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Chart of the week: America goes shopping

The banking crisis forced US consumers to deleverage. Between 2008 and 2013 they worked off 12% of their borrowings – having spent the 63 previous years growing them. They have since resumed buying things they don’t need with money they don’t have. Total household indebtedness has ...

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This week in MoneyWeek: Turkey will stuff emerging markets investors

In this week’s MoneyWeek magazine, why the next big emerging-market meltdown will begin in Turkey, why Britain’s new-car market could be heading for trouble, and how not to get ripped off by high fund fees.

Also this week, we have a 24-page special report on pensions and ...

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Has Argentina confirmed that the bond bull market is well and truly over?

There’s been a lot written about this 100-year Argentinian bond that came out earlier this week.

In fact, I wrote a bit about it in the current issue of MoneyWeek magazine. But I just wanted to revisit it again, because it’s such a beautiful moment.

In some ways, it’s almost ...

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The next big emerging-market meltdown

Turkey is heading for default, says Jonathan Compton, and the resulting global domino effect should not be underestimated. Investors should stand clear.

Emerging-market stocks have rallied this [...]

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Oil is back in a bear market – how much longer will it last?

Oil prices are back down to their lowest levels seen this year.

The price of Brent crude – the international benchmark – is hovering below $45 a barrel. In fact, oil is now in a bear market – the price is more than 20% lower than its most recent high.

This is just a few months ...

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How to keep your money safe: stay away from “interesting” investments

Google has announced that it is to buy 300 “modular apartment units” as a way to help employees facing high housing costs in Silicon Valley. You might think that sounds generous of the firm.

Perhaps you aren’t on Twitter: the best response there to the news that Google employees ...

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Gold investors are going to need all their patience this year

Today I am finally writing a long overdue article on gold. The metal that was once so beloved now inspires apathy in all who consider it. As my Italian brothers would say, “Nobody gives a fig”.

What happened?

Remember the Noughties? What a decade that was for the gold ...

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Do investors need to worry about the Qatar dispute?

A couple of weeks ago, while we were all being distracted by the UK election, an unusual conflict flared up in the Gulf.

Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates severed diplomatic ties and transport links with Qatar. They haven’t reinstated them yet.

Why have ...

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The “disruption” days are over – it’s time for some brutal, old-fashioned competition

Whole Foods is an upmarket US grocery chain that sells expensive, high-quality produce with a focus on the ethically-sound, organic end of the market.

It accounts for about 1.2% of the US grocery market. And in recent years, it’s been struggling.

Until now. Today, this relatively ...

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How Brexit will affect London’s hedge fund industry

At the moment, London is the acknowledged centre of the EU’s hedge fund industry; 63% of hedge fund managers in the EU are located in the UK, as well as 54% of hedge fund investors. As of last March, UK-based funds had assets of $427bn, compared with $138bn for fund located in the other 27 ...

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How to keep your money safe: stay away from “interesting” investments

Google has announced that it is to buy 300 “modular apartment units” as a way to help employees facing high housing costs in Silicon Valley. You might think that sounds generous of the firm.

Perhaps you aren’t on Twitter: the best response there to the news that Google employees ...

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What May must do for business

Whether Theresa May will still be limping on as prime minister by the time you get round to reading this is anyone’s guess. After one of the most catastrophic election campaigns in history, the Tories remain in power, but their grip on government has been weakened. The City will be relieved ...

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HMRC’s budget-busting battle

A controversial court case starting next month could force HM Revenue & Customs to pay  tens of billions of pounds in tax refunds to big businesses. Alex Rankine reports.

HM Revenue & Customs, the UK tax authority, has appealed to the Supreme Court in the latest round of its ...

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Central banks are creeping closer to a post-QE world

I’m going to step away from politics this week to look at the people who really run the financial world (well, for now at least – the pendulum is swinging) central banks.

There’s been a lot of movement from central banks this week – the US Federal Reserve, the Bank of England and ...

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There’s more chance of a UK interest rate rise than you think

The Bank of England didn’t vote to raise interest rates yesterday.

But it came closer than it has at any point since the financial crisis kicked off.

Investors have got rather too used to seeing the Bank studiously ignore inflation data, regardless of how far adrift it is from its ...

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This week in MoneyWeek: what a hung parliament means for your investments


This week in MoneyWeek magazine we take a look at the aftermath of what was, frankly, a rather bizarre election – what it means for the country, for Brexit, and, most importantly, for your money.

Plus, we look at how you can get a better return on your money by ...

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Chart of the week: the shine will come off palladium

Palladium, used mostly in catalytic converters in petrol engines, is 2017’s best-performing commodity with a 30% gain. Mine production has fallen behind demand every year since 2012, and stockpiles appear to be running low.

But the rally could run out of puff soon, reckons ...

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What May’s car-crash election means for us all

In this topsy-turvy post-election world, all political assumptions made before 8 June have been consigned to the dustbin of history. It’s time for a rethink, writes John [...]

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The tug of war between the Federal Reserve and the markets

Fed chair Janet Yellen: getting enthusiastic about the idea of raising rates

The US Federal Reserve raised interest rates again yesterday.

US rates fell to near-0% back in 2008. At the time, it was seen as an [...]

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What’s next for the pound?

Good morning everyone.

In today’s Money Morning, after the debacle of last week’s general election, we consider, once again, the prospects for our currency, the great British pound.

I have to say, continually returning to this subject, I’m starting to feel like a broken record. ...

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Does the wobble in tech stocks mark the beginning of the end?

Did we miss the top of the market?

While we’ve been sitting here in the UK, gawping at all the political drama, the market in the US has taken a bit of a bearish turn.

Tech stocks – which have been the main thing propping the US market up recently – took a nasty nosedive on ...

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