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Playing to lose: who funded Labour’s 2019 election loss?
From straightforward second referendum groups such as Led by Donkeys to outrageously transparent Tory entities like Working 4 UK, SOLOMON HUGHES documents the range ‘non-party campaigners’ who invested in Corbynism’s failure ...
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Men’s Football How a return to socialism can help Bolivian football

BOLIVIA took a positive step towards restoring some kind of order last week when Luis Arce and the Movement Towards Socialism (MAS) party triumphed in a historic general election.

The result comes just under a year after former president and MAS leader Evo Morales was ousted following a ...

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Men’s boxing The best and worst of the human condition

BOXING, I have said in this column more than once, is a mirror like no other sport in the way that it reflects the best and worst of the human condition. What’s unusual is to see both on display on the same night on opposite sides of the world.

The former took place in Las Vegas last ...

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Men’s Football SPFL want the power to decide how season ends

SCOTTISH clubs are being asked again to consider giving the league board powers to determine the fate of the season should the pandemic prevent completion.

The proposal was rejected in July but the Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) believes some clubs have reconsidered their ...

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London Film Festival Selection a critical nod to Black history

As awards contenders go, the Avengers of historical African American icons seems like the easiest sell in the universe, and that’s absolutely what Regina King delivers with her latest directorial effort, One Night in Miami.

In it, an evening in the aftermath of Cassius Clay’s ...

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‘Sweeping changes’ to immigration system pushed ‘through the back door’

MINISTERS have been accused of introducing “sweeping changes” to the immigration system “through the back door,” including rules that will allow rough sleepers to be deported. 

The changes to immigration rules, detailed in a 500-page report, were quietly released on Thursday and ...

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Medics appeal for support in besieged Kurdish refugee camp after Covid outbreak confirmed

HEALTH workers at a besieged refugee camp in a contested area of northern Iraq issued a call for urgent support today  as news of a deadly Covid outbreak long-feared by residents was confirmed.

At least five residents of the Makhmour refugee camp are reported to be fighting for their ...

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Millions face poverty and deprivation under strict Tier-3 lockdown restrictions

MILLIONS of workers face the prospect of poverty and deprivation after being forced into draconian Tier-3 lockdown restrictions from this weekend – with utterly inadequate financial support.

Protesters will take to the streets of Manchester on Saturday, demonstrating against the ...

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Editorial: On abortion, green jobs, healthcare and racism, Biden edges past Trump

THE cynical but truthful conclusion to draw from the second televised Trump-Biden debate is that it confirms what we already knew — that US democracy is the best that money can buy.

Even allowing for exaggeration and downright lies, the business and fundraising activities of the ...

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East London property tycoon accused of ‘exploiting’ tenants by ‘stealing’ their deposits

A PROPERTY tycoon in east London has been accused of “systematically exploiting” hundreds of tenants by “stealing” deposits and intimidating renters. 

Twenty-seven former tenants of Rakesh Patel, who owns 49 HMO — houses of multiple occupancy — properties in Tower Hamlets, ...

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Greek cops hunt for Golden Dawn member who refused to turn himself in

GREEK authorities are searching for a leading member and former politician of the far-right Golden Dawn party after he evaded arrest.

Police were searching today for Christos Pappas, officially considered a fugitive following Thursday’s court decision ordering a total of 39 people, ...

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Women workers hit hardest by Covid

WOMEN workers are suffering most from the effects of Covid-19, a union conference heard today.

Delegates from across the north-east shared their experiences of the pandemic at a conference held in Newcastle by public-service union Unison

Women participants told how additional caring ...

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Kurdish journalists call for international solidarity in letter from prison cell

JAILED Kurdish journalists from the Mesopotamia News Agency have issued a call for international support, in a letter received by the Morning Star today warning of an attempt to stop them reporting the truth.

Cemil Ugur, one of four reporters who broke a story about two Kurdish farmers ...

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‘You have blood on your gown,’ women tell Poland's top judges after banning almost all abortions

“YOU have blood on your gowns,” women protesting across Poland told the country’s top judges last night following their decision to ban almost all abortions.

Poland’s constitutional court ruled that abortions in the case of foetal defects are unconstitutional yesterday, with Chief ...

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Activist challenges Starmer to defend decision to abstain on controversial ‘spy cops’ Bill

LABOUR leader Sir Keir Starmer was forced to defend his position on the controversial Westminster “spy cops Bill” after being challenged to explain it by a voter in Glasgow today. 

Sir Keir, who ordered his party’s MPs to abstain on this month’s third reading of the Covert Human ...

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The US presidential elections and the prospects for peace

THE most significant foreign policy component of Donald Trump’s four years in the White House has been the US’s increasingly hostile stance in relation to China.

While Trump has led a dangerous escalation, the general direction of travel is not significantly different from that of the ...

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Reinforcing the women’s rights movement is an urgent priority
As International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women approaches, MARY ADOSSIDES previews a meeting featuring Turkish sisters and trade unionists who will shine a spotlight on the scourge of femicide today ...
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XR activists stage roadblock at the gates of Scotland's ‘biggest climate polluter’

EXTINCTION REBELLION took action against Scotland’s “biggest climate polluter” today by blocking the gates of Ineos’s plant in Grangemouth.

Groups of climate activists locked themselves together at the gates and blockaded approach roads to the refinery and offices with two ...

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Jewish Chronicle rapped by press regulator after misleading readers over alleged anti-semitism in the Green Party

PRESS regulators have ruled that the Jewish Chronicle printed inaccuracies and misled its readers in a story about alleged anti-semitism in the Green Party. 

The newspaper was forced to publish a full correction yesterday after the Independent Press Standards Organisation (IPSO) upheld a ...

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Editorial: Regional rebellions are showing promise for the left path forwards

THE devolution of power to Scotland and Wales, and to a lesser extent London, has introduced an element into British politics and public administration that has heightened the contradiction between the clear wishes of the British people as a whole and the desires of the self-perpetuating elites ...

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Washington tries to stop nuke ban coming into force

THE United States is pressing countries to withdraw from a United Nations treaty banning nuclear weapons as the pact comes close to achieving the 50 ratifications required for it to come into force.

The prospect of the threshold being reached within days has prompted President Donald ...

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