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Royal Baby: Prince Cambridge HEAVIEST baby born to heir IN CENTURY - ‘What a PORKER!’

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge, gave birth to a healthy - if hefty - baby born shortly after 11am this morning at St Mary’s Hospital in central London.

Kensington Palace confirmed the birth - and weight - of the fifth-in-line to the throne soon after.

While the news was warmly ...

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Coronation Street: Producer Kate Oates QUITS soap after criticism over controversial plots

Kate Oates, who has worked on the hit ITV  show for two years, has resigned as chief producer of Coronation Street.

The 38-year-old made the decision to leave after the programme received dozens of complaints over ‘dark’ storylines.

Kate, who replaced Stuart ...

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Toronto van attack: Who is police suspect Alek Minassian?
ALEK Minassian has been named as the suspected driver in a van attack which caused terror in north Toronto on Monday afternoon after 10 people were killed and 15 injured after the vehicle plowed into a crowd. ...
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'I just froze' - CHILLING account of woman just 'a few feet' away from Toronto van attack
THE CHILLING account of a woman who narrowly avoided being hit in the Toronto van attack has been revealed with the witness explaining how her friend pulled her out of the way of the vehicle just seconds before it ploughed into dozens of pedestrians. ...
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Millicent Fawcett: Statue of suffragist to be unveiled in London

A statue commemorating the life of the suffragist, Millicent Fawcett, will be unveiled opposite Parliament later.

She campaigned for women's right to vote during the early 20th Century and is seen as one of the most influential feminists of the past 100 years.

The bronze casting, ...

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Pokemon Go Shiny Wailmer LIVE following Earth Day event success

This weekend saw Niantic offer players the chance of unlocking new rewards.

This was through participating in clean up events around the world, for Earth Day.

Niantic confirmed that if enough players participated, they would unlock a range of rewards.

This would be based on how ...

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Coronation Street: Kym Marsh speaks out on Ryan Thomas and Tina O'Brien spat - 'He's mean'
CORONATION STREET actress Kym Marsh has revealed what she really thinks about the alleged dispute between Ryan Thomas and co-star Tina O’Brien over their nine-year-old daughter Scarlett having her nails painted. ...
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Royal Wedding 2018: Queen ‘to hide’ microphones in flowers - but why?
ROYAL WEDDING fans are excitedly anticipating Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s ceremony next month, but a former butler to Prince Charles has revealed technical details about Queen Elizabeth II’s involvement. ...
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Theresa May told 'CONFRONT the Remoaners' as pro-EU MPs plot Customs Union HUMILIATION
THERESA May is being urged to fight back against Remoaners in her own party who are threatening to disrupt Brexit negotiations by opposing No 10s plan to leave the Customs Union after the UK separates from the EU. ...
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Arsenal legend Ian Wright fuming as golden boot and medals on sale for £7MILLION

Wright, 54, starred for England and the Gunners in a glittering playing career, which saw him bag 113 league goals.

But as well as top scorer award from 1992, his This Is Your Life Red Book and an Arsenal 185 shirt given to him by the club for becoming their all-time record scorer are up ...

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Two teen girls STABBED in London – girl arrested as bloodbath continues

The victims, whose ages are not known, were attacked in West Kensington at around 5:30pm, cops said.

A teenage girl has been arrested over the attack.

The teens suffered injuries though they are not thought to be life threatening.

It follows a string of horrifying knife attacks ...

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Kate and Wills’ ‘CONCERNED’ body language at baby unveiling REVEALED

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge stepped outside the Lindo Wing of St Mary’s Hospital this afternoon carrying their baby Prince six hours after he was born.

They introduced their son in front of huge crowds following the news the baby was born at 11.01am – five hours after ...

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Alfie Evans given Italian citizenship boosting hopes of 'immediate transfer' for treatment

The 23-month-old has been granted citizenship in the hope that he can be taken to a hopsital in Rome for treatment, according to Italy's Foreign Ministry. 

"In this way, the Italian government hopes that being an Italian citizen allows the child immediate transfer to ...

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Car nicking gadgets can be found on AMAZON for as little as £100

The devices help criminals to hack into key fobs to snatch vehicles. Police chiefs have blasted the online giants for making it easy to nab motors.

David Jamieson – police and crime commissioner for the West Midlands, where vehicle thefts have risen by 80% – has now ...

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Toronto van attack suspect NAMED after ten killed

The rented vehicle mounted a curb and hit members of the public, injuring an additional 15.

Police have identified a suspect named as Alek Minassian.

Bystanders claim the driver of the vehicle delibrately hit pedestrians in a "mile-long" rampage.

Minassian has been arrested and ...

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Britain's Fat Fight: Why we're losing
Everywhere we go these days, we are urged to buy food and eat it - and it's never good, not vegetables or fruit or well-balanced meals, but crisps, chocolate, burgers, fizzy drinks and sugary breakfast cereals. ...
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Where have the UK's 10,000 Syrian refugees gone?

The UK has accepted more than 10,000 Syrian refugees in the past two and a half years - but analysis by the BBC shows large disparities in the numbers going to different parts of the country.

Scotland has taken four times as many Syrian refugees as Greater London, while Northern Ireland ...

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In pictures: Sophie Raworth and the 150-mile desert ultra-marathon
On Sunday, runners combated temperatures of 24.1C during the London marathon - the hottest on record. But for BBC News presenter Sophie Raworth, the unseasonable heat was nothing in comparison with the Marathon des Sables (MDS), a 150-mile ultra-marathon in the Sahara desert. ...
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Co-living in London: Friendship, fines and frustration
More than three-quarters of 18 to 34 year olds living in Britain say they feel lonely. So could co-living be the answer? The BBC stayed in two different communes to find out if a living space shared is a social problem solved. ...
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MPs announce hand car-wash 'slavery probe'

MPs are to investigate the growth of hand car-wash services in the UK, amid concerns they are damaging the environment and exploiting workers.

The Environment Audit Committee will examine the impact of cleaning agents on water sources, plants and wildlife and how water use can be ...

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Jillian Howell death: Victim 'had bully scrawled on head'

A payroll boss who was fatally stabbed by her deputy had "bully" scrawled on her forehead, a court heard.

Jillian Howell, 46, was found with multiple stab wounds at her home in Sandgate Road, Brighton, in October.

David Browning, 51, of Willow Drive, Seaford, admits killing Ms ...

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