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Billions from boffins: how to profit from university spin-out companies

British universities are teaming up with venture capitalists to create world-beating firms. Back the winners before they leave the lab to make big gains, says Matthew Partridge.

When it comes to research, Britain has some of the best universities in the world. The latest World ...

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This week in MoneyWeek: brainy world-beaters

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: profit from university research; buy into cutting edge healthcare, and how trackers beat hedge funds almost every time.

Plus: should you use profit forecasts, the trouble with internet advertising, the perils of buying insurance, and making the most ...

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Is this the end of the line for the Trump trade?

Is this the end for the “Trump trade”? Or just the start?

The US president has just stuck his party with a “take it or leave it” ultimatum.

Either they vote through his new healthcare plan later today, or they’ll be stuck with “Obamacare” for good.

Which way will ...

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Three scenarios for Britain’s post-Brexit future

“Winning was easy, young man. Governing’s harder”

Hamilton, written by Lin-Manuel Miranda

When he decided to hold the EU referendum, David Cameron hoped for a comfortable victory. Even if it turned out to be close, the June date meant that that the long summer holidays, ...

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The companies most vulnerable to the rising tide of populism

Populism is the buzz word of the day. As such, it’s tempting to ignore it.

But investors need to wrap their heads around it. They’ve spent the last couple of decades being told that politics doesn’t matter. And in the era of convergence and globalisation and omnipotent central banks, ...

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That’s it – the low for sterling is in this time

The low for the pound is in.We’re at the start of a new, multi-year bull market in sterling. We’re going to see gains of something like 40% over the next three to five years.

Am I talking utter nonsense? Possibly. It wouldn’t be the first time.

But here are five reasons ...

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How the private sector works to help the public sector spend our money badly

Eight years ago you could buy what is known as a “Scottish Executive” ticket from Edinburgh to London for £199. This sounds expensive, but it was actually a pretty good way to travel. For your £199 you got a completely flexible first-class return ticket, free parking at the station and ...

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What to do as inflation returns

And it’s back. Numbers out from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) today show that consumer price inflation (CPI) has jumped to 2.3%* with retail price inflation (RPI – the measure we all used to pay attention to) hitting a slightly scary 3.2%.

Food, clothing, housing, culture, ...

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It’s quiet out there. Too damn quiet

Listening to your gut is not a viable investment strategy.

This is not because your gut is always wrong. An infallible contrarian indicator is one of the most useful things you could ever have in the markets – you just always do the opposite of what it suggests.

No, the problem ...

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Stick with Japan – it’s cheap but it won’t stay cheap

What do people really want governments to do? Look at it simplistically and there are two answers to this. Most of the time they want governments to create and operate an efficient infrastructure and then to stay out of the way, leaving them more or less unmolested to get on with the day-to-day ...

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Tired of elections? I’ve got some bad news for you

Democracy is a great thing. I’ll argue the point with anyone who says it isn’t. (My main argument being: what do you replace it with, oh wise one?)

But that said, it’s possible to have too much of a good thing. And if you live in the UK (and plenty of other places for that matter), ...

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What the Dutch election results mean for European politics

Last Wednesday, Dutch voters voted in their general election. Polls immediately before the election had suggested that the PVV, run by the far-right Geert Wilders, was neck-and-neck with the current prime minister, Mark Rutte, and his party the VVD. Wilders had demanded major reductions in ...

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How hard could the bond market crash?

Markets enjoyed a great end to the week last week. The US dollar eased off as the Federal Reserve came out with a “dovish” interest rate rise – a weaker US dollar puts most asset classes in a good mood, as it basically equates to looser monetary policy for the world.

Meanwhile, the ...

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What is the WTO option?

If Britain doesn’t agree a deal or an interim arrangement with the EU before Brexit, we will trade on WTO terms. What is the WTO and how would this work? Simon Wilson explains.

The World Trade Organisation is the global intergovernmental institution that sets the rules of worldwide ...

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Why business should get behind Britain

In the nine months since the referendum on Britain’s EU membership, we have been engaged in a phoney war with the EU. The government has stated its intention to leave, but nothing has actually happened yet. It is only once Article 50 is triggered, and the UK gives formal notice of its ...

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Chart of the week: the aluminium rally falters

Aluminium futures have charged ahead of those of other metals in 2017, hitting a 22-month high in early March, but the rally has now faltered.

Prices had soared because China, which has doubled output since the turn of the decade and accounts for over half of global supplies, ...

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How to invest as the Fed falls behind the curve

This week, the US Federal Reserve produced the least surprising interest rate rise since the last one.

Market expectations for a 0.25% rate rise on Wednesday had hit 100%.

Federal Reserve boss Janet Yellen did nothing to undermine that level of certainty, as you’d expect. And so ...

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This week in MoneyWeek: profit from the high street’s move online

This week in MoneyWeek magazine: how to cash in on the online shopping boom; the new breed of banks; how to invest in private equity.

As technology has improved, says Sarah Moore, it has become easier, cheaper and quicker to do your shopping online. Last year, consumers spent ...

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Why drones will deliver a boom for warehouses

The first Amazon deliveries by drone have already taken to the air. Technology will give a boost to ecommerce, but investors should buy the infrastructure instead, says Sarah Moore.

On 7 December last year, consumer history was made here in the UK. A man in Cambridge ordered a bag ...

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The best ways to invest in gold

Today we’re talking gold.

I’m not going to make projections about the price – whether it’s going to go up or down.

Instead we’re going to look at the cost of buying and selling it…

What’s the easiest, cheapest way to buy gold?

Most would say via one of ...

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The chancellor hasn’t finished fiddling yet

So much for Philip Hammond’s Budget surprise. His small attempt to bring the tax paid by the self employed in line with that paid by the employed (its all about fairness…) has lasted all of a week.

The well-off self employed will be thrilled, of course (see my previous post on this). ...

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