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Sheffield tree protester given suspended jail sentence

A protester has been given a suspended jail sentence for breaching an order banning people from trying to prevent the felling of trees in Sheffield.

In August, the city council obtained an injunction to stop protesters taking “direct action” against trees being chopped down as part of ...

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Sheffield trees campaigner may face jail for flouting injunction

A campaigner could face up to two years in jail after being found guilty of breaching a court order while trying to stop trees being felled in Sheffield.

Calvin Payne was found to have twice stepped inside so-called safety zones erected around trees due to be felled, in breach of an ...

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'Mass painting' to call for preservation of WWI memorial trees in Sheffield

An artist previously commissioned to paint the Queen is to lead a “mass painting” of a Sheffield street lined with trees facing destruction despite being designated living war memorials.

Dan Llywelyn Hall, who painted the Queen in 2013, and the last surviving first world war veterans, ...

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If only it were so easy to forgive Jared O’Mara’s sins

‘B y the age of 30,” wrote the psychologist William James, “the character has set like plaster and will never soften again.” If it has yet to be proved, James’s point is something the voters of Sheffield Hallam might want to bear in mind when they come to pick their next MP. For now, ...

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Sheffield councillor cleared of breaching tree-felling order

A Green party councillor has been found not guilty of breaching a court order while trying to stop trees being felled in Sheffield.

Alison Teal, the councillor for Nether Edge and Sharrow, could have faced up to two years in jail for allegedly ignoring an injunction brought by Sheffield ...

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Christian thrown out of university over anti-gay remarks loses appeal

A devout Christian who was thrown off a university social work course after being accused of posting “derogatory” comments about gay and bisexual people on a Facebook page has lost a high court battle.

Felix Ngole, 39, from Barnsley, was removed from a two-year MA course at Sheffield ...

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Root and branch opposition to Sheffield tree plan

George Monbiot writes a rather hyperbolic article (With just one contract, corporate and state power has subverted democracy, 25 October). While he tells us that he “toured the battle lines between people and profit” and that there has been a “massacre of many of Sheffield’s famous ...

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Look to Sheffield: this is how state and corporate power subverts democracy

O ne of neoliberalism’s promises was that it would free us from bureaucracy. By rolling back the state, it would vanquish the stifling power of officialdom, granting us unprecedented freedom and opportunity. This promise runs through the works of Friedrich Hayek and Milton Friedman, and ...

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Labour MP quits equality committee over homophobic posts

The Labour MP Jared O’Mara has resigned from the women and equalities committee after it was revealed he had posted a series of homophobic and sexist comments on online forums, about 15 years before he was elected.

O’Mara apologised for a series of derogatory comments about celebrities ...

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Country diary: stalking red deer on the fringes of the city

R unning south from the old Barbrook reservoir, I found myself struggling against the strong south-westerly that had kept temperatures unusually high for several days and delayed wintering thrushes returning to the moors. The arrival of fieldfares and redwings is always sparkling compensation ...

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Bill Michie obituary

Before his election to the House of Commons in 1983, Bill Michie, who has died aged 81, was a Sheffield city councillor at the time when the authority was a part of what had been nicknamed the “People’s Republic of South Yorkshire”. The ironic title, originally bestowed in criticism of the ...

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Britain's first mega-battery plant to come online in Sheffield

Britain’s first industrial-scale battery plant will come online in Sheffield this week to help the grid cope with the rapidly growing amount of renewable power.

E.ON said the facility, which is next to an existing power plant and has the equivalent capacity of half a million phone ...

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Bobby Knutt obituary

Bobby Knutt, who has died aged 71, was a northern club performer before finding fame as a standup comedian on television, then acting in dramas and sitcoms. He was instantly recognisable for his large spectacles and thick curly hair and moustache, which over the years turned from dark brown to ...

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Michael Gove seeking way to end 'bonkers' felling of Sheffield trees

Michael Gove has asked government officials to explore ways of stopping the “bonkers” felling of thousands of roadside trees in Sheffield.

The environment secretary said the government would examine “legal or policy avenues” to end the scheme that has triggered months of protests ...

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Tony Skelton obituary

My father Tony Skelton, who has died aged 82, was a painter and decorator who lived and worked in Sheffield for his entire life.

He was born in the city to Thomas, a rolling mill labourer in the steelworks, and his wife, Annie (nee Turner), who worked in a wartime munitions factory. ...

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Put a price on urban trees – and halt this chainsaw massacre

I t’s a grim season for urban trees. The usual bustle of bicycles beneath a grand parade of 140-year-old chestnut trees that crosses Tooting Common, in south London, will cease tomorrow. Wandsworth council is closing Chestnut Avenue, the chainsaws are readied, and more than 50 much-loved ...

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Sparrowhawks play hard to get

A new noise stopped me dead in my tracks; a sort of pulse-quickening, primitive shriek, more banshee wail than bird call. Through the still-bare March treetops I saw the source of the sound barrel straight overhead – my first thrilling glimpse of sparrowhawk in this neck of Ecclesall Wood, ...

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A river runs through it: the global movement to 'daylight' urban waterways

T ucked away in a corner of Sheffield’s cultural quarter, among the graffiti and red-brick housing blocks and a derelict industrial site, lies a green oasis. Porter Brook is a “pocket park” – a small amphitheatre, sloping down to the banks of the river Porter, where wild trout spawn in ...

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Sheffield tree protesters blockade council depot as injunction begins

Campaigners have demonstrated against a “politically controversial” tree-felling programme in Sheffield, hours after the start of a high court injunction against protesters.

About 50 campaigners, some wearing wigs and dressing gowns and one in a Michael Gove mask, blockaded a Sheffield ...

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Councils must put tree safety first

The sudden collapse of a 200-year-old oak in Madeira, killing 13 and injuring many others (Report, 16 August), is a salutary warning to the tree protesters of Sheffield (Report, 16 August). Local authorities and other custodians of parklands and highways have a duty to ensure that trees do not ...

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Sheffield council wins injunctions against tree protesters

Sheffield city council has won high court orders to stop protesters blocking its tree-felling programme.

A judge made orders barring residents from taking “unlawful direct action” to prevent the lawful felling of roadside trees.

It is the latest development in a long-running row ...

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