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Populists' EU breakthrough fails, greens and liberals gain

Mainstream parties suffered losses at the European election on Sunday (26 May), which saw a high turnout in most EU member states, ushering in massive wins for the Greens, but a lower than expected surge in right-wing populist parties.

Estimated overall turnout in the EU-27 member states ...

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2019 European election results

With 427 million possible voters, across 28 EU countries, electing 751 MEPs, it's the second-biggest democratic vote in the world. The results will come thick and fast - follow them as they come in here, via the European Parliament's official results site.

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Jubilant Greens in party mood after first EP projection

The Greens are already celebrating. In a packed conference room above the European Parliament's hemicycle, Green supporters and staff were Sunday night (May 26) preparing for major gains in Germany and elsewhere.

According to the first official European Parliament projection, they are set ...

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Thunberg: We can still fix climate, but must start today

"If the EU really decided to face the ongoing climate emergency and try to act with the necessary force then this would have a huge global impact," Swedish student and global climate idol, Greta Thunberg, said on the eve of European Parliament (EP) elections.

Speaking in the Danish ...

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Turnout up in Slovakia, with pro-EU liberals scoring high

EU election turnout has jumped up in Slovakia, where liberals did well on Saturday (25 May). But nationalists also scored highly in Slovakia and Latvia, leaks indicate.

The turnout rate hit 20 percent in Slovakia according to unofficial surveys by the news website, compared ...

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Belgium votes in hybrid EU-national election

Over eight million eligible Belgians are set to vote on Sunday (26 May) in an election that straddles regional, federal, and European polls.

Among the new hopefuls for its 21 seats in the European Parliament is Marc Botenga, a Walloon from the far left Workers' Party of Belgium (PTB). ...

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Irish greens take Dublin in second EU exit poll

Ireland's Green party scored high in EU elections on Friday (24 May), in the second pro-European exit poll in the 2019 vote.

Irish people also voted to relax divorce laws in a referendum the same day in a closer embrace of liberal values.

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Don't tell the Dutch - but Timmermans 'won'

Frans Timmermans has been the European commissioner responsible in the past five years for the portfolio "better regulation", which includes getting rid of outdated EU rules.

And if you want an example of an outdated rule, look no further than the embargo on election results for the ...

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EU election results to trigger top jobs scramble This WEEK

The European elections and their consequences will immediately dominate news and gossip in Brussels and around the national capitals next week.

The race for the new EU top positions will kick off the minute the final vote is cast on Sunday.

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Strache scandal: how big a hit will Austrian far-right take?

This week has seen a political crisis unprecedented in Austria since the end of the Second World War.

The resignation of vice-chancellor Hans-Christian Strache, the firing of the far-right interior minister Herbert Kickl, the mass resignation of all other far-right ministers, a call for a ...

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EU says goodbye to May with 'respect'

EU leaders voiced their respect for British prime minister Theresa May after the Conservative leader on Friday (24 May) announced that she would step down on 7 June.

She will remain as prime minister while her Conservative party undertake a new leadership contest, which is expected to ...

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Italy train row exposes competing views of EU

As Italians head towards voting booths for the European elections this weekend, a big infrastructure project funded by the EU has rekindled opposing views of Europe, as well the country's own development.

According to its promoters a new railway-tunnel for high-speed trains through the ...

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No usage data kept for EU parliament's 'Citizens' App'

The European Parliament does not collect any statistics on how often its new Citizens' App is used, an access to documents request by EUobserver has revealed.

The mobile application aims to increase the level of knowledge of EU citizens of what European integration means, amidst continued ...

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Dutch socialists on top in first EP election exit poll

Dutch socialist Frans Timmermans looks like the big winner in the first exit poll from the 2019 European Parliament (EP) election.

Timmermans' centre-left Labour will unexpectedly emerge as the largest party in the EP vote, according to Dutch pollster Ipsos, which claims a margin of error ...

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EU sanctions regime cannot be an 'EU Magnitsky Act'

Dutch MEPs have called on their government to make every effort to call the EU global human rights sanctions regime the 'EU Magnitsky Act', after Sergei Magnitsky, a Russian activist, who exposed a tax fraud by corrupt officials, was incarcerated and died in prison in 2009.

The Dutch ...

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Dutch PM puts EU exit on agenda with election gamble

It would be a "disaster" if the Netherlands would leave the European Union, Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte argued in a one-on-one debate with his largest electoral opponent, the pro-Nexit MP Thierry Baudet.

The EU and its common currency the euro were "not perfect", but the risks of the ...

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Polling booths open in UK's limbo EU election

Polling booths have opened in the UK for EU elections, with voters not knowing if Brexit will happen, if they have a prime minister, or caring that much who their MEPs will be.

The voting started at 6AM British time and ends at 9PM on Thursday (23 May) on the first day of the wider ...

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EU development aid used to put European police in Senegal

In a matter of weeks, some €9m of EU development aid will be used to shore up the police in Senegal, West Africa, to help crack down on migrant smuggling.

While such EU-funded development projects on security are nothing new, the latest effort in Senegal is a novelty.

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EU should stop an insane US-Iran war

"If Iran wants to fight, that will be the official end of Iran. Never threaten the United States again!", US president Donald Trump tweeted on Monday (20 May).

The tweet was sent hours after a rocket landed less than a mile from the US embassy in Iraq's capital Baghdad.

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EU faces moment of truth at midnight on Sunday

Voters in the world's second biggest democratic election, in Europe, will know shortly before midnight on Sunday (26 May) to what extent a foretold far-right surge has come to be.

Exit polls from four days of voting by up to 430 million people in 28 countries will be revealed at 11.15PM in ...

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Far-right hate speech flooded Facebook ahead of EU vote

Shady Facebook users have been promoting far-right views ahead of the EU elections, sometimes using graphic images of sex and violence, a new investigation has found.

The more than 500 suspicious pages on the social media firm were identified in France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, and ...

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