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Switching to electric vehicles may not be so simple

So, the government is committed to banning all diesel and petrol cars by 2040 (Report, 26 July). Has it considered the wider impacts?

Power stations will face huge peak-time demand when drivers charge vehicles overnight. Can they cope? Will we face increased electricity charges?

The ...

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UK’s rail network suffering from lack of joined-up thinking

The transport secretary’s announcement (Fury as soaring cost halts electrification, 21 July) is disastrous for the UK – on economic, social and environmental grounds. It is a further sign that this government has no real interest in the economy and communities anywhere but London and ...

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People on estate facing demolition for HS2 could struggle to find new homes

The government has said that residents of a brand new housing estate facing demolition to make way for the HS2 railway could struggle to find replacement homes nearby.

More than 130 families living on the Shimmer estate in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, may have to leave their homes after ...

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Sheffield to Rotherham tram-train is five times over budget, says NAO

An experimental tram-train linking Sheffield and Rotherham has cost more than five times the agreed budget and is running almost three years late, with the government forced to compensate tram operator Stagecoach for the delays with a £2.5m payment.

A damning report from the National ...

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Tackling the plastic bottle crisis and our wider disregard for nature

The Guardian’s coverage of the global plastic bottle crisis (Surge in plastic bottle use sparks global alert, 29 June) has been powerful and compelling. Like so many of the environmental challenges we face, this issue has been largely ignored in the mainstream, which has led us to the ...

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I’m defying the council I serve on to stop it felling trees

O n Tuesday morning I was visited by a process server acting on behalf of Sheffield city council, the council I sit on as a Green party member. They handed me an official notice from the council stating that unless I comply with the set of stringent rules and demands detailed in the notice, it ...

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Nick Clegg loss surprises Lib Dems and Labour alike

For all their differences, Labour and Liberal Democrat activists in Sheffield Hallam agree on one thing: they didn’t see the constituency result coming. After 12 years as the local MP, the former deputy prime minister Nick Clegg lost his seat to Labour by 2,125 votes.

“Quite frankly, I ...

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From rust belt to mill towns: a tale of two voter revolts
On the eve of Britain’s election, Thomas Frank , who anticipated the rise of Trump among white working-class voters in the US, visited the industrial heartlands of northern England to compare two momentous contests ...
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British cancer patient reaches Everest summit

A British man is believed to have become the first cancer patient to climb Everest.

Ian Toothill was diagnosed with bowel cancer in June 2015 and told he might have only four months to live. But two years on he has conquered the world’s highest peak, raising money for the Macmillan ...

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Ikea to create 1,300 UK jobs in three new stores

Ikea will create 1,300 jobs in Britain by the end of 2018 with the opening of three outlets in Sheffield, Exeter and London.

The Swedish flatpack furniture chain said these would increase the total number of staff employed in the UK to 11,700.

A total of 350 jobs will be created in ...

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Check out the fussy falcons of Nottingham

Warnings about young people dropping off the electoral register were issued a long time ago (Report, 15 May). The next government needs to take swift action and automatically register 16-year-olds when they receive their national insurance number. Policies were set out last year by the all-party ...

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Brexitland: With pay so low for this long, no wonder there’s anger in Sheffield
As he continues his journey around leave-voting areas, Owen Jones sees how poor wages are driving the migration backlash • Brexitland: People can’t find homes. No wonder they were angry • Brexitland: The truth from well-to-do Fareham: this was no working-class uprising ...
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How one council is beating Britain's housing crisis

I n 2015, England’s local authorities built fewer than 3,000 new homes, just a tiny fraction of the estimated 250,000 new homes needed every year to meet demand. But one council has begun building again in volume, in what some see as a model for tackling the housing crisis.

On the ...

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Sheffield tree protesters to take legal action against police

Fourteen campaigners arrested in a dispute over tree-felling in Sheffield are to take legal action against South Yorkshire police.

The protesters, who include a Green party councillor and university academics, were detained under trade union legislation for preventing council contractors ...

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Tributes for teenage kickboxing champion who died after title fight

Tributes have been paid to a teenager who collapsed and died during a national kickboxing competition.

Scott Marsden, 14, who won a 50kg gold title at the World Kickboxing Association (WKA) finals in Spain in 2015, needed urgent medical attention during an English title fight in near ...

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Bishops need to heed the teachings of Christ

The decision of Philip North, bishop of Burnley, not to accept the invitation to be the next bishop of Sheffield is to be welcomed by all who wish to end the embedded discrimination against women in the Church of England. Bishop North, archbishop Sentamu and virtually the whole hierarchy ...

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Bishop turns down promotion after protests over stance on women

A bishop recently promoted to the diocese of Sheffield has announced he will not take up the post following mounting protests over his opposition to female priests and bishops.

Philip North, the bishop of Burnley, said in a statement on Thursday that it was clear “my leadership would not ...

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Miners' strike files suggest 'hints of political direction' of police

There are “hints of political direction of the police” in the 1984-85 miners’ strike that need to be examined in the latest release of secret Home Office files, the South Yorkshire police and crime commissioner has said.

Dr Alan Billings said he was deeply shocked by some of the ...

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Charges dropped against nine Sheffield tree protesters

Charges have been dropped against a Green party councillor and eight others who were arrested during protests against tree-felling in Sheffield.

Alison Teal was among four women and three men detained on suspicion of preventing workmen from chopping down a tree in Chippinghouse Road, ...

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Sheffield’s new bishop is a slap in the face for the women of steel

L ast June, a bronze public sculpture was unveiled in Sheffield city centre to honour those women who kept the munitions factories going during two world wars. Dubbed “women of steel”, over 100 of them turned up for a civic lunch held in their honour. And for National Poetry Day, the BBC ...

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Call to investigate arrest of protesters in Sheffield tree-felling battle

South Yorkshire’s police and crime commissioner has been urged to investigate the “repressive” arrests of campaigners in the battle against tree-felling in Sheffield.

The call came after prosecutors dropped charges against two protesters who were arrested while trying to save a ...

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