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Hosni Mubarak’s death changes little for Egypt

In Egypt, time has long been divided into eras bearing the name and imprint of a man. The era of Mohammed Hosni Mubarak, born May 4, 1928, ostensibly ended in 2011, when he was forced to relinquish his thirty-year presidency of the Arab Republic of Egypt after a popular uprising. Born in a ...

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Downing Street's Brexit tweets are about preparing for failure

The Brexit talks are about a lot of things, but one of the things they aren’t about is what is “fair” or not. That’s true for trade talks in general – the bigger bloc sets most of the terms and the smaller one largely ends up with a take-it-or-leave-it offer. That’s the essential ...

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Why the UK must now brace for a coronavirus epidemic

There is a scene in the 2017 film Darkest Hour where, deep in his Whitehall bunker, Gary Oldman’s Churchill and his war cabinet await, despondently, an inevitable German invasion. This moment recurred to me following reports last Thursday (20 February) of the first cases of the new ...

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The North’s next revolution

From the steel that mechanised production to the coal that fed the fires, it was northern blood, sweat, and tears that powered the first industrial revolution. The wealth that it generated, however, went to Whitehall and the privileged few. What benefit the North won was fought for over ...

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Campaigning journalism is a vital weapon in the war against inequality

Two hundred and sixty-six years ago in 1754 The Yorkshire Post – then the Leeds Intelligencer – was founded on a promise that had at its core, to use political parlance de rigueur, “levelling up”:

"Whatever may be propos’d for the support of virtue and religion amongst us, ...

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Like any food writer, I’m only too aware of how images are used to sell dreams as well as dinner

As I write this, I’m already eyeing up the tin of tomato soup I plan to treat myself to for lunch once I’ve finished. (We self-employed have to make our own motivation somehow.) Though I’ll be having it at my desk, the photo on the front of the can, in which a homely red bowl sits on a ...

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Civil service tension is exactly what Dominic Cummings and his allies want

The head of the civil service, Mark Sedwill, has taken the highly unusual step of emailing staff across Whitehall to try and put an end to the "recent stories of tensions". It follows last week's report in the Times that Priti Patel was presiding over an "atmosphere of fear" at the Home ...

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Barbara Stocking Q&A: “Anything is possible if you are educated”

Barbara Stocking was born in Rugby in 1951 and has worked as an NHS director and as Oxfam’s CEO. She was given a damehood in 2008 and is currently president of Murray Edwards College, Cambridge. What’s your earliest memory?

Being allowed to go on a rocking horse at the primary ...

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A lost decade: the cost of austerity exposed by independent health review

“England has lost a decade” – those were the words of public health expert Professor Michael Marmot on launching his review of health inequalities, ten years on from the government’s original report.

The influential 2010 Marmot Review – “Fair society, healthy lives” ...

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A lost decade: Cost of austerity laid bare by independent health review

“England has lost a decade” – those were the words of public health expert Professor Michael Marmot on launching his review of health inequalities, ten years on from the government’s original report.

The influential 2010 Marmot Review – “Fair society, healthy lives” ...

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Why is the Labour leadership race taking so long?

Why is the Labour leadership election taking so long? That’s the question that, more than any other, has come to dominate my inbox – and indeed Westminster – over recent weeks.

It’s an odd one, because the question has a counter-intuitive answer: the Labour leadership election ...

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A second bailout for Flybe would prove the Conservatives’ climate promises are hollow

The current UK target date for net-zero emissions is 2050, by which point London could be as hot as Barcelona and large parts of Lincolnshire could be underwater. Since 2008, the Committee on Climate Change has set carbon budgets lasting four years as a means of independently ...

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Keir Starmer has the values and decency to lead a socialist Labour Party into government

This week voting papers drop in what is the fourth Labour leadership contest since I entered parliament in May 2010. Of the 21 candidates I have considered in that time, not one has served as prime minister. That needs to change.   

As I said in January, I want a leader who can ...

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Why society ignores the pain of motherhood

At 3:55am, I push her out, gelatinous, alive. On the toilet, I piss through gritted teeth, leaking urine from the gash she tore from. The sting is astonishing, robbing me of breath. Alone, I feel my strange new flesh, blood clotting between my legs in alien strands. 

My postnatal ...

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The Question Time rant shows that the clipification of politics is complete

Last week, a woman reported to be linked to the National Front delivered a xenophobic rant live on Question Time (“you've got people flooding into this country that cannot speak English”). Her initial audience, one presumes, totalled around 2.7 million people – the average weekly ...

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How a Corbynite strategy designed to aid Rebecca Long-Bailey could yet backfire

Ballots are open in the Labour leadership race and voting is underway. Can anyone stop Keir Starmer?

The Fire Brigades Union certainly hope so. As Sienna Rodgers reveals over at LabourList, the FBU has filmed a number of negative adverts attacking Starmer and Lisa Nandy. The first in ...

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Poll: More than half of northern councillors are opposed to HS2

The vast majority of councillors in the North of England have been forced to make drastic cuts to essential services, from social care to waste collection, since the launch of the Northern Powerhouse strategy. An exclusive survey by the New Statesman's Spotlight policy supplement has found ...

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Miss Anthropocene might just be the album that saves Grimes

We are living in the age of humans – that much is certain. The Anthropocene, the current geological epoch, which scientists say began around 1950, is defined by human impact on the Earth. Our destructive presence is so profound that after 12,000 years of stable climate since the last ice ...

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More than half of northern councillors are opposed to HS2

The dramatic defection of Labour’s former “red wall” to the Conservatives has thrust the North into the spotlight once more. Last year, around 40 local news brands launched a campaign demanding a “revolution” in the way northern regions are treated, drawing attention to a report ...

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Heather Christle’s The Crying Book: a cultural history of tears

Some people are made for tears. Cruelty, beauty, memory, innocence, loss, the loss of innocence, poems, war memorials, letters, the way sunlight slants at the window:  anything will set them off. “People can even cry about architecture,” says Heather Christle, a poet and self-confessed ...

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People Like Us: A journey through “social mobility” from child asylum seeker to barrister

At times when writing People Like Us, Hashi Mohamed had to abandon typing because he couldn’t see the screen through his tears. “I wanted to stop many times,” says the 36-year-old planning law barrister, in the concluding chapter of what is at once a history of his Somali family, a ...

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