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BREXIT BACKING: May wins support on tough Brexit stance against EU - Express poll

Some 60 percent of voters said they support Mrs May’s tough new stance on the exit from the European Union, following her speech at 10 Downing Street yesterday when she demanded Brussels treats the UK with “respect”.

It comes after EU leaders shunned Mrs May’s ...

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Young dad's heartbreaking final gift to 'apple of eye' baby daughter before he died from cancer

A brave young dad left a heartbreaking final gift for his baby daughter before he died 'suddenly' from a rare type of cancer.

Daniel McGrath was given only a year to live after he was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma - a form of stomach cancer - in March.

Taking the news ...

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Young dad's heartbreaking final gift to 'apple of eye' baby daughter before he died from cancer

A brave young dad left a heartbreaking final gift for his baby daughter before he died 'suddenly' from a rare type of cancer.

Daniel McGrath was given only a year to live after he was diagnosed with Adenocarcinoma - a form of stomach cancer - in March.

Taking the news ...

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Autumn Equinox 2018: How is the September Equinox celebrated? What is the Equinox?

The Autumn Equinox in the UK falls on the early pre-dawn hours of Sunday, September 23, this year.

The equinox will take place when the Sun appears to move over the Earth’s equator – the imaginary line cutting though the planet’s centre.

This will happen at ...

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Cops probe early morning assault in Aberdeen park

Cops are investigating following reports of an early morning assault at a park in Aberdeen city centre.

Police say the attack at Union Terrace Gardens is believed to have happened between 1.30am and 3am on Saturday morning.

A Police Scotland spokesperson said: “Police are ...

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'Was she pregnant?' Pathologist who examined Princess Diana's body opens up on bizarre questions people asked

Being one of the world's most renowned forensic pathologists Dr Richard Shepherd is used to be asked questions by people.

However when he examined Princess Diana the 65-year-old faced some bizarre questions about the Royal.

Diana, 36, and her lover Dodi Fayed, 42, were killed when ...

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The Queen 'nearly knocked flying' down stairs on her way to cocktail party at Balmoral

The Queen survived a close shave after one of her closest aides fell and broke her ankle at Balmoral, according to reports.

The Honourable Mary Morrison took a tumble when she was on her way with the monarch to a Cocktail party at her Highland retreat.

It is believed the ...

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One man's year as 'Papa Goose'
WHEN the ornithologist Michael Quetting announced that he was going to play mother - or rather papa - goose to seven newly-hatched goslings, friends dismissed it as a bird-brained idea. But the experience went on to change his life - and save his sanity. ...
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MIDDLE EAST CRISIS: Iran promises 'SWIFT' response as military attacked - WW3 warning

Tehran foreign Minister Mohammed Javad Zarif said the assault was the handiwork of "regional terror sponsors", language that usually refers to Iran's enemies Saudi Arabia and Israel, and "their US masters".

State television said the assault targeted a stand where Iranian officials had ...

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Evil rapist caged for 160 years for getting girlfriend's daughter, 10, pregnant

An evil rapist has been caged for more than 150 years for getting his girlfriend's 10-year-old daughter pregnant.

Nicholas Deon Thrash was sentenced to serve 160 years in jail on Thursday for repeatedly raping the infant.

Thrash, 34, was found guilty of 10 counts of molestation ...

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Car insurance - Simple trick that can save you up to £800 a year 

Car insurance prices regularly fluctuate and over the past few years they have soared massively. 

This is putting a squeeze on drivers finance’s and many are feeling the negative effect of inflated premiums. 

Sometimes the extortionate premium can force drivers ...

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The Queen 'shocked' as lady-in-waiting falls down stairs missing monarch 'by INCHES'

The Honourable Mary Morrison, the monarch's Woman of the Bedchamber, reportedly had the accident last Wednesday when she was attending a party with the Queen at her summer holiday residence in Scotland.

A source said that 81-year-old Miss Morrison “nearly sent the Queen flying” ...

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Jeremy Hunt: Don't mistake politeness for weakness

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has urged the EU not to mistake British politeness for weakness after Brexit negotiations reached an impasse.

After rejecting the UK's proposals, Donald Tusk, head of the European Council, posted a provocative picture on Instagram featuring UK PM Theresa May ...

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'Devastating' fire destroys popular pub in Moray town

Cops are urging people to avoid an area in a Moray town after a huge blaze destroyed a pub earlier this morning.

Firefighters were called to the Beach Bar on Commerce Road in Lossiemouth just after 6am following reports of a fire.

Due to high winds in the area the flames spread ...

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BREXIT BOMBSHELL: May's NOT kidding EU - Army of 7,000 civil servants working on NO-DEAL

The figures emerged as Theresa May finally got tough with Europe in a barnstorming speech at No 10 warning she would never allow Brussels to make a mockery of the result of the 2016 Brexit  referendum.

The Prime Minister, who was humiliated by her European counterparts in Salzburg ...

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Murder investigation as man dies in stabbing in Stamford Hill, north London

A man has died and a teenager is injured following a stabbing in north London.

Police arrived at a flat in Wilderton Road, Stamford Hill, just before 1am, after receiving reports of a fight.

A 20-year-old man was taken to hospital but died of his injuries several hours later. His ...

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REVEALED: Fake bailiffs conspire with gypsy travellers to RIP-OFF landowners on evictions

The collusion has mainly taken place in Birmingham and Stoke so far, although landowners in London have also fallen victim, according to vice chair of the Certificated Enforcement Agents Association (CEAE).

Steve Wood, who is also director of Able investigations and Enforcement, said ...

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Contaminated Blood Scandal: ‘It Was Avoidable – Now Historic Inquiry Must Uncover The Truth’

Thirty two years ago Tony Farrugia’s father died an agonising death from Aids - just one victim of a devastating health disaster that, to date, has claimed the lives of 2,800 people.

The story is one of government failures, commercial influence, alleged cover-ups and the use of ...

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Raving success! Worship numbers soar as vicar pumps up the volume
A CHURCH has seen its weekly congregation swell from 50 to 400 after adding DJs, dance music and confetti cannons to its Sunday services. Two years ago the attendance at St Matthias Church was dwindling with few people attending its regular services. ...
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Lives remembered: Diane Leather, 1933 - 2018

Coming as it did just 23 days after Roger Bannister’s highly-publicised first ever sub four-minute mile, Leather’s own achievement did not draw the same attention. 

While Bannister was whisked to London for TV appearances and rewarded with a knighthood, Leather went for a ...

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Traitor Dundee hairdresser's shocking story of her role as prolific Nazi spy

War widow Jessie Jordan worked as a hairdresser to support her family before remarrying and trying to make it as a singer and actress.

But she became infamous for a performance of a different kind.

Jessie, along with Tory toff Archibald Ramsay, was part of a ring of Nazi spies ...

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