uncomfortable experience” but refused to offer any compensation or goodwill ...

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"Stop being a s****bag" Woman's sarcastic note exchange with neighbour over garden rubble goes viral

An Edinburgh woman's hilarious response to her moany neighbour's passive aggressive messages over rubbish has gone viral.

Keli Thomson, 24, left a series of brilliant notes telling the angry person in her building to "stop being a s****bag" after they complained about mess being ...

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Eclipse 2018 time and path: When and where will the Blood Moon be over the UK?

The second Blood Moon of the year will grace the night skies with its presence this Friday, July 27, in the late afternoon hours.

Stargazers hoping to catch a glimpse of the moon as it glows a deep-red colour will be delighted to know the eclipse will be visible across the entire ...

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Mortified passenger films man ‘masturbating’ on UK flight – then crew LAUGHS at her

Mortified Genevieve Bascolla claimed the cabin crew even blamed her “perfume” when she complained about the apparent indecent act.

In a letter, United Airlines apologised for her “uncomfortable experience” but refused to offer any compensation or goodwill ...

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UK set to send flagship aircraft carrier to ramp up Australian defence in South China Sea

Last week, the UK Defence Secretary, Gavin Williamson, discussed the possibility of joint naval operations in the Pacific region with Australian defence minister, Marise Payne, and the country’s foreign minister, Julie Bishop, during two days of talks in Scotland.

The ministers ...

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Armed cops STORM Manchester's Hilton Hotel after woman's throat SLASHED

The woman was attacked inside the hotel prompting medics to rush to the building in Deansgate shortly after 11.10am.

She has suffered serious injuries to her neck and is being treated for lacerations.

Three men and two women have been arrested on suspicion of attempted ...

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Former Catalan minister Clara Ponsati has international arrest warrant removed

A former Catalan politician who has been fighting extradition to Spain has had her international arrest warrant formally withdrawn.

Professor Clara Ponsati, a St Andrews University academic, was arrested in March after handing herself in to police in Scotland.

It came after she was ...

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Vitamin d deficiency: Eat mushrooms to boost your vitamin d levels
VITAMIN d deficiency could be combatted by making changes to your diet. The vitamin is essential for building and maintaining strong bones, as it helps the body absorb calcium. Add this to your diet to boost vitamin d levels. ...
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Brexit LIVE: Hunt warns EU don't expect UK to 'blink' or NO DEAL will occur 'by accident'

It comes as Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab accused the EU of "irresponsibly" ramping up pressure in withdrawal negotiations and is still trying to persuade members of the Cabinet that the Prime Minister's Chequers compromise agreement was "the best plan to get the best deal".

Mrs May will ...

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Ancient 'ALIEN baby' mystery deepens after study makes shock discovery

This “alien” skeleton, which has a cone-like skull, was unearthed in the Atacama Desert in Chile around 15 years ago.

Bizarrely, it had 10 pairs of ribs when humans have 12.

Conspiracy theorists went into overdrive following the discovery suggesting the bones were of a ...

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UK Weather: Met Office Issues Amber Heat Health Warning

The Met Office issued an amber “heat health watch warning” for parts of England this week, urging people to either stay out of the sun or avoid being in the sun when it is at its strongest between 11am and 3pm.

The amber, or level three, warning is issued when temperatures are ...

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Iran vs US - World War 3 LIVE: Trump's FURIOUS tweet as Iran warns of 'mother of all wars'

President Donald Trump warned Iranian President Hassan Rouhani not to threaten the United States or face the consequences in a scathing tweet last night.

The post, which was written in all capitals, came just hours after Rouhani told Trump that hostile policies toward Tehran could ...

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