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Europe goes to New York This WEEK

Several EU leaders and top commissioners will leave the old continent this week to attend the UN general assembly and a climate summit in New York.

Iran is set to dominate the yearly UN circus of global diplomacy amid an exchange of military threats between US president Donald Trump, the ...

2019-09-20 19:05 open_in_new
Nine EU 'commissioners' asked to clarify declarations

Nine EU commissioner candidates have been taken to task for incomplete financial declarations by the European Parliament's (EP) legal affairs committee.

The revelation, made by French left-wing MEP Manon Aubry, on Twitter on Thursday (19 September) did not name names.

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2019-09-20 10:41 open_in_new
Dismiss Italy's Salvini at your peril

Italian politics is never short of drama, and the past few weeks have been no exception.

Since last year, Italy had been governed by an improbable alliance between the anti-establishment Five Star Movement (M5S), led by Luigi di Maio, and the far-right Lega party, led by firebrand Matteo ...

2019-09-20 10:41 open_in_new
Malta PM accused of 'blackmail' over slain reporter

Malta's leader has offered to drop a posthumous libel case against a murdered journalist only if her family say she was wrong to have accused him.

"I would be ready to drop this libel case if the Caruana Galizia family make a declaration to the effect that they accept the findings of the ...

2019-09-19 18:56 open_in_new
Diplomats back Romania's Kovesi for EU top prosecutor

The majority of EU countries' ambassadors on Thursday (19 September) voted to support Romania's former anti-corruption prosecutor Laura Codruta Kovesi to be the EU's first public prosecutor.

Seventeen EU ambassadors from 22 member states participating in the European Public Prosecutor's ...

2019-09-19 18:56 open_in_new
Low-carbon cities can unlock €21tn by 2050, report finds

According to a new report released on Thursday (19 September), investing €1.65tn (about two percent of global GDP) per year in low-carbon cities can reduce emission by nearly 90 percent by 2030, while generating economic prosperity of over €21tn by 2050.

The three-year ...

2019-09-19 18:56 open_in_new
Brexit raises questions for EU defence integration

Ahead of a new institutional cycle beginning in November, the European Commission and the EU-27 are reflecting upon the future global role of the EU, particularly its ability to act independently in the world.

Brexit has raised many questions about the EU's approach towards security and ...

2019-09-19 18:56 open_in_new
France, Italy want 'automatic' distribution of migrants

France and Italy want arriving migrants rescued from the Mediterranean Sea to be automatically distributed throughout the European Union.

The demands, made on Wednesday (18 September) in Rome by French president Emmanuel Macron and Italy's prime minister Giuseppe Conte, come ahead of a ...

2019-09-19 10:32 open_in_new
Europe's refugee policy is test of its true 'way of life'

What is the "European way of life"?

In a continent as geographically, linguistically and culturally diverse as ours, this is very difficult to answer.

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2019-09-19 10:32 open_in_new
Juncker: No-deal Brexit 'palpable'

EU top officials on Wednesday (18 September) warned that UK is heading for a no-deal break with the EU, unless the London government provides written proposals on the controversial Irish border issue.

"There is very little time left. […] The risk of a no-deal is very real," EU ...

2019-09-18 17:44 open_in_new
A new Commission for the one percent

The composition and format of European Commission president-elect Ursula von der Leyen's new team came as no surprise to the Left.

For a long time, we have warned about the dangerous path this Union is taking.

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2019-09-18 17:44 open_in_new
Germany adopts blockchain strategy and says no to Libra

The German federal government passed on Wednesday (18 September) a comprehensive blockchain strategy with Berlin hopes will foster the technology and mitigate the risks regarding its implementation.

The strategy aims to unleash the potential of blockchain and distributed ledger ...

2019-09-18 16:41 open_in_new
Revanchist Russia continues to rewrite European history

The Soviet Union never invaded Poland in World War Two, Russia has claimed, in a new version of history with disturbing parallels for modern times.

The Russian foreign ministry published its latest statement on WW2 on Facebook on Tuesday (17 September) - 80 years after Soviet forces ...

2019-09-18 11:26 open_in_new
How EU trains discriminate against the disabled

Want to catch a train in the next hour? All you need to do is buy a ticket, turn up and go.

If I wanted to do the same, it wouldn't be possible. As it stands, EU law doesn't give me a right to travel by train when I want to. It is time to change the law.

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2019-09-18 11:26 open_in_new
These are the crunch issues for 2019-2024 EU commission

Audiences should always be cautious when think tankers claim that it's crunch time.

Crunch time has often been announced, following the time-tested rule that a think tanker can never really lose money by selling doom and gloom or by over-dramatising the one little idea that happens to be ...

2019-09-18 10:23 open_in_new
Defending the 'European way of life' name splits MEPs

The controversial title for a future commission vice-president's role, of "protecting the European way of life", is creating deep divisions in the European parliament as MEPs prepare to debate the new executive of president-elect Ursula von der Leyen.

Socialists, liberals and greens have ...

2019-09-17 17:35 open_in_new
Hungary claims EU 'witch-hunt' over rule of law hearing

EU affairs ministers on Monday (16 September) held their first hearing on Hungary over concerns that the Budapest government curbed judicial and press freedoms, clamped down on civil society, and weakened the rule of law and checks on the government.

Hungary's justice minister Judit Varga ...

2019-09-17 11:14 open_in_new
Trumpworld In Europe

Pastors and plutocrats are sponsoring an ultra-conservative agenda in Europe. Many of them have links to Donald Trump.

It's a world that's pretty opaque. But over the past year, investigative journalists have done painstaking work to pierce the veil.

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2019-09-17 10:11 open_in_new
How EU firms and banks help fund Amazon fires

Led by France and Germany, the G7 pledged to help protect the Amazon forest after fires continued to ravage one of the most important ecological landscapes in the world.

But the G7 cannot successfully fund the protection of the Amazon while the banks and investors of these countries ...

2019-09-17 10:11 open_in_new
Amazon fires mean EP must rethink Mercosur trade deal

The Amazon rainforest is burning at a rate never before documented by scientists. The causes are familiar enough: illegal logging, mining, the production of biofuels, agriculture and livestock are eating away at the lungs of the planet.

Some 80 percent of global deforestation is the ...

2019-09-17 10:11 open_in_new
EU must give full support to Ukraine to dissuade Kremlin

In the war waged by Vladimir Putin's Russia against Ukraine, the objective reality is that Moscow is the aggressor, in breach of international law, and Kiev is the aggrieved party.

Unfortunately, this rather obvious statement has increasingly fallen on deaf ears in Washington since Donald ...

2019-09-16 18:26 open_in_new