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EU Citizens To Get Chance To Stay In UK After Brexit As Theresa May Makes 'Fair And Serious Offer'

EU nationals who have lived in the UK for five years or more could be given “settled status” and allowed to stay, Theresa May has said as she made a “fair and serious offer” to European Union leaders.

The Prime Minister’s announcement on EU citizens who arrived in the UK before ...

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Brexit Briefing: EU Need To Do Better Than That

All you need to know from the world of Brexit this week.

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Theresa May Trolled Over Brexit By EU President Donald Tusk With John Lennon Lyric

The EU Council president has said he still hopes Brexit will not happen, quoting John Lennon’s Imagine to make the point.

Donald Tusk said he was a “dreamer”, as Theresa May visits Brussels for the first time since the extraordinary election result made the direction of the Brexit ...

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Grenfell Tower: 600 High Rises Don't Definitely Have Similar Cladding

Some 600 tower blocks in England are encased in cladding but not necessarily the same type of material as was installed on Grenfell Tower, Downing Street has said in an attempt to clarify an earlier misleading statement.

Westminster-based journalists who attended the daily morning ...

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Magna Academy Seeks 'Strong Disciplinarian' To Become 'Director Of Detentions'

A super tough secondary school in Poole is looking for a “strong disciplinarian” to become its “director of isolations and detentions”. 

Magna Academy has been accused of being “ridiculous” since the role was revealed, with one job description suggesting pupils would be given ...

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Rebecca Fenton: Piers Morgan Meets Notorious Female Murderer

Ex-Mirror editor Piers Morgan meets with five of America’s most notorious female murderers in the second ITV series of Killer Women.

Billed as Morgan’s quest to discover just what drives a woman to kill, the first episode sees the Good Morning Britain presenter travel to Lowell ...

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Norman Lamb Rules Himself Out Of Lib Dem Leadership Race And Attacks Party's 'Toxic' Brexit Position

Norman Lamb has ruled himself out of running to be the next Lib Dem leader and attacked the party’s “toxic” position on Brexit.

Under Tim Farron, the Lib Dems ran an overtly pro-Remain general election campaign with the promise of holding a second referendum on the eventual Brexit ...

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Benefit Cap Causes 'Real Misery', High Court Rules In Case Brought By Single Mothers

The Government’s benefits cap is causing “real misery” to lone parents’ young children, the High Court has said in a damning judgment of austerity-driven welfare cuts.

In the damning judgment, Mr Justice Collins said the four single mothers who brought the case were left having to ...

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Woman With Alopecia Shares Inspiring Post About Feeling Beautiful Again

A woman with alopecia has revealed she’s finally learned to love her look after struggling with the hair loss condition since childhood. 

As Shelly Lauzon grew older, she went from losing a few clumps of hair (which mainly grew back) to most of the hair on her head, legs, arms and ...

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Gardener Warns Of Sun Dangers After Being Left With Second-Degree Burns

A Scottish gardener has been left with awful second-degree burns after working outside in the heatwave. 

Greg Binnie, from Edinburgh, spent seven hours working in the intense heat in Dumfries on Saturday (June 17) and then again on Sunday (June 18) cutting grass and watering plants. ...

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Love Island's Jessica Shears Says She Has No Regrets Over Dom Lever Sex

Eliminated ‘Love Island’ star Jessica Shears has said she has no regrets about having sex on TV.

Prior to appearing on the ITV2 show, Jess told HuffPost UK that she would “absolutely not” be getting intimate in front of the nation, insisting: “I’m going to make my mum proud on ...

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Summer Sales 2017 UK: The Best Bargains From Topshop, ASOS, H&M And More

It’s official: the high street summer sales have begun - with countless stores and online shops cutting prices by 50%. 

From biker leather jackets and bright white trainers to chic lace dresses, we’ve scrolled all the stores for the best fashion bargains, so you don’t have ...

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'Love Island': Camilla And Jonny Share A Kiss As They Rekindle Their Relationship On Romantic Date

It looks like romance could be back on the cards for ‘Love Island’ favourites Camilla Thurlow and Jonny Mitchell.

The couple split earlier in the series, following an unexpected row about feminism, but have stuck together in their pairing in order to avoid being booted off the ...

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Pizza Bath Bombs Have Arrived, And Tub-Time Will Never Be The Same Again

When two great things come together they make: a pizza bath bomb. 

A California-based bath bomb shop on Etsy, has created a bath bomb that looks (and smells) exactly like pizza. 

Priced at £5.72, the hand-painted bath bomb was created by Bathesda Boutique. 

Taking to ...

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Hay Fever Getting You Down? Here Are 22 Doctor-Approved Tips To Keep Symptoms At Bay

Hay fever season is in full swing bringing with it leaky eyes, clogged sinuses and sneezing fits galore. 

In fact, if you haven’t gone through 40 boxes of tissues by now you’re doing well.

While gin can’t help relieve symptoms (despite recent reports stating that it could), ...

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Toothpick Crossbow: The Worrying 'Toy' Trend From China Parents Need To Be Aware Of

Parents are being warned about a worrying new “toy” that allows kids to fire needles, toothpicks and even nails from a mini crossbow.

The device, called a “toothpick crossbow”, was originally intended just to fire toothpicks, but kids are now swapping them out for more dangerous ...

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Student Grace Akintaro Jailed For Scamming £100,000 From Lonely Men On A Dating Site

A student who scammed £100,000 from lonely men on a dating site has been sentenced to more than two years in jail for fraud. 

Grace Akintaro used to trick seven men into sending her cash while pretending to be a woman named Amanda Jenson. 

Making her victims believe they ...

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Cladding Fears Spark Anger As Residents Grow Frustrated High-Rises Could Be Covered In Grenfell Tower Material

Residents living in high-rise towers are growing increasingly concerned and frustrated that their homes could be covered in cladding similar to the one used on Grenfell Tower.

The Prime Minister has announced that tests on tower blocks following last Wednesday’s devastating fire have ...

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Sassy Girl Puts Her Coat On At Nursery Like A Boss

We never thought a little girl could look so sassy simply by putting on a hooded puffer jacket at nursery, but we stand corrected.

We wish we were as cool as her.

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Camden Council To Remove Cladding From Chalcots Estate Amid Grenfell Tower Fears

Camden council in London will remove cladding similar to that used on the Grenfell Tower from several blocks in the borough, and is considering taking legal action against the contractor involved in fitting it. 

Outer cladding panels on five blocks in the borough were made up of aluminium ...

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Dad Explains Why Parents Shouldn't Be Embarrassed By Toddlers' Tantrums: 'It Doesn't Reflect On You'

A dad is encouraging parents to be more patient when their toddlers throw tantrums and not to be embarrassed when it happens in public.

Justin Baldoni, an American actor, shared a photo of his daughter on the floor in a Whole Foods store, as he and his dad watch her have a ...

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