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National Lottery bosses could cut number of balls to boost chances of winning

Punters have deserted the Lotto in droves since 10 more balls were added to the pot.

The change raised the odds of scooping the top prize to a huge one-in-45million.

Organisers Camelot hoped bigger rolled-over jackpots would win more customers.

“Nothing is ...

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Horror Ferris wheel footage emerges of mum plunging to her death when basket tips over

Horror footage shows the moment the unnamed 35-year-old and her son aged four fell from the ride in Borazjan, Iran.

The accident actually happened last year but footage of the incident was posted online this week.

The harrowing clip shows the woman and her child tipping out of their ...

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3 million EU citizens in Britain CAN stay after Brexit, PM declares

The Prime Minister told a European Council summit in Brussels that she wanted to offer "certainty" to the estimated three million EU expats in the UK and ensure that families are not split up by Brexit.

But the proposals will be adopted only if the same rights are granted to UK citizens ...

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McDonald's now available via home DELIVERY in UK

The chain has teamed up with UberEats to bring its new delivery service to the UK.

McDelivery is available from 22 spots in London and 10 more in Leeds and Nottingham.

London-bound spots include Camden, Victoria, Regent Street and Waterloo station.

Hungry fans will need to live ...

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Tourists flock to the UK despite four terror attacks in three months

Holiday bookings are up 12% on last year despite atrocities in London and Manchester that claimed 36 lives, figures show.

The UK is out-performing the rest of Europe which is averaging a 7.8% tourism increase on last year.

Experts believe that the resilience displayed by Brits, first ...

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Furious ‘ex-lover’ smashes up ‘cheating boyfriend’s’ BMW with giant paving slab

The furious rampage, some of which was captured on camera, reportedly lasted more than 10 minutes as she caused chaos armed with a tent peg and a rock.

She is also said to have ripped off the luxury motor’s license plate before scarpering off up the street.

A clip, filmed by a ...

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Her Majesty reported to POLICE for doing THIS on way to Queen's Speech

Her Majesty was filmed not wearing a seatbelt in the Royal Bentley.

Bemused officers said on Wednesday they received a complaint that Her Majesty had abandoned the safety measure.

In a tweet, West Yorkshire Police's contact centre said: "999 call received reporting that the Queen ...

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BREAKING: London Bridge chaos as police unit swoops on passenger boat

Pictures show the vessel and an RNLI boat pulled up alongside a passenger ferry in the River Thames.

They were called out after a man reportedly jumped off nearby London Bridge.

He was apparently picked up by the river bus after grabbing a life ring.

The Met Police has been ...

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Boozy Brits out of control with average person drinking 50% more than safe limit

Figures show we are sinking 21 units, equivalent of 10 and a half glasses of wine weekly.

The health limit is a lot less and experts branded the figures “shocking”.

Last year, the Government advised men to drink no more than 14 units a week.


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BREAKING: Massive blaze in central London as smoke billows over capital

The blaze broke out on a street near Piccadilly Circus and Shaftesbury Avenue has been closed in both directions.

At least four fire engines are currently on the scene and pictures show plumes of smoke over the West End.

Eyewitnesses have described panic as emergency workers descend ...

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Fears of THIRD cliff collapse after huge crack appears as woman found dead

A huge crack has appeared in the cliff at Seaford Head, after two sections crumbled away over the last day.  

The body was reportedly recovered shortly before 5pm at Cuckmere Haven, just down the Sussex coast. 

Today rocks crashed into the water at around 1.20pm on the ...

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Boxer emerges from coma after THIS knockout loss just one week before Tim Hague dies

Hague, a veteran of the UFC before turning his attentions to boxing, died following a sickening KO in a Canadian boxing match – his seventh knockout loss across both sports since August 2015.

Just a week before that tragic fight, featherweight boxer Daniel Franco – signed to ...

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REVEALED: North Korea keeps Photoshopping Kim’s face – here’s why

The hermit kingdom has apparently been digitally altering images of the supreme leader’s ears to make them look nicer.

It is reportedly because the portly dictator has incredibly ugly ears that have growths on the earlobes.

“Over the past few years, we noticed that Kim ...

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Migrant hacked wife with machete and burned her alive with petrol after asking for divorce

Turkish migrant Haci Ahmet U, 41, was found guilty of attempted manslaughter charges in a court in Darmstadt, a city in the central German state of Hesse.

He was sentenced to 14 and a half years behind bars – just half a year less than the maximum possible sentence of 15 ...

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PICTURED: Gaunt Prince Philip grimaces leaving hospital after missing Queen's Speech

The Duke was admitted on Tuesday night as a “precautionary measure” for treatment of an infection.

It meant the 96-year-old was unable to accompany the Queen to the state opening of Parliament yesterday.

It is believed he fell sick after attending the start of Ascot ...

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Woman’s niqab torn off in BRUTAL Meadowhall shopping centre brawl

The clip, which was filmed at Meadowhall in Sheffield on Wednesday night, shows two groups of women having an argument outside an O2 store.

But the disagreement soon turns violent, as one of the women appears to tear off the other's niqab – a traditional Muslim garment that covers ...

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Married teacher facing jail for public sex with special needs pupil in car

Police in Connecticut said the 31-year-old used her influence as a teacher to seduce the teenager.

Police in Bridgeport reportedly believe there may be more victims as well.

The Central High School teacher has now been removed from her job for the time – and put on ...

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Ed Sheeran gig terror fears: O2 Arena concerns TONIGHT over attacks pattern

Cops with loaded machine guns are set to guard the singer’s gig which starts at 7pm at O2 Arena after a terrifying link between recent terror attacks emerged.

Three apache helicopters were already spotted above West London at 5pm, which security analyst Nick Bubb suspects is part of ...

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Canadian sniper makes astonishing kill shot in Iraq from TWO MILES away to break UK record

The Canadian Armed Forces confirmed that a member of Joint Task Force 2 made the astonishing shot during an operation in Iraq last month, killing a soldier of the so-called Islamic State.

The official distance, verified by video footage and other data by military chiefs, registered 3,540 ...

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Cruise ship serial killer fears after 200 passengers VANISH over 17 years

Maritime laws state once a vessel is 12 miles offshore on-board crimes can only be probed by police from the nation the boat is registered with.

For tax reasons most sail under "flags of convenience" from small states such as Panama, Libya or Bermuda with overstretched police forces ...

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BREAKING: 'Woman's body found' after second cliff collapse in 24 hours

The body was reportedly recovered shortly before 5pm at Cuckmere Haven.

Earlier rocks crashed into the water at around 1.20pm at Seaford Road, in East Sussex. 

Emergency services say a girl in a pink top was seen walking near the rocks moments before they crashed into the ...

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