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Aylesbury Mid-Air Collision: Emergency Services Rush To Scene After Helicopter And Aircraft Crash

Emergency services are at the scene of a mid-air collision between an aircraft and a helicopter near Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire.

The crash is understood to have happened near the historic Waddesdon Manor. Staff there directed emergency services to the scene.

The crash happened in ...

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Campaigners Say Ministers Knew Diesel Was Damaging People's Health 'Decades Ago'

Government ministers have known about the adverse effects of diesel cars on people’s health for decades, campaigners say.

Papers shown to the BBC revealed proposals on cutting the number of high-polluting vehicles - which contribute heavily to poor air quality - were mooted back in ...

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There Is A Desperate Need For People To Come Together

This Sunday is Mitzvah Day, the UK’s biggest faith-based day of social action.

What started as a small Jewish day of ‘good deeds’, has grown to the point where we now have more than 40,000 volunteers in 30 countries doing everything from collecting clothing for refugees ...

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Scottish Labour Leader Election Ends With Leftwinger Richard Leonard Playing Down Chances Of Victory

The fractious Scottish Labour leadership election has ended with leftwinger Richard Leonard’s campaign playing down his chances of pulling off a victory.

The poll closed at noon on Friday, with results due to be revealed on Saturday, after weeks of sometimes acrimonious spats between ...

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Uber Driver Found Guilty Of Murdering His Children And Trying To Kill His Wife

WARNING: This report contains images of burns injuries some readers may find distressing. Discretion is advised. 

A father who killed his two young children with a petrol-soaked cloth and then tried to kill his wife in a gas explosion has been found guilty of murder.

Jurors ...

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Sarah Clarke Appointed First Female Black Rod In 650 Years

After 650 years, the first female Black Rod in the House of Lords has been approved by the Queen.

Sarah Clarke will take over the position when its current holder David Leakey steps down at the end of this year, it was announced Friday. 

“I am both deeply honoured and ...

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Labour MP Says Theresa May 'Had No Idea' About Fatal Knife Attacks Raised In PMQs

A Labour MP who raised a string of fatal knife attacks during Prime Minister’s Questions says Theresa May ‘clearly had no idea’ about the incidents. 

Marie Rimmer asked the PM what was being done to tackle violent crime following two stabbings in her Merseyside ...

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Benedict Allen ‘Feverish With Suspected Malaria’ As He Is Evacuated To Safety

Rescued explorer Benedict Allen has been evacuated from dense jungle to the capital of Papua New Guinea with suspected malaria.

The 57-year-old, who had been attempting to make contact with the indigenous Yaifo tribe not seen for 30 years, sparked fears when he failed to return from his ...

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‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’ To Feature Cameos From Princes William And Harry

John Boyega has confirmed he has some royal co-stars in ‘Star Wars: The Last Jedi’, as Princes William and Harry will make an appearance in the film.

The second installment of the current ‘Star Wars’ trilogy will arrive in cinemas next month, and the actor has now ...

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US Publication Calls Greggs' Sausage Rolls A 'Delicacy' And Brits Can't Stop Laughing

The story of Greggs’ controversial Christmas advent calendar has made its way across the pond and the coverage has made us laugh out loud.

Greggs came under fire earlier this week in the UK when an image in its new Christmas advent calendar replaced baby Jesus with a sausage ...

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Ben Affleck Breaks Down What Men, Himself Included, Need To Do Better

Ben Affleck called for men, himself included, to be more accountable as he discussed recent sexual misconduct scandals on Thursday’s “Late Show.”

During a lengthy interview with host Stephen Colbert, the “Justice League” star addressed the allegations ...

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Leonid Meteor Shower 2017: Best Places And How To Watch It In The UK

As the winter months properly set in there is one glimmer of light amongst all the darkness which is that it is now well and truly the stargazing season.

This weekend will give us a particularly impressive show in the form of the annual Leonid meteor shower.

Occurring every year for ...

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North Korean Defector Was Riddled With Parasitic Worms Says Shocked Surgeon

A North Korean soldier who survived a hail of bullets during a desperate defection bid was riddled with parasitic worms, his surgeon has revealed.

The organisms highlight the nutrition and hygiene crises faced by North Koreans, which experts say have plagued the isolated country for ...

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The Tesla Roadster Has A Range Of 620 Miles And Will Be The Fastest Production Car In The World

Tesla has a brand-new electric sports car. It’s called the Roadster, it’s the sequel to the first car Tesla ever made and when it comes out it will comfortably take the crown of being the quickest production car in the world.

The car was unveiled alongside Tesla’s ...

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Conservatives Risks Being Seen As Party Of 'Lazy Privilege,' Tory MP Warns Theresa May

Theresa May has been warned by a senior Tory MP that the party is at risk of being defined as one of “lazy privilege”.

In a letter to the prime minister, George Freeman said the Conservatives were now “in a new battle of ideas which is reshaping 21st century ...

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Newsnight Trolls The Sun Over Napping BBC News Workers 'Scandal'

Newsnight has taken a humorous and sarcastic swipe at The Sun over its front page showing BBC workers catching 40 winks at their desks.

Host Emily Maitlis claimed the paper’s exposing of the “scandal” was “just the tip of the iceberg” and staff in the ...

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Question Time Sparks Accusations Of 'Tory Plant' - Again

A man who voiced an opinion on Question Time has prompted outrage and accusations of BBC bias from people who have a different opinion.

During the show’s weekly Brexit-related shouting match a gentlemen in the audience said he was “a little bit sick of Labour and the far-left ...

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Military Dog Receives Prestigious Medal For Bravery, Eats It Instead

A British Military dog named Mali has been awarded the prestigious PDSA Dickin Medal for bravery, but the pup appears to be unfazed by his achievements.

In a funny moment caught on camera by BBC Radio 4′s ‘Today’ programme, Mali decided to chew his medal, which is the ...

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Japan Apologises After Train Leaves 20 Seconds Early And British Commuters Are In Shock

Japanese railways are famously efficient but a rare slip-up meant one train left a station 20 seconds early – prompting the publication of a heartfelt apology from the crew.

Though there were no customer complaints about the matter, the scandalous incident was disclosed on the ...

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Tesla Semi Is An Electric Truck That's More Aerodynamic Than A Bugatti Veyron

Tesla has made an electric truck. Now normally the launch of a new truck probably wouldn’t grab the attention of many of us but then this is no ordinary truck and Tesla are no ordinary company.

It’s called the Semi, it has (according to Musk) a pretty astonishing 500 mile ...

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Jamie Oliver Criticises Parents Who Allow Teens To Post 'Porno, Luscious' Selfies On Social Media

Jamie Oliver has criticised parents who allow their teenage daughters to post photos on social media that look “quite porno”.

The celebrity chef, who is dad to Poppy, 15, Daisy, 14, and Petal, eight, Buddy, seven, and 15-month-old River, with his wife Jools Oliver, was ...

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