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This week in MoneyWeek: the stocks that can grow for decades

In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine: Richard Beddard picks five FTSE “aristocrats” to buy now; where money grows on trees; and the algorithms undermining democracy.

Plus, why you should switch out of buy-to-let; fix your mortgage until after Brexit; and why we should give the ...

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Is Canada’s house-price bubble finally about to pop?

Picture the scene: house prices are out of control.

An aggressive lender struggles to raise money to keep writing new mortgages, as worried depositors start pulling their funds. It is forced to take drastic measures, battering its share price.

You might think we’ve travelled back ...

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Doff your cap to the stockmarket aristocrats

Investors get excited by IPOs on the stock exchange. But new flotations tend to disappoint over time. You should back the old-timers, says Richard Beddard.

So far, 2017 has been disappointing [...]

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As Trump-mania wanes, expect Macron fever to take its place

Donald Trump announced his big tax plan yesterday.

The US president wants to simplify the American tax system. That basically means tax cuts for everyone.

So why did the stockmarket act as though it had been doused with a bucket of cold water?

Donald Trump put out his tax plan ...

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The darkening shadows over the UK commercial property market

Big commercial property groups seem to be getting cagey about prospects for the UK property market.

Some of that’s overblown worry due to Brexit. But there are also some more substantive concerns that are definitely worth paying attention to.

Meanwhile, even as the professionals ...

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Even if Macron wins the French election, there could still be chaos

“Relief sweeps markets” That was the headline on the FT today “as centrist Macron secures place in French run off” – a run off that he is expected to win decisively. French equities soared; French government bond prices rallies; and the euro popped up to its highest level against the ...

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Don’t bet on oil prices getting back above $70 a barrel

Oil has had a tough week. The price has fallen for six trading sessions in a row, with the key US benchmark – WTI – falling below $50 a barrel late last week.

The price of Brent crude – the European benchmark – has fallen by around 10% since late last year.

This is all ...

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Panic over – for now

OK, drama’s over.

The French election has turned out pretty much exactly as expected. For all that some of the papers are leading with “French revolution” headlines, the reality is that a face-off between the right-wing Marine Le Pen of the Front National and independent/socialist ...

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The general election marks a change of direction

Last week my family and I were walking up the stairs to the street from New York’s Penn Station when the young man in front of us started to run. He dropped his phone and didn’t come back for it (a modern signal of there being very serious stuff going on). Someone behind us yelled “live ...

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What’s happened to the Garden Bridge?

It was supposed to bring a breath of fresh air to the Big Smoke. But the foundations for the proposed new walkway over the Thames are looking shaky. Simon Wilson reports.

The plan was to build a pedestrian “garden bridge” across the Thames in the centre of London, linking the South ...

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Why elections shouldn’t worry investors

In the last few months, investors have become very excited about the prospect of political change reviving stagnant economies and unleashing a new wave of growth. Donald Trump was going to waltz into the White House, overhaul America’s wildly uncompetitive tax regime, boost infrastructure ...

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Your cheat-sheet guide to the French election

The French election could lead to all sorts of economic turmoil

I don’t advocate taking short-term punts on any market, but I know some of you have a speculative streak. So if you’re [...]

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The SNP’s clever but nasty politics

Earlier this month the government put in place some relatively minor reforms to the benefits system. These limited the cash benefits in the form of tax credits that parents can claim. You can now only claim for two children.

This is not an unreasonable policy. A one-parent family with two ...

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The real reason to worry about Turkey

What should you be most frightened of, financially, at the moment? There’s a long, long list out there.

The credit bubble in the UK (don’t think about car finance – it really will keep you awake at night). The fact that, while we don’t talk about it any more, QE is unlikely to ever ...

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The UK election is about far more than just Brexit

So far, news of the general election has focused on what it means for Brexit.

That’s understandable. Brexit is a big deal. A lot of people are very fired up about it.

But there are other things in life beyond Britain’s relationship with the European Union.

And regardless of ...

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Chart of the week: vote for authoritarianism will crush the Turkish lira

Turkey’s currency, the lira, has ticked up since President Recep Tayyip Erdogan narrowly won a referendum designed to increase his powers: he is now effectively “a 21st-century sultan minimally curbed by parliament”, says The Economist. While markets are hardly happy with Erdogan, ...

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This week in MoneyWeek: Buy British

In MoneyWeek magazine this week: it’s time to buy British stocks; how to choose a “robo adviser”, and would a universal basic income work? All that, plus an emerging-market fund that goes where others fear to tread; why it pays to go passive and how to save money when buying ...

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Why now’s a great time to buy British

Investors are glum about the prospects for the UK economy. Far too glum, says Max King. Buy in now and you’ll make a tidy return.

At a JP Morgan Cazenove investment conference [...]

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Fund managers hate US stocks – so when’s the bounce coming?

I get lots of emails every day from investment banks, PRs, estate agencies, strategists, fund managers – you name it.

There are far too many to read. Even when you sift out the irrelevant stuff, there’s still not enough time in the day to read everything that might catch your ...

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How Brexit could disrupt Britain’s supply chains

Road haulage isn’t exactly the most glamorous industry. But without the tens of thousands of lorries that drive up and down the motorways every day, the economy would quickly grind to a halt. Indeed 80% of freight to and from the UK comes directly by lorry, and a good slice of the rest ...

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What the snap general election means for the pound

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water, another national vote comes along.

On 8 June, 2017, there will be a general election, Prime Minister Theresa May announced yesterday morning.

Here’s how it’s all going to pan out… I think.

I’m all for ...

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