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How the Icon Outlet at The O2 completes the regeneration of the Millennium Dome

CGI of Icon Outlet

The Icon Outlet will complete the doughnut of space around The O2 arena,” said Alistair Wood.

Talking to the executive vice president real estate and development at AEG Europe ahead of its shopping district launch next week, it’s clear expectations are ...

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Why renting a flat in Canada Water’s Quebec Quarter means a garden and a one-stop commute to Canary Wharf

By Florence Derrick

Outside space in a London rental property can be like gold dust.

But reports suggest getting a garden is high up on the average renter’s lists of priorities, with almost six out of seven tenants rating it as more important than white goods being included or a ...

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Why Cheeky Panda has designs on your normal toilet tissue

Credit: Matt Grayson

By Rachel Bishop

Toilet roll. It’s not that interesting, right? Or is it?

Let Cheeky Panda’s bamboo-based version take the floor.

The product has received praise from the likes of Dame Judi Dench and Joanna Lumley and has become so popular it has ...

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Does this Stratford tech company have the solution to single-use plastics?
Plastic Energy was founded in Spain by trained engineer Carlos Monreal. It has now moved its headquarters to Plexal in east London as it prepares to roll out its patented hydrocarbon process to cities worldwide. ...
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Enjoy home comforts in the New Forest

As relaxing as a hotel room can be, sometimes you want more of a home away from home.

And if you are making the two-and-a-half-hour car journey down to the New Forest from Canary Wharf it is definitely worth booking a longer stay.

From the acres of wild windswept open land where wild ...

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Berkeley Homes releases the Midnight Collection at South Quay Plaza

A collection of five properties designed to appeal to buyers who favour a little darkness in their homes.

Berkeley Homes recently released the Midnight Collection at its South Quay Plaza development on the Isle Of Dogs.

The quintet of properties – two one-beds, a pair of two-beds ...

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Why Rum And Sugar is the place to sip the spirit near Canary Wharf

Credit: Patrick Straub

By Florence Derrick

Take a die-hard whisky drinker into Rum And Sugar, and they’ll have to pass a test.

“We stock whisky, but we try not to sell it,” said bar manager Krystian Kolodziejski.

“If people ask for it, I say OK, let’s do a blind ...

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From refugee to driving force behind The Ivy Collection’s success

Credit: Holly Cant

He fled from Kosovo as a teenager after his family were persecuted and murdered in the war.

But Baton Berisha found a new home in London’s restaurant scene and is now the man behind the burgeoning success of The Ivy Collection – set to open it's 32nd location ...

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Why Boisdale Of Canary Wharf is the place to find your whisky

Credit: Patrick Straub

By Florence Derrick

Despite bearing the title of group bars manager at Boisdale of Canary Wharf – a bar, restaurant and music venue with one of the most extensive whisky collections in the world – Joe Boxall isn’t all airs and graces.

“We had one ...

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Is the Tylney Hall State Suite worth the £600 price tag?

Luxury Hampshire hotel Tylney Hall Hotel And Gardens has unveiled its grandest room – the State Suite – for the first time and it comes with a £600 price tag.

To put this in perspective that is around the same cost as a One Bedroom River View Suite at the five-star Canary Wharf ...

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Is this the best place to drink gin in Canary Wharf?

Brow furrowed, 28-year-old Pasquale Parascandolo leans over the black bar top and cuts a thick sliver of lemon zest over a glass goblet clouded by ice.

Behind him are low-lit shelves stacked with over 180 bottles of gin, their hues ranging from dusty gold to emerald green to ...

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This tech-forward Stratford company designs bespoke engagement rings using 3D printing
Durham Rose was set up by former MOD engineer Manu Bhardwaj after he struggled to get a custom sparkler to propose with. Based at innovation hub Plexal it uses specially modified software to create customer’s dream jewellery. ...
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The Bethnal Green company that makes artisan cocktails in a can

For years ready-mixed spirits have been reduced to fluorescent alcopops served in clubs or grab-and-go tins chugged at parties.

But James Law is on a mission to redefine our perception of cocktails in a can with his company Longflint Drinks Co.

The Bethnal Green business works with ...

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Far East Consortium launches Hornsey Town Hall marketing suite

It may be the best part of 55 minutes from Canary Wharf, but Hornsey Town Hall promises a significant contrast with the modern lines of the east London estate.

For those content to commute via Jubilee, Victoria and W7 to the leafy facilities of Crouch End, the Far East Consortium ...

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Royal Wharf hosts Oktoberfest to mark Fuller’s pub arrival

British beers and Germanic food are set to be the flavours of an event designed to drive traffic to Royal Wharf’s marketing suite.

The schemes’ joint developers, Ballymore and Oxley have teamed up with the London brewery for a two-day east London Oktoberfest event.

Held to mark ...

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London Oktoberfest set for return to the Isle Of Dogs

Carsten Raun is a man whose laughter is never far from his lips.

The organiser of the largest Oktoberfest events in London is all enthusiasm and anticipation as we chat ahead of a month of parties.

Running for a fortnight in Millwall Park on the Isle Of Dogs and then shifting for a ...

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Why Charlie Whinney is teaching east Londoners to bend wood on the Isle Of Dogs

Bending wood is a thing.

Trained architect and eco-friendly artist Charlie Whinney is a master of the process, which goes by the name steam-bending.

According to him changing the shape of wood can be done using pretty much anything that creates heat – a microwave, saucepan or steam ...

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How the Seabin can play a part in cleaning up east London’s waterways

One of the pleasures of telling the stories of east London is that sooner or later almost everything of interest washes up here.

Attracted by the gravitational pull of the capital’s world city status, ideas, products and people of global significance are sucked in, eager to be part of ...

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The zen-inspired Italian chef who paints like Picasso with food
Federico Crisafulli is introducing a live plating experience to Quadrato in Canary Wharf. The new head chef is hoping to gain a Michelin star with his menu which brings together Roman, Japanese and English influences. ...
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Telford Homes launches final properties at The Liberty Building
The immediate crust of development shooting up around the Canary Wharf estate delivers housing on its doorstep. But look past the blockbuster towers of Madison, Wardian, Landmark Pinnacle and South Quay Plaza and ...
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Can east London become the Silicon Valley of fashion?
London College Of Fashion, UAL is heading up a £2.4m project to create a Fashion District around Hackney, Stratford and Poplar centred around technology and sustainability. We sat down with Professor Frances Corner to find out more. ...
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