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Harry Potter's birthplace in Lavenham still for sale

The 14th Century house used as the birthplace of Harry Potter remains on the market over a year after it was put up for sale.

De Vere House in Lavenham, Suffolk, featured in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part One, as the house where the young wizard's parents were killed by Lord ...

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Chas from Chas and Dave dies

Chas Hodges - one half of the musical duo Chas and Dave - has died at the age of 74.

The duo's Twitter account said he recently received treatment for oesophageal cancer but died peacefully in his sleep in the early hours of this morning.

Chas and Dave enjoyed the height of their ...

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Church of England will not take on Wonga's loans

The Church of England has said it will not attempt to take on the loans of failed payday lender Wonga.

Concerns were raised that the debts of thousands of borrowers could be passed to another high-interest lender after Wonga went into administration.

MP Frank Field had urged the ...

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Who was the mysterious gardener Miss Harrison?

It's a tale of intrigue set at the turn of the 20th century in the seemingly genteel gardens of Victorian Britain.

Keen horticulturalists sit examinations in the principles of gardening - from the names and orders of common plants, to soils, good and bad.

They compete across the ...

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Jeremy Hunt: Don't mistake politeness for weakness

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt has urged the EU not to mistake British politeness for weakness after Brexit negotiations reached an impasse.

After rejecting the UK's proposals, Donald Tusk, head of the European Council, posted a provocative picture on Instagram featuring UK PM Theresa May ...

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Minimum wage: Workers underpaid by record £15.6m

A record £15.6m worth of underpayment to UK workers has been discovered by the government in the past year.

In total, 200,000 workers missed out on being paid at least the minimum wage rate - the highest number since the statutory rate was introduced in 1999.

Social care, ...

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Code-cracking WW2 Bombe operation recreated at Bletchley

Computer historians have staged a re-enactment of World War Two code-cracking at Bletchley Park.

A replica code-breaking computer called a Bombe was used to decipher a message scrambled by an Enigma machine.

Held at the National Museum of Computing (TNMOC), the event honoured Polish ...

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Home truths for NI Secretary of State Karen Bradley

From Belfast to Buxton to Biddulph, the performance of Karen Bradley as secretary of state for Northern Ireland is being watched with interest.

The MP's political opponents have been quick to seize upon her admission about how little she knew about Northern Ireland before getting the ...

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Couple discover relatives died together in WW1

A bid to find the relatives of 16 British soldiers who died in a small Belgian village at the end of World War One has made a remarkable discovery.

Married couple John and Jane Fenwick, from Larkhall in South Lanarkshire, both separately knew they had a great uncle who served with the ...

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Brexit: What happens next?

Theresa May has warned that the Brexit negotiations are at an impasse and there will be no progress until the EU treats her proposals seriously.

She has accused EU leaders of showing the UK a lack of respect after they rebuffed her Chequers plan without, she said, any alternative or ...

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Brexit compromise still possible, Donald Tusk says

European Council President Donald Tusk has said a compromise with the UK over Brexit is "still possible", after Theresa May warned she was prepared to walk away from talks.

In a statement, Mr Tusk said he was a "true admirer" of the PM.

But he defended the EU's approach and said it ...

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Labour could renationalise railways in five years - McDonnell

The rail industry could be completely renationalised within five years if Labour wins the next election, the shadow chancellor has suggested.

John McDonnell said he was looking at whether break clauses in contracts could allow rail franchises to be taken into public hands before they ...

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Goldman Sachs wants your piggy bank

A new savings bank hits the UK next week, but it's far from being a new company.

Marcus is part of the mighty Goldman Sachs - the US investment bank once dubbed the "vampire squid".

Its move into the UK comes as no surprise. Its US savings bank, which was set up two years ago, has ...

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Premier League shirts row: The fickle fashions of sponsorship

Former Arsenal and England captain Tony Adams spoke to Radio 4's Today programme on Thursday about the prevalence of gambling companies sponsoring football teams.

Asked whether he thought such sponsorship should stop, he said: "Yes absolutely. I think it's time. Like the alcohol ...

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Will Gompertz reviews Wolf Alice's Mercury Prize-winning album ★★★★☆

Congratulations to Wolf Alice on winning this year's Mercury Prize.

The London four-piece band picked up the £25,000 winners' cheque for their 2017 album, Visions of A Life, which will be familiar to their fans and pop music aficionados (it reached No 2 in the charts) but probably less ...

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Great Ormond Street professor killed in London bike crash

A genetics professor at Great Ormond Street Hospital has been killed in a bicycle crash in central London.

Prof Maria Bitner-Glindzicz's bike collided with a taxi and a stationary vehicle on St John Street in Clerkenwell, London, on Wednesday.

The 55-year-old died in hospital on ...

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Kik chat app 'involved in 1,100 child abuse cases'

One teen chat app has featured in more than 1,100 child sexual abuse cases in the last five years, the BBC has found.

Of 29 police forces that supplied information to the BBC, all but one had child exploitation cases involving Kik.

Police say they are frustrated with Kik's response, ...

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'Snapchat queen' Fatima Khan jailed for killing boyfriend

A woman who filmed her boyfriend dying in a pool of blood and put the video on social media has been jailed for 14 years.

Fatima Khan, 21, dubbed a "Snapchat queen", plotted with a love rival to kill Khalid Safi, 18, who she had been seeing for two years.

Mr Safi was repeatedly ...

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Labour vows to 'put equality centre' stage at conference

The Labour Party is promising to "put equality centre stage" as it heads to Liverpool for its annual conference.

Shadow equalities minister Dawn Butler will unveil plans to support victims of domestic abuse.

A Labour government would also set up a new department for Women and ...

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Salisbury Prezzo poisoning scare not a hoax, says Anna Shapiro

A woman taken to a hospital amid fears she had been exposed to the nerve agent Novichok in Salisbury has insisted her concern was genuine and it was no hoax.

Anna Shapiro and her husband Alex King sparked a major incident when they said they had become ill at a Prezzo restaurant in the ...

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B&M fined for illegal knife sales to east London teens

Retailer B&M Bargains has been fined a record £480,000 for repeatedly selling knives to children as young as 14 in east London.

Four teenagers were sent to stores in Barking and Chadwell Heath by police and trading standards officials.

In June B&M Retail admitted to three ...

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