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Eat humble pie on starvation policy, Boris Johnson is told

REVULSION at the Tory government’s choice to let 1.4 million children go hungry during the school holidays was expressed from all quarters yesterday.

MPs, councils, charities, businesses, churches and even a Premier League club showed their contempt for the decision not to extend free ...

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Men’s cycling Geoghegan Hart becomes fifth Briton to win a Grand Tour

IN ONE of the most exciting final stages of a Grand Tour, British rider Tao Geoghegan Hart won the Giro d’Italia yesterday, calling his victory “bizarre” and something he didn’t expect in his “wildest dreams.”

The 25-year-old Londoner pulled on the pink jersey for the first ...

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Formula One History made as Lewis Hamilton wins GP No 92

BRITISH driver Lewis Hamilton made Formula One history yesterday, winning the Portuguese Grand Prix for a 92nd career victory to move one ahead of German great Michael Schumacher.

Hamilton finished nearly 25.6 seconds ahead of Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas and 34.5 clear of Red ...

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Suicide bomb attack targets Kabul school

AN ISIS suicide bomb attack killed at least 18 people and wounded scores at an education centre in the Afghan capital Kabul on Saturday afternoon, officials have confirmed.

The jihadists targeted a building that houses a private school for hundreds of higher education students in the ...

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Conference ends with message of workers’ solidarity

THE Scottish Green Party’s autumn conference closed yesterday with messages of solidarity with striking workers, support for land reform and for the introduction of rent controls. 

Members voted on policy issues ahead of next year’s Holyrood election and MSPs unveiled plans to ...

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Nuclear arms face ban after 50th country ratifies treaty

CAMPAIGNERS from across Britain made renewed calls for nuclear weapons divestment yesterday after the UN Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons was ratified by a 50th country. 

On Saturday evening the UN announced that Honduras had joined the list of countries backing the treaty, ...

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Activists stage demo outside home of ‘rogue’ landlord

A RENTERS’ union staged a protest outside the London home of a “rogue” landlord on Saturday who is evicting tenants in Bristol during the pandemic, including a disabled woman.

Tenants Fi Jacobson and Phoebe Kemp, who live in St Pauls, were handed the eviction notice after they asked ...

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Stowaways ‘try to seize control of oil tanker’

POLICE confirmed that they were investigating a security incident on board an oil tanker off the Isle of Wight yesterday following reports of an attempted hijacking by stowaways.

The incident is reported to have taken place aboard Liberian-registered vessel the Nave Andromeda south of ...

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Trade unionists rally for Ikea to reinstate shop steward

A SERIES of demonstrations was held outside Ikea stores across Britain on Saturday demanding the reinstatement of worker and Usdaw shop steward Richie Venton. 

The latest of four demonstrations outside of the Swedish furniture giant’s Glasgow store, where Mr Venton worked until he was ...

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World’s super-rich increase their fortune during Covid-19 pandemic as millions struggle

THE world’s super-rich increased their combined fortune by a whopping 27.5 per cent between April and July, at the peak of the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a new report from Swiss bank UBS.

Despite mass job losses and fears of a crippling global recession, billionaires did ...

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EDITORIAL: If we can afford nukes, we can afford hot meals for the kids

IN THE 1888 edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica, one entry read: “For Wales, see England.”

Today, when it comes to sensible and progressive policies, perhaps we should say: “For England, see Wales.”

With only limited legislative powers and almost no independent financial ...

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Test and trace privatisation is ‘dangerous,’ says Arthur Scargill

ARTHUR SCARGILL joined the chorus of criticism against the government’s failed coronavirus test and trace system today following calls for the Tory peer overseeing the mayhem to go.

The former miners’ leader presented himself as an example of the system’s failure as MPs and ministers ...

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‘Dump Trump’s trade deal’

PROTESTERS dressed as US President Donald Trump, a cow and chickens gathered outside Parliament on Saturday to oppose a proposed trade deal that campaigners fear will lower food standards. 

About 50 people assembled near the Palace of Westminster to demonstrate against the trade ...

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Turkish intelligence services in plot to assassinate Kurdish politician Salih Muslim in Rojava

TURKISH intelligence services have been accused of plotting to assassinate two prominent Kurdish political leaders in the northern Syrian enclave known as Rojava and establishing a network of spies there.

Former leader of the Democratic Union Party (PYD) Salih Muslim and Aldar Khalil of ...

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Family joins hunger strike as Palestininan political prisoner Maher al-Akhras close to death.

THE family of Palestinian hunger-striker Maher al-Akhras announced on Saturday that they would join his action after Israeli authorities refused to allow them to visit him, despite fears that the political prisoner is close to death.

Mr Akhras’s mother, his wife and their three eldest ...

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More than a third of doctors have no faith in gov's tiering system

MORE than a third of doctors in England believe that the government’s tiered lockdown system will have no impact on the spread of coronavirus, a survey revealed today.

The British Medical Association (BMA) also found that more than half of healthcare staff are “quite anxious” about ...

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Iraqi communists demand change as protests mark the anniversary of the uprising

THE Iraqi Communist Party reiterated calls for a peaceful mass movement for democratic change as demonstrations at the weekend marked the anniversary of last year’s uprising.

The demonstrations followed the Geneva International Centre for Justice’s (GICJ) warning last week that ...

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Bolivian President demands resignation of OAS chief over role in last year’s coup

BOLIVIA’S newly elected socialist President Luis Arce has joined growing calls for the resignation for “ethical and moral reasons” of Organisation of American States (OAS) chief Luis Almagro, who backed last year’s right-wing coup in the country. 

“We do not agree that an ...

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Unionlearn funding gets the chop – ‘a sly and vindictive act’

DEVELOP a successful union-organised workplace skills training scheme using “pump-priming” government funding.

Win co-operation and support from some of Britain’s biggest employers to train more than 200,000 workers a year in new skills which make them more productive and better ...

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The hunger strike that shook the British empire

ONE HUNDRED years ago Ireland was in the midst of a war for independence. 

British rule over Ireland was being challenged constitutionally by the Sinn Fein political party and challenged physically by the Irish Republican Army (IRA). 

Terence MacSwiney was a democratically elected ...

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Playing to lose: who funded Labour’s 2019 election loss?
From straightforward second referendum groups such as Led by Donkeys to outrageously transparent Tory entities like Working 4 UK, SOLOMON HUGHES documents the range ‘non-party campaigners’ who invested in Corbynism’s failure ...
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