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Anti-Islam activist ‘Tommy Robinson’ announces he's joined the Tories

FAR-RIGHT businessman Stephen Yaxley-Lennon – infamous as “Tommy Robinson” – has announced that he has joined the Conservative Party following its general election victory.

In a message to his subscribers on Telegram, an online messaging service popular with the far right, Mr ...

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Meanwhile in Scotland … it’s still 2015

FOR Scottish Labour activists there was a hideous sense of deja vu as we watched the SNP tide flood across the country. 

It was 2015 all over again — Labour having just a single seat and the people of East Dunbartonshire returning Jo Swinson to the private sector again. 

2015 — ...

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Canary targeted by a government advisor

AN INDEPENDENT adviser to the government launched an attack on the Canary and other news websites yesterday, blaming them for the growth of anti-semitism. 

John Mann tweeted that he will be instigating an investigation this January, setting a disturbing precedent against the freedom of ...

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Johnson says election has given him ‘overwhelming mandate’ for Brexit

BORIS JOHNSON claimed today he would heal the divisions of Brexit after a string of Labour strongholds fell to the Tories.

During a speech outside Downing Street, the Prime Minister said that his majority of 80 gives him an “overwhelming mandate” to take Britain out of the EU by the ...

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Progressives vow resistance against brutal new government

CAMPAIGNERS vowed today to fight tooth and nail against Tory attacks on Britain’s public services, the welfare state and workers’ and women’s rights.

The chorus of resistance came as the country plunged into another five years of brutal Conservative rule today with the party winning ...

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Greece still violating international law in the way people are imprisoned, UN finds

A GROUP of United Nations experts on arbitrary detention said today that Greece was still in violation of certain international obligations on how and where people are imprisoned.

The UN working group on arbitrary detention presented a preliminary report following visits to 20 detention ...

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‘Remain has been defeated. The movement needs to move on,’ unions say

LABOUR was urged to accept that it “got it wrong” on Brexit and that “Remain has been defeated” today following yesterday’s devastating election result. 

Over the course of the long and brutal night, dozens of Labour constituencies turned blue for the first time in decades ...

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Labour wiped out in Scotland

LABOUR has been all but wiped out in Scotland after a disastrous election result for the party north of the border.

Shadow Scottish secretary Lesley Laird was among six Labour casualties, with Ian Murray in Edinburgh South now the party’s sole representative in ...

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Misleading narratives on Labour's defeat have a purpose

LAST night night, Labour suffered a stunning election defeat, losing seats in its traditional heartlands and handing a substantial majority to a hard-right Tory government.

Cue the multitude of voices clamouring for Jeremy Corbyn to resign, holding him solely responsible for the result, ...

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Editorial: Making sense of a shattering defeat

AS SOON as the scale of Labour’s shattering defeat began to emerge last night, pundits began to push the line that this was not just about Brexit but about Jeremy Corbyn, and more broadly the Labour Party’s significant shift towards socialism under his leadership.

No election is just ...

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Labour admits it lost general election because of ‘neutral’ Brexit stance

LABOUR today acknowledged that its huge general election losses were down to its “neutral” stance on Brexit.

A string of Leave-voting Labour strongholds fell to the Tories for the first time since their inception, while Labour’s pro-Remain vote in some constituencies was split ...

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Turkey angered over US Senate recognition of the Armenian genocide

TURKEY condemned the US Senate recognition of the Armenian genocide today, warning that the move “poisons the climate of Turkish-American relations,” as the government continued to deny the century-old atrocities.

Ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) spokesman Omer Celik warned: ...

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European business and government officials could face prosecution for arming the Saudis

The International Criminal Court has been asked to consider prosecuting European business and government officials for supplying arms used in alleged Saudia war crimes in Yemen.

The  European Centre for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR) is one of six non-government organisations ...

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‘Now is a time for rebuilding, extending and developing mass campaigning movements,’ communists say

THE urgent task now is to build mass campaigning movements, Communist Party (CP) general secretary Robert Griffiths said yesterday.

The CP’s political committee will meet on Monday to assess the threats posed by the outcome of the general election. 

In a statement, Mr Griffiths ...

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Lib Dems' Jo Swinson loses her seat

LIBERAL DEMOCRAT leader Jo Swinson has been forced to step down from her role after losing her seat in a shock defeat in the general election.

The former coalition minister lost out in a close fight in East Dunbartonshire to the SNP’s Amy Callaghan, who said her local campaign got her ...

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Thousands call for ‘second revolution’ in Algeria after disputed presidential election

THOUSANDS took to the streets across Algeria today as opposition groups vowed to continue the fight for “a second revolution” after the disputed presidential elections.

Former Prime Minister Abdelmadjid Tebboune was elected in a poll that was boycotted by the opposition groups who ...

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CWU statement on the general election result

LAST night was a hugely disappointing result and the reasons for this are very clear.   On Brexit Labour got it wrong. Millions of people who know the economy, the world of work and politics in general isn’t working for them saw the move to a second referendum as a betrayal and the final ...

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Best of 2019: Gardening Books

NEW Vegetable Garden Techniques by Joyce Russell (White Lion, £18.99) is the best guide for the keen beginner that I’ve seen in a while.

Terrifically practical and full of money- and time-saving methods, it’s also attractively laid out, with exceptionally helpful photographs making it ...

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Nazis who got rich from deformed baby drug

THE scandal of thalidomide started to become public in 1959, sixty years ago.

The German drug company Chemie Grunenthal — part of the Wirtz Group — had launched the drug just two years before and as the tablets were prescribed for more and more pregnant women with severe morning ...

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Proud pups pose at poll stations in santa suits

DOGS were out in force at polling stations during yesterday’s third general election in five years.

The #dogsatpollingstations hashtag on social media has been a highlight of election day in recent years, as people post pictures of their pets waiting for them outside.

A voter ...

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Greta Thunberg keeps her cool over trump’s Twitter rant

TEENAGE environmental activist Greta Thunberg responded to US President Donald Trump’s angry outburst at her selection as Time magazine’s Person of the Year by saying she was just “chilling.”

Mr Trump — a previous recipient of the award — aimed his ire at the 16-year-old Swede ...

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