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Manchester's Emmeline Pankhurst statue gets government backing

The government is to help fund a statue of Emmeline Pankhurst in Manchester, the city’s first monument to a woman in more than 100 years.

The statue of the suffragette leader, who was from the city’s Moss Side neighbourhood, will be unveiled on 14 December 2018 to mark 100 years since ...

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Reporting on 2017: 'The editor had never seen a news cycle like this'

Growing up, news headlines often seemed disconnected from my lived experience. Important voices were spoken over or edited out and the rise of social media left little room for reflection. I became a journalist out of curiosity, and a desire to shine a spotlight on dark places and amplify ...

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Sushi restaurant ranked UK’s best as London dominates Harden’s guide

Manchester has emerged as the UK’s fastest improving city for fine dining, but a £385-a-head London sushi restaurant is the country’s best, a respected food guide has found.

The Araki, a sushi restaurant in Mayfair with three Michelin stars, beat Casamia in Bristol and the Ledbury in ...

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Greater Manchester needs £1.5bn to boost cycling – Chris Boardman

Greater Manchester should spend £1.5bn to make the region one of the best places in the world to cycle or walk, Olympic cyclist Chris Boardman has said.

Boardman, the first cycling and walking commissioner for Greater Manchester, has made the ambitious demand in his first report to Andy ...

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Can you dig it? The unearthed history of Manchester club the Reno

“T he police, the establishment and what felt like the whole world were against us,” recalls Alfonso “Fonzo” Buller, the son of a Belizean immigrant and a Romany Gypsy, who first tiptoed into Manchester’s Reno nightclub aged 12. “But the Reno was the one place where we could feel ...

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Salford fire: sixth person arrested over arson attack

A sixth person has been arrested in connection with an arson attack that killed three children and left a fourth fighting for her life in Greater Manchester.

Five people were taken into custody on Monday in connection with the murder of Demi Pearson, 14, her eight-year-old brother Brandon ...

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'Older people have pulled up the ladder': inside England's oldest and youngest towns

‘B aby boomers have built an empire and empires need protecting,” says Reuben Young, a millennial who runs the pressure group PricedOut. “When younger people say, ‘We want our own house, we want to build more’, baby boomers see their empire as being under threat. God forbid that house ...

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Bishop attacks 'sense of entitlement' among rich and powerful

The bishop of Manchester has criticised a “sense of entitlement” among politicians and people in power, citing a culture of sexual abuse and harassment and the parliamentary expenses scandal that emerged in 2009.

The Right Rev David Walker said that at the centre of these two issues ...

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Briton jailed for 10 years for joining Islamic State

A British jihadi whose group has been linked to the Manchester Arena bomber has been jailed for 10 years for being a member of Islamic State.

Mohammed Abdallah, 26, went to Syria with help from his brother Abdalraouf, 24, who set up a communications hub for would-be fighters from his home ...

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British jihadist faces years in jail for Isis membership

A British jihadist whose group had links to the Manchester Arena bomber is facing years in jail for being a member of Islamic State.

Mohammed Abdallah, 26, went to Syria with help from his brother Abdalraouf, 24, who set up a “hub” of communication for would-be fighters from his home ...

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The Guardian view on fighting terror: maintain trust
The security agencies have marked their own homework in their investigations into failings behind the London and Manchester attacks. They may have got it right – but we can only take their word for it ...
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Inquiry's conclusions about Manchester attack are damning for MI5

The barrister David Anderson, who conducted the inquiry into the four terrorist attacks in the UK this year, usually chooses his words carefully – his tendency is towards understatement rather than anything excitable.

So when Anderson concluded in his official report that the Manchester ...

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Key points from David Anderson report on handling of UK terror attacks

The barrister and former terrorism watchdog David Anderson has published findings of his investigation into internal reviews by the security services and police into a wave of terror attacks in Britain this year.

Anderson studied the reviews into MI5 and counter-terror policing’s ...

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MI5 might have been able to stop Manchester attack, report finds

The terror attack on Manchester that killed 22 people might have been prevented if different decisions had been made by MI5, an official report has found.

The security agency had intelligence about the suicide bomber, Salman Abedi, “whose true significance was not appreciated at the ...

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Country diary 1967: sniffing out birds at the sewage farm

C HESHIRE AND LANCASHIRE: I was sad to hear recently of the death of a Cheshire naturalist whose name is probably quite unknown to the great number of ornithologists who have profited from his energy and fieldcraft. I refer to the late CM Gadd who was apparently the first man to realise what a ...

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First Buddhist Scout group in UK launches in Manchester

When Robert Baden-Powell, a lieutenant general in the British army, first published Scouting for Boys – the text that was to kickstart the scouting movement in 1908 – he cannot have foreseen what it would become.

The Scouts is now the world’s largest youth movement, with 40 million ...

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Theresa May promises to pay Manchester costs of arena bombing

Theresa May has promised the government will fully fund the costs of dealing with the Manchester Arena bombing after criticism that an initial offer fell at least £5m short of what local authorities needed.

The government had previously said Manchester had been assured it would receive ...

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In these tumultuous times, we need the Guardian’s values more than ever before

Katharine Viner’s piece was responsible, reflective commentary at its best (A mission for journalism in a time of crisis, 18 November). Her analysis of our times speaks to us all. Many readers will share feelings of displacement and confusion, even of despair. It appears that ordinary citizens ...

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May won't agree to pay costs of Manchester attack, says Burnham

The government has committed to reimbursing Greater Manchester just £12m of the full £28m cost of dealing with the aftermath of the Manchester Arena bomb, leaving the NHS and other services “significantly short”, the region’s mayor, Andy Burnham, has said.

On Friday, six months on ...

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Manchester rough sleepers to be offered homes in investor backed plan

At least 200 of Greater Manchester’s most entrenched rough sleepers will be given new homes, and the support needed to stay in them, following a £1.8m grant from an ethical investment fund.

Under the scheme, financed by the social impact bond, 15 of Greater Manchester’s housing ...

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MI5 and police cleared of any liability over terror attacks in UK

Official reviews will clear MI5 and the police of making serious mistakes that allowed terrorists to strike Britain in four attacks this year, the Guardian has learned.

But the reviews will also make a series of recommendations to minimise the chances of missing future attackers, including ...

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