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EU Commission rejects retaliatory visas for US citizens

The European Commission has dismissed demands from the European Parliament to impose visas on US visitors.

With citizens of Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus and Romania still requiring a visa to enter the United States for short stays, MEPs had last week demanded the commission slap similar ...

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Gruelling Brexit and budget talks continue This WEEK

EU leaders are back on videoconferencing, after two physical summits in October, amid rising Covid-19 infections in Europe, including among government ministers.

Leaders will talk on Thursday (29 October) online on how to better coordinate in the face of the second wave of the pandemic. ...

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Ministers back EU-wide 2050 climate goal, not by country

EU environment ministers on Friday (23 October) reached a partial agreement on the bloc's first-ever climate law, leaving the decision on the updated 2030-target for EU leaders, who will attempt to strike a deal in December.

"I am very pleased that the Environment Council has just taken ...

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Feminists target Polish churches in abortion 'revolution'

Feminists disrupted church services in Poland on Sunday (25 October) in a fourth day of "revolution" against new anti-abortion laws.

Women holding placards with slogans such as "We pray for the right to abortion" or "Fuck off, episcopacy" stood in front of altars and disrupted mass in ...

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The German mayor now facing US sanctions over Nord Stream

Donald Trump or Joe Biden on 3 November, the US will continue to weaponise international trade and economic sanctions to achieve its political goals or advantage American companies - and China is just getting started in using economic blackmail to further its global dominance.

US ...

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Erdo─čan whips up Muslim hate against Macron

Turkish leader Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has put himself at the forefront of a Muslim backlash against France's handling of the recent Mohammed cartoons killing.

Erdoğan did it with a string of headline-grabbing insults of French president Emmanuel Macron this weekend. ...

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Why German presidency is wrong on rule of law

Early next year, all going well, Brussels will turn on the taps and €750bn in funds designed to help Europe's recovery from the coronavirus pandemic will start to flow into every corner of the EU.

Together with over a trillion euros that has been earmarked for the EU's seven-year ...

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South Caucasus death toll much worse than feared

The recent fighting between Armenia and Azerbaijan has been much deadlier than previously feared, with Russia estimating that it claimed 5,000 lives.

"There are a lot of casualties from both sides, more than 2,000 from each side," and the total was "nearing 5,000", Russian president ...

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MEPs urge EU to be ready to dump disputed energy treaty

Cross-party MEPs on Thursday (22 October) called on the European Commission to be prepared to withdraw from the controversial Energy Charter Treaty (ECT), if negotiations for its modernisation fail.

The ECT is an international agreement that grants cross-border cooperation in the energy ...

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EU commission on defensive over 'revolving doors'

The EU commission was forced to defend its track record on Thursday (22 October) on allowing staff to take on private-sector jobs, after it emerged that 99-percent of such requests were rubber-stamped as a 'yes'.

"I think it is very clear that we have efficient rules and measures in ...

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Polish court effectively bans legal abortions

The Polish constitutional tribunal on Thursday (22 October) ruled that abortions for foetal abnormalities violate the constitution - effectively imposing a near-total ban on legal abortions in the country.

Poland already had one of the most restrictive abortion laws in Europe, allowing ...

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Nato and EU silent on Turkey, despite Armenia's appeal

Nato and the EU have declined to publicly criticise Turkey's involvement in the Armenia-Azerbaijan warfare despite Armenia's personal appeal.

"It is vital that all sides now show restraint, observe the ceasefire, and de-escalate. Any targeting of civilians is unacceptable and must stop," ...

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EU farming deal attacked by Green groups

EU agriculture ministers reached a common position on the bloc's farming policy post-2020 in the early hours of Wednesday (21 October) - paving the way for final negotiations with the European Parliament and Commission.

The Common Agriculture Policy (CAP), which accounts for over ...

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France vows tough retaliation for teacher's murder

Conflans-Sainte-Honorine is usually a sleepy suburb of Paris. Since last Friday (16 October), however, there is a swarm of activity around the high school Bois d'Aulne. Police and gendarmes stand watch, international media are reporting live and in the middle of all this – the grieving ...

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EU tells UK to decide on Brexit as deal 'within reach'

The EU told the UK on Wednesday (21 October) to make up its mind on Brexit - but also extended an olive branch after talks on the future relations have been disrupted by political theatrics over the last week.

The two sides decided late on Wednesday to resume negotiations on Thursday. ...

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All eyes on EU court for decision on religious slaughter

The popular image of a ritual killing is that of a butcher restraining an animal to expose its throat, covering its eyes with its ears while muttering prayers to calm it.

Sadly, this is far from the experience of animals being killed without pre-stunning for halal or kosher meat, where ...

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EU declares war on Malta and Cyprus passport sales

Cyprus and Malta are breaking EU law and facilitating crime by selling 'golden passports' to wealthy foreigners, the European Commission has said.

It cited chapter and verse of EU treaties on "sincere cooperation" and on the "integrity of EU citizenship" on Tuesday (21 October), while ...

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EU Commission's Libya stance undercut by internal report

The European Commission claims EU funding for the Libyan authorities are helping migrants - but its statements on Tuesday (20 October) paint a rosy picture compared to an overview internal report on Libya by the EU's foreign policy branch.

An EU commission spokesperson told reporters that ...

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Backroom deal will make CAP reform a catastrophic failure

The European Parliament will vote on either Thursday (22 October) or Friday this week on a supposedly historical reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP), which accounts for over one-third of the EU annual budget. But as it stands, it is set to become a historical failure of catastrophic ...

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'Big majority' of citizens want EU funds linked to rule of law

Almost 80 percent of European citizens agree that the distribution of EU funds should be linked to respect for the rule of law and democratic principles, according to a survey published on Tuesday (20 October).

The poll, commissioned by the European Parliament, comes as MEPs had another ...

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EU money used by neo-Nazi to promote Holocaust denial

European Parliament funds were used to promote Holocaust-deniers, in a series of newsletters published by a German neo-Nazi jailed for hate crimes.

W+B Medien Nordland Verlag, a small mail-order firm managed by militant neo-Nazi Thorsten Heise, received some €35,000 in European ...

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