Suspected paedo shot himself days after police questioned him about grooming girl, 15

A suspected paedophile shot himself days after being quizzed by police for grooming a teenage girl after officers failed to take the gun from him, an inquest heard.

Matthew Kendall, 39, was found dead in a car park with a shotgun lying next to his body after blasting himself in the head on ...

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Racist thug throws Molotov cocktail at mosque in shocking CCTV footage

Dramatic CCTV footage captured the moment a thug threw a Molotov cocktail at a mosque.

Thomas Conington has been given a lifelong restriction order and was jailed for at least three years and nine months following the attack on Edinburgh’s Central Mosque.

The High Court in ...

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Family of Finsbury Park attack victim say he lived life ‘without enemies’

The family of the man who died in the Finsbury Park attack have paid heartfelt tribute to a ‘gentle’ grandfather who lived life ‘without any enemies’.

Makram Ali has been identified as the man who died when a van was driven into a group of worshippers who had ...

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Cladding to be removed immediately from tower blocks in Camden

Cladding will be removed from five tower blocks in Camden after tests showed it has a similar plastics to that used on Grenfell Tower.

Camden Council has said that it is seeking urgent legal advice after tests showed that the panels fitted on five blocks in Chalcots estate were not ...

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Pictured: Finsbury Park attack victim who died of multiple injuries

The man who died when a van was driven into a group of people in London’s Finsbury Park died of multiple injuries.

A post-mortem carried out at Whittington Hospital has found that Makram Ali, 51, from Haringey, died as a result of multiple injuries, Scotland Yard revealed.

The ...

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Judge rules Tory benefit cap for single parents causes ‘real misery with no good purpose’

Single parents with children under two have won a High Court challenge against the Government’s controversial benefit ‘cap’.

A judge ruled that cap led to ‘real misery being caused to no good purpose’.

The successful claim was brought over the ...

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Politician makes history by breastfeeding while giving speech in parliament

A politician in Australia has made history by breastfeeding a baby while moving a motion in Parliament.

Larissa Waters already made history last month when she nursed her baby in the chamber.

But the Green deputy leader took her exceptional multi-tasking to the next level today when ...

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Around 600 high-rise flats have similar cladding to Grenfell Tower, Downing Street admits

Councils in England estimate that 600 high-rise buildings have similar cladding to Grenfell Tower, Downing Street said.

Hundreds of tower blocks in England could be covered in similar cladding to Glenfell Tower, councils have estimated.

So far, tests have revealed that combustible ...

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David Lammy says Grenfell Tower residents need closure after losing his friend in fire

Labour MP David Lammy has spoken of the need for the relatives of Grenfell Tower residents to come to closure over whether their loved ones survived.

Khadija Saye, a friend of the MP for Tottenham, died in the fire that claimed dozens of victims.

Speaking on Good Morning Britain, Mr ...

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‘Working class voices are ignored by those in power’, says Jeremy Corbyn in Grenfell speech

Jeremy Corbyn has said that working class people were ignored by authorities in the lead up the the Grenfell Tower fire.

Jeremy Corbyn has described the Grenfell Tower tragedy as an ‘outrage’, adding that: ‘Every single one of those deaths could and should have been ...

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Locals complain relocating Grenfell survivors in luxury complex will bring down property prices

Residents are complaining that rehousing the survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire in a luxury complex in Kensington may bring down house prices.

It transpires that not even living through the worst fire the country has seen since World War II can illicit sympathy from locals, who feel ...

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Dad and daughter who killed neighbour because she burst a football are jailed

A father and daughter who killed their neighbour because she punctured a child’s football have been jailed for seven years each.

Natalie Bollen burst into victim Kelly Machin’s house in Waldwick Close, Leicester Forest East and punched her in the face, before William Jelly ...

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Record-breaking heatwave to end in thunderstorms as warnings put in place

The record-breaking heatwave that saw temperatures rise to 34.5C is set to come to a stormy end today as thunderstorms sweep across the country.

Severe weather warnings have been put in place overnight and throughout Thursday with a colder front set to bring heavy rain and thunderstorms to ...

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Siblings stayed with parents instead of letting them die alone in Grenfell fire

Three siblings decided to stay with their parents rather than let them die alone in the Grenfell Tower fire, it is believed.

Bride-to-be Husna Begum, 22, and her two brothers Hanif, 26, and Hamid, 29, told relatives that they opted not to escape so that they could stay with their frail ...

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How to report extremist online posts that promote or glorify terror attacks

Sadly, the UK has seen four terror attacks in as many months.

In the aftermath of the Finsbury Park attack on innocent worshippers in London, some gross comments were flying about seemingly attempting to justify the senseless violence against Muslims as some sort of ‘revenge attack’ ...

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Mum and stepfather of boy who drowned in water park charged with manslaughter

The mother and stepfather of a five-year-old boy have been charged with manslaughter by gross negligence after he drowned at a water park. 

Charlie Dunn died in hospital after he was found submerged in a lake at Bosworth Water Park near Hinckley, Leicestershire, on July 23 last ...

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Ex-partner and children of Finsbury Park attack suspect moved to police safe house

The ex-partner and four children of Finsbury Park terror suspect Darren Osborne have been moved to a safe house by police.

The family are under police protection while Osborne, 47, is being questioned over the white van attack on innocent Muslims returning from late prayer.

Chef ...

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Prince Philip spends a second night in hospital as he recovers from infection

Prince Philip has spent a second night in hospital as he recovers from an infection that forced him to miss the Queen’s Speech yesterday.

The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to a private hospital on Tuesday as a precaution after becoming ill with an infection arising from a ...

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No royal wants to sit on the throne, claims Prince Harry

No member of the royal family really wants to be king or queen, Prince Harry has said, in a revealing interview in which he added ‘we will carry out our duties at the right time’.

The fifth in line to the throne told Newsweek that the royals were doing it for the ...

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Chief of Kensington and Chelsea council quits over Grenfell Tower response

The chief executive of Kensington and Chelsea council has quit amid criticism over the borough’s response to the Grenfell Tower fire tragedy.

Nicholas Holgate said the Communities and Local Government Secretary [Sajid Javed] had ‘required the leader of the council to seek my ...

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‘They’re not missing, they’re dead’ says local who claims Grenfell death toll is in the hundreds

An angry mother spoke out this afternoon claiming she has not heard from 20 friends since the Grenfell Tower disaster.

Sarah Colbourne who lives close to the 24-storey tower block, said a number of people she knows have disappeared, including a five-year-old boy.

The Metropolitan ...

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