Is this the way to Aleppo? 


The Civil March for Aleppo has been ongoing since December. Marchers are walking from Berlin across the Balkans toward Syria. Here, we tell the story of how a desperate video call became an initiative that brought together over 2,000 people from across Europe.

Anna Alboth is ...

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6 must-watch movies from Berlinale 2017


The Berlin International Film Festival comes to an end this weekend. While we wait for the jury to decide who gets the big prizes, here's a selection of films from the festival we think you should keep an eye out for.

In what may be one of his best performances, Richard Gere ...

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What does CETA mean for the European Union?


On Wednesday, the European Parliament approved the Comprehensive and Economic Trade Agreement with Canada. Some commentators argue that this represents a major stand against populism in the EU, while others fear it will only make populism in Europe stronger.

The European ...

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The man with a Bachelor's degree in magic


Anyone who grew up reading the Harry Potter books probably spent hours dreaming about becoming a real witch or wizard. But as it turns out, you don’t need to go to Hogwarts to learn how to use magic - you can do it in Dublin.

Every day at 9am, even before the tourists arrive ...

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Günther Oettinger: Germany's walking gaffe machine


Germany’s new EU Budget and Human Resources Commissioner has had a decent career, but he has also made a number of comments that would have cost other politicians their jobs. Here we paint a portrait of this controversial figure.

Günther Oettinger stands gravely in a dark grey ...

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The revenge of the ugly fruits and vegetables


We eat with our eyes, but beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Querfeld and Zachraň jídlo, two initiatives from Germany and the Czech Republic respectively, are promoting the return of imperfect fruits and vegetables to our plates.

The food industry is a slave to beauty. In ...

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Going solo: the cafébabel guide to masturbation


Spare a thought for your single friends this Valentine’s Day. While everyone else is off sharing kisses and other intimate moments together, they have to make do with a box of Kleenex and that Celine Dion song. But self-love is important too.

Let’s be adults here: everybody ...

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What does La La Land really say about Millennials?


Modern musical La La Land is already a hit with audiences and critics. Yet there is a gap between those who just love the tale and those who criticize the message conveyed by the movie, despite its undeniable artistic quality. [OPINION] 

This article contains spoilers for La ...

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America First, but which European country will be second?


"America First." We all got that message loud and clear. But which of the European countries will be second? The Dutch got in early with their satirical video, and now the rest of Europe’s comedians are getting involved. Which European country will Trump choose as second-best? And ...

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Journey to the centre of Paris: An evening with a cataphile


Around 20 metres underneath the sidewalks of Paris is a vast web of corridors: the catacombs. Only a small section of it is accessible to tourists - the rest is (illegally) explored by cataphiles. One of them agreed to be my guide. 

We set up a meeting at the Denfert-Rocherau ...

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Meet My Hood: Saint-Gilles, Brussels


Saint-Gilles is an 800-year-old market town that is constantly transformiong, adapting, and renewing itself. Today more than 50,000 people from 140 different countries help to make the city great.

Strolling through Saint-Gilles is like taking a trip around the world, both ...

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Can Emmanuel Macron save France from Marine Le Pen?


From Marine Le Pen to Donald Trump, recent months have been dominated by political outsiders. But is the youthful and indepedent Emmanuel Macron just enough of an outsider to become the next president of France? [OPINION]

Since the shockingly popular votes in the British EU ...

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Have we really had enough of experts and intellectuals?

Michael Gove, former UK Secretary of State for Justice, famously asserted that "people in this country have had enough of experts" in the run-up to the Brexit referendum. This strain of anti-intellectualism, which can be easily detected in Gove’s discharge of pundits, turned the spotlight on ...

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Iesim în strada: the fight against Romanian corruption


Last week, more than 150,000 people gathered in Bucharest - and more than 300,000 across all of Romania - following the government's attempts to pass an emergency decree reducing the penalty for corruption. It was the country's largest rally since the fall of communism.

"This is a ...

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Using your noodle: the religion of Pastafarianism


Who doesn’t like spaghetti? Very few people would turn down a hearty Bolognese, but how many would dare to wear a pasta strainer in public? Serge has no fears in this particular department. For him, pasta and beer are solutions to all of the world’s problems.

On the other end ...

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Anger in Europe over Trump's "Muslim Ban"


US companies are considering lawsuits after Donald Trump's travel ban for citizens of seven predominantly Muslim countries. Angela Merkel also criticised the order on Monday, while Italy's Foreign Minister Angelino Alfano advised the EU not to criticise Trump in view of its own ...

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How many Europeans took part in Women's Marches?


What are the international repercussions of the Global Women's March? One week on, we look at the huge number of European cities that mobilized to condemn misogyny, machism, hate and intolerance. The flashpoint was the inauguration of Donald Trump, but ultimately the marches were a ...

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Christian Schmidt thinks vegetarian sausages are the wurst


Germany's Minister of Food and Agriculture is waging war on vegetarians. A meat-free sausage by any other name might taste as good, but now Christian Schmidt is demanding that they find another name.

Perhaps Christian Schmidt has had bad experiences with vegetarian food. Perhaps ...

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Life on the road with Anita and Knudsen


Anita has lived in a caravan for four months. With no running water of electricity, it's not a life for the faint of heart, the disorganised or the vain. So how does she manage - and what does she do to stay happy?

Anita's lifestyle is not suitable for people who can’t stand ...

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Why are Britain's Eurovision entries always so awful?

Despite being one of the five countries automatically allowed to take part in the Eurovision Song Contest, the United Kingdom has failed to make the Top 10 for seven consecutive years. And if this year’s contenders are anything to go by, the UK isn’t getting rid of that reputation any time ...

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What now for Brexit after the Supreme Court ruling?

Another court ruling, same result - but this time, it's final. The UK Parliament has the right to vote on whether Theresa May's government can trigger the Brexit process, says the Supreme Court. But what does this mean in a context of unprecedented political turbulence?

It has been seven ...

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