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Man found guilty of manslaughter over gas mask death

A man is facing prison after being convicted of killing his sexual partner who he left tied up wearing a gas mask.

Kevin Adams, 52, was found guilty of the manslaughter of his friend Dohoon Kim, 36, who was discovered dead on a bedroom floor with ropes around his hands, feet and ...

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Support worker sold adopted child's details to mother to fund holiday

A family support worker who sold details of an adopted child’s whereabouts to her birth mother to fund a luxury Caribbean holiday has been given a suspended jail term.

Androulla Farr contacted the vulnerable mother and offered to hand over details of her young daughter’s adopted ...

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Bansky forced to withdraw offer to send free artwork to non-Tory voters

The street artist Banksy has withdrawn an eye-catching offer to send a limited edition print of a new piece to voters who shunned Tory general election candidates in and around his home city of Bristol.

Banksy’s stunt had attracted the attention of the police, the Electoral Commission ...

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Police investigate Banksy offer of free print for voters who spurn Tories

Police are investigating after the secretive street artist Banksy appeared to offer free limited edition prints of his work to people who vote against the Conservatives in the general election.

Banksy said prints of a new work would be mailed to voters in seats in and around his home city ...

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Helen Dunmore obituary

The writer Helen Dunmore, who has died aged 64 of cancer, seldom made herself her subject. The author of 12 novels, three books of short stories, numerous books for young adults and children and 11 collections of poetry, she was remarkable in that, although she made an impression from the start, ...

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Tactical voting drive targets remain voters in Theresa May’s own seat

Gina Miller, the pro-Europe campaigner, has launched a tactical voting drive in Theresa May’s own seat amid claims that tightening polls show there is no mandate for a “hard Brexit”.

Voters in the prime minister’s Maidenhead constituency, which backed Remain in the EU referendum, ...

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Banksy offers Bristol electorate free print if they vote against Tories

Graffiti artist Banksy has offered voters a free limited edition print if they vote for anyone other than the Conservatives this Thursday.

The anonymous artist made the offer to voters in the Bristol North West, Bristol West, North Somerset, Thornbury and Yate, Kingswood and Filton ...

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Parents like me must fight the education cuts, not pay for them

O n Saturday I attended my first protest march. The weather was grey and drizzly, my banner, saying “No more cuts” was hastily made the night before and I really wished I had brought a whistle. But along with many other march virgins, I joined a crowd of about 6,000 people walking through ...

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Boris Johnson apologises after discussing alcohol in Sikh temple

Boris Johnson, widely seen as being sidelined during the general election campaign, has apologised after discussing alcohol in a Sikh temple.

The foreign secretary was visiting a Sikh temple in St George’s, Bristol, where he made remarks about ending tariffs on whisky between the UK and ...

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Strong language can be good for a laugh too

Having worked as a psychotherapist for 12 years I concur that swearing makes us stronger (Report, 5 May). People brought up in a culture of obedience and “being good” repress their negative feelings, which can lead to passivity, inertia and depression. I teach clients that swearing in ...

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The Rev Elizabeth Tyndall obituary

When my grandmother was born in 1930, the idea that she would become a Church of England priest would have been met with disbelief. Yet Elizabeth Tyndall, who has died aged 86, was among the first wave of female priests ordained in 1994. The achievement was made possible because of her ...

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Black plaques for slaver philanthropists?

I am delighted to hear of a change to the naming of Colston Hall, Bristol (Report, 27 April; Opinion, 28 April; and Letters, passim). For nine years from 1953 I attended the University of Bristol, having arrived from the West Indies where my family have lived since 1712. And, yes, they did own ...

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The entrepreneur behind a revolutionary 3D-printed robotic hand

A round one in every 1,000 people in the UK is an amputee. Losing a limb through an accident, illness or military action is incredibly traumatic, but rehabilitation can also be a challenge. Currently, if you lose your hand, there are two prosthetics the NHS will most commonly provide, both of ...

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It’s not older drivers who should worry us

Boris Johnson seems to have lost his edge and should stick to the classical references he knows (Confusion over mugwump jibe, 28 April). As half of the 1960s band of that name went on to form the Mamas and the Papas and the other half to form the Lovin’ Spoonful, Mugwump is no kind of insult. ...

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Slavery’s echoes in Bristol and beyond

As a distant descendant of Edward Colston I have followed with interest the debate (Report, 26 April) about how or whether he should be commemorated. Slavery was an abomination and a stain on many nations’ histories. In Britain’s case the profits from slavery created a commercial and ...

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Slave traders like Edward Colston should not be forgotten

Unlike many of the (mainly) students who campaigned to get the name of Colston Hall changed (Hall drops slave trader’s name after years of bitter debate in Bristol, 27 April), I am a Bristolian born and bred, and I am so incensed that the management has kowtowed to these so-called activists. I ...

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Bristol: the city that lauds the slave trader

A fter 150 years, Bristol’s prime music venue is to finally change its name and thereby cut its link to the infamous slave trader Edward Colston. The charity that runs Colston Hall – Bristol Music Trust – announced this week that it would think up a new name before the venue reopens in ...

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Bristol's Colston Hall to drop name of slave trader after protests

Bristol’s biggest concert hall is to drop the name of the slave trader Edward Colston from its name after protests and a boycott by musicians, the Guardian can reveal.

The charity that runs Colston Hall, Bristol Music Trust, said on Wednesday it was a new beginning for the ...

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The case for an anti-Tory electoral alliance

Martin Robbins’ acerbic attack on progressive alliances (Tactical voting to beat the Tories: does the maths equal a coalition?,, 20 April) is both misinformed and misleading. For a start, he assumes that any alliances would be the only tactic used to beat the Conservatives when ...

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Edward Braun obituary

Along with Konstantin Stanislavski, Vsevelod Meyerhold was the leading theatrical innovator of the early 20th century, certainly in Russia and arguably the world. A victim of Stalin’s purges (he was shot in 1940), Meyerhold had anticipated the mid-century move away from naturalistic drama ...

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Anything but the Tories: Bristol West voters weigh up their options

M artin Wells, a psychotherapist from Bristol, admitted he had not voted for a while. “I’ve been Labour all my life but I fell out of the habit of voting. I think I had just lost interest in all politicians.”

But then came the 2015 general election, Brexit and the triumph of Donald ...

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