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Ranger warns Royal Parks will be closed if dogs aren’t kept on leads

Parks will have to be closed if people refuse to keep their dogs on a lead, a park ranger has warned.

Dog owners have been asked to follow the ‘temporary’ coronavirus measure at the eight Royal Parks in London to help visitors stay two metres away from each other.

If they don’t ...

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Train driver ‘body-slammed teenager who assaulted ticket inspector’

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A train driver has been filmed ‘body-slamming’ a teenager accused of assaulting a ticket inspector.

Passengers travelling from Farnham to Ascot with ...

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NHS staff turned away at coronavirus testing drive-throughs

NHS staff are being turned away at coronavirus testing drive-throughs if they do not have a pre-booked appointment.

Only 2,000 NHS workers have been tested for Covid-19 and the Government has faced heavily criticism over its failure to ensure more healthcare workers are available to help ...

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Family of nurse killed by coronavirus slam lack of testing and PPE for NHS staff

The son of an NHS nurse who died after treating a patient for coronavirus have hit out at the lack of protection and tests for health workers risking their lives on the frontline.

Father-of-seven Thomas Harvey, 57, died ‘gasping for air’ at home in east London on Sunday after ...

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UK coronavirus death toll rises by another 569 to 2,921

Another 569 people have died after contracting coronavirus, taking the UK death toll to 2,921.

Today’s jump in deaths is the biggest daily increase since the outbreak began, following another massive rise of 563 deaths yesterday.

It took 17 days for the number in the UK to pass ...

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DUP councillor blames coronavirus on abortion legalisation and same-sex marriage

DUP councillor blames coronavirus on abortion legalisation and same-sex marriage

The coronavirus outbreak is God’s judgment for legalising abortion and same-sex marriage in Northern Ireland, a DUP councillor has claimed.

John Carson, from Ballymena, County Antrim, wrote a public ...

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One in four UK workers faces being furloughed during coronavirus pandemic

A third of British firms could temporarily lay off 75% to 100% of their staff, amid increasing fears about the scale of the economic crisis caused by coronavirus.

According to a new survey, around half (44%) of companies plan to furlough at least half of their workforce, while 32% plan to ...

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Some UK hospitals ‘can only test two NHS workers a day for coronavirus’

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Some UK hospitals are only able to test two doctors or nurses a day for coronavirus, a Labour MP has said.

Speaking on Sky News, Dr Rosena Allin-Khan, ...

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Dogs being trained to smell coronavirus need £1,000,000 to help fight disease

A fundraising campaign has been set up to train dogs to learn the smell of Covid-19 and play a vital role in stopping the spread of the disease.

Experts at Medical Detection Dogs – which already does pioneering work in cancer research and diabetes detection – believe dogs can smell ...

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Care homes can’t afford protective kit because of ‘unethical suppliers’

Care homes are being priced out of essential masks, gloves and other protective equipment by suppliers ‘trying to make a quick buck’, a provider has warned.

CHD Living, which runs care services in Surrey and south London, says smaller care providers could struggle to get enough ...

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Morrisons staff to get £1,050 bonus as thank you for working during coronavirus pandemic

Staff at Morrisons have been told to expect a more than £1,000 windfall as the company pledged to triple their annual bonuses.

Employees across the front line of its supermarkets will be paid a 6% bonus on their earnings over the next 12 months, managers said on Thursday. It represents an ...

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Nearly 1,000,000 people apply for Universal Credit in just two weeks

Nearly a million people have signed up to claim Universal Credit in the last fortnight, as the scale of the economic crisis caused by the coronavirus outbreak begins to become clear. 

Around 950,000 successful new claimants – more than one and a half times the number of people living in ...

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Huge coronavirus morgue being built near to NHS Nightingale Hospital

A temporary morgue the size of two football pitches is being built to help manage the UK’s growing death toll amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Construction work is currently underway on Wanstead Flats, in Manor Park, London, just a few miles away from the new NHS Nightingale Hospital, ...

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Vape shop owner pinned to ground by police after insisting he was providing essential service

The owner of a vape shop who refused to close despite the coronavirus lockdown claiming he provided an essential service has been arrested by police.

Video showed four officers pinning Ian Grave, 45, to the floor while handcuffing him for flouting lockdown rules. He said he kept his ...

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‘Where do you want to die?’ GP asks high-risk patients

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A GP is asking people at high risk from coronavirus to decide where they want to die in a video-blog about the ‘difficult realities’ of the ...

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Second ‘Clap for our Carers’ to be held tonight as a tribute to NHS staff

A second national round of applause for the NHS and social care workers who are helping the UK battle coronavirus will take place on Thursday evening.

Last week, thousands of people across the UK showed their appreciation as they applauded and cheered from their doorsteps and ...

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Coronavirus patient removed from flat through window to be taken to hospital

Firefighters in West London had to wear full respirators to remove a suspected coronavirus patient during an emergency yesterday. 

Crews wore the protective breathing kit – normally used to avoid smoke inhalation – on an aerial platform in Shepherd’s Bush, where all three emergency ...

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Is the NHS Nightingale hospital asking for children’s drawings?

As the coronavirus outbreak continues to grip the glove, work has continued in London on NHS Nightingale, the emergency hospital at the capital’s ExCel Centre set up to deal with those battling the virus.

Construction work has been going on at the centre for the past week, with over ...

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Frontline workers ‘should be given a special coronavirus allowance’

A special allowance should be paid to key workers in public services during the coronavirus crisis, a leading trade union has said.

The GMB called for a coronavirus crisis allowance as it released a study suggesting that three million workers do not earn the so-called real living ...

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Doctors may have to choose who is more likely to survive coronavirus

Coronavirus patients could have their treatment withdrawn and offered to others who are more likely to survive, new guidance for doctors has warned.

The British Medical Association’s (BMA) latest ethics advice said health professionals could be forced to make ‘grave decisions’ should ...

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British Airways ‘to suspend 36,000 members of staff’ amid coronavirus crisis

British Airways is reportedly set to suspend 36,000 members of staff as the coronavirus pandemic shuts down the travel industry.

The airline has been in consultation with union Unite for more than a week over plans to furlough employees, the BBC reports. It comes just days after the ...

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