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Is Labour’s promise of free broadband for all a good policy?

Labour have pledged to provide free fibre-optic broadband to every household and business in the United Kingdom, and to do it by nationalising parts of BT Broadband – which, the party estimates will cost £20bn up front and £230m a year thereafter. It will be paid for by a tax on ...

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Is Labour’s promise of free broadband for all a good policy?

Labour have pledged to provide free fibre-optic broadband to every household and business in the United Kingdom, and to do it by nationalising parts of BT Broadband – which, the party estimates will cost £20bn up front and a little under £500m a year thereafter. It will be paid for by a ...

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Amsterdam: Van Gogh’s wet paint under a microscope, and the world’s most silent tourists

Before I come to Amsterdam for a few days my daughter, who is an art history student, tells me I must visit the Van Gogh Museum. I’m a little bit ho-hum about this. I wonder if I need to? Can there be an artist whose work we have seen reproduced more often than Van Gogh? Stupidly, I imagine ...

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Liverpool’s origin tale is one of triumph against the odds – so where do they go when they’re winning?

About an hour into Liverpool vs Manchester City at Anfield, the ball bounced in the direction of Jordan Henderson, Liverpool’s grizzled, industrious captain. Whereupon something quite unexpected occurred. With a City opponent charging towards him, Henderson pirouetted his body through 360 ...

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How London’s “nose to tail” eatery St John became an institution

It’s hard to say how a well-loved restaurant morphs into that rather more formidable prospect, an institution. Yet St John has apparently cracked it: at 25, it’s still “perhaps the most famous and influential restaurant in London”, according to Eater London’s editor Adam Coghlan. ...

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Critics love the Crown – but is it just a soap opera in posh clothing?

Royalty has the weirdest effect on people. Just as leftist, republican types are always trotting up to the palace to receive honours they know in their hearts they should have turned down, so it is with the nation’s TV critics, who seemingly find themselves utterly unable to resist Peter ...

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Labour is on the right path to eliminating the gender pay gap

Happy Equal Pay Day! The 14 November is the symbolic point from which women effectively work for free for the rest of the year: a novel way of highlighting that women in the UK earn an average of 13.1 per cent less than men.

To mark the occasion, the Liberal Democrats and Labour have ...

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Is it just me, or is this election turning out to be bloody boring?

Look. I didn’t want to be the one to say it, but I didn’t want the dry cleaners to lose my best winter coat either and we are where we are, so: is it just me or is this election turning out to be a little bit... boring?

We’re over two weeks in now. Just four to go. To abuse the ...

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Tories spend thousands on targeted advertising in Boris Johnson's seat

The Conservatives have spent thousands of pounds on online advertisements targeted at voters in Boris Johnson's constituency, new data has revealed. 

In a potential sign of nervousness about the prime minister's slender majority, the Tories paid more than £8,000 for Facebook and ...

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How the Conservatives increased the tax take to a near-record high

For decades, the Conservatives have been synonymous with tax cuts. Margaret Thatcher reduced the top rate of income tax from 83 per cent to 60 per cent in 1980 and then, in a coup de théâtre, to 40 per cent in 1989. More recently, George Osborne abolished the 50p tax rate on earnings over ...

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Peter Oborne’s Diary: Boris Johnson’s NHS lies, my bulging dossier of deceit, and Sunday Times suppression

My father had a heart attack ten days ago. Ever since, we’ve been in and out of Salisbury District Hospital. He is cheerful and seems to be doing well. It is impossible to praise the nurses and doctors too highly. They are wonderful people. At times like this you realise the National Health ...

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In Wrexham, voters are abandoning Labour over Brexit

The bus station, the McDonald's, the benches in front of the council offices –  these are the places where the spice addicts congregate in Wrexham. A man has keeled over in the driving sleet. It is 11 o'clock on a Tuesday morning.

"Drug addiction and homelessness has got worse," ...

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Boris Johnson’s toilet humour might have won him favour once, but not anymore

Boris Johnson accused Jeremy Corbyn of planning to hold two referendums in 2020 (one on Brexit, and a second on Scottish independence), but all anyone is talking about is masturbation, after CCHQ trailed that the Prime Minister would refer to those referendums as an act of “onanism”. ...

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Marriage Story: a slow, painful story of a slow, painful divorce

When audiences of the future decide to watch Noah Baumbach’s divorce movie, the question will be: which one? There’s the 2005 comedy The Squid and the Whale, brief and agonising as a stubbed toe, which cemented this writer-director’s standing and favoured clipped, scathing scenes of ...

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Esther Duflo: “Even politicians now realise how mistaken austerity was”

Economists are traditionally revered for their grand theories, whether of the “invisible hand” of the market, or the interventionist state, or the contradictions of capitalism. The French economist Esther Duflo, who was awarded the Nobel Prize on 14 October, has pioneered an alternative ...

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Impeachment hearings begin with a bombshell

Compared to other recent US congressional hearings, Wednesday’s opening day of the formal public impeachment inquiry into president Donald Trump was a focused affair. A lot of that was because, for the first half of the proceeding at least, questioning was done not by members in a ...

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The Johnson-Farage pact is a dramatic electoral opportunity for Labour

This election will be won or lost on a single question: what matters? What issue, at 6pm on Thursday 12 December, will be in the mind of a van driver who has just finished work as they go out into the darkness — which in northern England descends mid-afternoon — and queue to vote?


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Will the floods cost Boris Johnson the election?

“Where’ve you been?” was the question put to Boris Johnson today on his visit to Yorkshire, six days after the region was ravaged by serious flooding.

“You took your time,” said another resident as Johnson popped up in Fishlake, a name now familiar nation-wide as one of the ...

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Liberal Democrats pledge to scrap Conservative Voter ID laws

The Liberal Democrats will pledge to scrap Conservative plans to require voters to bring identification with them to polling stations in their 2019 election manifesto.

The Electoral Commission’s report into the government’s trials of voter ID in the 2019 local elections led to ...

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Everyone has missed the two biggest policy pledges of the 2019 election

The biggest and second-biggest policy commitments of this election have gone almost entirely unnoticed.

The second-biggest was made by Jeremy Corbyn, in which he committed to continuing free movement between the European Union and the United Kingdom. In a refreshing change from the ...

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Here's what's actually new about Jeremy Corbyn and Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi

Jeremy Corbyn is under fire for…actually, on this one, I’m not actually sure. Asked if the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of Isis who blew himself up during a US-led attack on him and his compound, the Labour leader replied:

“Him being removed from the scene is a very ...

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