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Five things you need to know: Thomas Cook collapse leaves 150,000 stranded

Travel operator Thomas Cook has collapsed after failing to secure a deal for an additional £200m in funding, leaving 150,000 holiday goers stranded. The government is preparing a huge repatriation operation to bring British residents home, but has refused calls to step in to save the ...

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Union reluctance to back a Green New Deal spells trouble for Labour

For the second year running, the big story of Labour conference – as far as the visiting media is concerned – is the party’s intractable internal debate over Brexit. But grassroots activists are just as het up about another issue: the so-called Green New Deal. 

Motions ...

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Sadiq Khan calls on Labour to "unequivocally back Remain"

Sadiq Khan has called on the Labour party to campaign "unequivocally to stay and remain in the European union in all circumstances".

Speaking at an event hosted by the New Statesman at the Labour party conference in Brighton today, the mayor of London said that "all Labour MPs should ...

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Why Andrew Fisher's departure is a serious blow for Jeremy Corbyn

Just how significant is the unexpected departure of Andrew Fisher, Jeremy Corbyn's influential head of policy, from the Labour leader's office? This morning's Sunday Times splash, which reports that Fisher has concluded that Labour cannot win the next election and quotes a valedictory memo in ...

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Keep your phones on: how a new app will make classical music more accessible

Classical music audiences are used to hearing urgent reminders to switch off their phones as they take their seats. But tomorrow, the crowd at the opening night of the BBC Philharmonic’s 2019-20 season at Bridgewater Hall in Manchester will be positively encouraged to use their phones ...

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What went on with the failed move against Tom Watson?

Jeremy Corbyn has pulled the plug on moves to abolish the post of deputy leader after a NEC vote to scrap the role plunged Labour into 12 hours of public in-fighting. The NEC will instead conduct a wider review into the post and the number of democratic positions at the top of the party. ...

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Senior government Brexit lawyer prosecuted under upskirting law

A barrister who yesterday became the second person to be prosecuted under the UK’s new “upskirting” law was a senior lawyer at the Department for International Trade, the New Statesman can reveal. 

The government has confirmed this evening that Daren Timson-Hunt, 55, was ...

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Momentum launches bid to oust Tom Watson

Momentum chair Jon Lansman made an unsuccessful bid to abolish the post of Labour deputy leader at this evening’s meeting of the party’s ruling national executive committee, in the most public challenge to Tom Watson’s authority from the left yet. 

Sources from the Corbynite ...

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Violence, rape and murder: Ramaphosa struggles to contain a deepening South African crisis

Figures released by the South African police reveal that the country’s murder rates are now at levels comparable to a civil war. Over the last year, 21,002 people were murdered across the country. This is close to the number of fatalities seen in the wars in Yemen or Syria in 2018.


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Jeremy Corbyn should not be forced to choose a side on Brexit — the people must decide

Let the people decide. What could be clearer — or more honourable — than that? In these divided times, where the Tories and the Liberal Democrats, two parties aspiring for government, have opted for the polarising messaging of the demagogue, Jeremy Corbyn is saying that Labour will not ...

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Why the far right is obsessed with "gender ideology"

Among the stalwarts of the far right, the contemporary threats presented by climate change, Iran, and even global Islam all pale in comparison to “gender ideology”. Earlier this month, Brazilian president Jair Bolsonaro called for a bill to ban “gender ideology” in the country’s ...

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Boris Johnson’s hospital visit shows the Conservatives’ problem with a winter general election

Boris Johnson's election tour was once again derailed, this time by Omar Salem, the father of a sick child who lambasted the Prime Minister over his use of the hospital as a campaign stop. In a somewhat bizarre scene, cameras caught Johnson telling Salem, a Labour activist, that there was no ...

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Can your employer stop you from joining the climate strike?

Since its inception in August 2018 as a one-woman campaign headed by the Swedish teenager Greta Thunberg, the schools strike for climate movement has attracted thousands of young people and adults. Today, millions of people around the world are expected to walk out of their workplaces, schools ...

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If Brexit happens, the Leave coalition will owe more to the EU than to the British parliament

There is a paradox at the heart of the Brexit story. If you start in 2005, with the abortive EU Constitutional Treaty and tell a story about what has happened to the EU thereafter, Brexit seems like a five-act drama about to reach its denouement. But if you start in 2014, with Ed Miliband’s ...

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Five things you need to know: Millions to march in global climate strikes

Striking school children are leading global protests on climate change set to attract million on Friday. Hundreds of thousands have turned out at marches in Asia and Australia, with a rolling series of events planned across Europe, Africa and the Americas.  Thomas Cook must find £200m say ...

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The WeWork model may yet be the future of business

Within the last few years, one company has become the largest private occupier of office space in London, New York and Washington, DC. In central London, it has more branches than McDonald’s. But the more than half a million people who turn up to WeWork’s offices every day do not work for ...

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Food, drink and Brexit

The largest manufacturing industry in the UK is so big that it is larger than the aerospace and automotive manufacturing industries combined. It is an industry that produces goods which almost everyone uses every single day. It is one of the oldest industries we have, but also one of the most ...

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“I am not a real person”: why the media’s search for authenticity is screwing everything up

I am not a real person. I live in London, for one thing. I am outspoken about my views on the Conservative Party. And even though I grew up in the sort of Essex town that film crews head to when they want to meet some real people without bothering to leave the M25, I have the sort of job which ...

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BBC One’s The Cameron Years: a parade of entitlement, cowardice and careerism

Some words, though multi-syllabled, can feel far too slight in certain contexts. Take, for instance, “miscalculation”. In the context of David Cameron’s decision to hold a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU, it sounds – doesn’t it? – rather pathetic: a discreet burp, ...

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An alternative tribute to John Humphrys, as he says goodbye to Today

Over the years, the New Statesman’s Media Mole has spent almost every other morning shouting at the radio, burying its head under its pillow or ranting at its colleagues about a certain downy-haired dinosaur who was inexplicably still presenting the Today programme most days.

And ...

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How the attacks on the Aramco oil facility were striking at the symbol of Saudi power

The attacks on the Aramco oil facility at Abqaiq in Saudi Arabia on 14 September had an immediate impact on the international economy. Oil prices shot up, and fears of a war between the United States and Iran were revived just as peace talks between the two seemed possible.

The ...

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