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Why is everyone hating on these pro-Remain campaign groups?

As the EU Withdrawal Bill faces crunch votes in the Commons, Remainers are rallying for a last-ditch attempt at keeping the UK in the European Union – or at least asking the public for a second opinion on the departure.

Two-thirds of people think Brexit is going badly, according to ...

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PMQs review: Jeremy Corbyn challenges Theresa May on her unfunded NHS pledge

At Prime Minister's Questions, Theresa May traditionally accuses Jeremy Corbyn of unfunded spending commitments. But this week, the roles were reversed. After the Prime Minister's promise of £20.5bn more for the NHS, Corbyn warned there would be no “Brexit dividend” until 2022 and ...

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Can free ports save the North post-Brexit?

Free ports could provide the answer to growing the economy of Northern England after Brexit, a new report claims.

Free ports are special trade zones that exist within a country as an independent jurisdiction, where goods can be imported and exported tariff-free and without the ...

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The Italian far-right won’t get a Roma census, but its anti-minority propaganda is working

A few days after refusing permission for the MSF ship Aquarius to dock in Sicily after it rescued 629 migrants in the Mediterranean Sea, Italian Minister of the Interior Matteo Salvini is again stoking controversy. This time it is for proposing to create a register of Roma population in ...

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Today’s “meaningful vote” on the Brexit bill is unlikely to be very meaningful at all

Is there enough Anna Soubry in the Conservative Party to make up for the amount of Kate Hoey in the Labour Party? That's the question that no one is quite certain of the answer to as the House of Commons prepares to vote on the meaningful vote amendment.

The government has been wooing ...

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A Weekend in New York: an over-crowded and confusingly transatlantic novel

Sometimes what’s wrong with a novel is also what makes it impressive, and it seems unfair to criticise a book for achieving what it intends to. Nevertheless, Benjamin Markovits’s A Weekend in New York is frustrating.

Over four days, an extended family descends on New York City to ...

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How Jeremy Corbyn – and Brexit – have moved British politics to the left

After the 2008 financial crisis, the Conservatives made an ideologically defining choice. Having pledged the previous year to match Labour’s public spending plans, the Tories announced that they would no longer do so. The alternative, David Cameron warned, was a “tax bombshell”. In 2009, ...

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Political Football, the New Statesman’s World Cup podcast. Episode 2: flags and patriotism

Jason Cowley and Stephen Bush are joined by guest David Winner, the author of Brilliant Orange: The Neurotic Genius of Dutch Football, to discuss the relationship between the World Cup and national identity. They also look at the way the patriotism displayed by fans intersects with politics, ...

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How Gareth Southgate probably votes

Gareth Southgate. England manager. Thinking man. Newsnight viewer. Loving father and husband with a keen sense of civic duty. In short: exactly the sort of person who exercises his right to vote as often as is humanly possible. A proud member of the 22.5 per cent of registered voters in North ...

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Cannabis, not Brexit, best illustrates Theresa May’s near-total loss of authority

A list of political challenges facing Theresa May wouldn't ordinarily feature the word cannabis. But this week the row over the medicinal use of the drug is creating headlines across the UK and exposing fault-lines within the cabinet, and the Prime Minister only has herself to blame.


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Why you’ll be hearing the words “Brexit dividend” an awful lot over the next year

Say it with me one more time: there is no Brexit dividend. 

It could be that, at some point in the future, almost everything we believe to be true about trade turns out to be wrong and the economic costs of Brexit no longer outweigh the gains, but even if that does happen, a Brexit ...

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How will we pay for health systems in a very different future?

On the 5th July the National Health Service will celebrate 70 years of existence. It grew out of a pact between the government and the people. As war-time politicians called on people to risk their lives for their country, they accepted that there had to be something worth fighting for. ...

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The new US border policy is ripping families apart. This is Trumpism: the politics of hatred

The night my daughter was born a nurse took her away for a check-up, promising to return her at midnight. I woke with a jolt at 12.05, and when I noticed that the bassinet next to me was still empty I panicked. The pain of our separation was visceral, which was odd to me because I knew my ...

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Tory rebels will struggle to defeat Brexit bill as allies are lost and waverers alienated

The high-stakes game of parliamentary ping pong over the EU Withdrawal Bill continues. Last night, peers voted to insert a new meaningful vote amendment by Dominic Grieve into the text of the legislation. This sets up a Groundhog Day scenario for the Prime Minister, who now faces the fight ...

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Flann O’Brien: the demon jester of Dublin

Brian O’Nolan wrote under many pseudonyms, the most famous two being Flann O’Brien and Myles na Gopaleen. Born in Strabane, County Tyrone in 1911, he was the third child in a family of 12 – seven boys and five girls. He grew up in an educated, literary family (his father was a customs ...

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The talking cigarette packet in your pocket: why tech companies must fix notifications now

Imagine if cigarette packets could talk. If they could sit on the side and pipe up — pun intended — to remind you that it’s been 2 hours since your last cigarette. Picture them with the irritating voice of Red Dwarf’s Talkie Toaster — an AI-powered appliance with an awful bread ...

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Labour must commit to fully reversing the privatisation of public services

The privatisation of public services has been nothing short of a catastrophic failure. Successive governments of various political stripes have sold off services to the highest bidder, and it’s the public and those who support them who’ve been the hardest hit.

While there are ...

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The Billy Caldwell case shows how outdated the UK’s cannabis laws are

Last week, videos of a security officer at Heathrow with tears in his eyes confiscating cannabis oil from a tearful mother made the rounds on social media, provoking a national outcry.

The mother in question is Charlotte Caldwell, whose son Billy had been using cannabis oil to treat ...

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After shock NHS boost, there’s officially no money left for schools, defence or the police

I’m afraid there is no money left: that’s the note that Liam Byrne famously left for his successor as chief secretary to the Treasury, a job that Philip Hammond had expected to receive in a Conservative government. Instead, there was a coalition and the note went to David Laws, with ...

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Anxiety on Love Island: when reality TV stars have mental health problems

“You wouldn’t wish those kind of feelings on your worst enemy… It got bad, it got horrible, I was in a proper dark place.”

Three months after coming third on last year’s series of Love Island, contestant Chris Hughes opened up about his anxiety, which he had experienced ...

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The war on our streets: boys in UK knife crime are like child soldiers. They need compassion

Youth violence is soaring in London, and worsening across the country. Last year, 39 children and teenagers were stabbed to death across the UK, the highest number since 2008. Last week the Metropolitan Police launched its 74th murder investigation of 2018.

One reason blamed for this ...

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