The yin and yang of traditional Chinese medicine

Malta, the current holder of the EU council presidency, has signed an agreement with China that would increase the provision of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) to its citizens.

On 17 January, Malta’s health minister Chris Fearne and his Chinese counterpart Li Bin signed an ...

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Malta's push for LGBT rights

In just three years, Malta has become an unlikely champion for the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals, transgender, intersex and queer (LGBTIQ) people in Europe.

This Catholic bastion, where legal abortion is banned, in 2014 voted for a civil union act granting same-sex partners equal ...

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Searching for a voice and a standard bearer

Most of Britain’s beleaguered pro-Europeans have been in hiding since last June’s EU referendum. Tortured by the combination of imminent Brexit and Donald Trump in the White House, switching off the news and unplugging the phone takes the edge off the grief.

Perhaps ...

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The crisis we face in the Lake Chad Basin

I have lived in and worked in, loved, written and cared about Sub-Saharan Africa virtually my entire adult life.

So, it is with great sadness that I say there are few phrases that today bring me closer to tears—or nearly have me choking, just trying to say them—than the ...

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Hungary should set alarm bells ringing in Brussels

Hungary’s governing party is cranking up the heat on non-governmental organisations. With its tight grip on parliament and having undermined the courts and the media, the Fidesz party government doesn’t like being held to account by pesky independent groups.

Fidesz is a ...

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Le Pen wants to 'do away' with the EU

Far-right leader Marine Le Pen wants to "do away" with the EU and build a Europe of "free nations" if she is elected French president in May.

"We will build another Europe, whether madame Merkel, monsieur Schulz or the other commissioners want it or not," she said on Thursday (23 ...

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Armenia-Azerbaijan war: Line of contact

You can glimpse the Azerbaijani military position, 200 metres away across a field of mud and snow, past two rusting Soviet tanks, through a two-centimetre high slit in the little Armenian bunker, but the soldiers urge you to quickly duck back down.

They say that their enemies are lousy ...

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Maltese minister: 'We're not censoring the internet'

Ordinary Maltese citizens posting their opinion on social media or blogs will not be required to register under a proposed new defamation law, says Malta's centre-left minister for justice, Owen Bonnici.

The draft bill riled opposition MPs and was one of the reasons several thousand took ...

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Juncker envisages EU of core groups

European Commission head Jean-Claude Juncker has said that EU states which wanted deeper integration should press ahead in core groups in reaction to the UK’s departure.

“We can do many things together, but his is no longer a time when we can imagine everyone doing the same ...

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EU rules out post-Brexit 'hard border' with Northern Ireland

The border between Ireland and Northern Ireland should be "as open as possible" after Brexit and Northern Ireland should keep a right to fast-track EU membership, the Irish prime minister and European Commission chief said on Thursday (23 February).

"There should not be a return to a hard ...

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Fewer EU pupils being taught two foreign languages

The share of EU citizens learning a foreign language at lower secondary level has remained the same in 2015, but learning two foreign languages has become slightly less common, according to figures released by Eurostat on Thursday (23 February).

In 2015, 58.8 percent of all EU pupils at ...

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Women and child refugees face abuse in French camp

Recent reports of rape at a refugee camp in north-eastern France is causing alarm among volunteers. A Belgian MEP wants the issue debated in the European Parliament.

La Liniere opened last March as a humanitarian camp in Grande-Synthe, in the outskirts of Dunkirk, to provide refugees ...

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Spain MPs to probe €60bn bank bailouts

Spanish MPs have voted unanimously to set up a commission to examine mistakes that led to a €60 billion bank bailout in 2012.

In a rare display of unity in Spain's fragmented parliament, all parties signed up to a deal on Wednesday (22 February) to “create a commission to ...

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Russian military creates 'information force'

The Russian defence ministry has said it was creating a new propaganda unit, while trolling Germany over its defeat in World War II.

Sergei Shoigu, the defence minister, who is on an EU blacklist over Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, told the Russian parliament on Wednesday (22 ...

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Crowded race to win EU medicines agency

The London-based European Medicine Agency (EMA) will need a new home after Brexit, and almost a dozen European cities are already vying over the regulatory gem.

Today, almost all new or innovative medicines are submitted to EMA for assessment, which evaluates whether they are safe to put ...

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EU says US energy summits will continue

The European Union expects to continue annual energy summits with the United States, but sources in and around the US department of energy cannot confirm they will.

“The EU side expects the energy council to continue and will be discussing with US counterparts in due course ...

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Italy asked to cut debt, Germany to increase spending

The European Commission has threatened to launch a procedure against Italy over its excessive debt if it doesn't take measures to cut spending by 0.2 percent of its GDP before the end of April.

"There would be a case to open," commission vice-president Valdis Dombrovskis said at a press ...

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Romania, the endless anti-corruption race

Two weeks ago, hundreds of thousands of Romanians took to the streets to protest against their government, which, with virtually no public debate, had amended the country's anti-corruption legislation. Many believe that the proposed legislation was intended to serve a few important politicians ...

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Dutch MPs look set to approve Ukraine treaty

A majority in the Lower House of the Dutch parliament is expected to support ratification of the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine on Thursday (23 February).

Both houses of the Dutch parliament had already agreed to ratify the EU-Ukraine treaty, which was signed ...

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France's Macron issues Brexit warning

French presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron tried to polish his international stature on Tuesday (21 February) with a surprise visit to London where he met the British prime minister and finance minister.

Speaking in front of 10 Downing Street after meeting PM Theresa May, he warned ...

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Dutch MPs look set to approve Ukraine treaty

A majority in the Lower House of the Dutch parliament is expected to support ratification of the association agreement between the European Union and Ukraine on Thursday (23 February).

Both houses of the Dutch parliament had already agreed to ratify the EU-Ukraine treaty, which was signed ...

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