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Long Sutton loses much-loved legend in Pat Pitkin

Tributes have been paid to one of Long Sutton’s much-loved legends, Pat Pitkin, who has died within a year of retiring from her Market Place shop.

Pat’s Flowers played a key role in the town’s life and at its heart for 32 years was the hardworking lady who didn’t call it a day ...

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Norfolk police panel backs two per cent council tax rise

Police chiefs in Norfolk will continue to face difficult decisions in the coming years, despite a decision to increase the force’s share of council tax.

Members of the county’s police and crime panel unanimously voted to increase the charge by two per cent at a meeting in Norwich ...

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‘Don’t go to A&E unless you have to’, plead King’s Lynn hospital bosses

Officials at Lynn’s Queen Elizabeth Hospital have this afternoon pleaded for patients not to go its accident and emergency unit unless absolutely necessary, because of high demand.

Karen Croker, the hospital’s chief operating officer, said a short time ago: “Over the last couple ...

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Tony Martin slams police at King’s Lynn forum meeting

Notorious West Norfolk farmer Tony Martin stepped back into the spotlight last night when he criticised police services in the area.

The 72-year-old first hit the headlines in 1999 when he was jailed for life after shooting dead a teenage burglar at his home in Emneth Hungate.

He ...

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Bury St Edmunds' sevens tournament to kick off Super Sevens Series
The biggest tournament of its kind in East Anglia this year - Bury St Edmunds Rugby Club's Greene King IPA Sevens tournament - has been given the accolade of doubling up as the first event in the 2017 Super Sevens Series. ...
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Volunteers needed to be police chaplain

An appeal for volunteers willing to train and become voluntary police chaplains has been made by Churches Together in All Lincolnshire.

The role sees volunteers providing a listening and support service for police officers as they protect people who live and work in the county.

It is ...

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Drugs firms profiteer from NHS by hiking cancer drugs prices

Drug companies are profiteering from the NHS to the tune of £1 billion because they have unjustifiably hiked prices of cancer medicine, experts warn.

Cancer patients are let down by greedy drug companies who delay availability of well-established treatments and raise the ...

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Console Corner: Micro multiplayer mayhem as legend of gaming returns

Ask gamers of a certain age to name their top 10 childhood titles and Micro Machines would feature in most.

Imagine the excitement then after Codemasters announced last week the legendary racer is set to return in April.

Micro Machines World Series sees the miniature multiplayer ...

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One in ten Brits never have a good morning

One in ten Brits reckon they NEVER have a good morning - and a quarter seldom enjoying more than two good mornings a week, a study has found.

The poll of 2,000 UK adults also revealed skipping the first meal of the day can come back to bite you throughout the day. ...

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What is the most important ingredient in your full English breakfast?

For many Brits there’s nothing better than a greasy, full English but with so much to include on the plate, what’s your must-have ingredient?

It appears that fans of the fry up rate bacon as being the single most important ingredient with 89 per cent of people surveyed ...

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French plaits, Barbie’s boyfriend and Olly Murs songs - things only dads of daughters will know
How to French plait, who Barbie’s boyfriend is and all the words to Olly Murs’ ‘Troublemaker’ are just some of the things only Dads of Daughters will know, according to a new survey. ...
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Nintendo Switch games revealed as launch looms large

Nintendo’s brand new console the Switch is out in just over a month’s time and a host of games have been confirmed for the intriguing machine.

For those who haven’t already seen, the Switch is a “hybrid” console, allowing different modes of play with the main unit shaped ...

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’Pointless’ work performance reviews driving workers to tears

Most workers believe that performance reviews are a waste of time, a new study has found.

Around two-thirds of employees, and managers, said that formal reviews were time-consuming and outdated, in a survey by software firm Adobe - who themselves have abandoned the process of ...

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35% of British workers admit to having got away with a nap at work
Take a look around your office. If a new study is to be believed, 35 per cent of your colleagues have taken a nap on the job and got away with it. And only 12 per cent say they have had been disciplined by their boss for sleeping at work. ...
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How a Bull turned into a blight on the scenery of Long Sutton

According to South Holland and the Deepings MP John Hayes, “Long Sutton is a Lincolnshire jewel; neither too big, nor too small; not too grand, nor too humble”.

Mr Hayes’ introduction to the Long Sutton Community-Led Plan of 2011 was full of admiration for the town’s market ...

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Mums sick of kids’ illnesses - 18 times a year

The average mum will fall ill 324 times over their youngster’s childhood with colds and bugs passed on to them by their offspring, a study has found.

An endless cycle of sore throats, runny noses, migraines and sickness bugs means mums are left feeling under the weather 18 ...

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In 2022 we’ll be able to watch an 1,800-year old star collision

A star created 1,800 years ago after the collision of two distant suns is set to appear in the night sky for the first time – as the light from the crash finally reaches the Earth.

Scientists predict that for six months in 2022, stargazers will be able to witness the birth of the ...

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British mothers drinking during pregnancy put us in worst five nations for Foetal Alcohol Syndrome

Britain is among the top five countries worldwide for mothers drinking during pregnancy, according to new research.

The findings should cause concern, as the researchers have warned of the huge impact alcohol can have on babies’ health, and recommend abstaining from booze. ...

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From fiction to fact: the cybercrime threats of the future

Cybercrime was big business for fraudsters in 2016

Cybercriminals racking up an estimated £1 billion in damages to companies across the UK.

But more than the ever increasing financial and reputational risks affecting the corporate and commercial sectors are the very real ...

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Norfolk County Council reveals plan for 4.8 per cent tax rise

Norfolk County Council chiefs have outlined budget plans which could see their portion of council tax rise by almost five per cent this year.

The increase, if implemented, would add more than £55 to average annual bills, even before potential rises for district and parish authorities, as ...

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Obesity in dogs sparks epidemic of canine arthritis

Britain’s pet dogs are suffering an epidemic of arthritis and obesity among canines could be to blame, experts have warned.

New figures show the number of treatments for arthritis in dogs - which can cost up to £3,000 a year - have more than trebled since 2015.

The ...

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