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Spain heading for yet another general election

A one-month countdown began on Friday (23 August) for Spanish prime minister Pedro Sanchez to form a new government or face elections.

His centre-left Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) has until 23 September to do a deal with the leftist Unidas Podemos (UP) - a coalition of the Podemos and ...

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EU to discuss Brazil beef ban over Amazon fires

The EU ought to consider banning Brazilian beef unless it takes action on forest fires, Finland, the holder of the EU presidency, has said.

"The EU and Finland are urgently exploring the possibility of banning imports of Brazilian beef," Mika Lintila, the Finnish finance minister, ...

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'Our house is burning,' Macron says on Amazon fires

French president Emmanuel Macron has pushed the raging fires in Brazil's rainforests onto the G7 summit agenda, describing it as international crisis.

"Our house is burning. Literally. The Amazon rain forest - the lungs which produce 20 percent of our planet's oxygen - are on fire. It is ...

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What happens when trafficking survivors get home

For years, international media have been full of horrifying stories of Nigerian women and girls trafficked to Libya and Europe for sexual and labor exploitation.

The world now also knows very well that many refugees and migrants seeking to reach Europe instead find themselves trapped in ...

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EU states and Russia clash on truth of WW2 pact

Five EU states have issued a statement condemning a World War 2-era German-Russian treaty which divided Europe, but Russia has defended the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact.

The treaty, signed between Soviet foreign minister Vyacheslav Molotov and his Nazi German counterpart, Joachim von ...

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EU to pledge Africa security funds at G7 summit

EU Council president Donald Tusk is set to make a flurry of pledges at the upcoming G7 summit, committing the EU to shore up a number of funds and create binding transparency measures on pay.

"Tusk is also going to speak on behalf of the [European] Commission, that is something new for us, ...

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EU considers new rules on facial recognition

The European Commission is exploring stricter rules for facial recognition technology, senior EU officials have told the Financial Times. 

European citizens would be given the right to "know when [facial recognition] data is used," with any exceptions "tightly circumscribed" to ensure ...

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Letter from the EESC on per diem article

In reply to the article The great EESC 'per diem' charade, published on 21 August on EUobserver, I wish to underline that, as stated in our answer to questions asked by your journalist Nikolaj Nielsen, the system of «per diem» or allowances and their amount is decided on by the Council ...

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EU plays good cop/bad cop on Brexit

Germany has said the EU could renegotiate the Brexit deal, but France is taking a harder line with Britain's new prime minister.

The prospect of a renegotiation came from German chancellor Angela Merkel in Berlin during the British leader, Boris Johnson's, first visit there on Wednesday ...

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US billionaires funding EU culture war

The number of faith-based conservative EU lobbyists in Brussels is growing and the Roman Catholic Church is itself a big spender.

But US billionaires, some of whom are friends of American president Donald Trump, are also paying anti-abortion groups in Europe tens of millions of dollars to ...

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Open Arms may face fine in SpainĀ 

The Spanish rescue boat Open Arms is liable to a fine of up €901,000 from Spanish authorities for committing a "very serious offence against maritime safety," according to the Spanish Law of Ports and Merchant Marine

The captain of the boat could also lose his license for five ...

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Conte turns on Salvini as Italy prepares for change

Italy's political crisis has reached a point of no return.

On Tuesday (20 August), prime minister Giuseppe Conte announced his resignation in parliament, putting an end to the government formed by the Five Star Movement (MS5) and League parties some 15 months ago.

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Belgium's EU commission hopeful in free press row

Belgium's European Commissioner hopeful Didier Reynders has proposed a bill in his country described as an assault on the free press by Reporters without Borders (RSF).

"In its current form, this bill could criminalise investigative journalism and threaten the Belgian public's right to ...

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Nordic-German climate action signals broader alliance

Angela Merkel fulfilled an old dream to visit Iceland this week, amid plans to strengthen Germany's relations with Europe's most northern countries.

The German chancellor flew into Reykjavik on Monday (19 August), as Nordic prime ministers met for their Nordic Council summer ...

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The great EESC 'per diem' charade

On a chilly Tuesday morning in December 2018, trade unionist Liina Carr stepped out of her office in Brussels.

Her destination was a meeting 3km away at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), a consultative body that gives civil society groups and others a platform to express ...

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Trump to meet Greenland leader in Denmark

"I promise to not do this", US president Donald Trump tweeted on Tuesday (20 August).

His tweet was posted together with a fake photo showing a Golden Trump tower placed in the middle of a Greenland village.

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Spain calls for legal action against Italy on migrants

The European Commission ought to take legal action against Italy for not allowing the disembarkation of Spanish rescue ship Open Arms and for "breaking the law", Spanish deputy prime minister Carmen Calvo has said.

Calvo also insisted that the commission must "take decisions" to have a ...

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Irish border plan is 'anti-democratic', Johnson tells EU

UK prime minister Boris Johnson has sent an open letter to EU Council president Donald Tusk in order to reopen the discussion on the border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

The letter was published ahead of talks with German chancellor Angela Merkel and French ...

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Polish deputy minister targeted judges in hate campaign

Poland's deputy minister of justice personally organised a hate campaign against selected judges, a newspaper investigation has found.

The attacks were part of a wider campaign against judges who opposed government reforms.

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EU ends silence on Hong Kong protests

For the first time after two months of large-scale demonstrations in Hong Kong, the European Union and Canada have urged Chinese authorities to engage in a debate with all stakeholders in order to recover the stability and prosperity of the province.

"Fundamental freedoms, including the ...

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No-deal Brexit would seriously harm UK, leaked paper says

The British government has tried to play down leaked warnings on the dangers to British people of a no-deal Brexit.

They were "exaggerated", one minister said. They were also "scaremongering" by anti-Brexit rebels, another minister claimed.

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