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Fate of EU refugee deal hangs in the balance

This week the Committee of Permanent Representatives (Coreper) in the EU meets to run through a packed agenda covering topics that could be as diverse as fisheries, defence and trade relations.

This may look like a routine meeting. But in fact this one is unusual and the stakes are high. ...

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Merkel, Macron in pre-summit pledge on migration, eurozone

Germany and France have declared a wide range of joint efforts to inject vigour into their vision of the European Union ahead of an EU summit of leaders next week.

On Tuesday (19 June), the two issued a Meseberg Declaration that calls for changes on security, migration, taxation, the ...

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Hungary to push ahead with 'Stop Soros' law on NGOs

Hungary will proceed with a parliamentary vote on Wednesday (20 June) on the government's so-called 'Stop Soros' bill - without waiting for the opinion of a European body of legal experts.

The Council of Europe's 'Venice Commission', a panel of constitutional law experts from the human ...

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Swedish party puts EU referendums back in fashion

Swedish nationalists have gambled on an in/out EU referendum to win votes at Europe's next big election.

The vote on leaving the EU should take place in the next four years, the Sweden Democrats party said this week.

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EU summit set to outsource asylum

EU leaders are set to endorse plans to create so-called "regional disembarkation platforms", according to draft conclusions of next week's summit seen by this website.

They will be in Brussels on 28 and 29 June, as part of a broader bid to settle contentious issues surrounding migration ...

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Dutch request to clarify Brexit Britons' rights annulled

The Amsterdam court of appeal ruled on Tuesday (19 June) that the Court of Justice of the EU will not be asked to clarify the post-Brexit rights of UK citizens in the Netherlands after all, in a ruling which may have repercussions for the 1.2m Britons estimated to live in the EU.

It ...

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EU states set to back some asylum reform laws

EU states this week are set to agree on three of the seven EU asylum reform laws first proposed by the European commission in the summer of 2016.

A senior European commission official on Monday (18 June) said provisional agreements have recently been reached on the following: qualification ...

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The Baltic 'Big Sea' strategy

Whenever Estonians and Finns try to characterise their nationalities, they usually end up citing the influence of 'The Sea', and the climate more broadly, on their collective psyche.

The Sea for us is, of course, the Baltic Sea – and this sea touches the lives of altogether 85 ...

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Orban to EPP: turn 'Christian democratic' or face challenge

Hungary's premier Viktor Orban hinted that he "could" set up a "successful, anti-immigration" pan-European party ahead of European elections next year - unless the European People's Party (EPP) leans back towards his stance of "Christian democratic roots."

Orban's ruling Fidesz is a ...

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Is EU retail sector equipped for 21st century?

We all shop.

Filling our trolleys or clicking on the screen of our laptops and smartphones.

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EU summit: migrants get a 'vote' too

EU leaders are preparing for another summit (28-29 June) with a heavy migration agenda. Migrants, potential migrants and smugglers will be listening carefully. Have we anticipated their reactions?

There are some big ideas for change at the EU summit.

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Basque threat of 'second front' for independence

Revellers packed the narrow streets of Bilbao's old district, oblivious to the drizzle as live music reverberated throughout parts of the Casco Viejo neighbourhood.

Earlier that day, most had joined a 200km human chain of 175,000 people demanding the Basque country be given a "right to ...

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Tear gas bodes ill for Greece-Macedonia name deal

Police fired tear gas against protesters in Greece and Macedonia over the weekend, as diplomats signed a name deal to unlock EU enlargement.

Fourteen people, including seven policemen, were hurt in scuffles in Pisoderi, in northern Greece, on Sunday (17 June), where 3,000 people went on ...

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Asylum applications drop in EU, Germany registers most

Germany last year registered almost twice as many asylum applications as any other EU state, followed by Italy and France.

A report out Monday (18 June) by the Malta-based European Asylum Support Agency (Easo) says some 222,560 applications were lodged in Germany in 2017, followed by Italy ...

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Greece and Merkel's fate top This WEEK

The seemingly never-ending series of Eurogroup meetings dedicated to saving debt-ridden Greece will see their final act next week, marking an end to the crisis-management after the financial crisis shook the single currency.

On Thursday (21 June) eurozone finance ministers will gather in ...

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How Italy's government might hijack EU migration policy

The rise to power of Matteo Salvini, Italy's new interior minister, has been fuelled by a nationalist rhetoric which singles out migrants as its preferred target.

The League leader's sales pitch to voters has always been elementary: reduce the number of new arrivals and immediately deport ...

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The EU cannot shape the future of AI with regulation

To cut smoking, the US government taxes tobacco, yet it subsidises tobacco farming.

The EU's approach to AI displays a similar contradiction: it funds AI research while subjecting it to the world's strictest regulations.

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Long-distance animal transport: unthinkable still happening

The transportation of live animals has caused societal outrage for decades.

Citizens are baffled by the fact why in the 21st century we are still barbarically transporting live animals over extremely long distances.

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Catalonia diplomats back in action abroad

Almost two weeks after direct rule from Madrid ended, the Catalan regional government is back on the diplomatic scene - but this time more cautiously.

Catalan representations will soon be reopened in Washington, London, Berlin, Rome and Geneva, and in Paris, Lisbon and northern Europe in ...

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European People's Party faces moment of truth over Hungary

Last week, the European People's Party (EPP) had a chance to stand up for its values and those of the European Union. But instead, it ducked the issue.

The umbrella group of center-right and Christian democrat parties in European institutions came together first in Warsaw and then in ...

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Bavaria rebels could unseat Merkel on migration

Local authorities in Bavaria, Germany, could start turning back migrants on Monday (18 June) in a rebellion threatening chancellor Angela Merkel's authority.

That was the upshot of crisis talks on Thursday between Merkel's centre-right CDU (Christian Democratic Union) party and its ...

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