Jediism: Caught between the dark side and the light


It all started in 2001 when 390 000 people decided to challenge the religious census in England in Wales by declaring themselves as jedis. 16 years later the Church of Jediism, spearheaded by Daniel Morgan Jones, is fighting to be recognised as an official religious organisation, ...

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Tarot: Journey through the hands of a fortune-teller



Tarot cards have been around for centuries in Europe and are still largely popular, even when it comes to the continent's younger population. Modern adaptations hint that we are still somewhat dependent on their soothsaying. But what is it like to have your fortune read, and is ...

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Friendly Vilnius Map: Don't fight the rainbow

While Lithuania is often criticised for homophobic prejudices, its main cities have come together to work towards a more inclusive society. The LGBTQ-friendly map FriendlyVilnius has finally been officially recognised by the city. We spoke to its creator Romas Zabarauskas, a gay filmmaker, ...

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SKAMP is a Lithuanian pop band, they were the first official band to start after the downfall of the communist regime in Lithuania. They took part in the Eurovision Song Contest with their song “You Got Style”. Their singer, Victor Diawara, is also a musical producer who is ...

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Gramatik: The science of raves

He's probably one of the best music producers of our time, though not everybody really knows who Gramatik is. Maybe it's because, from his childhood in Slovenia to his U.S. exile, Denis Jašarević strayed from the conventional path to stardom. The artist's success is based on facts, not lucky ...

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The Indian guru seducing Europe's youth


Starting the 15 July 2017, around 300 young Europeans will gather in Germany to focus on the theme “educate, cultivate, participate”. The one thing they have in common: they are all members of the European network of Amrita Youth for Unity, Diversity and Harmony (AYUDH), the youth ...

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Hamburg G20: "Welcome to hell"


"Whose streets? Our streets! Whose streets? Our streets!" The protesters might have tried their best to state their case, but Hamburg was completely taken over by police in the days surrounding the G20 Summit. Empty avenues, omnipresent police vans and helicopters; the city was ...

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Refugees: More than just a cliché


Through her exhibition “Les Traversées”, French photographer Aglaé Bory gives a face to refugees. From the Calais Jungle to the Turkish shores, her pictures illustrate a complex reality, full of humanity.

Cafébabel: Why did you choose to focus on ...

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[VIDEO]: A-WA x Paris


A-WA is an Israeli band consisting of three sisters. In their first album, Habib Galbi, they merge traditional singing with electro and hip-hop beats. But in this melting pot of cultures, one particular European city stands out: Paris. The city influenced the girls' fashion, stole ...

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Solar Impulse: "Our world is living in the past"


Bertrand Piccard is a pioneer of the skies and is the first person to successfully travel around the world aboard a solar airplane. The 59-year-old Swiss pilot describes himself as a "savanturier" ("a wise adventurer") who dreams of flying fuel-free and wants to change our paradigm of ...

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[VIDEO] Voluntour with Antoine: Solidays


Antoine, 24, has been a volunteer for 'Solidarité Sida' (meaning solidarity for AIDS) for five years. Every year, he participates at one of the biggest music festivals in France organised by the association: Solidays. This young student told Cafébabel about his daily activities, the ...

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Millennials: More than just an Instagram filter


In an article for El País, columnist Antonio Navalón questioned whether millennials had a social or political vision for the future, and if they had created anything more than Instagram filters. In an open letter to the columnist, Maria Garcia Blanes answers his burning ...

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Girl power at Paris's Gay Pride festival


On the 24 June 2017, the Gay Pride festival in Paris celebrated its 40-year anniversary. The city's LGBTQ community hit the streets with a bang. Here is our colourful photoreportage. 

It's 2 o'clock at the Place de la Concorde in Paris. Faces decorated with rainbows, hair ...

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[VIDEO] La Femme x Madrid


For seven years now, La Femme has brought their melancholic and new-wave sounds all across France's stages. But after having surfed the wave of success throughout the country, the band decided to flirt with Europe. So which city caught their attention? Madrid. The fiesta, the heat ...

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Polo and Pan in wonderland


In troubled times, two French DJs got together to form Polo & Pan. They have now recorded their first album as a tribute to love and optimism. What did they find down the rabbit hole? An imaginary world of forest canopies, remote beaches and flying fish. 

A child runs down ...

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[VIDEO] Voluntour with Virginie: Gay Pride Paris


During Gay Pride in Paris, we followed Virginie, who has been a volunteer for the street festival for many years. Meeting new people, playfulness and civic engagement are why she chose to become a volunteer. Through her eyes, we can see how much hard work this event requires, and the ...

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Has the EU turned a corner?


"As a solution, not a problem": this is how the EU is now perceived again according to European Council President Donald Tusk. The participants at the EU's summer summit in Brussels have made a show of unity and resolved to tighten cooperation on counter-terrorism and defence. While ...

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[VIDÉO] Sônge x Brussels


She's 24, she's already released her first EP, and she sees colours when she hears music. Sônge is a beatmaker who knows what's up. We spoke to her about her favourite European city and, well, it ended up being the capital of the continent. 

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Ecosia: Business for the greater good


Ecosia is a web search engine where you can search for anything you want. Like any other search engine, it earns its profits from advertising. But Ecosia is unique because every month, it invests at least 80% of its profits into planting trees. And have the seeds planted been growing ...

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Is popular football the way to go?

Tired of comercialisation and corruption of modern football, fans all over Europe are taking matters in their own hands. From Unionistas in Spain to AKS "Zły" in Poland, Europeans are proving that different football is possible. A brief look at the revolution.

The Szmulki neighbourhood ...

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Route 28: All roads lead to Vienna 


"Our goal is a feeling," says the Route 28 team. One day in May, the organisation allowed 800 visitors to travel across Europe, without leaving the centre of Vienna. Founder Katharina Moser explains how the European journey of discovery works in the city she calls ...

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