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Get Pokemon Sword, Shield FREE with Nintendo Switch in early Black Friday deal
POKEMON fans that want to buy the latest additions but don’t yet have a Nintendo Switch are in luck - Currys PC World is bundling the newest game with purchases of the console in an Early Black Friday deal, and offering discounts on Switch Lite as well. ...
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'Rude' BBC host Rachel Burden attacked for 'outrageously biased' Boris Johnson interview
BORIS JOHNSON’s heated exchanges with BBC presenter Rachel Burden didn’t go unnoticed as Twitter exploded in reaction to the clashes, criticism Ms Burden for repeatedly “rudely cutting him off”. ...
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Black Friday 2019 - eBay offers 20% off of big-name brands including Apple and PlayStation
EBAY is kicking Black Friday off with a 20% saving across a huge range of products - including 4K TVs and Games Consoles. There are even discounts on the Apple Watch, iPhones, and iPads, too with their latest voucher. ...
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Labour is treating businesses as if they are the enemy, says ROSS CLARK
The best that can be said for John McDonnell’s proposal for a four-day week is that it is one better than the three-day week – forced upon Edward Heath’s administration in the 1970s as militant unions closed down power stations, causing blackouts and requiring electricity to be rationed. Even so, it would do untold damage to the economy. ...
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Lib Dem deputy Ed Davey grilled by BBC host over ‘eye-watering’ £100 billion climate bill

The Liberal Democrats have announced that they will spend an extra £100 billion over the next five years to tackle climate change and protect the environment. Lib Dem Shadow Chancellor and Deputy Leader, Ed Davey, spoke to BBC Radio 4’s Today show about the new policy, saying that ...

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Caroline Lucas reveals potential Remain Alliance 'game changer' to Iain Dale

The MP for Brighton Pavilion was discussing the dynamics of the Remain Alliance with the LBC host. Ms Lucas pointed to the size of the Liberal Democrats in comparison to her party as the reason the Greens have stood candidates down in five times the amount of seats the Lib Dems have. ...

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Sky TV Black Friday deals - Get 50% off your bill with these massive savings

There’s just two weeks to go until Black Friday begins but Sky has already started cutting prices.

The satellite TV firm has just announced a swathe of deals that are offering customers 50 percent off the usual cost.

This means you can save up to £15 per month on Sky ...

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Plaid Cymru attacked for ‘not speaking for the majority in Wales' with Brexit

Mr Price argued Brexit would be “disastrous” for Wales as he said they had voted in favour of a Brexit which kept the UK in the single market and customs union. But host, Ricky, said Mr Price “isn’t speaking for the majority in Wales”. Ricky asked: “Why do ...

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Use this simple hack to get a free £175 in time for Christmas - how does it work?

In the run up to Christmas, many people will start to think about their finances and look for the best way to budget. The Money Saving Expert website, founded by Martin Lewis, has offered advice on how to get £175 for free. What should you do?

In a recent newsletter, the website ...

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China news: Beijing makes huge step in getting revolutionary lander to Mars

Beijing’s ambitious space programme has stepped up a notch after China completed tests on its Martian lander, which is set to be part of the nation’s unmanned mission to the Red Planet. Chinese officials wanted to see how the lander coped with being dropped from vast distances, and ...

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'You're wrong!' Boris Johnson forced to immediately correct BBC host in fiery Brexit clash

In a heated live radio interview on BBC Radio 5, in which the Prime Minister was answering questions from callers around the country, Boris Johnson addressed concerns over customs checks in the Irish Sea under his own Brexit deal. He said: “The point of our deal was to allow the entire of ...

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Furious caller blasts Labour's broadband plans saying they will nationalise 'M&S next'

Matt from Lancashire hit out at Labour’s pledge to offer free broadband to all homes in the UK. The caller went on to suggest while the left-wing party nationalises BT, they may as well “nationalise M&S too”. He argued the Labour Party will “bankrupt the ...

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Martin Lewis reveals how to double value of Nectar card points at Sainsbury’s

Martin Lewis appeared on ITV's This Morning today to share his tips on how to get the best deal in Sainsbury’s. He explained those with a Nectar card can get double points in exchange for vouchers which can be spent in store. How does it work?

Sainsbury’s runs a Nectar card ...

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Piers Morgan congratulates SAS hero who saved hundreds of lives by shooting two terrorists

The soldier, who identity has not been revealed, dashed inside the DusitD2 hotel complex in Nairobi after four al-Shabaab jihadis opened fire on January 15. The attack started when a suicide bomber detonated his device outside the Secret Garden restaurant in the five-star hotel complex before ...

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Venice floods: Emergency as tides rise again after St Mark’s Square CLOSED

Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said he was forced to ask police to block off the famous St Mark’s Square, which was already covered in knee-high water on Friday morning. Workers in thigh-high boots began removing the platforms used by the public to cross the square without getting wet. Authorities ...

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How Camilla overcame her great fear to join Charles on his 71st birthday in loving gesture

Prince Charles is currently undertaking royal engagements in India, and on Thursday while in Mumbai celebrated his 71st birthday. Charles had been on his own for the trip, but on his birthday was joined by his wife.

It had been thought the pair would not be together on Charles’ ...

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Jean Fergusson: Last of the Summer Wine and Corrie star dies days after partying with pals
JEAN FERGUSSON, who is best known for starring in Last of the Summer Wine and Coronation Street, has died at the age of 74 just days after celebrating Su Pollard’s birthday with friend Vicki Michelle. ...
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Prince Andrew gives BBC world exclusive 'no holds barred' interview on Jeffrey Epstein

The Duke of York sat down with Newsnight journalist Emily Maitlis to refute claims that he had sex with one of the disgraced financier's accusers when she was 17.  Ms Maitlis has called it a "no holds barred interview" and claims no questions were vetted by the Queen's son or his staff in ...

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Election candidates ANNOUNCED: Who can YOU vote for as MP nominations finalised?

MPs who stood in the Parliament since the last general election have now lost their seats as Parliament was dissolved, paving the way for fresh candidate nominations. On Thursday, November 14, the deadline for nominations expired, and the ‘Statement of Persons Nominated’ is being ...

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Johnson warns of EU evolution ‘Britons didn’t bargain for’ in staunch attack on Macron

The Prime Minister was challenged by Pamela, a BBC caller from Cardiff, as he took questions from the nation on BBC Radio 5 Live on Friday morning. Pamela suggested Boris Johnson goes back to the EU after the December election and demands a free trade deal with the threat of walking away if ...

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Meghan Markle secretly enjoyed a 'fan girl' moment as she met her US hero in meeting

The Duchess of Sussex was caught “fan-girling” this week after she met former FLOTUS Hillary Clinton. According to sources, the two women hugged during what has been described as a “fan girl” meeting.

Prince Harry and six-month-old Archie were also in attendance ...

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