BREAKING: Mountainous landslide buries village in China sparking fears 100 people missing

At least 40 homes in the village of Xinmo were swamped under the gushing flow of debris as the side of a mountain collapsed around 6.00am local time (11pm BST). A rescue operation is now under way to try to locate and rescue the missing.

The Maoxian government released a statement ...

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North Korea’s neighbour launches ‘defiant’ missile capable of striking Pyongyang

South Korea successfully test-fired a type of Hyunmoo-2 ballistic missile, the nation’s presidential office said in a statement.

Defence officials believe the missile may go up to 497 miles (800 kilometres) – the maximum ballistic missile range allowed under a deal with the US ...

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‘Once and for all’ Mike Pence mounts pressure on North Korea to end its nuclear programme

The Vice President announced the US will continue to increase economic and diplomatic pressure until the rogue state "abandoned its nuclear and ballistic missile programs once and for all".

Mr Pence said: "Under this administration, the United States will continue to work diligently with ...

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REVEALED: Vladimir Putin has 'accessed Western cyber security secrets since late 1990s'

Russia’s federal security service (FSB) has deceptively lured western technology companies into providing them with access to their secrets – and requests have increased since 2014, a Reuter investigation has found. The FSB has been blamed for a number of cyber attacks including ...

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China 'deploys submarine-hunting aircraft to South China Sea' in defiance of US warnings

Photos taken by commercial firm DigitalGlobe in May show four submarine-hunters, three Harbin BZK-005 recon unmanned aerial vehicles and two KJ-500 early warning jets parked at Lingshui Air Base on Hainan Island.

The Y-8X aircraft were put into service in 2015 but have not been documented ...

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US release shock images of Russian jet flying METRES from its spy plane as tensions soar

The US accused Russia of carrying out an unsafe intercept of its RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft but Moscow has hit back saying its SU-27 jet was "provoked".

The near-miss occurred in international airspace over the Baltic Sea on Monday – approximately 25 miles north west of the ...

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Head and neck cancer cured with THIS treatment: Swollen glands were only symptoms

Sylvia White, 58, was hit with the devastating news she had a tumour behind her nose in 2014.

The mum-of-one, from Southampton, underwent months of gruelling chemotherapy and image-guided radiotherapy which appeared to stop the cancer - the size of a large marble - in its tracks. ...

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Manchester terrorist 'watched YouTube videos to help build bomb’

Abedi is said to have viewed clips on YouTube about the manufacture of improvised explosive devices.

He also reportedly downloaded material from other websites about the chemical compound used in the bomb he detonated at an Ariana Grande concert.

Security services initially suspected ...

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'Recipe for disaster' Horrifying video shows plastic-backed fridge freezer burn in SECONDS

The clip captures a fire swiftly ripping across a household fridge freezer within one minute and 30 seconds. The video was published by the London Fire Brigade in 2015 as a warning about flammable fridge freezers.

Rita Dexter, who was the Deputy Commissioner of London Fire Brigade at ...

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North Korea threatens ‘nuclear sword of justice’ in a destructive war against Donald Trump

Kim Jong-un’s nation strongly condemned the “US imperialists” for launching two bombers in the Korean peninsula and deploying a navy destroyer to float through the East Sea of Korea over the last few weeks. The North insisted those actions were provocative and displayed a ...

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Saudi Arabia thwarts huge terror attack on world's largest Mosque ahead of Ramadan finale

A would-be suicide bomber who aimed to launch an attack on the Grand Mosque in Mecca, was cornered in an apartment before he could attack Islam’s holiest site, Saudi Arabian officials confirmed. Saudi’s interior ministry said three cells had planned the attack on worshippers and ...

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Forget Sudoku! If you REALLY want to improve brain power in old age regular sex is the key

Cognitive psychologists and neuroscientists claim that memory starts to decline as early as your 20s - with most people turning to puzzle games like Sudoku to stimulate brain power.

However, researchers have now found that people who engaged in regular sexual activity scored higher on ...

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EU free movement under attack from MACRON: Brexit happened after ‘Britain said STOP’

In an attack on free movement, Europhile Mr Macron said he will restrict the foreign workers in France if they failed to pay full French labour taxes.

The east Europeans, who are often employed in the building trade under a special EU regulation on temporary contract, are subject to their ...

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Jeremy Corbyn to 'force early general election' as Labour leader berates 'ludicrous' May

The Labour leader used his recent approval rating surge, which has placed him above Mrs May for the first time ever, to push for another general election, just over two weeks after the last vote.

Speaking at Unison’s annual conference in Brighton, Jeremy Corbyn, told the Daily ...

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Call for new inquest into man who died at Michael Barrymore's home amid new evidence claim

Terry Lubbock claims new evidence has come forward after Mr Barrymore began a High Court bid to sue Essex Police for £2.4million for wrongful arrest in connection with the death of butcher Stuart Lubbock, 31, amid claims it destroyed his highly-paid TV career.

Mr Lubbock, who was ...

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Daredevil prince! Harry skydives with Army's Red Devils display team and he was a natural

Harry joined up with the famous flying Paras and was taught how to drop out of the clouds with the group, which performs across the country.

The prince's exploits came to light when the Prince of Wales celebrated his 40th anniversary as Colonel-in-Chief of the Parachute Regiment by ...

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'SNP is licking it wounds' Michael Gove tells Nicola Sturgeon to end her 'grandstanding'

The leading Brexit campaigner, who has re-joined the UK Government as Environment Secretary, said the First Minister must stop trying to "manufacture grievance" over Britain's departure from the EU.

But Ms Sturgeon took aim at Theresa May for taking a year to offer reassurance to EU ...

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Prince Philip cancels London Zoo appearance as he recovers from infection

The Queen's consort was due to visit the popular attraction next Wednesday, in his role as an honorary fellow of the Zoological Society of London, to present the Prince Philip Award for Contributions to Zoology.

Buckingham Palace said there were no current plans for Philip to miss other ...

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Evil rapist who preyed on blind kids faces life in jail

Serial sex beast David Penman, 42, was convicted on Friday of preying on his victims whilst attending the Royal Blind School in Edinburgh during the 1980s.

The High Court in Edinburgh heard how Penman raped and sexually abused girls and boys during his time at the establishment.

One ...

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Vintage coach used from 1950 to 1979 completed 1000-mile journey after restoration

The 1950s Bedford was bought by Nick Taylor in 2011 and he spent six years making it shine again at his home at Weybread.

The coach was a "lifeline" for many Shetlanders, taking them to school, the shops and on trips around the islands.

Nick has donated it to the Shetland Commercial ...

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'There's no doubt...Britons want Brexit!' Tim Martin's explosive tirade during TV row

The Brexiteer argued that the recent General Election had not changed how the government should approach exit talks with Brussels. 

Jonathan Freedland suggested that the Prime Minister did not have the mandate to deliver the hard Brexit that she campaigned for in the lead up to ...

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