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Two dead and two children injured in Merseyside car crash

A man and a woman have died in a car crash in Merseyside that also left two children seriously injured.

Merseyside police were called to the collision between a silver Volkswagen Golf and a red Vauxhall Corsa in Liverpool Road, Haydock, at about 7.20pm on Sunday.

A police spokesman ...

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Own goal? Robbie Fowler doesn't appear at his own property academy

G ettin’ Jiggy Wit It is playing as we file into the Stephenson suite in the basement of the Hilton London Euston. Thirteen of us have come here to learn the secrets of investing from the former Liverpool and England footballer and – we’re told - “property magnate” Robbie ...

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Don McKinlay obituary

My friend the artist Don McKinlay, who has died aged 88, was a painter, draughtsman, printmaker, sculptor and collagist.

His most characteristic work centred on the human form. Early pieces were often intimate and personal, full of tender, original observations, and not without humour. ...

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Hillsborough police officer granted funds to fight potential manslaughter charges

The former senior policeman who was the match commander at the Hillsborough disaster is to get funding to fight a possible prosecution on charges of gross negligence manslaughter.

A judge at Preston crown court, sitting in London, made an order that David Duckenfield qualifies for legal ...

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Put (in)famous names in historical context

Michael Rosen is right that simply removing historic names from our monuments, roads, buildings and towns could miss an important opportunity (Should Liverpool University remove Gladstone’s name from its building?, 16 November). The attitudes of many historic figures fall short of modern ...

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Should Liverpool University remove Gladstone’s name from its building?

W e are surrounded by monuments, roads, buildings and whole towns that are named after people and organisations. Over time and for many different reasons, these names are often changed. Change in itself is no big deal. The Grocers’ Company’s school, for example, became Hackney Downs school, ...

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John Piper review – One of Britain's greatest artists? Pull the other one!
Tate Liverpool From his flaccid, semi-modernist daubs to his visions of Olde England, John Piper was about as refreshing as a cup of weak tea. But the war, and its bombed-out buildings, did give him his finest hour ...
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Liverpool student fights to remove Gladstone's name from building

A campaign has been launched to remove the name of the 19th-century prime minister William Gladstone – who defended the interests of slave owners – from a Liverpool University building.

Student Alisha Raithatha launched a poll on the Liverpool Student Guild website calling on the ...

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Elaine Morrall died in a freezing home – the state is tossing away people’s lives

W hen Elaine Morrall’s body was found at her home in Runcorn this month, she was wrapped up in a coat and scarf. That Elaine was only 38 and has left four children behind are heartbreaking details to a case that has rightly been shared widely on social media. But one aspect is particularly ...

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Country diary: autumn is particularly busy for red squirrels of Formby

It’s off-season at the coast, but you would only know by the bite in the wind. The sky is faultlessly blue, the sunlight golden, and parking is still a squeeze. Visitors flock year-round to Formby’s patch of pine forest, separated from the Irish Sea by soft white sand dunes. While a ...

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Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool: the tragic life of Hollywood sensation Gloria Grahame
She starred with Humphrey Bogart and James Stewart. But Gloria Grahame refused to bow to Hollywood sexism and was driven out. Frank Cottrell-Boyce on a new film about her finding love and a second life with a chaotic Liverpool family ...
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Ken Dodd at 90: the rib-tickling genius is still crazy after all these years
With a gag for every occasion, the tattyfilarious comic clocks up 50,000 miles a year performing his epic standup shows. He talks about stage fright, playing Yorick for ‘Sir Kenneth All-Bran’ and taking on the audience like a gladiator ...
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Shankly: Nature's Fire review – reverent portrait of Liverpool FC legend

A n unmistakable air of regret and melancholy hangs over this – understandably – hagiographic portrait of Bill Shankly, the tough-nosed Scot who singlehandedly yanked Liverpool FC from second-division also-rans to the all-conquering force they became in the 1970s and 80s. Partly it’s down ...

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While my mother grieved, noisy, bawdy Liverpool was my missing parent

K ids know, experientially and perhaps not with clearest logic, when they are not being parented. They know when that bond has been interfered with or damaged. I certainly did. I loved my mother, May Butler, very much and she loved me, but she wasn’t a functioning mother, not in any ...

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From Owls IPA to Huddersfield’s Hat Trick: football clubs join the craft beer revolution

A s unveilings go, it’s not the most exciting Anfield has seen: Liverpool fans at the game against Huddersfield on Saturday will be able to buy a one-off beer brewed to celebrate 25 years of sponsorship by Carlsberg.

And while some might be excited by the fact that the hops used in it ...

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Sir Bert Massie obituary

Sir Bert Massie, who has died aged 68 of cancer, was pivotal to many of the changes of the past 20 years that have improved daily life in the UK for people with disabilities. A canny and consummate dealmaker, he bridged the divide between traditional, paternalist leaders of the disability sector ...

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Pranksters turn Google Maps blue with new search term for Anfield

Everton fans have been given cause to smile, after it was found that searching for the term “gobshites” in Google Maps would direct them to their rival Liverpool FC’s Anfield football stadium.

Though it is not known who is responsible for the prank, it was probably done using the ...

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Pick-up fees for airport passengers rise at eight out of 20 top UK airports

Some of the UK’s busiest airports have sharply increased parking charges for drivers collecting passengers, a study has found.

Research by the RAC found that eight of the top 20 airports have increased pick-up fees this year. It advised drivers to “keep goodbyes to a minimum” as five ...

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Premier League clubs missed their chance to keep Christmas Eve special

T he almost total lack of regard in which broadcasters hold football fans is no secret, so it should have come as no surprise to learn that Sky Sports is proposing to reschedule Arsenal’s home match against Liverpool for Christmas Eve in what the Football Supporters’ Federation has ...

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Liverpool faces up to world heritage removal threat with taskforce

The mayor of Liverpool has created a taskforce to work to “reset” the city’s relationship with Unesco after the body threatened to remove its world heritage status.

In July Unesco gave Liverpool a final warning, saying it would remove it from its list of world heritage sites as ...

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Billy Hatton obituary

Billy Hatton, who has died aged 76, was the bass player and harmony singer with the Fourmost, the Liverpool beat group signed in 1963 with the Beatles manager Brian Epstein’s NEMS company.

Their first hits, Hello Little Girl and I’m In Love, released later that year, were produced by ...

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