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Romania drafts EU code on NGO migrant rescues

Operational EU guidelines on how to get refugees off stranded rescue boats are set to be published next month.

Romanian EU presidency sources told EUobserver that it "plans to deliver a set of guidelines on the temporary arrangements by the end of May, at the latest."

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Bulgaria, Hungary, and Malta shamed on press unfreedom

Press freedom in Bulgaria, Hungary, and Malta ranks among the worst in the world, according to Reporters Without Borders (RSF), a Paris-based NGO.

From journalists' murders to media take-overs by oligarchs close to state powers, the three EU states were portrayed as an embarrassment for ...

2019-04-18 10:14 open_in_new
EU drafts $20bn US sanctions list in aviation dispute

The European Union is gearing up for a possible trade war with the United States as part of a dispute over US subsidies to its aircraft maker Boeing.

On Wednesday (17 April), the European Commission published a list of US imports totalling €17.4bn that could face extra import ...

2019-04-17 19:32 open_in_new
Brunei defends stoning to death of gay men in EU letter

Brunei has defended its draconian anti-gay and anti-adultery laws in a letter to the European Parliament (EP), while saying that few homosexuals are stoned to death in practice.

The south-east Asian country of 400,000 recently passed laws where homosexuals and others who commit adultery ...

2019-04-17 11:08 open_in_new
US Democrats side with Ireland and EU on Brexit

Congress would torpedo a UK trade deal if Brexit led to a hard border in Ireland, a senior US politician has warned in a blow to Brexiteers.

British politicians should "not think for one minute that there's any comfort for them that if they leave the EU they will quickly have a US-UK ...

2019-04-17 11:08 open_in_new
How Brexit may harm the new EU parliament

Amid frantic negotiations, the EU-27 leaders ultimately conceded a further extension to the UK to ratify the withdrawal agreement by 31 October 31.

However, should the UK not succeed to do so by 22 May, it will have to hold EU elections to elect its own representatives in the new European ...

2019-04-17 10:05 open_in_new
Wifi or 5G to connect EU cars? MEPs weigh in

The European Parliament will decide on Wednesday (17 April) whether to embrace a system that works on wireless internet (wifi) as the standard for connecting cars or whether to come back to the issue after the EU elections.

EU policymakers have embraced the idea of promoting cars being ...

2019-04-17 10:05 open_in_new
EU parliament backs whistleblower law

The European Parliament voted in favour of an EU law to protect whistleblowers on Tuesday (16 April).

With widespread backing from 591 MEPs, the EU directive sets out rules to protect whistleblowers from retaliation and offers them safe channels to report breaches of EU law.

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Applause and praise, but no new climate action for Greta

An emotional speech by 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thurnberg in the European Parliament met with applause and praise on Tuesday (16 April), but also with hardly any concrete proposals.

"I want you to panic," Thurnberg told members of the parliament's environment committee. "I want ...

2019-04-16 18:20 open_in_new
'Suspending' parties not enough to save EU rule of law

From Bucharest to Valetta, to Budapest and Warsaw, the very threads of the values that bind the fabric of our European Union together are being torn apart.

In Poland, judges were forced to occupy courthouses to fight against the government's attempts to control the judiciary.

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EU president Romania gets last warning on rule of law

Romania stands on the edge of an EU sanctions procedure, the European Commission has warned, amid concern that law and order is being dismantled in the interest of its ruling elite.

"Concrete actions from the Romanian side will be needed sooner rather than later," EU justice commissioner ...

2019-04-16 10:59 open_in_new
Le Pen courts Salvini, Farage for 'biggest group possible'

Far-right French politician Marine Le Pen said on Monday (15 April) she would welcome Nigel Farage's Brexit party into a larger eurosceptic group in the European Parliament (EP), if the UK were to participate in the EP elections in May.

"He is welcome if he wants to join. Even if it might ...

2019-04-16 10:59 open_in_new
Finnish MP: 'We need historians to secure peace'

Finnish MP Erkki Tuomioja has attended more Nordic council meetings than most politicians, and few can remember him leaving a meeting without delivering a passionate speech or tabling a motion for better peace mediation worldwide.

"I would like to see a much stronger Nordic involvement," ...

2019-04-16 10:59 open_in_new
Caputova triumph not yet a victory for Slovak liberalism

As populist parties sweep into power across Europe, Slovakia takes a liberal turn by electing a leftist anti-corruption activist from outside the political establishment for president last month.

For a traditional and religious country, electing a woman, a divorced mother living in an ...

2019-04-16 08:53 open_in_new
Romania builds EU momentum on human rights sanctions

Opposition MPs in Romania have tabled a human rights sanctions law named after a late Russian activist, in a "symbolic" boost for EU-level sanctions of the same type.

Adrian Prisnel, Iulian Bulai, and Cristian Ghinea from the Save Romania Union, the third largest party in parliament, put ...

2019-04-15 19:14 open_in_new
EU seeks mini-trade detente with US

EU states have agreed to open trade talks with the US in a bid to rebuild relations with their oldest partner on the world stage.

They gave the European Commission the green light on Monday (15 April) to try to remove tariffs on "industrial goods", excluding cars and agricultural produce. ...

2019-04-15 18:11 open_in_new
Vestager: Race for EU top job is 'no issue' outside Brussels

The question of who will become the next president of the European Commission is fodder for speculation among the people working for and with the EU institutions in Brussels.

But according to European commissioner for competition Margrethe Vestager, ordinary citizens hardly ...

2019-04-15 10:50 open_in_new
Former diplomats urge EU to draw red line on Israel

The EU ought to tell the US that their partnership on Israel is over if US leader Donald Trump endorses Israeli annexation of Palestinian territories, former top diplomats from all over Europe have said.

"In anticipation of this US plan, we believe Europe should formally reaffirm the ...

2019-04-15 10:50 open_in_new
It's time for progressives to save Europe. Again.

I believe - profoundly - that the EU is not only the ultimate political achievement of the modern world - it's also its most beautiful project.

But now this peaceful union is in trouble. Right-wing parties have come to power and prize the demands of the free market over the need for ...

2019-04-15 08:44 open_in_new
MEPs plan to give up veto on military subsidies

Two Green members of the European Parliament have asked parliament president Antonio Tajani to postpone the vote about a new European Defence Fund until after the EU elections.

They warned against the compromise text of the fund's regulation, which needs approval by the parliament's ...

2019-04-12 18:41 open_in_new
Pro-EU 'nerds' gather on Dutch island for election plan

A Brexiter in a pub in the United Kingdom denounces the idea of British citizens going to vote in the May European Parliament elections.


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