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Everton’s Bramley Moore stadium opportunity is one they cannot miss

T he press release announcing Liverpool city council’s intention to help Everton move to a prime waterfront location describes it as “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to regenerate the Atlantic Corridor in north Liverpool”. It is a second-in-a-lifetime opportunity for Everton and one ...

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Everton agree deal to purchase waterfront site at Bramley Moore dock

Everton have cleared the first hurdle in their attempt to build a new stadium on Liverpool’s waterfront by agreeing a deal to purchase land at Bramley Moore dock.

The Merseyside club have reached a financial agreement with Peel Holdings, the landowner, for their preferred location for a ...

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Shia LaBeouf's Trump art project moves to Liverpool as 'America not safe enough'

Shia LaBeouf’s anti-Trump performance art project He Will Not Divide Us has relocated from the US to Liverpool owing to safety concerns.

The project is now being exhibited at the city’s Foundation for Art and Creative Technology (Fact) gallery, as “events have shown that America is ...

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In Liverpool, Tory cuts have brought a city and its people to breaking point

I n Liverpool, austerity is visible: boarded-up libraries, closed-down day centres and shut nurseries. But, as in countless cities and towns across the UK, the bleakest of its marks are hidden behind closed doors: the young mum skipping meals to pay the rent because of the benefit cap, or the ...

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Liverpool gears up to celebrate Sgt Pepper's 50th birthday

It was considerably more than 20 years ago today. Liverpool is preparing to celebrate the golden anniversary of Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Beatles album released on 1 June 1967, regularly voted the greatest album of all time.

The 50th birthday of the pop music landmark ...

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Workers at three rail operators are to stage a 24-hour strike on the day of the Grand National amid a long-running dispute over staffing and the role of conductors.

Members of the Rail, Maritime and Transport (RMT) union at Southern, Merseyrail and Arriva Trains North will walk out on 8 ...

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Shaun Walmsley: police put up escaped killer's own money as reward

Detectives hunting for the escaped killer Shaun Walmsley have offered £20,000 of his own money as a reward for information leading to his capture.

Walmsley, 38, has been on the run for nearly four weeks after being sprung from custody by armed men outside a hospital in Liverpool last ...

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Liverpool libraries saved after budget boost – for now

Public libraries in Liverpool have been saved from closure after the government promised £27m for adult social care in the city – however, the city’s mayor has warned that the decision is a stay of execution, rather than a permanent reprieve for the beleaguered library service.

The ...

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Rail strikes hit northern passengers as Southern dispute spreads

Strikes will affect trains on three franchises across England on Monday, as the row over the future roles and responsibilities of guards on the rail network spreads from Southern to Northern and Merseyrail.

Members of the RMT union are to walk out for 24 hours in protest at changes to ...

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Brothers fined over 'depressing, unsafe' Liverpool care home

Two brothers have been fined more than £82,000 after their “depressing, unhygienic and unsafe” care home was shut down by inspectors.

Amjad Latif, 56, and his younger brother Amer, 47, ran the Mossley Manor care home in Liverpool until June 2015 when a new resident’s daughter was so ...

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Time for a more nuanced, fuller portrayal of working-class voters

I n his 2005 novel Divided Kingdom, Rupert Thomson conjured up a dystopian future Britain split into four territories, each representing a temperament, or medieval “humour”. In one quarter live the sanguine; in others, the phlegmatic and melancholic; while the final quarter is home to the ...

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From the Observer archive: this week in 1967

If the duty of the Government is to govern, as Mr Wilson has once again proclaimed, what’s left for backbench MPs? Are they doomed to be no more than lobby fodder, dutifully voting for the Government’s measures? The question is not a new one. The House of Commons lost the power to initiate ...

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Liverpool on track for trouble down the line

Less than a week after Ian Stewart was convicted of killing Helen Bailey for her money, it was especially startling to read the clue to “gold digger” as “woman after a man’s money” (Quick crossword no 14,605, 1 March). Then “person showing people to their seats” was an ...

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Nuttall Hillsborough story raises questions

Ian Cobain quotes my former colleague at Edge Hill University, history lecturer David Renton, recalling that in 1999 Paul Nuttall submitted an undergraduate essay in which he “cited the notorious Holocaust denier David Irving” as an authoritative source (Report, 25 February). When confronted ...

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No Liverpool Lime Street trains after wall collapses on to tracks

No trains will run to or from Liverpool Lime Street station for several days after a wall collapsed on a section of railway.

Train users in Liverpool are facing major disruption to service after a wall loaded with concrete and cabins collapsed, sending rubble across all four ...

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Liverpool willing to step in to host troubled 2022 Commonwealth Games

Liverpool has expressed its interest in hosting the 2022 Commonwealth Games after doubts grew over the ability of Durban to carry through its successful bid.

The South African city was the sole bidder for the Games in 2015 but financial constraints mean it may have to pull out. “We gave ...

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Fiddler on the Roof review – Liverpool delivers milkman musical for our times

A n old Broadway musical full of nostalgia for a lost way of Jewish life in rural Russia might seem an odd choice as the first show for the new Everyman company, whose 14 actors will work together over six months on five shows. But Gemma Bodinetz’s loving but firm and elegantly spare revival ...

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Police hunting for escaped killer enlist help of foreign colleagues

Detectives hunting for a fugitive killer who escaped during a hospital visit have widened the net and teamed up with international police forces.

Shaun Walmsley, who has now been on the run for more than 36 hours, was freed when two armed men ambushed prison guards outside Aintree hospital ...

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Cuts that squeeze the life out of Liverpool

Your piece on the new threat to Liverpool’s remaining libraries is important (Liverpool likely to be forced into cutting more libraries, says mayor, 21 February). The scale of assault on public and civic life here shocks: £330m in cuts since Cameron and Clegg’s coalition government of 2010, ...

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Arron Banks defends 'sick of hearing about Hillsborough' remarks

Arron Banks, the Ukip donor, has defended his comments on Twitter that he was “sick to death” of hearing about the Hillsborough disaster, calling the criticism a smear campaign.

The Leave.EU founder posted his tweets after Ukip’s leader, Paul Nuttall, was forced to admit he did not ...

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Shaun Walmsley prison escape prompts call for urgent security review

The mayor of Liverpool has demanded an urgent security review after a gangland killer was sprung from custody by an armed gang while on a hospital visit.

Merseyside police has confirmed that Shaun Walmsley, 38, remains at large after the ambush outside Aintree University hospital in ...

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