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US interests will dominate Trump and Johnson's trade talks at the G7, campaigners warn

CAMPAIGNERS have warned that the interests of the US will dominate any trade deal discussions between Donald Trump and Boris Johnson at the G7 summit this weekend.

The summit in Biarritz, in the south of France, will be the first time Mr Johnson will meet world leaders of Canada, Italy, ...

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Men's Football Loan starlet Eddie Nketiah scores the winner for Leeds

Eddie Nketiah made an immediate impact on the Championship, scoring on his league debut for Leeds to secure victory against Brentford on Wednesday night.

The England U21 international, on loan from Arsenal, replaced Pablo Hernndez with little more than 10 minutes to go, but it was enough ...

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Men's Football China turn to Sun Wen to fix failing national team

FORMER Fifa female player of the year Sun Wen has been elected a vice-president of the Chinese Football Association as China seeks to revamp its lagging national programme.

Sun, who became captain of the Chinese team in 2000, is currently director of the women’s youth training department ...

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Protesters demand London Stock Exchange delists mining company

PROTESTERS outside the London Stock Exchange (LSE) have demanded that British mining company GCM Resources (GCM) is delisted for what they called “criminal and fraudulent activities.”

The Phulbari Solidarity Group said today that GCM should be held to account over the shooting of ...

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Malta allows the Ocean Viking to disembark its 356 rescued migrants

MIGRANT rescue ship the Ocean Viking finally reached land yesterday, disembarking over 300 men, women and children in Malta who had spent two weeks stranded in the Mediterranean.

The crew of the Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and SOS Mediterranee ship saved the lives of 356 migrants off ...

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Brazil's far-right president facing international backlash over devastating Amazon fire

FAR-RIGHT Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is facing an international backlash over the devastating fires destroying large swathes of the Amazon rainforest.

French President Emmanuel Macron accused Mr Bolsonaro of lying when he committed Brazil to meeting global climate-change ...

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Health campaigners pledge fight of their lives against NHS privatisation deal with US

HEALTH campaigners have pledged the “fight of their lives” against any trade deal with US President Donald Trump that threatens the National Health Service as a publicly owned body.

A coalition of groups led by Keep Our NHS Public and We Own It launched a campaign today which will call ...

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Environmentalists demand Bolsonaro halt the Amazon's destruction

HUNDREDS of protesters gathered outside the Brazilian embassy in London today, joining others worldwide in demanding that President Jair Bolsonaro halt the destruction of the Amazon rainforest.

Fires have increased by 84 per cent on last year, mainly to make way for cattle farms and soy ...

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Guards for hire: Special report on the private security industry

TERENCE HUGHES, one of Britain’s most notorious security guards, was last pictured leaving the Old Bailey in 2014, looking visibly relieved after being cleared of Jimmy Mubenga’s manslaughter.

His solicitor told reporters that Mr Hughes “bitterly” regretted the death of the Angolan ...

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Turkey's journalists call for support as state extends five reporters' detention periods

JOURNALISTS in Turkey have called for international support and solidarity with five reporters who remain behind bars after their detention period was extended today. 

Mesopotamia News Agency correspondents Ahmet Kanbal and Mehmet Sah Oruc, Jinnews correspondent Rojda Aydin and ...

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Men's Football Rangers punished with partial stadium closure due to fans' "sectarian chants'

RANGERS have been ordered to close a section of Ibrox against Legia Warsaw after Uefa ruled some of their fans were guilty of “racist behaviour” — specifically “sectarian chants.”

At least 3,000 seats will lie empty for next Thursday’s Europa League play-off second leg ...

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Men's Football Chester fans tell Bury supporters this doesn't have to be the end

BURY fans need to prepare themselves for the worst, forget the past and concentrate on a fresh start further down the league pyramid but debt-free and in control of their own destiny.

That is the friendly advice from Chester, a club that went bust nine years ago and was expelled from the ...

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Editorial: It's capitalism that has set the Amazon alight

FRENCH and Irish threats to block the EU-Mercosur trade deal unless Brazil takes action on accelerating deforestation demonstrate the power of protest to deliver positive change.

President Emmanuel Macron might sniff that Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro lied to him at the G20 in June, when he ...

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Cleaners at Amazon warehouse sign landmark union recognition agreement

CLEANERS working at Amazon’s distribution warehouse in Peterborough have signed a landmark union recognition agreement with their employment agency.

Staff contracted to clean the online retail giant’s premises by  employment agency Mitie will now be formally represented by ...

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Exclusive: Racist G4S guard involved in migrant’s death is still allowed to work in private security industry

A DISGRACED guard involved in the “unlawful killing” of a refugee on a deportation flight has obtained a Home Office-approved licence to continue working in private security, according to the industry’s regulator.

Notorious racist Terence ‘Terry’ Hughes is still allowed by the ...

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Picture this Posters from Paddington Printshop

THE Paddington Printshop in London has been in existence for well over four decades and its enduring survival is best testimony to its continuing relevance to the locality it serves.


Throughout that time, it’s been at at the centre of many communal initiatives, political battles ...

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Exhibition The art of boldness and surrender

WALKING into the first room of Obedience and Defiance at the Milton Keynes Gallery feels like entering a fever-induced dream.

Paula Rego’s gnarled figures and fleshy shapes writhe on canvases amid a cut-out chaos of collage and “violent things.”

The opening piece, Salazar ...

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Theatre Review Appropriate insight into toxic legacy of slavery

THERE’S an agonising irony in the fact that the first London production of Branden Jacobs-Jenkins’s Appropriate has Barclays Bank — a bank with dark roots in the slave trade — as its principal sponsor.

The US playwright’s 2014 work examines the Lafayette family who are forced to ...

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Interview ‘Dark matter is what keeps everything from drifting apart’

ONE of jazz’s prime pianists, who through his musical life has absorbed many US genres, from swing, gospel and stride to hip-hop and free improvisation, Lafayette Gilchrist was a part of epochal saxophonist David Murray’s quartet for 13 years.

Born in Washington DC in 1967, he started ...

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Fire in high-rise next to Grenfell Tower

A FIRE broke out in a residential high-rise block next to Grenfell Tower yesterday morning, writes eyewitness and the Star’s Parliamentary reporter Lamiat Sabin.


A fire broke out in a residential high-rise block next to Grenfell Tower this morning. The cause of the fire is ...

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‘Too many’ older people on too many medications

NEARLY two million older people are on seven or more prescription medicines and are at risk of severe or life-threatening side effects, a charity warned yesterday.

Age UK said that too many older people are on too many prescribed medicines, known as polypharmacy, putting them at risk of ...

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