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Hancock begs for protesters to stay home as he condemns 'appalling' death of George Floyd
MATT HANCOCK has reached out to UK protesters planning to demonstrate across the country this weekend to urge them to follow Government coronavirus guidelines and not meet in large groups of more than six people. ...
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New biblical locust plague sees huge swarm devastate Pakistan - 25 million face famine

Tens of millions of people are set to face food shortages on the continent after a plague of locusts embarked on a path of destruction across India and Pakistan.  In Pakistan, a national emergency has been declared after an outbreak of locusts’, on a biblical scale, wreaked ...

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Brussels caves: Barnier concedes EU MUST offer concessions to UK to secure Brexit deal

The Frenchman suggested the European Union was ready to drop its key demands on access to Britain’s water and the application of state aid rules in order to seal a last-ditch compromise this autumn. Speaking after the fourth round of negotiations, the EU’s chief Brexit negotiator ...

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UK's death toll from confirmed COVID-19 cases tops 40,000

LONDON (Reuters) - The United Kingdom’s death toll from confirmed cases of COVID-19 has exceeded 40,000, according to government data published on Friday.

In all, 40,261 people had died following positive tests for coronavirus as of 1600 GMT on Thursday, the health ministry said, up ...

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Internal EU borders open by 15 June - bar V4, Portugal, Spain

Most - but not all - EU member states have committed to opening borders and related travel restrictions by mid-June.

It follows calls by the European Commission to restore freedom of movement within the EU, as the continent was under virtual shutdown for three months due to the ...

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Mortgage free: Borrowers warned to watch out for this in order to cut costs and save money

Paying off a mortgage will be an aim for many, but with the average mortgage term spanning 25 years, it can take quite some time. There are ways in which a person can slash years off their mortgage, however.

There are a whole host of ways which homeowners and mortgage experts ...

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UK weather latest: Thunderstorms to STRIKE Britain as 60mph winds batter nation - new maps
BRITONS have seen an abrupt end to weeks of sunshine and warm weather this week, but sadly the wet and stormy weather is set to continue with cold showers and winds of up to 60mph forecast for the weekend. ...
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Nicola Sturgeon tells young MND mum in hospice for final chapter ‘You are an inspiration to so many’

A young Scots mum who touched the hearts of the nation with her courageous fight against motor neurone disease has been labelled an 'inspiration' by Nicola Sturgeon.

Jennifer Bell was given just months to live after her diagnosis last year but the mum-of-two refused to let it ...

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Martin Lewis explains how Britons could get tax break worth nearly £1,200 - who can claim
MARTIN LEWIS and Angellica Bell hosted The Martin Lewis Money Show last night on ITV. During the instalment, the Money Saving Expert founder highlighted a way in which some people may be able to cut outgoings by hundreds of pounds each year. ...
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Undiagnosed COVID-19 could mean English toll is higher than thought - ONS

LONDON (Reuters) - An increase in the number of deaths in England and Wales in recent months that have not been linked to COVID-19 could indicate that undiagnosed cases are killing more people than previously thought, data from the Office for National Statistics showed on Friday.

The ...

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Bill Turnbull takes major swipe at Piers Morgan amid Susanna Reid's 'outstanding patience'
BILL TURNBULL, who used to present on BBC Breakfast, took aim at Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan in a cheeky swipe as he praised his former co-star Susanna Reid for having "outstanding patience". ...
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Barnier erupts in astonishing attack on UK as Brexit talks crumble 'Can't go on like this'

The Frenchman accused the British of refusing to compromise on fisheries, the so-called regulatory level-playing field and governance. He said: “To tell the truth, this week there have been no significant areas of progress. “On fisheries, the UK have not shown any true will to ...

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Madeleine McCann disappearance: Prime suspect was cleared by shamed cop in 2007

Detective Goncalo Amaral said a jailed man, now unmasked as Christian B, was wanted when the three-year-old vanished 13 years ago. But he said the rapist was "discarded" after detectives found nothing to suggest he snatched her from her parents' holiday apartment in Praia da Luz.

The ...

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Motorist sentenced for sticking tape on number plate to avoid speeding points

The motorist was so fearful of being disqualified she decided to use black tape to alter her number plate to avoid being picked up by speed cameras.  Linda Annette Jenkins was eventually caught tampering with her number plate and was issued a four month suspended sentence and 150 ...

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Coronavirus: Lockdown's grim toll on Alzheimer's sufferers

Three months of loneliness and isolation is taking a devastating toll on their health, the Alzheimer's Society said. Of 128 care homes questioned, 79 percent reported worsening health of their residents with dementia due to a lack of social contact. And Alzheimer's sufferers have been those ...

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Vitamin D deficiency: The subtle pain you should never ignore - it could be serious
VITAMIN D deficiency symptoms can be difficult to spot because they don't necessarily make you feel unwell. But you could be at risk of a deficiency, and should consider eating more vitamin D-rich foods, if you develop this subtle pain in your bones. ...
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Universal Credit UK: Concern over policy which could be ‘detrimental to tenants’

Universal Credit provides millions across the country with the valuable support they need with the cost of living, and the benefit has become increasingly relied upon in recent weeks. The lockdown measures within the country have driven many people to claim the benefit to provide them with ...

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NHS struck by hackers increasing attacks during coronavirus - GCHQ in chilling warning

Hackers are hunting for information on the UK’s response to the crisis, including vaccine research, Jeremy Fleming said. Mr Fleming’s intervention came just hours before Defence Secretary announced that the British Army had set up its first dedicated cyber regiment. The Ministry ...

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Kate Garraway in tears as she gives heartbreaking update on husband's COVID battle

Kate Garraway made an emotional return to Good Morning Britain today as she spoke with Ben Shephard and Ranvir Singh about her husband's battle with coronavirus. Kate’s husband Derek has been in intensive care for over eight weeks now after falling ill with COVID-19 and the ITV ...

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Commission plans strategy to 'maximise' vaccine access

The EU Commission plans to come forward with a strategy in mid-June to "maximise access to the vaccine" against coronavirus.

"We are in conversation with a large number of companies working with the vaccines," EU health commissioner Stella Kyriakides told a group of journalists on ...

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Clothes shops are expected to have permanent changes - with huge shift in how shoppers pay
CLOTHES shops will be able to reopen later this month as the lockdown rules are relaxed in the UK. However, an expert has revealed why he thinks the clothes shopping experience may never be the same again. ...
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