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James Bond: New 007 favourite James Norton DESTROYS casting rumours 'It's not real'
JAMES BOND'S Daniel Craig is to step down as 007 after the release of No Time To Die in April but his replacement has yet to be confirmed. Now, the favourite for the job, James Norton, has revealed there's no truth to rumours he's been cast as the new Bond. ...
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Elvis Presley's ex shares his cheeky move after Priscilla split: 'I'm not married anymore'
ELVIS PRESLEY moved on from his split from Priscilla Presley in a matter of months, starting up a romance with young beauty queen Linda Thompson. In an interview last year, Linda revealed the unbelievable way he made his first move. ...
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'You're humiliating the losers!' Remainer slams Brexit coin in heated clash on Jeremy Vine
BREXIT is just days away from happening and with the occasion being marked with a commemorative coin, one Remainer slammed the government's decision to take such action on today's edition of Jeremy Vine. ...
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NASA news: This astronaut's space selfies are out of this world - 'Visor up this time'

The NASA astronaut is one of the six people who call the International Space Station (ISS) home. Dr Meir was joined this month by fellow astronaut Christina Koch for a critical upgrade of the space station’s batteries.

The missions, carried out across three spacewalks, were streamed ...

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Moon landing: Buzz Aldrin admits 'it was so well staged' in unearthed Apollo 11 footage

More than 50 years ago, on July 20, 1969, Aldrin joined Neil Armstrong on NASA’s Apollo 11 mission to put the first two men on the Moon. The pair made history when they stepped foot on the lunar surface, bringing an end to the Space Race by burying the US Flag in the surface ...

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EU panic: Barnier admits Johnson's Brexit plot could cost MILLIONS of jobs across Europe

The Brussels bureaucrat insisted the EU would only open its markets to British firms if the Government continues to follow their rulebook. He also rebutted claims the bloc would be bounced into a trade deal if UK negotiators choose to open parallel discussions with Donald Trump’s United ...

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Keir Starmer fails to rule out backing Brexit extension as he admits 'Remain' bid over

The Labour Party leadership contestant insisted the party will work as an "effective Opposition" under his control but refused to rule out supporting an extension of the Brexit transition period should the Government fail to secure a trade deal by December 2020. Boris Johnson said he is adamant ...

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BBC's Dan Walker cuts short interview with Keir Starmer 'We're short of time'
BBC BREAKFAST host Dan Walker was forced to cut off Sir Keir Starmer during an interview on BBC Breakfast after speaking to the Labour leadership candidate for just five minutes. The BBC host apologised and explained the show was "short of time" earlier today. ...
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High blood pressure: Eating this brightly coloured vegetable could lower your reading
HIGH blood pressure does not have noticeable symptoms. However, if left untreated, serious health problems could ensue including heart attacks or strokes. Eating this brightly coloured vegetable could help to lower a person's reading. What is it? ...
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Salvini down, but not out in Italy regional poll

For Matteo Salvini, this weekend's regional elections in Emilia Romagna and Calabria were meant to be a crucial step in his comeback at national level.

"First we'll send them home on Sunday and then we'll give the government of landings, taxes, and handcuffs an eviction notice", the ...

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Brexit finally happens - the UK leaves the EU This WEEK

The EU is entering a historic week - although the bloc's institutions go out of their way not to mark the event.

The UK leaves the EU on Friday (31 January) at midnight, the first-ever member state to do so.

Short-term commitment

Best value option

Student or retired? ...

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INTERVIEW ‘Never again’ is a call to action

“THIS is our history and it’s up to us to find it.” 

Michael Rosen is talking about new book The Missing, a deft combination of prose and poetry which pieces together the previously lost stories of his two great-uncles Martin and Jeschie, victims of the Holocaust: he could equally ...

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Kobe Bryant dead: Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi lead footballers’ tributes to NBA icon
Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi and Virgil van Dijk are among the many past and present footballing icons to pay tribute to NBA legend Kobe Bryant after he was one of nine who tragically died in a helicopter crash on Sunday. ...
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Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie will takeover Meghan Markle royal roles claims expert

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex shocked the world earlier this month when they announced they are standing down as senior royals. Instead the couples aim to become financially independent and will split their time between Britain and North America.

Currently the duke and duchess are living ...

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Dad of three children found dead made discovery after arriving home from work

The father of three children found dead in their home in Dublin were discovered by their dad after he returned home from work.

Brothers and sister Conor, Darragh and Carla McGinley were discovered in a house in Parson's Court, in the village of Newcastle, which is south-west of ...

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Kobe Bryant's daughter Gianna dies in helicopter crash with dad

Kobe Bryant's daughter Gianna was among those killed alongside her dad in a horror helicopter crash.

The LA Lakers icon and the 13-year-old were travelling on his private chopper when it crashed around 10am on Sunday January 26, according to TMZ.

The pair were reportedly going ...

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Remembering LGBT people murdered in the Holocaust

TODAY, International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Unison Cymru Wales will be remembering all those who perished in the Holocaust with a minute’s silence in our regional and branch offices. 

We stand shoulder to shoulder with the Jewish community in commemorating the more than six million ...

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INTERVIEW ‘Never again’ is a call to action

“THIS is our history and it’s up to us to find it.” 

Michael Rosen is talking about new book The Missing, a deft combination of prose and poetry which pieces together the previously lost stories of his two great-uncles Martin and Jeschie, victims of the Holocaust: he could equally ...

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Brexit BOOM: Boris Johnson vows to attract ‘world’s most talented minds’ in new visa push
BORIS JOHNSON today sets the country on its path to a bright Brexit future with new visa rules to attract the world's top talent. The Prime Minister declared Britain is open to gifted scientists and mathematicians and is committed to leading the way in groundbreaking research. ...
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Kobe Bryant tribute: Lakers legend a one of a kind athlete taken too soon

Kobe Bryant, one of the greatest players in basketball history, passed away on Sunday after a tragic helicopter crash. His 13-year-old daughter, Gianna was also sadly killed.

Michael Jordan once claimed there was only one man who could have beaten him in a one-on-one. Not LeBron James, not ...

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Falklands fury: How Jeremy Clarkson used war to enrage Argentina
FALKLAND ISLANDS disputes have driven a wedge in UK-Argentina relations, even after the war over the territory in 1982. While politicians have made the archipelago a subject of debate, high profile celebrities waded in when former Top Gear star Jeremy Clarkson travelled through South America with a now famously provocative number plate. ...
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