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The Guardian view on school segregation: the origins of inequality

O n the face of it, Friday’s UK court of appeal ruling that segregation by sex in co-ed schools is a breach of the Equality Act is important for two reasons: it expands the understanding of discrimination and it strikes back against the creeping normalisation of segregation on faith grounds ...

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HL Mencken predicted a moron in the White House

When Iain Duncan Smith avoided asking Theresa May about universal credit, he was simply maintaining his own dishonourable tradition (Editorial, 12 October), having spent six years dismissing questions on his pet project while he was the minister responsible. Les Bright Exeter, ...

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Islamic school's gender segregation is unlawful, court of appeal rules

An Islamic faith school’s policy of segregating boys from girls is unlawful sex discrimination, court of appeal judges have ruled.

The three judges in London overturned last year’s finding by a high court judge that Ofsted inspectors were wrong to penalise the mixed-sex al-Hijrah ...

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Isis supporter jailed for planning to bomb Birmingham train lines

An Islamic State supporter who planned to blow up railway lines using a bomb built with Christmas tree lights has been jailed for at least 15 years.

Zahid Hussain, 29, a former nightclub doorman, was caught on CCTV climbing into a storm drain under the mainline out of Birmingham to London ...

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Birmingham imam can be extradited to stand trial in Spain, court rules

A Birmingham-based imam accused of trying to recruit people to fight for Islamic State can be extradited to Spain to stand trial, a court has ruled.

Spanish authorities have accused Tarik Chadlioui, 43, of making and uploading propaganda videos encouraging people to fight for Isis forces ...

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Birmingham prison riot cost taxpayer and G4S over £6m, court told

A 15-hour riot at a prison cost the taxpayer and jail operator more than £6m, the sentencing hearing of five “instigators” has been told.

Luke Mansell, 24, and John Burton, 39, were last week found guilty of a mutiny at HMP Birmingham on 16 December last year during which more than ...

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West Midlands police officers jailed over plot to steal and sell drugs

Two former West Midlands police officers have been jailed for a total of 31 years for selling information on drug dealers to rival criminals so they could steal their stash of narcotics.

Birmingham-based PC Wahid Husman, 47, and PC Tahsib Majid, 35, fed information to their associates in ...

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Birmingham refuse collectors win high court case against city council

Refuse collectors fighting for jobs in the wake of a dispute which has led to piles of rubbish being left in Birmingham streets have won a high court battle.

Union leaders wanted Mr Justice Fraser to block redundancy moves by Birmingham city council. Bosses at the Labour-controlled council ...

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Birmingham bin strike could extend into next year

Birmingham’s bin strike could continue until next year if refuse collectors vote to renew industrial action in a union ballot.

On Wednesday, Birmingham council voted to continue with plans to cut 106 jobs in a reorganisation of the waste management service that it hopes will save more ...

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Houses more affordable across half of UK now than in 2007

Homes across half of the UK are more affordable than before the financial crisis, with Birmingham, Glasgow and Leeds among the places where the gap between earnings and house prices has fallen, a study has found.

Yorkshire Building Society research shows that with a continuing ...

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Birmingham council leader quits over handling of bin strike

The Birmingham city council leader has stepped down after failing to resolve the city’s “bin war”, during which rubbish went uncollected for seven weeks this summer.

Labour’s John Clancy, who took on the role in December 2015, blamed “ill-informed” and “frenzied” media ...

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Man arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after stabbing in church

A man has been arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after a stabbing inside a Birmingham church.

Minister Kevin Hutchinson told the Birmingham Mail that about 150 people were taking part in the New Jerusalem Apostolic Church’s Sunday service when “a man with a knife stormed into ...

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The Guardian view on musical education: it needs social harmony

T he new Birmingham Conservatoire is in many ways a reminder of the Brummie resurgence. England’s second city centre was not long ago written off as an urban doughnut – a tiny commercial core cut off from its natural space by ring roads and a belt of derelict Victorian properties. However, ...

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Prisoners in stand-off with staff at HMP Birmingham

Prison staff are involved in a stand-off with inmates following a disturbance at HMP Birmingham.

An unknown number of prisoners refused to return to their cells at the end of Sunday evening at the category B and C jail, which is run by G4S.

A spokesman for G4S said: “Our teams are ...

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Stephanie Slater, estate agent kidnapped in 1992, dies aged 50

Stephanie Slater, the estate agent who was kidnapped during a house viewing and held in a cramped wooden “coffin” for eight days in 1992, has died of cancer aged 50.

Slater, then 25, was abducted at knifepoint by the killer Michael Sams, who posed as a house buyer in Birmingham, in a ...

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Trojan horse: the real story behind the fake 'Islamic plot' to take over schools
In 2014, documents alleging a conspiracy to Islamise Birmingham schools were leaked to the media, sparking a national scandal. The papers were debunked – but the story remains as divisive as ever. What really happened? By Samira Shackle ...
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Birmingham boy's death from allergic reaction partly down to school neglect

The death of a nine-year-old boy following an allergic reaction was partly down to neglect by his school, an inquest jury has found.

Mohammed Ismaeel Ashraf collapsed less than two hours after eating a lunch of fish fingers and chips at Al-Hijrah school in Bordesley Green, Birmingham, in ...

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Gang injunction bars 18 men from parts of Birmingham

The largest ever gang injunction has been granted, banning 18 men from parts of Birmingham and compelling them to register phones and vehicles with police.

West Midlands police have secured the two-year order against the men, aged 19 to 29, after a spate of firearm offences in the city in ...

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Adopted sons of American NHS surgeon granted visas after being denied UK entry

The two adopted children of an American NHS specialist and his British wife, who were repeatedly refused entry to the UK, have been granted visas after the Guardian highlighted their plight.

Patrick Thies, an orthopaedic surgeon, had returned to the US with his sons and was within days of ...

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Birmingham seven-week bin strike comes to an end

A bin strike that has caused anger and dismay for almost two months in Birmingham has been suspended.

Residents were told their rubbish-strewn streets would be cleared “without disruption” after talks that brought the seven-week dispute to an end on Wednesday.

The resolution came ...

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The symmetry of the Pieceword challenge

I’m surprised that Peter Bradshaw thinks the most bizarre episode in Sonia Orwell’s life was an evening when Malcolm Muggeridge and Kingsley Amis went back to her flat (Notebook, 10 August). More bizarre was surely her decision to sell the film rights to Animal Farm to the CIA (through E ...

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