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WWE wrestling star The Rock set to return to Raw with THIS British comedian

The People's Champion – who has racked up 29 titles while wrestling at WWE – is filming new comedy drama The Wrestlers: Fighting with My Family.

Dwayne, 44, has teamed up with The Office and Extras funnyman Stephen Merchant, Brit comedian Nick Frost and True Detective star ...

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Is Vladimir Putin secretly married? Russian leader's 'lover' wears wedding ring in public

Olympic gold medallist Alina Kabaeva was snapped at the opening of the Grand Prix Moscow 2017 gymnastics tournament over the weekend.

At the ceremony the gymnast was pictured wearing the silver ring as she delivered a patriotic speech.

The glamorous 33-year-old has been rumoured to ...

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Thug caged for killing PE teacher with one 'haymaker' punch

“We will never come to terms with the loss of our beautiful son Lewis”

Blue Horrobin was branded a “risk to the public” as he was handed an 11-year sentence for the “senseless and unprovoked” attack on Lewis ...

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Wardrobe malfunction strikes Korean pop babe during raunchy dance routine

The clip, shot by a fan in the front row of a performance by Korean girl pop group MAX, shows leader singer Dal launch into a raunchy recital of the band’s latest single.

But the talented performer fails to equate for her figure-hugging costume.

After dropping to the floor ...

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Outrage as ‘homeless’ gang pose as beggars to pocket YOUR cash before leaving in a CAR

“They bark at the kids – it’s easy prey to them”

The three beggars drove into Cambridge in a Volkswagen Passat with Romanian number plates on Saturday morning.

After paying to park for eight hours, the trio walked a mile to separate spots to ...

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Russia moves to CONQUER the Arctic: Putin's troops prep for VERY Cold War

Braving -30C temperatures in the ice and snow, Vladimir Putin's soldiers put new snow vehicles to the test on a 1,200 mile drive across the frozen sea.

Fears loom Russia are attempting to seize the Arctic Circle in a bid to secure vital oil and gas thought to lurk beneath the frozen ...

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Richard Keys's wife reveals 'telltale sign' he was seducing daughter's friend

Julia Keys, 57, said she was writing a book on the subject of adultery when she realised he was being "overprotective" of his mobile phone.

The 59-year-old former Sky Sports presenter also allegedly starting making secret calls and sending late-night texts.

Julia said she was left ...

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Hamleys toy shop paedo who sexually assaulted girl during magic show caged

Serial sex attacker Neil Cuthbertson, 51, who has been branded a "menace to young girls", sexually molested the 11-year-old as she stood beside her mum and sister.

He crept up on the child and pinched her bottom in the packed central London's Regent Street store.

His victim was left ...

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Dramatic moment London-bound plane intercepted by two fighter jets – as UFO follows

Jet Airways flight 9W118 was making its way to London Heathrow from Mumbai, India, when it lost radio contact over Germany.

Two Eurofighter Typhoons were scrambled by the German Air Force to escort the Boeing 777-300.

A trailing British Airways plane – soaring 2,000 feet above ...

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Sex shop worker reveals all about kinky job: 'I go home feeling satisfied'

Pulse and Cocktails, hidden away on an industrial estate in Cheltenham, is one of thousands of sex shops across the country.

It sells everything from artificial vaginas, gimp masks and a sex doll worth nearly £3,000.

Sales assistant Rebecca Logue has sensationally lifted the ...

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Monster anaconda launches surprise attack on crocodile and swallows it WHOLE

The remarkable video shows the gigantic snake moving into position in the marshlands – in wait of its unusual prey.

Then it appears – slowly paddling through the water, directly towards the serpent.

The snake lies deadly still, but just as the alligator swims overhead it ...

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Life on Mars? Alien mystery on Red Planet could be solved by 'gushing salty brine'

Boffins have identified the strange phenomena on the slopes of Mars as potentially key to discovering life.

Scientists believe markings – which appear to ebb and flow with the seasons – found on the Red Planet’s hillsides are proof a brine-like water is welling up from ...

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Heartbreak as woman kicks boyfriend out of bed for 'snoring’ – wakes up to find him dead

Heartbroken Lisa Lee was horrified when she woke up to find her partner Lewis Little had turned purple.

Lewis, 25, was diagnosed as a low risk sufferer of Brugada syndrome when his heart stopped beating in the middle of the night.

The tragic dad was told he would live a “long, ...

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Winter freeze returns TONIGHT: Britain to be smacked with 70mph ferocious wind storm

Strong winds along with torrential rain is forecast for the rest of the week as the country plunges back into winter temperatures.

Horrifying blasts of freezing-cold rain will sweep into the UK, threatening floods, snow and chopping sea conditions.

Tropical warm air from the US has ...

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Squatter caught stealing MASSIVE bag of cannabis after cop raid near Buckingham Palace

Video footage shows the moments after cops had busted a drug factory growing more than £500,000 worth of weed in a mansion next to Buckingham Palace.

After the raid, a squatter walks out from the building and brazenly attempts to run off with a large bag of drugs as police are ...

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Footie star leaves pitch in tears after racist fans 'made monkey noises for ENTIRE match'

Midfielder Everton Luiz, 28, said opposition fans taunted him with monkey noises throughout the troubled game.

Hooligans reportedly hurled abuse every time the Brazilian footballer touched the ball.

Referees were forced to pause the game after fans unveiled a vile banner insulting ...

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ISIS warlord who BEHEADED captured soldiers obliterated in airstrike

Monstrous jihadi leader Abu Zar was blown up by a US-coalition airstrike on Sunday.

The evil terrorist was notorious after he beheaded four captured soldiers during and his killing was described as "revenge".

Airstrikes wiped out the terror leader in the ISIS-held town of Hawija as ...

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Tragic footballer collapsed and died getting ready for pal's stag do

Tragic Carl Shenton, 25, from Kidsgrove, Stoke-on-Trent., had been on a boozy night out with friends the night for his birthday.

The lads had been getting ready for a stag do in Dublin – which happened to coincide with the 25-year-old's birthday.

He was rushed to Royal Stoke ...

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Lad's restaurant horror after discovering GROSS guest underneath his chair

Will Robinson, 22, made the grim discovery after using the flashlight on his mobile to search for his pal’s dropped phone.

But he was disgusted after finding more than he bargained for.

He said: "It was about tea time when we had just finished our food and was about to leave ...

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Horror tour bus crash with Brits on board kills two

The motorway crash happened on Saturday near Zagorz in southern Poland.

A Citroen smashed into the coach – killing the driver and passenger of the car.

One passenger of the bus, a 23-year-old tour guide, was seriously injured and taken to hospital in nearby Krakow.

A ...

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