You won’t guess where OAPs should go if they want sun and fun

Places in southern and eastern England dominated the top 10 list, with Dorset, East Sussex, Devon, Norfolk and Suffolk also identified as hotspots by Prudential. 

Prudential looked at a range of data including disability-free life expectancy, access to healthcare, crime levels, ...

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China pumping MILLIONS into developing 'cyber army with world famous web security schools'

The Cyberspace Administration of China and China’s education ministry announced plans to “build four to six world-famous cyber-security schools in ten years [from 2017 to 2027]”.

A statement claimed select colleges and universities will implement "comprehensive" ...

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‘Islam does NOT belong to Germany’ AfD leader rejects claims her party echoes Nazi slogans

“We are saying Islam does not belong to Germany” - @Beatrix_vStorch from the populist Alternative for Germany (AfD) tells @ggatehouse

Beatrix von Stork, Duchess of Oldenburg and the AfD’s second in command, claimed her party’s policies on Islam ...

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Top A-level grades rise but more pupils shun university

And for the first time in many years, boys outperformed girls in the top grades, according to the Joint Council for Qualifications. 

But education experts said there was a “buyer’s market” for university places, with thousands unfilled as applications fell by four ...

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Angry BBC viewers furious to see 'VILE' Nick Ferrari make his Newsnight debut

Mr Ferrari, who recently criticised the BBCs’ licence fee which forces viewers to fund “biased” Brexit coverage, prompted viewers to take to social media to express their anger at the new presenter.

People were quick to vent their outrage on Twitter at the so-called ...

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Star Wars 8 leaks: Kylo Ren's lightsaber and what Luke and Rey do first

With only months to go until Episode 8 hits cinemas, anticipation is starting to reach fever pitch.

Despite the onslaught of daily leaks, rumours and theories, much of The Last Jedi remains shrouded in mystery.

However, some of the latest information casts a totally new light on the ...

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‘They have caused this’ Nigel Farage blasts European leaders after fatal Barcelona attack

The Brexit mastermind accused politicians on the continent of being the “cause” of terror attacks which have rocked nation after nation.

The attack in Las Ramblas, Barcelona, has been met by an outcry of sympathy from leaders including Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron and Theresa ...

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Policewoman stalked couple in bid to harm their marriage

Ashley Boyd, 26, developed an obsession with Kevin O’Connor who had married a former friend. 

Boyd got into his Facebook account and changed his relationship status to “single” and sent messages to his friends talking about his “unhappy marriage” to wife ...

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WATCH: Labour MP mocks Corbyn for not giving her brolly in rain amid sexism accusations

Laura Pidcock, MP for North West Durham, mocked the Labour leader for wanting a “fairer system” even though he was happy for her to be left uncovered in the elements.

It comes as equality campaigner Trevor Phillips accused left-wingers of being among the most sexist in ...

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One in five Scots prisoners DO NOT work behind bars

The statistics suggest jails are not keeping prisoners occupied during the day in order to help them prepare for release.

Of the country’s 6,266 inmates 3,696 are enrolled in work programmes, according to data released under a freedom of information request. 

A further ...

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'It's CRASS' Outrage after Eiffel Tower switches lights off in solidarity with Barcelona

At least 13 people were killed and more than 100 injured after a van rammed into shoppers in Las Ramblas, a busy tourist area Barcelona.

Paris mayor Anne Hidalgo said on Twitter: “Paris will turn off the Eiffel Tower starting 00h45 tonight [22:45 GMT] as tribute to the victims of the ...

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‘NAZIS’ Republican party HQ VANDALISED after Trump's Charlottesville response

Vandals spray painted a heart around the scrawled message, and are believed to have also thrown several rocks through the windows of the building.

It comes just days after Republican President Donald Trump claimed there was blame “on both sides” for the violence at the ...

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Trump will not be tamed! US goes ahead with drills on North Korea’s doorstep

Tensions between the United States and North Korea have increased rapidly in recent weeks with a defiant Kim Jong-un continuing to develop nuclear weapons and its missile capabilities.

In response the US president has ratcheted up the sabre-rattling by threatening “fire and ...

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Star Wars 8: Snoke ATTACKED by Rey and Finn in his throne room? NEW image

Episode 8 will finally give fans their first proper look at the First Order leader.

The mysterious creature behind the hologram is expected to be revealed in all his splendour in the magnificent throne room on board his Mega Star Destroyer. 

Official images were leaked recently ...

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Forgotten dogs of Chernobyl: Campaigners bidding to protect animals from deadly RABIES

Hundreds of dogs are roaming a deserted ghost town in the shadow of the ill-fated nuclear plant, the descendants of abandoned pets left to fend for themselves when 120,000 people were evacuated from away from the plant and its billowing radioactive clouds.

While the dogs have survived for ...

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Vehicle attacks by ISIS rise as terrorists claim more than 120 lives in FOUR years

Trucks, vans and cars have emerged as the new weapons of choice for terrorists, with today’s carnage in Barcelona the latest in a string of vehicle atrocities. 

Ploughing into crowds of innocents to slaughter and maim is the only tactic involved with this deadly new form of ...

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Theresa May urged to get tough on work permits for migrants after Brexit

EU nationals would be able to visit for a short length of time without visas, under plans being considered by the Government.

But they would need to comply with future migration rules if they wanted to settle in the UK. 

Theresa May promised today that free movement to Britain ...

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Barcelona attack: Putin calls for major anti-terror crackdown as 13 killed in Las Ramblas

At least 13 people have been killed and more than 100 injured after a van rammed into shoppers in Las Ramblas, a busy tourist area of the city.

Local reports say the Las Ramblas attack driver made off on foot after mowing down dozens of tourists and the attacker is still at ...

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WATCH: Horrifying carnage shows aftermath of Barcelona terror attack

The video is very tough to watch and shows people desperately trying to help the victims of the attack.

Numerous bodies are strewn on the ground across the pedestrian zone that is splattered in blood and debris.

Loud noises, shouts, and sirens can be heard as the emergency services ...

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BREAKING: Police near Barcelona dealing with 'possible terrorist attack' as gunfire heard

������ ATENCIÓ: Operació policial en marxa a #Cambrils. S'han reportat trets i ferits. #delCamp

The raid in the coastal town of Cambrils is linked to a “possible terrorist attack”, Catalan police ...

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'Stand up and fight Nazis' Schulz rips into Merkel over Trump Charlottesville u-turn

The US President issued a rousing speech on Monday, in which he denounced the “repugnant” KKK and vowed to hold “racist criminals” to account for their actions during the riots.

But just a day later in a press conference, Mr Trump took to the podium yet again with ...

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