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BBC One’s The Cameron Years: a parade of entitlement, cowardice and careerism

Some words, though multi-syllabled, can feel far too slight in certain contexts. Take, for instance, “miscalculation”. In the context of David Cameron’s decision to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, it sounds – doesn’t it? – rather pathetic: a discreet burp, ...

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An alternative tribute to John Humphrys, as he says goodbye to Today

Over the years, the New Statesman’s Media Mole has spent almost every other morning shouting at the radio, burying its head under its pillow or ranting at its colleagues about a certain downy-haired dinosaur who was inexplicably still presenting the Today programme most days.

And ...

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Low unemployment, solid growth, steady inflation – of course the US needs an interest-rate cut

This article is taken from our FREE daily investment email Money Morning. Every day, MoneyWeek's executive editor John Stepek and guest contributors explain how current economic and political developments are affecting the markets and your wealth, and give you pointers on how you can ...

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How the attacks on the Aramco oil facility were striking at the symbol of Saudi power

The attacks on the Aramco oil facility at Abqaiq in Saudi Arabia on 14 September had an immediate impact on the international economy. Oil prices shot up, and fears of a war between the United States and Iran were revived just as peace talks between the two seemed possible.

The ...

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Boris Johnson’s hospital visit shows the Conservatives’s problem with a winter general election

Boris Johnson's election tour was once again derailed, this time by Omar Salem, the father of a sick child who lambasted the Prime Minister over his use of the hospital as a campaign stop. In a somewhat bizarre scene, cameras caught Johnson telling Salem, a Labour activist, that there was no ...

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Why climate scepticism has a misogyny problem

The less credible that climate denialism becomes, the more its exponents react with incandescent rage. Recently, this has bubbled over into abuse directed towards female campaigners and politicians. Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has been branded a “millenarian weirdo” and ...

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Money Minute Thursday 19 September: UK retail sales and interest rates

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This morning in the UK, we get the official retail sales data for August.

Recent surveys from industry bodies such as the CBI and British Retail Consortium have been somewhat gloomy. However, official data ...

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Rebecca Solnit and the museum of misogyny

What a pity that Rebecca Solnit does not get a chance in this engaging essay collection to give us her take on the extraordinary furore surrounding Geoffrey Boycott’s knighthood. True, it’s a story with unmistakably English accents: a cricket-loving, female ex-prime minister, applauded for ...

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Brad Pitt might look good in a spacesuit, but Ad Astra is missing a compelling story

It’s been a long wait for those of us wondering whether Brad Pitt would look good in a spacesuit. In 2002, he pulled out of Darren Aronofsky’s $70m fantasy The Fountain a few weeks before shooting was due to begin, causing the production to collapse. (When it was finally made with Hugh ...

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Listening to him on Test Match Special, you’d hardly know Geoffrey Boycott was mired in scandal

Far from discreetly sidelining Geoffrey Boycott while debate festered over his knighthood, on Test Match Special it was almost business as usual. Very possibly Boycott sounded more subdued. Had his peevish appearance on Today – in which he refused to countenance discussion of his (always ...

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WeWork, the company that sells not just space, but time

Within the last few years, one company has become the largest private occupier of office space in London, New York and Washington, DC. In central London, it has more branches than McDonald’s. But the more than half a million people who turn up to WeWork’s offices every day do not work for ...

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Five things you need to know today: Cameron went to the palace, and time is running out

David Cameron has admitted asking for the Queen's help in bolstering the unionist camaign the run up to Scotland's 2014 independence referendum. In an interview with the BBC, the former Prime Minister revealed that, after a YouGov poll put the "yes" campaign ahead for the first time, he'd ...

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Jess Phillips’s Diary: Incredible hulks, the Brexit hellscape and why conference season is a waste of time

I have long felt that the party conference season is a waste of time. I’m all for a forum for political party members to discuss and decide on policy but I’m not entirely sure why the Commons has to shut – couldn’t we do it at the weekend? This year, more than ever, it seems an ...

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Could the renovation of Parliament change the race for Speaker?

Several pieces of legislation were lost when Boris Johnson prorogued Parliament. But one that made it through was the Restoration & Renewal Bill, which will enable the overdue and expensive renovation of the (literally) crumbling Westminster estate to finally begin.

The question ...

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What does, and doesn't, matter about the father who confronted Boris Johnson in a hospital

The father of a seven-day-old baby has gone viral after confronting Boris Johnson while he was visiting a NHS hospital, criticising the Prime Minister for the standard of the care received by his child.

The story has moved on – away from the confrontation, and towards the fact that ...

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Matteo Renzi’s new centrist party Italia Viva faces a struggle for relevance

Matteo Renzi’s break from Italy’s Democratic Party (PD) has been a long time coming. As its leader from 2013 he called for this party of former Communists and Christian Democrats to become a big tent “party of the nation” and appeal to voters disillusioned with Silvio Berlusconi’s ...

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Why the most strident climate sceptics are invariably men

The less credible that climate denialism becomes, the more its exponents react with incandescent rage. Recently, this has bubbled over into abuse directed towards female campaigners and politicians. Swedish teenage climate activist Greta Thunberg has been branded a “millenarian weirdo” and ...

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Five questions for: Tobias Kormind, co-founder of

We design and craft fine jewellery and sell it directly to clients. We are an online, contemporary diamond jeweller that has disrupted the fine jewellery industry.

Our technology brings the world’s largest selection of diamonds directly from the source to the fingertips of the consumer ...

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Leader: The Labour Party’s Brexit confusion

This should be a moment of opportunity for Labour. The Conservative Party, having been captured by hard-line Brexiteers, is morphing from a broad church into a narrow sect. Far from settling the European question, as David Cameron naively hoped, the 2016 referendum precipitated the Tories’ ...

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Great frauds in history: Tsuyoshi Kikukawa and Olympus

Tsuyoshi Kikukawa was born in 1941 and went on to join Olympus, a firm that mainly specialised in optical instruments, in 1964. Kikukawa championed digital photography and ran the team that released Olympus’s first digital camera in 1996. This was a success and digital cameras became key to ...

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Israel’s election showed Binyamin Netanyahu’s magic has finally worn off

The smiling taxi driver outside Tel Aviv’s University rail station this morning was in no doubt, telling me happily: “Bibi-Zehu” — Hebrew for “that’s it.” A supporter of Benny Gantz’s centrist Kahol Lavan party, he may have been a little premature in hailing the end of the man ...

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