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Palestine: Far-right settler claims two-state solution dead

But Palestinian official denies Israeli expansion has killed any hope for independence

RAPID Israeli expansion in the West Bank has killed any chance of a two-state solution, a far-right settler leader claimed yesterday.

Yaakov Katz revealed unpublished Interior Ministry data at the ...

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Strike launched in protest-paralysed French Guiana

WORKERS in French Guiana launched a general strike yesterday — joining protests that have already paralysed the South American colony.

Some 27 unions joined the strike over the high cost of living, poor health and social services and rampant crime in the French department 4,300 miles ...

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Starmer must push harder

LABOUR’S six tests for the government on negotiating our departure from the European Union show a disappointing lack of ambition.

Shadow Brexit secretary Sir Keir Starmer, like leader Jeremy Corbyn, has navigated a treacherous course since Britain voted to leave the EU and has done ...

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Pulsating cadences at the apex of jazz

Chris Searle on jazz

Sylvie Courvoisier Lonelyville (Intakt CD120)

Sylvie Courvoisier and Mark Feldman Quartet To Fly to Steal (Intakt CD168) Birdies for Lulu (Intakt CD230)

BORN in Lausanne, Switzerland in 1968, the pianist Sylvie Courvoisier had a conventional enough ...

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We have nothing to lose but our digital chains

The automation and robotisation of work raises plenty of concerns. But, writes NIGEL FLANAGAN, it needn’t be all doom and gloom as technology could also improve work

WHATSAPP handles over one million voice calls a day, it has over one billion users and when it was bought by Facebook in ...

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PM’s power to wage wars damages our democracy

Were Trump to launch his own disastrous war today, it’s hard to imagine that Theresa May would take a different path to the unilateral one taken by Tony Blair, writes LINDSEY GERMAN

THE damning of Tony Blair in last summer’s Chilcot report might have led some people to think that ...

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Tierney revelling in Scotland role

Celtic defender happy to play right-back for his country

Kieran Tierney would be happy to embark on a longterm Scotland career as a right-back after coming through a high-stakes experiment with flying colours.

The Celtic left-back was handed the role in Scotland’s crucial World ...

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Hamilton has found new drive to win F1 title

A determined Lewis Hamilton said yesterday that he wants to win the world title more than ever before and claimed his hunger has doubled this season as he prepares for a battle royale with Sebastian Vettel.

The Mercedes driver is on the back foot in the early knockings after he failed to ...

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City manage to avoid Chelsea in semi-finals

Manchester city defender Jen Beattie was pleased yesterday to draw Liverpool at home in the FA Cup semi-finals.

The other tie will see Chelsea visit Birmingham, who knocked out holders Arsenal in the quarters.

Beattie is glad that the Women’s Super League champions will play in ...

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Sounds fantastic

JEZ RILEY FRENCH tells Neil Mudd all about the groundbreaking soundscape he’s created which captures the ‘music’ of the Humber bridge

IF YOU want to know what a glacier being heated by the sea sounds like, Jez riley French is your go-to guy.

Presented with a tape recorder at a ...

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Expiring slowly, and other murderous outcomes

Crime fiction round-up with Mat Coward

DYING slowly is fatally expensive in the US, where health care is a racket not a right. In Parallel Lines by Steven Savile (Titan, £7.99) Adam, a Chicago widower, knows that by the time his muscle-wasting disease has finally killed him, ...

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Britain snubs UN talks on nuke ban

Government tightens grip on the bomb despite 75% supporting bid to rid world of it forever

BRITAIN was condemned yesterday for “boycotting” groundbreaking United Nations talks to ban nuclear weapons worldwide.

Representatives have gathered in New York for five days of ...

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NHS’s leeches suck away at £1bn bonanza

£1 in 8 is now going to non-NHS ‘providers’

PRIVATEERS have pocketed almost half of the £2 billion extra cash given to the NHS in the pre-2015 election Autumn Statement, researchers revealed yesterday.

Health bosses handed a staggering £901 million bonanza to private ...

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75% of our railways now owned abroad

South West franchise handed to Hong Kong-run MTR

THREE-QUARTERS of our railways are now run by foreign countries, the RMT union revealed yesterday after ministers gifted the South West franchise to China.

First MTR — a consortium of British private company First and Hong Kong ...

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US: Priebus offers Democrats olive branch to push Trump plans

THE Trump administration reached out to Congress Democrats on Sunday after Republicans scuppered his healthcare Bill, intended to replace his predecessor Barack Obama’s Affordable Care Act (ACA).

And in a surprise response after months of vehement opposition, Democratic Senate ...

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Syria: Isis orders residents to flee stronghold

ISIS ordered residents to evacuated its Syrian stronghold Raqqa yesterday, for fear that a dam upstream hit by US bombing would collapse.

Isis said the 800 megawatt Tabqa hydroelectric dam on the Euphrates river 25 miles west of Raqqa had been shut down and the floodgates closed.

The ...

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Venezuela: Mexico and Panama express solidarity in face of OAS attacks

CRACKS showed in the US-led front against Venezuela at the weekend as Caracas sought to win over Mexico and Panama.

The Venezuelan Foreign Ministry said on Saturday that President Nicolas Maduro had spoken to his Mexican and Panamanian counterparts Enrique Pena Nieto and Juan Carlos ...

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Take heart from the Durham TAs

IT WOULD be a mistake to think that the revaluation of business rates, from which Chancellor Philip Hammond is to receive a payout, had been designed to benefit him personally.

Not least because the changes, which estate agents say are the largest in a generation, were drawn up two years ...

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A chance to celebrate the uprising of the Welsh

By John Haylett

WHO would turn their nose up at the opportunity to celebrate the armed uprising by Welsh working people in 1831 when the symbol of the red flag made its first appearance?

Certainly not Lyn Williams who went along to the first relatively modest Merthyr Rising event in ...

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Len McCluskey is the real deal

Now is not the time for Unite members to gamble with the future of trade unionism by putting it into untested hands, writes HARRY LESLIE SMITH

I WAS born in 1923, five years after the guns in the first great war grew silent. So, it can be said that even though I am a most ordinary man, I ...

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Fair hiring matters: Fighting back against black unemployment in Los Angeles

by Chauncey K Robinson

HUNDREDS of people attended a gathering on March 21 at the Los Angeles Black Worker Centre to celebrate the release of a new report titled Ready to Work: Uprooting Inequity.

Widening inequality, rising housing costs and a lack of economic opportunities have led ...

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