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GRAPHIC PICS: Builder slices face open with angle grinder leaving gaping chin GASH wound

Paul Thomas, 31, was trying to knock through a wall with a nine-inch angle grinder when it "ran up" the surface and hit him in the face.

The tool lodged straight in his chin and only missed his throat by a matter of inches.

The builder – who was left with a pool of blood in his ...

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High St BOMBSHELL: Toys ‘R’ Us files for bankruptcy – but Is YOUR local store closing?

The global giant, which has more than 1,500 shops in 33 countries – 81 of which in the UK – has buckled under the pressure of $5 billion of debt.

Its US and Canada arm is now seeking “Chapter 11 protection” from the US Bankruptcy court as it faces paying back ...

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Furious Kremlin reveals what REALLY happened after Russia helicopter FIRES on civilians

Vladimir Putin's mammoth military exercises have been taking place this week with a huge media presence covering the event.

Terrifying videos emerged of a Ka-52 helicopter firing missiles on a crowd and the aftermath showing vehicles damaged.

Reports claim two journalists were ...

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Shaman killed in fatal crocodile attack attempting to avenge death of 16-year-old boy

The video shows the topless man submerged in a murky creek up to his neck, sitting calm and still in the water.

He then sinks below the surface of the water calmly with his arms outstretched in a state of meditation.

But something appears to spook him and he pops back out of the ...

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North Korea warned US 'considering SHOOTING DOWN next missile test'

The communist state angered the international community by firing a missile over Japan for the second time last week in yet another provocative move.

Defence Secretary James Mattis told reporters on Monday that North Korea is "intentionally doing provocations” to test how far it can ...

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BREAKING: Donald Trump threatens to 'TOTALLY DESTROY' North Korea in shock speech at UN

The US President made his presence known with a fierce tirade as took to the podium at the General Assembly in New York.

Trump didn’t mince his words as he slammed Kim Jong-uns regime as a “twisted” and “depraved” regime – once again dubbing him ...

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PICTURED: Lewis Hamilton parties with Neymar and Victoria’s Secret model at London club

The three-time F1 world champion was pictured alongside the PSG striker, pop star Rita Ora and Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin.

The group appeared to be loving life alongside a host of star-studded guests at the exclusive party.

The event on Monday night was held at ...

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Watch moment Nazi scumbag SMASHED unconscious with single punch after ‘instigating fights'

Video of the incident went viral across the web last night after an onlooker captured the dramatic scene, which was later posted on social media site Reddit.

The short clip shows the Nazi, wearing a black leather jacket and a swastika armband, remonstrating with a man off-camera in the ...

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Brunette with VERY sexy invention shows it off in sizzling photoshoot

Ella Vine, 32, now wears her super convenient popper suspenders on the school run and every day to work.

She has now secured the rights for her unique idea across the whole of Europe.

While running her suspender business, Ella also works with a charity supporting Fybromalgia, a ...

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Boris Johnson 'will RESIGN this week' if Theresa May doesn't back his Brexit plan

Unless the Prime Minister changes her strategy for leaving the EU, Johnson will have no choice but to resign from his post, his pals told the Telegraph.

Johnson is adamant that Britain should leave the single market – known as a “clean Brexit” – instead of adopting ...

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Deadly TERROR BOMB items found in ‘frequently bought together’ section on Amazon

“We are reviewing our website to ensure that all these products are presented in an appropriate manner”

Search tools used by the retail giant suggested people buy chemical ingredients which are harmless on their own, but when combined can make a powerful ...

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BREAKING: Central London market on LOCKDOWN as cops scream 'get out!'

Leadenhall Market was evacuated at 1.45pm as cops screamed at shoppers to "get out".

Early reports suggested the dramatic lockdown was over a suspicious package.

One eye witness told Daily Star Online: "I was in the shop Tiger in Leadenhall Market and I heard shouting coming ...

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Horror moment Russian helicopter fires deadly missiles at crowd causing HUGE explosion

In the footage, two KA-52 helicopters are travelling at speed at a low altitude.

As they come closer to the camera, one of them fires its rockets – seemingly accidentally – and they hurtle towards a crowd of people on the ground watching the demonstration.

A vehicle on ...

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Ryanair chaos: Reports of pilot 'strike action’ after thousands of flights AXED

“When we make a mess in Ryanair, we come out with our hands up”

The under-fire budget airline has been forced to axe more than 2,000 flights after "messing up" holiday entitlements of staff.

Irish pilots are set to meet European colleagues to ...

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BREAKING: Cops swoop on London street as bomb scare sparks security alert

Workers in the area of Holborn say they have been evacuated, and police have confirmed they are investigating.


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‘Bruce Lee’ brawler BATTERS two men in brutal road rage fight as shocked shoppers watch on

The video begins showing a man dressing all in black wearing red shoes throwing kicks at two men in a car park near the Bell Shopping Centre in Birmingham.

He adopts a kickboxer-like martial arts stance and charges toward the pair, knocking one over with a powerful leg kick.

Other ...

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North Korea crisis: EVACUATION as fears of IMMINENT volcano eruption amid nuclear tests

Kim Jong-un has ignored worldwide condemnation of his brazen nuclear and missile launches.

He has tested a ultra-powerful hydrogen bomb and claims it can hit the US mainland.

The national park near Paektu Mountain, which straddles the borders of North Korea and China, has been closed ...

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Terrifying video shows JAW-DROPPING power of new ‘bunker-busting’ US military creation

The futuristic weapon marks a new chapter in military technology, providing a cheaper, more accurate and more effective alternative to current weapons systems.

It works by firing a projectile launched using two magnetised rails to push and then pull the ballistic object at high speed, ...

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Tourists filmed on a bender in NORTH KOREA in amazing video smuggled out of hermit country

Dad and daughter Palle Bo and Clara Elfving, from Jutland in Denmark, visited the hermit kingdom during St Patrick’s Day and were taken out on the town.

In pictures and video smuggled out of the country, they captured the scene as tourists hit the bargain booze in the Taedonggang ...

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How to survive terror attacks: Royal Marines reveal what YOU must do to stay alive

“The threat from terrorists will only continue to increase”

British Army commandos Angus Weston and Pusser Trayner, who have served their country for 22 years, have written a book aimed to help people prepare themselves for future acts of ...

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James Rodriguez’s wife reveals REAL reason she’s leaving footie superstar

Daniela – who is the sister of Arsenal goalkeeper David Ospina – separated from Rodriguez this summer after being married for over six years.

It came after the Real Madrid playmaker arrived in Munich on a two-year loan deal.

And the news will no doubt be a blow as the ...

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