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How Viktor Orbán turned the Treaty of Trianon into a dangerous political weapon

One hundred years ago, at Trianon Palace in Versailles, France, a treaty was signed. It was not the most famous treaty signed in Versailles after the First World War – that would be the Treaty of Versailles – but it was an impactful one.

The Treaty of Trianon was the ...

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As the politics of the United States turns ever uglier, stand by for a wave of autocratic whataboutery

The latest events in the US have been deadly serious, but it is still impressive that the frontmen of certain foreign regimes have managed to keep straight faces as they voiced their concern. A spokesman for China’s foreign affairs ministry urged the US to “safeguard and guarantee the ...

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Why Facebook won’t block Donald Trump’s posts

Facebook likes to talk up its culture of transparency. The company hosts weekly Q&A sessions with its chief executive Mark Zuckerberg and teams are encouraged to share their work with employees in other divisions. But the company’s commitment to internal transparency does not typically ...

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As we scramble for a quick Covid-19 cure, the virus has settled in for the long haul

Since January, when I began writing about a mystery pneumonia in China, I have wondered what it would feel like to live permanently under the threat of a new contagious disease. It is now June and the answer is clear: this is what it feels like.

The home, work, social and travel ...

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Why Hong Kong could be the flashpoint for a new financial war

The American political scientist Edward Luttwak described his country’s trade spats with Western Europe and Japan in the 1970s as "the logic of conflict in the grammar of commerce". Half a century later, you couldn’t come up with a more apt context for thinking about the feisty state of ...

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Why the death of George Floyd sparked a new wave of protests

One week ago today (25 May), George Floyd was killed in Minneapolis, Minnesota. A grocery store employee called the police after Floyd tried to pay with what was believed to be a counterfeit $20 bill. For this, a police officer held a handcuffed Floyd down on the ground, with his knee on his ...

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China’s growing belligerence is only hurting itself

On 28 May, China’s national legislature voted by 2,878 to one to approve a draft law curtailing the freedoms Hong Kong enjoys under the “one country, two systems” model. The decision paves the way for China to impose new security measures targeting dissent in the city and, some suggest, ...

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The Adventures of China Iron: a daring, playful story

The Adventures of China Iron is the daring, playful story of a young woman in pursuit of a freer life. The fourth novel by the Buenos Aires-based author Gabriela Cabezón Cámara, first published in Spanish in 2017 and now translated into English by Fiona Mackintosh and Iona Macintyre, has ...

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In the US, black people are being systematically erased

“MAGA is ‘Make America Great Again’”, US President Donald Trump said by way of explanation of his political slogan on Saturday (30 May). “By the way, they love African-American people, they love black people. MAGA loves the black people.” 

To say that MAGA loves black ...

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How Covid-19 is transforming Russia’s power structures

On 6 May the Levada Centre, an independent Russian pollster, caused a minor sensation in Moscow. According to its widely respected presidential approval rating poll, Vladimir Putin’s approval had dipped six points in a month to 59 per cent, his lowest-ever recorded rating. 

It had ...

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How white America excuses its own violence

George Floyd was killed by the police on Monday. The officer who arrested him had him on the ground, his knee pressed onto Floyd’s neck. Floyd begged for his life; he said he couldn’t breathe. The officer did not take his knee off Floyd’s neck, and George Floyd, a 46-year-old black ...

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Is there such a thing as a left-wing authoritarian?

Just after the Second World War, the philosopher Theodor Adorno was puzzled by why so many of his fellow Germans had participated in mass murder. Adorno suspected some people had personality traits that predisposed them to bow to authority figures and kick down people they thought were ...

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China and the attractions of authoritarianism

Four political and economic features define China today: authoritarian government, a consumer-driven economy, a push for more globalisation, and technological innovation. 

Together, these features constitute what Beijing regards as a rival system to the stuttering liberal democracies ...

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Mike Pompeo does not like answering questions about his actions, but soon he may have to

The important thing to understand about Mike Pompeo, Trump’s second and current secretary of state, is that, although he became famous for demanding answers, he treats questions posed to him with scorn.

Pompeo became a member of the House of Representatives in 2011. It was in that ...

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Angela Merkel’s chancellorship “runs and runs” as her ratings surge and lockdown is eased in Germany

Germany has eased its lockdown, so last week I exercised one of my reinstated freedoms by leaving Berlin for the first time since February to visit relatives in Franconia. On my train south, masks were obligatory, the restaurant was shut and inspectors checked tickets without touching them. ...

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Dominic Cummings admits to breaking lockdown rules. What happens now?

Dominic Cummings admitted to travelling 250 miles from London to his parents’ house in Durham while having the symptoms of Covid-19, admitted to returning to Downing Street on the same day that his wife, Mary Wakefield, displayed symptoms of Covid-19 and admitted to travelling 30 miles from ...

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Boris Johnson takes a big risk in tying himself to Dominic Cummings

Boris Johnson has made one of the boldest calls of his political career: announcing that he will stand by his chief strategist, Dominic Cummings. Though the Prime Minister did not deny that Cummings had made a 250-mile trip from London to Durham while his wife was experiencing the symptoms of ...

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Curtis Sittenfeld's Rodham wistfully imagines a world in which Hillary and Bill Clinton never married

On the eve of the 2016 US presidential election, the American author Curtis Sittenfeld published a short story called “The Nominee”, which inhabited the mind of a former first lady now running for president herself. “It’s strange how much I feel and cannot say,” Hillary Rodham ...

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Why has Kerala been so successful in tackling the coronavirus?

As governments around the world scrambled to respond to the pandemic, unlikely examples of relative success have emerged. There’s New Zealand, where Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern locked down early in February, after one confirmed death. There’s Slovakia, where President Zuzana Caputova ...

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Boris Johnson takes a big risk in tying himself to Dominic Cummings

Boris Johnson has made one of the boldest calls of his political career: announcing that he will stand by his chief strategist, Dominic Cummings. Though the Prime Minister did not deny that Cummings had made a 250-mile trip from London to Durham while his wife was experiencing the symptoms of ...

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How Covid-19 has changed America’s 2020 campaigns

This year was bound to be an election year unlike any that had come before in the United States. President Donald Trump is running for re-election, which promised rallies and chants and tweets of outright lies. There were enough people running for the Democratic nomination to fill a baseball ...

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