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No progress at Brexit summit, talks continue

British prime minister Theresa May Wednesday evening (17 October) told EU leaders she is ready to consider extending the Brexit transition period to three years.

May gave a 15-minute speech, according to EU officials, before the EU-27 broke for dinner and more Brexit talk.

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May faces EU leaders head-to-head as Brexit deal falters

British prime minister Theresa May is expected in Brussels for a difficult meeting with EU leaders on Wednesday evening (17 October) against a precarious backdrop in which negotiators failed to agree to a Brexit withdrawal deal earlier this week.

May is meeting with EU Commission ...

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Nordic region's top bank in new Russia funds complaint

Nordea bank, the Nordic region's largest lender, handled $175m (€150m) of suspicious Russian money linked to the death of anti-corruption activist Sergei Magnitsky, according to a complaint.

The money flowed through 365 accounts at Nordea's branches in Denmark, Finland, Norway and ...

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Why 'Spitzenkandidat' is probably here to stay

After the Spitzenkandidat process led to the coronation of Jean-Claude Juncker, the candidate of the European People's Party (EPP), as president of the European Commission in November 2014, EU leaders pledged they would not let the European Parliament keep the control they had grabbed over ...

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EU ministers struggle to deal with Poland and Hungary

EU affairs ministers on Tuesday (16 October) discussed the rule of law in Poland and Hungary and how to move forward procedures that are designed to keep a check on member states that breach EU values and rules.

On Poland, after two rounds of earlier discussions where Warsaw had ...

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Commission tried to hide details of 'WiFi4EU' glitch

The European Commission has tried to hide information related to technical problems its free wifi fund portal suffered, by claiming that it was "out of scope".

It released documents to EUobserver following an access to documents request - but heavily redacted some of the key ...

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ASEM: Global Partners for Global Challenges

On 18 and 19 October, Chinese Premier Li Keqiang will join other leaders of ASEM members for the 12th ASEM Summit in Brussels.

The theme of this summit "Global Partners for Global Challenges" is highly relevant.

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Brexit standoff continues before EU summit

EU affairs ministers will be briefed by EU chief negotiator Michel Barnier on Tuesday (16 October) as Brexit negotiations have come to a lull before an expected crunch summit of EU leaders on Wednesday (17 October).

Negotiators were locked in intensive talks last week as expectations rose ...

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How Juncker's 'do less' group concluded EU should not do less

The president of one EU institution will not quickly publicly criticise the president of another one.

But when Karl-Heinz Lambertz, president of the Committee of the Regions (CoR), watched the annual State of the Union speech by European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker last month, ...

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Orthodox church split just tip of Putin's crumbling 'soft power' in Ukraine

The historic decision in Constantinople (Istanbul) at the synod of the Orthodox Church to grant Ukraine autocephaly (independence) from the Russian Orthodox church has geopolitical ramifications for Europe.

Russia's control over religious life was the last vestige of soft power Russian ...

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Daily reality in Western Sahara - and how EU can protect it

I am very fortunate to represent one of the most beautiful regions of Morocco, Dakhla-Oued Eddahab.

Dakhla is a top-class destination for windsurfers throughout the year.

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Bavarian election puts Merkel on defensive

Voters in Germany's largest and wealthiest state hived off to the left and right of the ruling conservatives in Sunday's (14 October) elections, posing questions for German chancellor Angela Merkel.

The centre-right CSU party won, with 37.5 percent in the Bavarian vote.

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'Macron vs Orban' is no quick fix for EU democracy

An election battle between French president Emmanuel Macron's pro-European vision and Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban's nationalist views could make more people interested in voting in May's European parliament elections.

It would make people realise that there is a real battle for ...

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Tug of war between 'top-down' and 'bottom-up' cohesion money

Carola Gunnarsson is the mayor of Sala, a town north of the Swedish capital, Stockholm.

Like many of her counterparts throughout other member states, Gunnarsson wants much greater say, input and flexibility into how EU funds are divided up and spent on the ground.

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It's time for the EU to stand up to transnational corporations

This week the United Nations will negotiate a treaty that seeks to hold transnational corporations accountable for human rights violations.

The European Union should actively endorse it and demonstrate its commitment to human rights standards.

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EU looks at Morocco and Tunisia to offload migrants

Member states are pressing to get Morocco and Tunisia onto a list of so-called "safe third countries" on to which to offload people seeking asylum.

The move appears linked to stalled plans for setting up centres in countries rimming the Mediterranean to take in disembarked rescued migrants ...

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Brexit and sanctions at EU summit This WEEK

EU leaders hope to seal a UK exit deal at a summit this week, with leaders' aides to meet in Brussels on Monday (15 October) already to keep the ball rolling on talks.

Michel Barnier, the EU negotiator, will then brief the 27 European affairs ministers on the latest developments on ...

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EU urged to seize assets of foreign hackers

The EU should impose visa bans and asset freezes on people guilty of cyber attacks, a group of member states has urged.

A "new restrictive measures regime" was "urgently" needed "to address malicious cyber activity," the group, including the British and the Dutch, as well as Estonia, ...

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Polish veto blocks EU on rights of gays and Jews

Poland has vetoed an EU human rights statement on the grounds that it covered gay people but not Christians and Jews.

"We proposed that recognising the need to protect Christians and Jews against religious discrimination be put on an equal footing with protecting the rights of people with ...

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Seehofer's CSU faces historic flop at Bavarian polls

Bavaria's conservative Christian Social Union, the sister party to German chancellor Angela Merkel's Christian Democratic Union, is headed for a disaster in regional elections on Sunday (14 October).

The CSU, which governed the wealthy German state since the second world war, is set to ...

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A post-Brexit rival to Galileo? Possible, but expensive

When European Commission president Jean-Claude Juncker dropped a large hint that the United Kingdom would not be able to set up a rival satellite navigation system like the EU's Galileo after Brexit, the British press were quick to pick up on it.

As UK newspapers often do, they took it ...

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