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Tony Skelton obituary

My father Tony Skelton, who has died aged 82, was a painter and decorator who lived and worked in Sheffield for his entire life.

He was born in the city to Thomas, a rolling mill labourer in the steelworks, and his wife, Annie (nee Turner), who worked in a wartime munitions factory. ...

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Put a price on urban trees – and halt this chainsaw massacre

I t’s a grim season for urban trees. The usual bustle of bicycles beneath a grand parade of 140-year-old chestnut trees that crosses Tooting Common, in south London, will cease tomorrow. Wandsworth council is closing Chestnut Avenue, the chainsaws are readied, and more than 50 much-loved ...

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Sparrowhawks play hard to get

A new noise stopped me dead in my tracks; a sort of pulse-quickening, primitive shriek, more banshee wail than bird call. Through the still-bare March treetops I saw the source of the sound barrel straight overhead – my first thrilling glimpse of sparrowhawk in this neck of Ecclesall Wood, ...

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A river runs through it: the global movement to 'daylight' urban waterways

T ucked away in a corner of Sheffield’s cultural quarter, among the graffiti and red-brick housing blocks and a derelict industrial site, lies a green oasis. Porter Brook is a “pocket park” – a small amphitheatre, sloping down to the banks of the river Porter, where wild trout spawn in ...

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Sheffield tree protesters blockade council depot as injunction begins

Campaigners have demonstrated against a “politically controversial” tree-felling programme in Sheffield, hours after the start of a high court injunction against protesters.

About 50 campaigners, some wearing wigs and dressing gowns and one in a Michael Gove mask, blockaded a Sheffield ...

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Councils must put tree safety first

The sudden collapse of a 200-year-old oak in Madeira, killing 13 and injuring many others (Report, 16 August), is a salutary warning to the tree protesters of Sheffield (Report, 16 August). Local authorities and other custodians of parklands and highways have a duty to ensure that trees do not ...

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Sheffield council wins injunctions against tree protesters

Sheffield city council has won high court orders to stop protesters blocking its tree-felling programme.

A judge made orders barring residents from taking “unlawful direct action” to prevent the lawful felling of roadside trees.

It is the latest development in a long-running row ...

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The council pays me to protect trees from destruction – but for how long?

I think most people would agree that trees are an amazing asset to a town or city. But with more and more developments being squeezed onto any available parcel of land, urban trees are under threat. You might have read about the outcry in Sheffield, where the council has felled more than 4,000 ...

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Police investigate hate mail sent to UK and US mosques

Counter-terrorism police are investigating an apparent transatlantic anti-Muslim campaign after hate mail and suspicious packages were sent from a location near Sheffield to mosques in London, South Yorkshire and the US.

Handwritten notes were received by three mosques and other ...

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Michael Gove demands end to Sheffield tree-felling programme

Michael Gove has intervened in a long-running battle to try to stop a controversial tree-felling programme in Sheffield.

A number of Sheffield residents have been arrested trying to protect some of the 6,000 trees that face being chopped down as part of a 25-year £2bn highway maintenance ...

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Jim Richardson obituary

My father, Jim Richardson, who has died at the age of 94, dedicated his life to history, to teaching and to trade union activism.

Jim was born in Sheffield, the eldest of four boys. His father, William, was a tram driver and his mother, Annie (nee Jennings), worked in a variety of low-paid ...

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Ex-police officer jailed over helicopter film of couple having sex

A “sex-obsessed” former police officer who filmed a couple having sex, and other people sunbathing naked, from his force helicopter has been jailed for a year.

Sentencing Adrian Pogmore, Judge Peter Kelson QC told him: “You, quite literally, considered yourself above the ...

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For my eyes only – baring all on a Pennine ramble

I am not going to tell you where I am writing about. It is one of those places of personal sanctity that has, miraculously, escaped the popular attention I am fully aware it deserves. Even avowed outdoor evangelists should be allowed to keep one or two of these places to ourselves.

I ...

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South Yorkshire police helicopter crew cleared over filming people naked

Two police officers and two pilots accused of misusing a police helicopter to film naked sunbathers and a couple having sex have been cleared of all charges.

The South Yorkshire police crew were accused of “a gross waste of valuable resources” by using the aircraft to make illicit ...

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Yorkshire Day: puddings fly for region's annual celebration

People across “God’s Own County” celebrated Yorkshire Day on Tuesday with pudding throwing, a straw bale race, the renaming of pubs and mayoral marches.

More than 100 mayors paraded through Sheffield for the annual event, which has been held since 1975.

The first celebration ...

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Ofcom bans Iman FM radio station over broadcasts of al-Qaida cleric

A local radio station in Sheffield has been taken off air by Ofcom after it broadcast 25 hours of lectures by an alleged former al-Qaida leader.

The media regulator said Iman FM was guilty of “extremely serious breaches” of the broadcasting code by airing material that “was likely to ...

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Switching to electric vehicles may not be so simple

So, the government is committed to banning all diesel and petrol cars by 2040 (Report, 26 July). Has it considered the wider impacts?

Power stations will face huge peak-time demand when drivers charge vehicles overnight. Can they cope? Will we face increased electricity charges?

The ...

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UK’s rail network suffering from lack of joined-up thinking

The transport secretary’s announcement (Fury as soaring cost halts electrification, 21 July) is disastrous for the UK – on economic, social and environmental grounds. It is a further sign that this government has no real interest in the economy and communities anywhere but London and ...

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People on estate facing demolition for HS2 could struggle to find new homes

The government has said that residents of a brand new housing estate facing demolition to make way for the HS2 railway could struggle to find replacement homes nearby.

More than 130 families living on the Shimmer estate in Mexborough, South Yorkshire, may have to leave their homes after ...

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Sheffield to Rotherham tram-train is five times over budget, says NAO

An experimental tram-train linking Sheffield and Rotherham has cost more than five times the agreed budget and is running almost three years late, with the government forced to compensate tram operator Stagecoach for the delays with a £2.5m payment.

A damning report from the National ...

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Tackling the plastic bottle crisis and our wider disregard for nature

The Guardian’s coverage of the global plastic bottle crisis (Surge in plastic bottle use sparks global alert, 29 June) has been powerful and compelling. Like so many of the environmental challenges we face, this issue has been largely ignored in the mainstream, which has led us to the ...

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