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Salvini down, but not out in Italy regional poll

For Matteo Salvini, this weekend's regional elections in Emilia Romagna and Calabria were meant to be a crucial step in his comeback at national level.

"First we'll send them home on Sunday and then we'll give the government of landings, taxes, and handcuffs an eviction notice", the ...

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EU gearing up for even more anti-crime measures

The European Commission is preparing a raft of what it describes as new measures against terrorism, drugs, and crime.

Speaking to reporters in Zagreb after meeting EU interior ministers on Friday (24 January), the European Commissioner for home affairs Ylva Johansson announced she is also ...

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The bright side of 'Brexit Day' for the rest of the EU

Many on the EU side had long hoped the UK would change its mind and call off Brexit after a second referendum.

Their hopes were crushed, however, when Boris Johnson secured an overwhelming election victory last month.

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Brexit finally happens - the UK leaves the EU This WEEK

The EU is entering a historic week - although the bloc's institutions go out of their way not to mark the event.

The UK leaves the EU on Friday (31 January) at midnight, the first-ever member state to do so.

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Why is Netherlands so far behind on renewables?

Despite its historic connotation with windmills and dams, to grind grain and restrain water, the Netherlands today is currently far behind most other EU countries in the production of energy from renewable sources.

In fact, in 2018, only 7.4 percent of the energy used in the Netherlands ...

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Poland calls for Nato 'readiness' on Russia

Nato troops in eastern Europe ought to be "combat ready" to deter Russian aggression, Poland's ruling party chief, Jarosław Kaczynski, has said.

But he also defended his conservative views on homosexuals and Poland's judicial reforms in a turbulent weekend for Polish-EU ...

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AI must have human oversight, MEPs recommend

Developments in artificial intelligence and automated decision-making by computer algorithms should always require human oversight, according to the European Parliament's internal market committee (IMCO) on Thursday (23 January), which passed a draft resolution aimed at ensuring humans remain ...

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Timmermans urges EU governments to tax carbon

The commissioner for the Green Deal, Frans Timmermans, said on Thursday (23 January) that governments across Europe have the responsibility to look at taxes to ensure a sustainable future and climate-neutrality by 2050.

"We need to tax carbon and we need to reduce tax on labour," he told ...

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Brexit deal to be signed, as sides poised for tough talks

MEPs on the European Parliament's constitutional affairs committee on Thursday (23 January) recommended to the plenary of the parliament to adopt the Brexit withdrawal agreement.

The report of former Brexit coordinator, MEP Guy Verhofstadt, was passed with 23 in favour, with three ...

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Second-hand cars flaw in EU Green Deal

Stable economic growth and ever-growing mobility nurses a dynamic EU car market, with abundant new purchases, continuous technical development and large-scale circulation of used cars.

The car market interacts vigorously with EU legislation that already for years aims to make road ...

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Why do EU arms end up in Libya despite UN ban?

French arms sold to Egypt and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) risk ending up in Libya, in violation of a UN ban.

But if the war is one of "who dares wins", then should EU states resort to realpolitik?

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Vietnam sent champagne to MEPs ahead of trade vote

MEPs over Christmas received bottles of Moet and Chandon Imperial champagne from Vietnam's embassy in Brussels - ahead of this month's trade deal vote with Vietnam.

The Christmas gifts followed the resignation of the committee's vice-chair and lead rapporteur Jan Zahradil MEP, for failing ...

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'Democracy commissioner' doesn't rule out treaty change

EU Commission vice-president Dubravka Šuica said on Wednesday (22 January) that the EU executive was "open" to treaty change - if European citizens demand it through the planned two-year reform exercise.

The Croatian commissioner presented the executive's outline on the Conference ...

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EU to unveil 5G 'toolbox' to tackle security threats

While 3G made mobile internet possible and 4G allowed mobile broadband, 5G is expected to become the connectivity infrastructure that will pave the way for new product and services, such as self-driving cars or industrial robotics.

"Europe is not behind in 5G. We have not lost the race," ...

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China spy suspect had EU permission to work as lobbyist

The EU ambassador suspected of spying for China, Georg Sabathil, got official permission to work as a lobbyist, the EU External Action Service [EEAS] has said.

He also continued to work for the EU for almost two years after Germany raised a red flag on his integrity.

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Greece closing its migrant camps: what will impact be?

Greece, a nation struggling economically, has decided to shift its refugee policy to a more constrained and limited one, in an attempt to alleviate the pressure that has been placed on the nation.

Condemnation has been directed towards the Greek government for inhumane practices within ...

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Eastern Partnership must now improve media freedoms

"It is better than nothing," replied Volha Siakhovich, legal expert for the Belarusian Association of Journalists, when asked about the Eastern Partnerships' (EaP) record of advancing media freedom in the country.

The EaP is an initiative aimed at strengthening relations between the EU ...

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EU warned on 'vigilance' after Davos spy fail

European counter-intelligence services need to "seriously raise the level of vigilance" on Russian spies, UK activist Bill Browder has said after news of a botched operation at Davos in Switzerland.

"The Swiss informed me that they were aware that I was coming to Davos, they knew the ...

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What's Libya's impact on EU foreign policy?

What will the Libya crisis do to EU foreign policy? Despite the general realisation that Libya is perhaps the biggest litmus test of the European strategic seriousness since the Balkan wars, the answer to this question is not easy.

Predictions are a dime a dozen, but a few potential ...

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Senior Polish member at EU body faces Belgian abuse probe

Belgian authorities have been informed of a psychological harassment case against a Polish official seeking to become the president of the European Economic Social Committee (EESC), an EU institution that bills itself as a platform for civil society.

In an emailed statement on Tuesday (21 ...

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Will US privacy-lite hollow out GDPR?

Over 90 percent of the data on the internet has been created since 2016. Yet, the amount of personal information online is expected to grow exponentially in the next years.

As a result, data protection and privacy rules have either been introduced or are being considered in many countries ...

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