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Businessman plans to celebrate football team's move by opening BROTHEL for fans

Dennis Hof, an entrepreneur from Las Vegas celebrated the recent deal to bring California's Oakland Raiders to Nevada and is planning on celebrating in style.

Earlier this week the owners of all the NFL’s football teams met to vote on the move and approved it by a count of 31 to ...

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Horror as man gets huge electric shock in privates – girlfriend watches and LAUGHS

In the hidden camera clip, a man is seen sitting down to use his toilet – but seconds later he gets a horrific electric shock.

He rolls on the floor of his bathroom in pain screaming out for help in the footage.

But rather than show support for her loved one, the man’s ...

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Cristiano Ronaldo gets ANOTHER statue - and this one’s even WORSE

The Real Madrid striker has been given his second monument at his local airport in Madeira which was officially named after him on Wednesday afternoon.

Unfortunately, this one seems to be rivalling his other statue for the “world’s worst statue” award.

The Aeroporto ...

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Spring SCORCHER: Britain to be hotter than IBIZA as 22C heatwave hits TOMORROW

Thursday is tipped to be the hottest day of the year so far with thermometers forecast to skyrocket in parts of the UK.

Warm westerly air swirling in from the Atlantic ocean will hike temperatures to around 22C in the south east.

Meanwhile the north will see highs of around 15C with ...

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See inside WWE's mind-blowing WrestleMania 33 stadium featuring a ROLLERCOASTER

Aerial footage shows WrestleMania 33's venue – the Camping World Stadium in Orlando, Florida – and some of the jaw-dropping attractions the WWE team are working around the clock to build.

The clip – available above – shows an enormous stage in the centre of the ...

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Shooting heard after car smashes into cops at Washington's Capitol Hill

Washington cops confirmed that a female driver hit a police car and then tried to run-over officers on the street.

People told to get off the streets and nearby buildings have been placed on lockdown.

FBI agents also arrived at the scene.

Eyewitnesses say they heard two quick ...

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Ivanka Trump in unsolved mystery: What is she doing in the White House?

The first daughter will soon occupy a second-floor office in the White House, but nobody knows what her actual job there is.

Ivanka met Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor, during her recent visit, but she’s hands-off on issues like healthcare.

One White House official told ...

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McDonald's refuses boy, 13, Monopoly McFlurry prize because of legal surprise

AJ Reeves got a voucher for the dessert with his Big Mac last Thursday at McDonald’s in Blackpole, Worcester.

So he returned to the counter to collect his prize, but was left devastated when staff said he was “too young” to win.

Gambling laws mean only customers ...

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Giraffe goes down like tonne of bricks after 'ninja' lion's killer ambush

Footage shows the long-necked herbivore standing next to a tall tree awkwardly as it nurses an injured limb.

But as the giraffe chomps through its leafy lunch, it suddenly spots something sinister lurking in the undergrowth.

The tall creature then peers down for a closer look – ...

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Planet’s sexiest bodybuilder becomes internet sensation with red-hot selfies

Just a few weeks ago, sexy nurse Carina Linn hit the headlines thanks to her jaw-dropping Instagram snaps.

The brunette beauty soared to online fame, gaining legions of fans after posting a series of scantily-clad shots.

But now there’s a new Instagram stunner in town and she ...

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Shock as space agency reveals temple on the MOON for first time

European Space Agency (ESA) staff designed the complex for the use of future moon settlers.

Its interior will feature a large communal area used for worship, socialising, plays and other activities.

And a highly-capable telescope in its centre will complete the complex, which is ...

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Bloke CHEWED OFF head of girlfriend’s chihuahua in fit of rage

Luis Arroyo was jailed after the domestic violence case which saw him kill his partner’s chihuahua.

The 40-year-old chomped down on the pup and chewed its head off in a fit of rage.

He then turned on his girlfriend – punching her in the face.

Arroyo has been jailed ...

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Brexit BEGINS: Full letter from Theresa May to head of the EU Donald Tusk

The note has officially triggered Article 50 and begun the process of leaving the EU.

It outlines why the Britain has left and how the next two years will be handled.


Here's a copy of the full letter:–


Dear ...

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'Soon there will be LASER WARFARE' Scientists in weapon breakthrough

British experts managed to melt a mortar bomb using a beam of light in the fist successful trial of its kind.

It means countries may soon be equipping militaries with laser guns that could blast through enemy war ships and tanks.

The technology would completely change the face of ...

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Male commuter subjected to 'disgraceful' sexual assault on Tube

The 38-year-old victim was on the London Underground Victoria line between Finsbury Park and King's Cross when the shocking incident happened.

Another passenger – described as a thin, white man in his mid-20s – began touching him in a sexual way, cops say.

The victim, who ...

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BREAKING: Chaos as Westminster Bridge closed over police incident week after terror attack

Cops have been called to Westminster Bridge over reports of a man in the water.

Emergency services have attended Westminster Bridge following reports a man jumped into The Thames.

One passer by who claimed to have seen the incident tweeted: "Came to see the attack site on ...

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Brexit DOMINOES: These nations primed to QUIT the EU as Britain triggers Article 50

Many across the European Union will be looking on jealously as the Prime Minister begins the divorce from Brussels.

Britain’s vote to leave the EU sent shockwaves across the world – and was hailed by now US President Donald Trump and populist politicians in Europe.

Here ...

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Mark Duggan's family LOSE appeal over death which sparked London Riots

The family today lost a Court of Appeal challenge over an inquest finding that he was lawfully killed.

The 29-year-old was shot by cops on August 4, 2011, after police claimed he appeared to be pulling a gun from his jacket.

His death sparked protests in Tottenham which led to ...

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McLaren teases new £1.6MILLION hypercar with incredible snap

The monster is still in development but, when released, it is set to become McLaren’s “fastest ever”.

Codenamed the BP23, it follows in the footsteps of the McLaren P1 and employ a sophisticated hybrid power unit which is expected to pump out in excess of 1000 ...

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BREXIT QUIZ: How much do you REALLY know?

Prime Minister Theresa May will trigger Article 50 today to kick off the Brexit process. 

Over the next two years, Brexit will dominate headlines as Britain heads towards an EU exit. 

But how much do you actually know about Brexit and the EU?

Test your knowledge with ...

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