MigSzol: Giving voice to the voiceless in Hungary

Aliz Pocsuvalszki is one of the exceptional individuals acknowledged by the New Europe 100, who bring new energies from Central and Eastern Europe. We met Aliz to find out what it takes to be a change-maker and to stand up for those in Hungary whose voices are hardly heard.

When we ...

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"Yes, Bulgaria!": A new party brings hope after elections

For many observers, the outcome of Bulgaria’s elections this weekend only confirmed the status quo. However, there was a new phenomenon on the political scene: Yes, Bulgaria - led by a former minister - which won 2.88% of the vote. A tiny number, perhaps, but some see it as a promise for ...

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Poland is silently drifting towards authoritarianism


The Polish government is limiting the power of the Constitutional Court and the informational capacity of public media. However, these measures are going unnoticed among the international community, which is currently preoccupied with Donald Trump and Brexit. [OPINION]

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Meet My Hood: Chapitre, Marseille


In the heart of France's Phocean city, the Place des Réformés and its surroundings have played host to many loquacious people. But to understand the history of Chapitre, it helps to read between the lines...

It seems like the kind of place one shouldn't hang around at night, ...

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60 years of the Treaty of Rome - is it still relevant today?

On 25 March 1957, France, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands signed a treaty in Rome to create the European Economic Community. It was the beginning of a dream, born from the nightmare of World War II. But how much do people know about it? And why it is still ...

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Pulse of Europe: "Europe is the solution"


Navy blue flags, the Ode to Joy and a lot of enthousiasm. Every Sunday, people in dozens of cities hold demonstrations of support for the European project. In times of populism and euroscepticism, who still believes in the EU? Meet Pulse of Europe.

It all started in Frankfurt. In ...

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After the Westminster attacks - another day in London

London police have named Khalid Masood as the man who killed four people and injured 40 in an attack outside the British Parliament yesterday. 24 hours later and the city is trying continuing with life as normal - a sign of typical British defiance, or fatigue at a growing number of similar ...

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France's pro-EU presidential candidates are doing eff-all to stop the FN


It took Marine Le Pen all of 90 seconds to rip the European Union to shreds in a televised presidential debate on Monday, in front of an audience of 10 million people. The silence from the other candidates was deafening. [OPINION]

On Monday evening, "Le Grand Débat" brought ...

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Article 50: The Final Countdown...

On March 29, Theresa May will formally notify Brussels of the UK's intention to leave the European Union and begin two years of negotiations. Commentators ponder how both sides will act in their efforts to make a deal.

Brussels is clearly tempted to make London pay for its presumption, ...

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Exploring Europe's taste in porn


Porn video streaming platform Pornhub has published its annual report of visitor statistics, laying bare the sexual fantasies of internet users across Europe. Here are the hard facts.

In its annual report, Pornhub has produced a detailed analysis of its traffic and content ...

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Poland is on a silent slide towards authoritarianism


The Polish government is limiting the power of the Constitutional Court and the informational capacity of public media. However, these measures are going unnoticed among the international community, which is currently preoccupied with Donald Trump and Brexit. [OPINION]

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Sparrow poo and bull penis: Europe's best hangover cures

We’ve all been there - head pounding, stomach churning, mouth drier than a desert... hangovers are not fun. But for as long as humans have been deliberately getting drunk, we’ve been coming up with ways to feel better afterwards. Here are just a few from across Europe.

In the ...

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Breaking down the results of the Dutch elections


Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte is breathing a sigh of relief after securing a third term in yesterday's elections. His party won 33 seats, and decisively saw off the Party for Freedom (PVV) led by Geert Wilders.


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The women of Ribnovo - the last of the Pomaks

High in the mountains of Bulgaria lies the village of Ribnovo, whose population is overwhelmingly Pomak: a group of Bulgarian-speaking Muslims whose traditions date back to the Ottoman Empire. The mayor estimates that around 70% of the working male population have left for find work in ...

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ABWAB: the refugee newspaper advocating women's rights


"Women's rights are human rights - they exist for all of us," says Lilian Pithan, the German editor of ABWAB (or "Doors" in English) - the new multilingual newspaper for refugees and locals. This month, for International Women's Day, the newspaper turned its focus to women's issues and ...

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Does Holland's youth really care about the Dutch elections?


The Netherlands is going to the polls today, but young Dutch people are more interested in international politics than what's happening in their own backyard. In fact, as far as they're concerned, everything is just fine...

The land of tulips and bicycles, of marijuana and free ...

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Dutch elections: The rift at the heart of Europe


Today the Dutch people will vote for their new leaders. Both the campaign and its outcome will have important consequences at both the national and European level; creating divisions and elicitng a huge political shake-up. [OPINION]

The history of the Netherlands is built on ...

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Can psychology explain the success of Geert Wilders?


How is Geert Wilders so popular when the Netherlands has one of the strongest economies in Europe? We spoke to Bert Bakker, Assistant Professor of Political Communication & Journalism at the Amsterdam School of Communication Research, to explain the relationship between political ...

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How much do you know about the Dutch elections?


WILDERS, WILDERS, WILDERS. There’s more to the Netherlands than Geert Wilders, and we promise you that we won’t name him again in this article. The Dutch elections on March 15 will decide the future of a country with almost 17 million inhabitants, and possibly the future of the ...

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Sylvana Simons: "Racism is institutional. That means we have to change the institutions."


Can a TV star change a nation? Sylvana Simons, 46, is trying with Art1kel, the new Dutch political party which was born in December 2016.  Its objective? To rid the Netherlands of a culture built on "structural and institutional racism." But to do that, it needs to win votes in the ...

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Tensions escalate between Turkey and the Netherlands

Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan called Dutch authorities "Nazi remnants" after one of his ministers was blocked from entering the Netherlands and a rally due to be held be Turkey's foreign minister was banned. Tensions are mounting on both sides, and commentators fear the ...

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