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Brexit shows Britain is no longer able to imagine a “common good”

For all the rhetoric we hear about this or that group ignoring or flouting “democratic process”, the fact is that we are in danger of forgetting what democracy is and why it matters. To say that democratic government is the best (or least worst) system of running a society is to say that ...

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Why Hannah Arendt is the philosopher for now

When Hannah Arendt was herded into Gurs, a detention camp in south-west France in May 1940, she did one of the most sensible things you can do when you are trapped in a real-life nightmare: she read – Proust’s Remembrance of Things Past, Clausewitz’s On War and, compulsively, the ...

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The Brexit referendum tells the story of the radicalisation of Middle England

Britain is a land made by liberals in which nobody wants to be called a liberal. A common practice in the US is slowly being imported to Britain. Liberal is becoming a political insult. Used in such a fashion, it has little or no determinate meaning. Instead, it denotes that the liberal in ...

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Mueller has submitted his report to the US attorney general. Here’s what you need to know

Special Counsel Robert Mueller, who is leading the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections, has submitted his final report to the attorney general William Barr.

Mueller was appointed by the deputy attorney general Rod Rosenstein in May 2017 to ...

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For the DUP, nothing has changed. So why do we keep hearing otherwise?

Last week, it was widely assumed that the DUP were about to abandon their opposition to the withdrawal agreement in exchange for a package of legal assurances on the Irish backstop and, as much as it was denied, a package of cash for Northern Ireland. 

Nigel Dodds disabuses ...

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Holding European Parliament elections is easier than MPs think

Most MPs do not want the UK to hold the European Parliament elections that will be a precondition of a long extension to the Article 50 period, for obvious reasons. Some fear an electoral windfall for parties at either extreme of the Brexit debate at their expense (and Tommy Robinson MEP), ...

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How a second Thatcherite revolution could follow this Brexit crisis

Britain’s political trauma is acute but its symptoms are not unique. Around the world the foundations of liberal societies are being shaken. Economic inequalities have become unsustainable. There is a backlash against social reform and representative democracy is under assault. Authoritarian ...

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The UK needs an economic and constitutional revolution

The memory of past greatness can be debilitating for a people who feel they have failed to rise to a historic occasion.  We Greeks have been burdened by this sensation at various moments in our postwar history: in 1967, when we failed to prevent a military coup; or more recently in 2015, when ...

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Commons Confidential: Why Vince Cable snapped

Rueful Kate Osamor issued a candid mea culpa at the Media Democracy Festival for throwing water at Times reporter Will Humphries and threatening to hit him with a baseball bat. “I am so deeply sorry… it was totally wrong of me… I have apologised to Will,” confessed the Labour MP for ...

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On Brexit, we’re feeling the aftershocks of earthquakes that happened years ago

Like most English-speaking dramatists I am frequently asked why I am not writing plays on one of two popular topics. My usual answer is to say that I’ve always preferred to write about things that people may have overlooked, rather than things of which they’re already heartily sick. But ...

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Britain must revoke Article 50 and take back control from the EU

Ideology is destroying us. We are now ruled by the ideological 1 per cent – the members of the two main parties. The power of the European Research Group (ERG) rests on their majority among the Conservative geriatrics; the power of the Leninists rests on its majority among Labour’s ...

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Theresa May’s Brexit deal won’t pass next week, but Jeremy Corbyn’s might

The European Union has agreed to extend the United Kingdom’s stay in the European Union until at least 12 April.

Should the withdrawal agreement be passed before 29 March, the UK’s membership of the EU will be extended until 22 May, to give parliament time to pass the necessary ...

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Stupidly, I agreed to look after a dog. But perhaps it might help make the MacHovel a home

Ding! A message pops up from A—, one of the Laird’s sons.

“How,” it asks, “do you feel about dogs?”

I am tempted to reply “I love them, but I couldn’t eat a whole one,” but that joke only works with children, and is of questionable taste anyway. Well, my ...

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The Conservatives’ class of 2022: who they are and what they think

The Tories were the least prepared party for the 2017 snap election. Now they’re determined not to get caught out again.

They began selecting candidates for key marginals in June 2018 (notably later than Labour, which started eight months earlier). Their top targets include seats ...

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In the three-day week of the 1970s, blokes ruled. We don’t want to go back there. Do we?

As I write this, with Brexit chaos continuing all around – the country divided, the future uncertain, politics seemingly broken – the only thing we can be sure will happen on 29 March is the release of an Ace Records compilation entitled Three Day Week : When The Lights Went Out 1972-1975. ...

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Mums Make Porn is more than just reality-show ridiculousness

Gentle reader, are you a user of the indigestion remedy Gaviscon? If so, please look away now. Watching Mums Make Porn (10pm, 20 March) – we’ll come back to the ghastly title of Channel 4’s new three-part documentary series shortly – has been something of a learning curve for me, and ...

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What’s going to happen with Brexit?

The European Union’s 27 other member states have agreed to grant the United Kingdom’s request for a concession, but have provided less time than the amount sought by Theresa May.

Should the British Parliament vote to approve the withdrawal agreement next week, then the UK’s ...

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Theresa May’s Trumpian statement was reminiscent of a sovereign dictator

In December, Theresa May’s government became the first in modern parliamentary history to be declared in “contempt of parliament” for failing to publish the full legal advice on the EU Withdrawal Agreement. On Wednesday, May made it clear that she holds parliament in contempt.   ...

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The Miami Showband Massacre: a brutal attack during the Troubles resurfaces on Netflix

The first time Stephen Travers put his hands on a bass guitar he was fifteen years old. It felt like he had just plugged his body into an electrical socket. The connection was both instant and enduring; it would propel him into the spotlight on stages across Ireland, but also make him an ...

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The UK is learning that like everything else in this life, democracies can die

More than a decade ago, when I first moved to London, I had a long chat with a Bulgarian cab driver who gave me some friendly advice about the ways of the Brits: “They are just too relaxed, these people,” he said. “Look, I have been to Istanbul, I know what you guys are like. In the ...

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China’s Uyghur detention camps may be the largest mass incarceration since the Holocaust

Over the last few years, a network of enormous detention camps has sprung up across China’s remote northern province of Xinjiang. According to the US State Department, the United Nations and other researchers and activists, they may hold at least a million Uighurs, a Muslim minority ...

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