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One terror ‘suspect shot dead by police’ in a shootout another arrested over Barcelona terror attack

Terror attack: Latest

It has been reported that one suspect was shot dead by police, and a second suspected terrorist has been arrested, who is believed to be a French resident.

They drove a van at speed into crowds of people shopping on Las Ramblas around 5pm, ...

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Van ploughs into crowd in Barcelona killing 12 and injuring at least 80, police have confirmed

Terror attack

12 people have died and at least 80 injured police have confirmed after a van ploughed into crowds in a popular tourist area in the city centre of Barcelona this afternoon.

Terror attack happened right in front of us. White van drove into crowed and many ...

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Van ploughs into crowd in Barcelona killing 13 and injuring at least 50, police have confirmed

Terror attack

13 people have died and at least 50 injured police have confirmed after a van ploughed into crowds in a popular tourist area in the city centre of Barcelona this afternoon.

Terror attack happened right in front of us. White van drove into crowed and many ...

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Van ploughs into crowd in Barcelona

Terror attack…

A van has ploughed into crowds in a tourist area in the city centre of Barcelona, leaving dozens injured.

The national Spanish police have said a van has crashed into people injuring dozens in a busy tourist area in the centre of Barcelona.

Terror ...

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CashDash and Cardtronics UK launch global currency exchange and cardless cash withdrawals at Cashzone ATMs across London

Here’s why

CashDash, a provider of multi-currency digital wallet technology, and Cardtronics (Nasdaq: CATM), the world’s largest ATM owner/operator, today announce the integration of cardless cash withdrawal technology and first-of-its-kind foreign exchange ...

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Expert advice: The dos and don’ts of your CV

Good to know!

Writing aCV is not always straight forward, submitting a job application really is a fine art, Steve Thompson, Managing Director at recruitment specialist Forward Role, has put together the top CV dos and don’ts, as well as gathering together comments from ...

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Employers must support those with diesel vehicles, says Sodexo

Find out why

Sodexo, specialists in employee and consumer engagement, is calling on employers to support employees who are at risk of huge expense or reduced asset value as diesel cars face a doomed future.

Diesel car owners in the UK are sitting tight, waiting to find ...

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Employer demand for graduates remains high

Here’s why

This year’s graduates are heading into a robust recruitment market, with eight out of ten employers (79 per cent) taking on new recruits in 2017/2018, a study by HR website XpertHR shows.

But it also reveals that starting salaries have been frozen for the ...

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What are the odds for the most followed teams in the Premier League?

Can you guess?

In an article published here on LondonlovesBusiness we revealed who are the most passionate fans in England. The list had two London teams in the top three, West Ham United came first, with Liverpool in second, and Tottenham Hotspur in third. The rest of the ...

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Today’s retail results show online food sales are eating traditional supermarkets’ lunch

Here’s why

New official retail figures showing online food sales up 13.9 per cent increase the pressure on Britain’s beleaguered traditional supermarkets, says e-commerce delivery expert Fastlane International.

July’s Office of National Statistics (ONS) retail ...

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Ethnic diversity in FTSE 100 leadership pipeline improves for first time in four years

Key facts show

A new study from Green Park shows the leadership pipeline, supplying the highest tier of management in FTSE 100 companies, features the highest level of ethnic minority talent in four years. Progress is being made with ethnic minorities moving up the ...

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British holidaymakers the biggest worriers about leaving their homes

81 per cent of UK holidaymakers worry about their property when away

British holidaymakers are the most worried about leaving their homes unattended while they are away, according to a new international study from Philips Lighting, a global leader in lighting.

Its ...

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Over-65s becoming tech-savvy

Study shows

New research has revealed that Britain has a growing nation of tech-savvy pensioners, with two in five (39 per cent) of over 65s now using technology to help manage their health and medical conditions. The study found that half (50 per cent) of those aged 65 ...

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Gifted deposits for homes dips 

Here’s why 

Research from My Home Move, the UK’s leading provider of mover conveyancing services, has revealed that the number of first-time buyers and buyers of investment properties has fallen in the last two years.

First-time buyers accounted for seven per cent ...

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This developer could give the big dogs tough competition 

Here’s what you need to know 

Far East Consortium Ltd (FEC) has grown its UK operation to offer an exciting portfolio of residential developments and hotels with a GDV worth over £1.6 billion, making it one of the UK’s largest developers.

The family run ...

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UK firms report bumper dividends 

Top performers revealed 

Admiral’s cut to its ordinary dividend for the first half of this year explains why the car insurer’s shares are sinking fast this morning but this is a rare blip for income-seekers, looking at the interim reporting season as a whole.

Russ ...

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Poundland claims Toblerone shape ‘not distinctive enough’ for trademark

Launching own version

 Poundland has claimed that Toblerone’s shape is ‘not distinctive enough’ for a trademark as it defends the right to launch a copycat bar.

In legal documents seen by the Guardian, following a delayed launch of Poundland’s Twin Peaks bar ...

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Mobile reception not up to scratch on UK trains

Study reveals half of UK train commuters face poor and unreliable mobile connectivity 

Cobham Wireless, providers of mobile communications systems, reports that commuters are frustrated with the state of mobile signal reception on train journeys up and down the UK. Results ...

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Students need additional support to conquer their career concerns, says AAT

92 per cent of 16-19-year olds in London are worried about making career decisions, despite the average person having six jobs in a lifetime

With A-Level results day looming, new research from AAT (Association of Accounting Technicians) shows that 92 per cent of 16-19-year ...

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Highest paid actresses 2017

Who are they?

Emma Stone has toppled Jennifer Lawrence and been named Forbes’ highest paid actress.

The La La Land star topped the annual list by earning more than $26m, mainly thanks to her Oscar winning performance in the film that grossed $445.3m ...

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B&Q owner Kingfishers blames weather for sales dip

Figures released today

B&Q and Screwfix owner Kingfisher released quarter two figures today showing sales have fallen 1.9 per cent in the three months to July.

B&Q was the weakest performer in the group during the quarter with sales dropping 7.8 per cent to ...

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