Malta chairs 'awkward' EU talks on tax dodging

Malta has again rejected accusations that it was a tax haven, a few days after the publication of the so-called Malta Files, which shed light on its sweetheart tax deals for companies and individuals.

Maltese finance minister Edward Scicluna told journalists in Brussels on Tuesday (23 ...

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Germany is black spot in Nato solidarity

Most Germans do not think they should defend Nato allies against Russia, in a blip among otherwise growing support for Western joint defence.

Fifty-three percent of Germans said their country should not honour the Nato treaty “if Russia got into a serious military conflict with one ...

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Children among dead in UK bomb attack

At least 22 people, including children, were confirmed dead and up to 59 injured in a suspected terrorist attack in Manchester in the UK.

The casualties came following an explosion at the Manchester Arena, a concert venue, in the city centre on Tuesday (22 May) at the end of a pop concert ...

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Fight club: Russian spies seek EU recruits

Russian intelligence services are using martial arts clubs to recruit potential troublemakers in Germany and other EU countries, security experts have warned.

The number of clubs is higher than previously reported and the “sleeper cells” could stage violent provocations ...

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No debt relief or bailout money yet for Greece

Greece and its creditors have postponed an agreement to unblock a new disbursement from the Greek bailout and on debt relief measures.

The deal will now be re-examined in mid-June, Eurogroup president Jeroen Dijsselbloem said after a late-night meeting in Brussels on Monday (22 ...

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EU gives mandate to Barnier to negotiate Brexit

EU ministers officially gave the green light to chief Brexit negotiator Michel Barnier on Monday (22 May) to start talks, and adopted the principles for discussing the UK's exit from the bloc.

This was the final preparatory move from the EU's side, which is ready to begin talks with ...

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EU wary over Ukrainian weapons in South Sudan

A lanky South Sudanese soldier steps forward amid the throng of refugees at a settlement camp in northern Uganda and presents himself as Duku Eduwar.

At 30-years old, Eduwar, like many others, had trekked on foot through the bush for days to flee an ongoing war fuelled by weapons partly ...

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Trump descends into the 'hellhole' This WEEK

US president Donald Trump had once called Brussels a “hellhole”, cheered for Brexit, and dismissed Nato as “obsolete” – all of which raised questions in Europe about his commitment to transatlantic alliances.

On Thursday (25 May), fresh from a tour in ...

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Portugal held up as symbol of EU recovery

Portugal is no longer in breach of EU deficit rules, in a turn-around for the bailout state that symbolised broader economic recovery, the European Commission said on Monday (22 May).

“It’s really a very good and a very important piece of news for Portugal … for the ...

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Hungarians march against Orban crackdown

Thousands of demonstrators marched through Budapest on Sunday (21 May) in protest against Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orban's attempts to target a top foreign university and non-governmental organisations (NGOs).

Demonstrators wanted Orban's government to amend a higher education law ...

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Malta surprised by sudden interest in its tax regime

Maltese politicians defended the country's tax regime over the weekend, after an international group of media began publishing stories about the so-called Malta Files.

The EU’s smallest nation came under new public scrutiny on Friday (19 May) when a journalists’ network ...

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Money causes schism in sharing economy

For Anja Kuhner, sharing is a lifestyle. She shares her Duesseldorf apartment and her knowledge about the city, free-of-charge, with strangers from all over the world, who might eventually become lifelong friends.

The journalist and executive director of the non-profit home sharing service ...

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Brexit has uprooted Britain's traditional party system

A portion of British voters said they feel they have more in common with people who voted the same way in the EU referendum, even if they had supported a different political party in the 2015 elections.

In other words, Brexit has uprooted traditional party allegiances.

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Lithuania helps gay Chechens flee Russia

Lithuania has helped two gay Chechens to escape Russia and said an international effort was underway to protect others.

Linas Linkevicius, the foreign minister of Lithuania, first announced on Wednesday (17 May), the international day against homophobia, that his country had issued visas ...

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Nordic countries look to tax sharing economy

Imagine a teenager earning his first €10 by providing another teenager one hour's worth of online training in playing an online game. Let's call him Magnus, and see what happens when he tells the news to his parents over dinner.

”I made my first €10 ...

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Why the EU doesn't get China's Belt and Road

Chinese leader Xi Jinping trumpeted his foreign policy vision – the Belt and Road – to great fanfare this past week.

Yet a consistently discordant note was heard from European reporting around the event, with officials talking to press about their lack of understanding of ...

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Clock is ticking for the EU to fix the digital single market

The raison d’etre for the Digital Single Market (DSM) was to incorporate the digital economy into European integration. But from its very launch, the EU’s five-year DSM strategy always went far beyond that important task, imposing too many restrictions on new technologies. ...

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Cost of obesity outweighs war and terrorism

Efforts to tackle rising levels of obesity in Europe remain very small in comparison to the “massive economic burden” it is placing on health services, with governments side-tracked by single interventions like sugar taxes.

“There’s a real gap in political ...

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Greece passes new austerity measures, hopes for debt deal

The Greek parliament adopted a new set of austerity measures on Thursday evening (18 May), which the government hopes will allow a new tranche of international aid and debt relief measures.

The bill includes pension cuts and tax increases in order to save €4 billion until 2020. It ...

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Lack of solidarity dogs EU asylum reform

European solidarity was in short supply in Brussels on Thursday (18 May) amid ongoing disagreement on how to overhaul asylum laws.

Interior ministers met in the EU capital to discuss reform of the so-called Dublin law that determines which member state is responsible for processing an ...

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MEPs call for end to 'social dumping' in road sector

The European Parliament passed a resolution on Thursday (18 May) to stop social dumping in the road sector, in a debate that pitches concerns about social equality against the free movement of workers and services.

The parliament was setting out its position ahead of legislative proposals ...

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