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Rowson: Plague songs Lend an ear to songs from a man who infuriates the Daily Mail

Martin Rowson, the man behind the renaissance of cartooning at the Morning Star, whose work the Daily Mail once denounced in a full-page editorial as, “disgusting, deranged... sick and offensive,” has written challenging lyrics in response to the political and social climate ...

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Men’s Football Black Players for Change begin their fight for racial equality

NOW that Major League Soccer (MLS) has re-started in the US, a group of black MLS players is using the moment to call attention to systemic racism across sports and society.

Black Players for Change was formerly the Black Players’ Coalition of MLS, but changed its name this week while ...

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Editorial: Politics, class, community and the Big Meeting

THE second Saturday in July usually sees the biggest of all labour movement festivals.

The Durham Miners’ Gala – replaced this year by an online celebration because of the ongoing risk posed by Covid-19 – is unique, combining a celebration of the heritage and culture of the ...

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Government's decision to resume arms sales to Saudis is ‘tantamount to signing the death warrants’ of thousands of Yemeni children

THE government’s decision to continue licencing arms sales to Saudi Arabia is “tantamount to signing the death warrants” of thousands of children in Yemen, charity War Child said today.

Despite a court ruling last year ordering the government to cease sales of weapons to Saudi ...

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Unions urge government to declare full renationalisation of rail while debt transfer to taxpayer is mooted

TRANSPORT unions urged the government today to end the “grotesque” privatisation of rail, as ministers pondered transferring privateers’ debts to the public balance sheet.

Emergency measures agreements (EMAs) between the Department for Transport (DfT) and rail franchises have ...

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Extinction Rebellion protest against Bank of England's carbon-intensive bailouts

CLIMATE-change activists gathered outside the Bank of England (BoE) this morning to protest against its most recent carbon-intensive bailouts.

Fake oil was poured on the road outside the bank in the City of London by Extinction Rebellion activists displaying a banner reading: “No ...

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Labour criticises government's ‘half-baked’ plans for reopening beauty salons

LABOUR slammed the government’s “half-baked” plans for reopening beauty salons today, saying that they put at risk jobs that are held overwhelmingly by women from ethnic minorities.

Guidance for the sector stipulates that salons and spas must not to provide face treatments, ...

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Universal Credit claimants waiting up to 11 weeks for payment even before the coronavirus surge

UNIVERSAL CREDIT (UC) claimants were waiting up to 11 weeks for full payment even before demand rocketed during the coronavirus crisis, a report revealed today.

The Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) had “significantly” improved the proportion of claims paid on time, from a woeful ...

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Chemical watchdog accuses Syria of 2017 chemical attack

THE Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) has found itself at the centre of a political row after it issued a statement condemning Syria for using sarin and chlorine bombs against its own people.

In a statement released late on Thursday the chemical watchdog said ...

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Israeli soliders accused of ‘cold-blooded murder’ after shooting unarmed Palestinian man in the neck

ISRAELI soldiers have been accused of “cold-blooded murder” after they shot dead an unarmed Palestinian man and wounded another in the occupied West Bank today.

Ibrahim Mustafa Abu received a bullet to the neck while entering the village of Kifl Hares west of the city of Salfit and was ...

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Cyprus Peace Council warns against island becoming aircraft carrier for imperialism after US military education plans unveiled

THE Cyprus Peace Council (CPC) warned against turning the Mediterranean island into an aircraft carrier of the imperialist powers today after the US announced plans to expand military education and training.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said on Wednesday that the State Department ...

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Men’s Football A draw a fair result as Everton share the spoils with Southampton

CARLO ANCELOTTI admitted his Everton side were far from their best following their draw with Southampton in an eerily empty Goodison Park.

The Italian bemoaned a poor first-half display, but changes made at half-time meant that by the end of the game he was able to conclude that a draw ...

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At least 16 homeless people died in first three months of the lockdown, new study shows

SIXTEEN rough sleepers are known to have died with Covid-19 during the first three months of the lockdown, new figures show.

The deaths were registered between March 26 and June 26, the Office for National Statistics reported, though it cautioned that the figure could be ...

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US sanctions Chinese officials over Uighur accusations

CHINA-US relations have deteriorated further after Washington’s announcement of sanctions on Chinese officials for their alleged treatment of Uighur Muslims in the country’s autonomous Xinjiang region.

Speaking on Thursday, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo insisted: “The United ...

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Men’s Football Red Wine & Arepas: How Football is Becoming Venezuela’s Religion book extract

LAST spring, I decided to write a book about Venezuela and its football, but I knew that to do such a complex country and society justice would require me to immerse myself fully in its ways of life and to learn its unique idiosyncrasies. 

Most importantly, I knew I would have to travel ...

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Labour MPs calls for probe into deaths of outsourced Ministry of Justice workers

MPS have joined calls for a probe into the deaths of two outsourced workers in an alleged coronavirus outbreak at the Ministry of Justice headquarters.    The United Voices of the World union alleges that cleaners at MoJ offices in Petty France, central London, were pressured to work ...

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Men’s Football The PurpleHUB

FOUR years after City of Liverpool FC played their first game, the club have announced one of their biggest social and community projects to date, and one of the most significant of its kind to be run by a football club in Liverpool.

Today, the club revealed that they have taken over the ...

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Ministry of injustice - Callousness, coronavirus and a culture of fear

EMANUEL GOMES came to London seven years ago to find a secure job with a decent wage. In one of the richest countries in the world, he expected workers to be paid properly and their rights protected in law. 

But instead he found himself trapped in the gig economy, fighting to keep his ...

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Join the growing Marx Memorial Library

THE Marx Memorial Library’s reach has grown exponentially in the last three months as we have turned to digital delivery of our education and collections work. 

Now we seek to build on this, launching a new eight-week membership drive over the summer.

Members have always been at ...

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MoJ cleaners win C-19 sick pay but vows to continue the fight

CLEANERS at the Ministry of Justice have cautiously welcomed an offer of full Covid-19 sick pay, but warned yesterday that the move does not go far enough. 

Outsourced workers, who have continued to clean central London offices during the pandemic, will now receive full pay for any ...

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Safe return to work planned with TUC

LABOUR-CONTROLLED Islington Council has become the first authority in the country to work alongside the Trades Union Congress for a safe return to work as the Covid-19 crisis eases.

As part of the plan, the council is promoting trade-union membership for its workers.

The “Stay ...

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