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Another Tory MP quits from Theresa May's government over Brexit

Here’s what you need to know

Theresa May faced another blow this morning after Scott Mann, parliamentary private secretary at the Treasury and MP for North Cornwall, handed in his resignation over the PM’s Brexit plan.

In a letter to the Prime Minister, he said: ...

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Why wealth management funds could be an example to investors post Brexit

Let’s see

There is no denying that Brexit has been causing a great deal of concern amongst businesses and investors alike. A seismic event, it will separate the EU and the UK both in an economic sense and a political one, and there is no telling how the UK economy will ...

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‘Alight here for Gareth Southgate’ – iconic Tube station renamed in celebration of England football team

Take a look

Football has come a bit closer to home this morning for customers travelling through Southgate Tube station in North London, which has been renamed ‘Gareth Southgate’ station in honour of the England football team’s successful manager.

The Grade II* ...

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How will Brexit affect investment in London?

What are the true effects of Brexit

As one of the most thriving, popular cities in the world, London is a major global hub for businesses and investors. As such, it is unsurprising that the uncertainty from Brexit pervades every part of the city, especially given the fact ...

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Could cryptocurrencies offer a good pre-Brexit investment?

Take a look at why

Chief Brexit Negotiator for the European Union Michel Barnier recently declared that around 80 per cent of the UK’s Brexit deal had been agreed. With October’s deadline looming, this news marked a change of tone from the EU, lessening the prospect ...

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3 Ways to strengthen employee morale

Read on

Employees are one of the most important assets of any business, helping a company to grow, expand and thrive. While stressed staff can cost employers through increased turnover and sick days, happy staff can lead to higher retention and productivity rates. Therefore, ...

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Am I covered? Shielding your business from compensation claims

Check here

Running a business is tough and there’s always a risk you could end up facing compensation claims. While no business wants to think about it, things can (and do) go wrong. Whether it’s a customer who has injured themselves on your property, or whether you’ve ...

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Debenhams shares plummet after questions over its cash position

Retailer wobbles

Debenhams’ share plummeted six per cent this morning following reporter over the weekend that some insurers had reduced cover for its suppliers.

The Sunday Times said the retailer was facing “a cash crunch” because some credit insurers had ...

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Summer homes sellers need to work harder as prices stand still

Study finds

The price of property coming to market this month is at a virtual standstill, just 0.1% (-£248) cheaper than last month, partly due to the usual summer slowdown. However, finding a buyer this summer is made more difficult by an 8.6% increase in new seller ...

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Firms set to face corporate governance overhaul

What you need to know

Today the FRC has released the 2018 UK Corporate Governance Code which puts the relationships between companies, shareholders and stakeholders at the heart of long-term sustainable growth in the UK economy. The new shorter, sharper Code is the product ...

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Rolls-Royce is developing a flying taxi

Here’s what you need to know

Rolls-Royce has unveiled a concept electric vertical take-off and landing (EVTOL) vehicle at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018. The design could be adapted for personal transport, public transport, logistics and military applications ...

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Confidence edges to two-year high since Brexit vote but fails to lift business investment plans

Study shows

UK businesses are not increasing their recruitment and investment plans since the start of the year, despite confidence reaching a two-year high since the EU Referendum vote, according to the latest Business in Britain report from Lloyds Bank.

The ...

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May promises aerospace boost ahead of mega airshow

Here’s why

Prime Minister Theresa May will today (16 July) set out how the Government’s proposal for a new relationship with the EU will secure millions of aviation jobs and strengthen Britain’s position as a leading aerospace nation.In a speech officially opening the 2018 ...

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Are you going to practice yoga? Learn how to choose the ideal outfit!

Read on

You enrolled in a Yoga course and now you ask yourself, “What will I wear?” In fact, Yoga is such an introspective and self-knowledge practice. However, care must be taken not to choose clothing that will disturb the asanas (postures) or make you feel ...

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Diamonds in my DNA: Mayfair jeweller Tobias decodes 'affordable' luxury

Bond-Street jeweller shrugs off high-street blues

VITAL STATISTICSYour name and role: Tobias Kormind, Managing Director Company: 77 Diamonds Ltd What it does: We disintermediate the diamond chain and bring made-to-order fine jewellery, the largest selection of certificated ...

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Amazon boss to charge $200,000 to blast you into space?

Find out here

Jeff Bezos’ rocket company plans to charge amateur explorers between $200,000 to $300,000 for a trip into space next year, according to sources with knowledge of the plans.

The space tourism company had earlier made public the general design of the ...

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Trump visit: Mass protests kick-off in London

Pound drops after Trump’s latest interview

It has just been 24 hours since Donald Trump touched down in the UK and his bombshell interview with the Sun has already sent the pound spiralling down.

But this has not deterred his critics from going ahead with the planned ...

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May's Brexit plan will ‘kill' US trade deal , says Trump


Just a day after touching down in the UK, President Donald Trump has already criticized PM Theresa May’s Brexit strategy, saying it had probably killed off hope of a US-British trade deal.

In an interview published today, just hours before he is due to have ...

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Asda’s Coming Home! Supermarket wins out on beer and cider World Cup football fever

Figures show

Ecommerce analytics platform, E Fundamentals, today releases its ‘Beer & Cider Football Fever Index’, which ranks the UK’s major supermarkets by online World Cup buy-in. A weighted score has been allocated based on analysis into the ranges, ...

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Investment surge in Q2 puts UK back on top of Venture Capital market in Europe

New stats show

Venture Capital (VC) investment in the UK gained strength in Q2’18, propelling it back to the top of the VC market in Europe according to Venture Pulse Q2 2018, a quarterly reporton global trends published today by KPMG Enterprise.A total of £1.55 billion ($2.06 ...

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What's going to happen to property prices in 2018 and 2019?

PwC reveals stats

Annual UK house price growth is projected to slow to around 3% in 2018 and is likely to remain around this level until 2025, according to new analysis from PwC.

The average UK house price is estimated to rise from £221,000 in 2017 to around £285,000 ...

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