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EU urges Swiss to move on talks or face sanction

The EU commission did not propose extending the Swiss stock exchange's direct access to EU markets on Tuesday (18 June) - in an effort to pile pressure on Bern to stop dragging its feet in concluding talks on the EU-Swiss framework agreement.

The so-called "equivalency" will expire on 30 ...

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Frontex transparency dispute goes to EU court

The EU's border and coast guard agency, Frontex, is about to have another day in court.

On 2 July, the general court of the European Union in Luxembourg will be holding a public hearing after the Warsaw-based Frontex turned down an access to documents request submitted by a pair of ...

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Commission goes easy on scant national climate plans

EU member states must do a lot more to achieve their common climate and energy promises for 2030, analyses of national domestic plans by the European Commission revealed on Tuesday (18 June).

The commission published country-by-country recommendations on how to improve the 28 draft ...

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Macron and Mogherini decline to back US accusation on Iran

France has urged Iran to step back from threats on nuclear proliferation, but declined to back US claims Iran recently attacked two oil tankers.

Most EU foreign ministers meeting in Luxembourg echoed the French leader, but the UK endorsed the US accusation, which Iran denies. ...

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EU summit must give effective answer on migration

As heads of state meet in Brussels to take critical decisions about EU leadership and strategic agenda for 2019-2024 on World Refugee Day (20 June), they should need no reminder of the pressing need to deliver a more effective response to migration.

Three years on from the peak of ...

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Spain's Garcia set to be next Socialist leader in parliament

Spanish MEP Iratxe Garcia is now likely to become the next leader of the second-biggest group in the new European Parliament, the Socialists & Democrats, after Germany's Udo Bullman on Monday (17 June) dropped out of the race.

The new intake of socialist MEPs will choose their next ...

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Erdogan mocks Macron amid EU sanctions threat

Turkey could face EU sanctions over gas drilling in Cyprus, Greece and others have warned, prompting mockery by Turkey's president.

"We've agreed ... to prepare the ground in the coming week for the [EU] summit to take relevant decisions, even sanctions against Turkey, if it's verified ...

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The most dangerous pesticide you've never heard of

Scientists say there is no acceptable dose to avoid brain damage. Its use is banned in several European countries. Yet its residues are found in fruit baskets, on dinner plates, and in human urine samples from all over Europe. Now producers are pushing for a renewed EU approval – perhaps ...

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Top EU jobs summit dominates This WEEK

Greater clarity on who may take up leading roles of the EU institutions will dominate the agenda this week.

In a pre-summer summit scheduled for Thursday (20 June) and Friday, heads of state and government will return to Brussels where they are expected to parcel up the posts according to ...

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'Russian sources' targeted EU elections with disinformation

The EU commission said on Friday (14 June) that "Russian sources" had carried out sustained disinformation efforts to suppress turnout and influence voter preferences during the elections to the European Parliament last month.

Bots and fake accounts linked to Russian sources challenged the ...

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EP parties planning 'coalition agenda' ahead of jobs summit

The four political groups in talks to assemble some form of majority coalition in the European Parliament want to come up with an agenda for the next five years and a possible name for the EU commission president by next Wednesday (19 June), the eve of when EU leaders gather in Brussels for a ...

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MEP blasts Portugal over football whistleblower

Rui Pedro Goncalves Pinto, a 30-year old whistleblower who exposed widespread corruption in top European football clubs, has been sitting in pre-trail detention in Portugal for almost three months.

On Friday (14 June), Ana Gomes, a Portuguese socialist MEP, told this website that his ...

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Catalonia MEPs are a judicial, not political, issue

The regional minister for external action, institutional relations and transparency in the Catalan government, Alfred Bosch, wrote an opinion piece for EUobserver last week in which, while underlining the strong pro-European role of Catalonia, called for international solidarity in the face of a ...

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Meet the lawyer taking the EU migration policy to the ICC

Juan Branco is one of Europe's most in-demand lawyers. He used to work for the International Criminal Court (ICC) in the Hague, in addition to the French foreign ministry, and he is currently on Julian Assange's defence team.

Now he wants to see European Union officials and member states ...

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Europe's oil supplies 'at risk' after tanker attacks

Oil supplies to Europe and further afield are at risk of serious disruption, the world's oil tanker association has warned, following more attacks on shipping in the Persian Gulf.

"We need to remember that some 30 percent of the world's crude oil passes through the straits. If the waters ...

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EU paths forks for Albania and North Macedonia

Germany will agree to open EU accession talks with North Macedonia in September, Skopje has said, but Albania's prospects look less bright.

"We are convinced that North Macedonia will start negotiations with the EU this year," Macedonian prime minister Zoran Zaev said in a statement on ...

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Macron's EU liberal candidate insults allies, resigns

French president Emmanuel Macron's bid to place his top candidate as head of a new centrist alliance in the European Parliament has backfired.

His former EU affairs minister, Nathalie Loiseau, was aiming to lead Renew Europe, a new European Parliament political grouping composed of his own ...

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New 'ID' far-right EU parliament group falls short

With 73 MEPs under its wing, the far-right Identity and Democracy (ID) political group on Thursday (13 June) announced its formation - at a press conference regularly disrupted by applauding supporters.

The populist alliance is now set to become the fifth-largest group, far behind the ...

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Shops should label Israeli settler goods, EU jurist says

European shops ought to label Israeli settler exports so that consumers can boycott them for "ethical" reasons the same way they used to shun South African ones under apartheid, a senior EU jurist has said.

"EU law requires for a product originating in a territory occupied by Israel since ...

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Does Juncker even know what is in the Paris climate deal?

The European Commission has done a great job in the fight against climate change, its outgoing president Jean-Claude Juncker said Tuesday (11 June) at an event organised by Politico.

Referring to "facts" which proved the commission took the climate threat as a "serious issue", Juncker ...

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Trump embraces Poland, attacks Germany once again

US president Donald Trump has pledged to send at least 1,000 extra troops to Poland to deter Russian aggression.

He also praised Poland's nationalist-populist government, while again attacking Germany on defence spending and on its Russia gas pipeline.

Small monthly fee

Our ...

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