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Paul Joseph Watson's Twitter Offer For Journalist Trip To Sweden Spectacularly Backfires

Paul Joseph Watson, provocateur-in-chief at ‘alt-right’ and conspiracy site Infowars, has had his offer to pay journalists to experience the ‘crime ridden’ reality of life in Sweden taken up by hundreds of reporters.

The Brit, who has amassed thousands of followers on Twitter and ...

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Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler’s Personal Bunker Phone Sells At Auction

The personal telephone Adolf Hitler used to send millions of people to their deaths has sold for £161,000 at auction.

The red phone, which has Adolf Hitler engraved on it, was recovered from the Fuhrerbunker, Berlin, by Brigadier Sir Ralph Rayner in May 1945.

It had been expected to ...

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Karen Matthews ‘Lied About Kidnapping Conviction To Get Coffee Shop Job’

Karen Matthews reportedly lied about her kidnapping conviction in order to get a job in a coffee shop.

Matthews, who was jailed for eight years after being found guilty of the kidnapping and false imprisonment of her daughter Shannon, is now living under a new name in the south of ...

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'The Replacement': BBC Drama (Vicky McClure, Morven Christie) Sees Maternity Leave Cover Take A Very Dark Turn

‘The Replacement’ “promises to do for maternity leave cover what Fatal Attraction did for adultery”, said the Daily Mail yesterday.

There are certainly enough disincentives on display in Joe Ahearne’s creepy thriller landing on BBC One next week to make you think twice before you ...

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YouTube Is Finally Killing One Of Its Most Annoying Advert Features

For anyone who has ever desperately searched for the “Skip ad” button on a YouTube video only to realise that you’re actually going to have to endure half a minute of this, we have some good news for you.

Google has officially announced that, beginning in 2018, they have made the ...

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Woman Documents Life As A Permanent Third Wheel With Hilarious Instagram Account

A woman has been documenting her life as a permanent third wheel, showing single people everywhere they’re not alone.

The unnamed woman posts hilarious photos of herself photobombing happy couples to the Instagram account Third Wheel Extravaganza. 

“Ah, love. It makes the world ...

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92-Year-Old Bridesmaid Brings All The Joy To Her Granddaughter's Wedding

A 92-year-old bridesmaid has stolen hearts everywhere after starring in a touching photo with her granddaughter on her wedding day.

The woman, pictured in a lace top, blue skirt and matching headband, was photographed cuddling her granddaughter with a huge smile on her face.

Just ...

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'I'm At Celebrity' Australian TV Series At Risk Of Crocodiles, Hippos As Cyclone Dyneo Causes Floods

If you think the British participants of ‘I’m a Celebrity… Get Me Out of Here!’ have it tough - with the risk of spiders, snakes and other creepy-crawlies in the Australian jungle - you’ll have to spare a thought for their counterparts Down Under.

Not only has flooding caused ...

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Theresa May Eyeballs House Of Lords As She Warns Against Frustrating 'What The British People Want' On Brexit

Theresa May “eyeballed” unelected peers today as after she issued a stark warning to the House of Lords not to frustrate the British public’s decision to back Brexit.

As the Lords started discussing the EU (Notification of Withdrawal) Bill, the Prime Minister said that she didn’t ...

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'You Remind Me Of The Nazis And Fascists My Grandad Fought' Stoke Voter Lets Rip At Ukip

A voter in Stoke has left Ukip in no doubt what they think of the anti-EU party by posting a letter in their window.comparing them to Nazis.

The resident of the property posted the open letter ahead of the by-election on Thursday, warning Ukip canvassers not to post “anymore of your ...

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Croydon Tram Crash Investigation Reveals Driver Was Travelling Almost Four Times The Speed Limit

An investigation into the Croydon tram crash that resulted in seven deaths has revealed the driver was travelling almost four times faster than the recommended speed limit. 

Analysis of the on board data recorder shows the regular service brake was not applied until around 2.5 seconds ...

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One Day Without Us Campaign Highlights Positive Impact Migrants Have On UK Economy

Britain’s economy would lose £328 million in just one day if migrants stopped working, new figures have revealed as part of a campaign to demonstrate the positive impact of immigration.

As part of a nationwide day of action, titled One Day Without Us, the New Economics Foundation has ...

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Fashion Blogger Megan Gilbride Reveals The 'True Face Of Depression' In Intimate Photos

A blogger has bravely opened up about her struggles with depression in a bid to highlight that regardless of what we may see online, nobody’s life is perfect.

Megan Gilbride, 27, sits bare-faced and exhausted in a series of candid photos which she says reveal the “face of ...

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Poll Hands Conservatives 18 Point Lead Over Labour Ahead Of By-Elections

Theresa May’s Conservative Party has an eighteen point lead over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, according to a poll published today.

The ICM survey for The Guardian showed the Tories on 44% with Labour trailing on 26%.

According to the company, the Tories have only led Labour by more ...

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Milo Yiannopoulos Attempts To Defend 'Child Abuse' Comments After Stinging Attack By CNN's Jake Tapper

Milo Yiannopoulos has attempted to defend himself after videos emerged ahead of his scheduled speaking engagement at the Conservative Political Action Conference showing him discussing sexual relationships between young boys and adults. 

In an episode of ‘The Drunken Peasants’ ...

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'Lift The Weight' Campaign Urges Rugby Players To Open Up About Mental Heath Issues

One in four people in the UK are affected by mental health issues each year and sportsmen and women are no exception.

To encourage players to discuss their mental health, the Rugby Players’ Association (RPA) has launched a campaign aiming to break down stigma around the topic.

The ...

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The Frankie Boyle Column 'The Guardian Wouldn’t Publish' Because Of This Rupert Murdoch Joke

Frankie Boyle’s preoccupation with the quality of Rupert Murdoch’s sperm has seen has seen yet another of his columns rejected by The Guardian.

It’s the second time the comedian has butted heads with the newspaper on the matter, with Boyle instead opting to publish the piece in full ...

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Bruce Springsteen Fan With Cerebral Palsy Goes To First Ever Concert And It's Amazing To Watch

A Bruce Springsteen fan who has cerebral palsy and vision impairment went to his first ever gig, and absolutely loved it.

The boy’s dad, Tony Wilson, said his son Jack is “obsessed” with the singer but he was unsure whether to take him to a gig because his lack of vision and sensory ...

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'SS-GB' Wartime Drama: From Sam Riley To Kate Bosworth - Where You've Seen These Familiar Faces Before

’SS-GB’ debuted last night, with the BBC’s brand new wartime thriller boasting a pretty stellar cast in its big-budget adaptation of Len Deighton’s bestselling novel. 

Led by stars Sam Riley and Kate Bosworth, the line-up includes lots of familiar faces... let us help you out a ...

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Home Office Set To Review Asylum Claims From Children In The Calais 'Jungle' Camp

Child refugees who have been turned away from the UK could have their cases reviewed, as the Home Office comes under pressure over the early closure of a programme for child migrants.

Officials will look again at the cases of minors with links to the UK, after it emerged that some 400 ...

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Charles Bronson’s Fiancee Paula Williamson Reveals Prison Wedding Ceremony Plans

Charles Bronson’s actress fiancée has revealed the couple will tie the knot in a prison chapel “sooner rather than later.”

Paula Williamson, who has had small parts in Emmerdale and Coronation Street, also denied she was using their relationship for publicity and insisted she is ...

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